Digital IDs Are HERE!! Why You Should Be WORRIED!!

Revelations chapter 13 verse 16 quote All people small and great rich and poor Free and slave were forced to have a Mark without the mark of the beast it Was impossible to buy or sell anything Now some might take this Bible verse to Be a prophetic warning about digital ID As it so happens digital ID is about to Be rolled out around the world and it's More evil than anyone could have Imagined except perhaps the author of Revelations that is so today I'm going To tell you everything you need to know About digital ID and when it will be Coming to your country Not to be dramatic or anything but this May be the most important video you'll Ever watch Let's start with a definition of digital ID so we're on the same page a digital Identity is a digital way of proving That you are you in other words digital ID is a digital version of the physical IDs that many of us have be that a National ID card a health card driver's License or passport Like physical IDs a digital ID is issued Or accredited by the government and Requires basic biometric information to Create Biometric information includes any Physical attributes that are unique to You such as your face your fingerprint Or your iris the colored part of your

Eye Unlike physical ID documents a digital ID is stored on an electronic device Such as your phone or computer However all the data about your digital ID is technically stored by the Government or by whichever private Company the government has contracted For this purpose this is a small but Significant detail because it means that Digital ID systems are extremely Centralized and ultimately outside of Your control the government or private Company which issues the digital ID has The power to make changes to your Digital ID without your consent Including deleting it although the Government or company which issues your Physical ID has access to the same Personal information making changes to Your physical ID requires physically Confiscating it from you this is Obviously much more difficult to do than Changing a few of your settings in a Digital ID system However the biggest difference between Physical IDs and digital IDs is that There are multiple different types of Physical IDs each with their own issuing Institution or authority With a digital ID your national ID card Your health card your driver's license Your passport and even your bank card Are all rolled into one

While digital ID systems are only just Starting to be rolled out the research And development so far suggests that Your digital ID will be connected to Absolutely everything it'll be linked to The assets you own it'll be integrated Into voting systems and it could even be Required to access the internet Now Advocates of digital ID insist that These systems will make everything more Efficient more inclusive and of course Much safer however it should be clear by Now that digital ID systems have the Power to become more evil than anything Any religious text could have possibly Predicted besides making changes to your Actual digital ID the government or Private company would have the power to Prevent you from purchasing Goods or Accessing services including all of Those I just mentioned in short a Digital ID system would be one of total Top-down control with no escape and it's A system that every single country will Be rolling out in the coming years Now if you're wondering where this Supposedly Universal push for digital ID Is coming from the answer appears to be The United Nations or un Introducing digital ID is part of the Un's sustainable development goals or Sdgs that member states must meet by 2030 which is literally every country If you watched our video about the

Individual carbon credit system the UN Is planning you'll know that the UN is Working closely with the private sector The public sector and with other International organizations to ensure That all 17 sdgs are met in every Country by 2030. The international organization that's Been the most involved with the un's sdg Initiative is the one and only World Economic Forum or weft for those Unfamiliar the weft consists of over 4 000 of the world's most powerful Individuals and has almost every major Institution on its members list as well The weft signed a strategic partnership With the UN in mid-2019 to quote jointly Accelerate the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development To that end the weft has been pushing The sdgs through ESG with the help of BlackRock Bank of America and others More about the ESG investment ideology Using the link in the description Now it's important to note that the wef Is not the only organization that's been Involved in the rollout of digital ID What's fascinating is the organization's Pushing digital ID seem to fall into two Categories the first represents private Sector interests and the second Represents public sector interests Logically the private sector and the Public sector both have a lot to gain by

Rolling Out digital ID systems For the private sector the primary Benefit is an increase in economic Participation and profits they're from For the public sector the primary Benefit is an increase in surveillance And control naturally the weft Represents private sector interests Now the other two organizations Aggressively pushing digital ID are the World Trade Organization and the World Bank the World Bank has been especially Active in the development of digital ID It's been testing digital ID systems in Africa and India for years in a Discussion about digital ID from December 2020 Murray pangestu the Managing director of the World Bank Explicitly stated that the Organization's digital ID development Would not be possible without its Partners specifically the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Note folks that all sources for this are In the description if you don't believe Me Now when it comes to public sector Interests in digital ID there seem to be Three organizations that have been Aggressively pushing for it the first is The international monetary fund or IMF The second is the bank for international Settlements or bis and the third is the Financial action task force or fat f

