Digital Pound ‘Likely To Be Needed’ Say U.K. Treasury and Bank of England [ Crypto Espresso 2.7.23 ]

Hey there's an echo in here Tuesday Tuesday I gotta call The Tech Guy I think this Echo is busted oh that's right it's just The Tuesday Newsday I'm your host Andrew And this is crypto espresso your teeny Tiny daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines No actually no the echo is busted first Up some good news for Genesis creditors An agreement in principle has now been Reached for restructuring and it's Claimed they could receive up to 80 Percent of their funds back crucially This includes the 340 000 Gemini earned Customers who are owed 900 million Dollars assuming it's approved by the Court the plan is a crucial step towards A substantial recovery of assets for all Genesis creditors Gemini president Cameron Winklevoss said on Twitter he Also announced that Gemini will Contribute 100 million dollars to its Customers as part of its continued Commitment to helping earn users achieve A full recovery Genesis halted Withdrawals in November after suffering A series of good punches during the bear Market a digital pound is likely to be Needed in the future according to a Joint report by the UK's Treasury and The bank of England this isn't final Approval of a plan to launch a central Bank digital currency but it indicates

That officials are leaning very heavily In favor of one a road map toward a Rollout is set to be unveiled today as Well as a public consultation Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said a Digital pound would provide a new way to Pay help businesses maintain trust in Money and better protect Financial Stability he along with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have stressed that security And financial stability would be key Factors in the decision bitcoiners have Raised fears that cbdc's could be used To monitor consumer transactions well What a difference a year makes in 2022 Crypto companies are battling for air Time during the Super uh big game I Don't know am I allowed to say Super Bowl oh I said it oops splashing out at Least 6.5 million dollars for a 30 Second ad but following a punishing bear Market they are nowhere to be seen well It's now been revealed that San bankman Freed was planning to spend 13 million Dollars this year in what would have Been a follow-up to last year's Star-studded ad featuring Larry David Bit by is returning with a spot Featuring the NBA Toronto Raptors star Scotty Barnes but sorry Yanks that ad is Only for Canada it's just too hot for The USA blockchain based game developer Limit break plans to give away 10 000 Nfts to viewers who scan a QR code a

Strategy that proved to be an omni tier Move for coinbase in the past and Finally we've all heard the horror Stories of nft collectors who lost Pricey pieces of digital art after Making fat fingered boo-boos well now Open C is aiming to help protect users By launching a three-hour hold for some Transfers and sales in addition to Preventing human error this could also Stop malicious actors from walking away With blue chip nfts the marketplace Explained Speedy transfers and resales Through offer acceptances can indicate Suspicious activity nft theft is a big And growing problem with blockchain Intelligence firm ellipt revealing last August that more than 100 million Dollars worth of nfts had been stolen in The 12 months prior almost one quarter Of that was in May alone and guess what It's gonna be Mary who reads the Engagement Spiel like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever new crypto espresso Video goes live did you enjoy today's Video well write down your thoughts on a Piece of paper put them under your Pillow and expect a visit from the Feedback fairy because currently that's The best way to do anything with your Crypto espresso thoughts questions about Our headlines or crypto in general why

Not ask Alex in that description below Alex has a great resource for all things Web 3 end of the medever's end that About does it for today again I've been Your host Andrew these have been your Headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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