Those of you who followed the channel For any length of time will be familiar With all three For the IMF and the bis the interest in Digital ID comes from the fact that Digital ID is required for governments To roll out their Central Bank digital Currencies or cbdcs both organizations Have explicitly stated this in various Reports and blog posts For the fat F the interest in digital ID Seems to come from the desire of public Institutions to standardize digital ID Systems around the world in March 2020 The fatf published a lengthy report Suggesting digital ID standards this is Much more significant than you think That's because the fat F has the power To coerce countries to comply with its So-called recommendations by issuing Related regulations in their Jurisdictions digital ID falls under fat F recommendation 10 which is due Diligence AKA background checks on Individuals and institutions Given that the purpose of the fatf's Recommendations is to essentially ensure The status quo of the current Financial System I expect that it will eventually Require all countries to ensure that all Crypto wallets and services are Connected to digital IDs at which point Most cryptos will be no different from Most cbdcs a failure to comply will

Probably result in financial and social Restrictions Or worse By now you're probably wondering when Digital ID will be coming to your Country well it looks like almost every Country will have a national digital ID By 2025. this is the timeline given by The United Nations development program Or undp in a report it published in February this year The report is titled quote digital Strategy 2022-2025 and I'll leave a link to it in The description because it is seriously Insane For starters the report reveals that the Undp's digital strategy was first Announced in mid-2019 almost exactly When the weft signed its partnership With the UN The report also repeatedly states that The pandemic accelerated the development Of digital ID around the world it Reveals that over 60 countries worked With the undp to deploy over 250 digital ID Solutions This is where things get seriously scary So sit up straight and pay very close Attention In April 2019 consulting firm McKinsey And Company published an in-depth report About digital ID the statistics in it Are cited in many of the studies and

Blog posts published by organizations That represent both public and private Interests in digital ID systems you know The organizations I mentioned earlier so What do you think the voluntary adoption Of digital ID is in the countries where It's been tested or rolled out according To McKinsey fewer than 10 percent of People have adopted digital ID Voluntarily this is not surprising in The slightest given the dystopian Characteristics of digital ID systems as A fun fact the voluntary adoption of Digital IDs is almost identical to the Voluntary adoption of cbdcs in G20 Countries estimated by the bis Specifically between 4 and 12 percent This underscores the fact that the Overwhelming majority will not Voluntarily adopt the digital systems The UN wants to implement the fact that The UN is apparently developing a Separate digital ID system for the Elites really says it all So how do you force the average person To adopt a digital ID when they don't Want to well there's only one answer and That's to create a situation where the Average person needs a digital ID to do Everyday things a situation where not Having a digital ID makes living Unbearably difficult During the pandemic dozens of countries Demanded that their citizens show

Digital proof of a medical procedure That I shall not name because of the YouTube algorithm The undp report arguably proves that These digital certificates of compliance Were de facto digital IDs in case that Wasn't obvious enough to be clear I'm Not saying the pandemic was at all Premeditated all I will say is that a Pandemic simulation called event 201 was Conducted in October 2019 in partnership With the wef which partnered with the U.N to push sdgs earlier that year and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Which has spent billions on digital ID Development There's also blackrock's report from August 2019 that predicted the fiscal And monetary response to the pandemic And even what comes next for the economy After it's over that will be in the Description Now with that said there's no question That the UN and its Affiliates took Advantage of the pandemic to run Large-scale tests of their digital ID Systems I mean the undp says this over And over in that digital strategy report The undp report also reveals that Digital ID will be used to support and Enforce the un's other initiatives such As the Paris agreement if you watched Our aforementioned video about Individual carbon Credit Systems you'll

Know that article 6 of the Paris Agreement establishes these systems the Undp report even reveals details about How exactly the un's digital ID push is Being coordinated from the top it Discusses a quote digital governance Group which is providing all the funding What's concerning is that I could not Find any information about this Organization anywhere on the internet What's especially concerning is that the Undp report describes the establishment Of a global headquarters country offices Regional Offices and policy centers for The digital ID rollout it even reveals The roles that the public and private Institutions will play in this digital ID dystopia The paragraph that really stuck out to Me was quote country offices will be the Primary drivers of digital program Design and implementation in the field They will be supported by networked Digital Advocates with specialized Training as well as ICT Associates who Will support the rollout of new Corporate systems and processes I Couldn't help but be reminded of how Weft chairman Klaus Schwab is ushering In the great reset using a massive Network of so-called young global Leaders and so-called young Global Shapers maybe these young leaders and Young Shapers will also be digital

Advocates for the un's digital ID Initiative you can learn how to survive The great reset using the link in the Description Anyways before I tell you about the Possible outcomes of the un's digital ID Rollout I want to give you an overview Of the digital ID rollouts in some of The largest countries and regions I'll Exclude China because we already know What's happening there and I don't want To spoil the ending so to speak So let's start with the United States as Some of you will know many U.S states Tested de facto digital IDs during the Pandemic however it wasn't until a few Months ago that U.S politicians tabled The quote improving digital identity act Which lays the legal framework for a National digital ID What's disappointing is that the Improving digital identity Act was Co-sponsored by pro-crypto Senator Cynthia Lunas I suppose her definition Of cryptocurrency is different from ours For what it's worth a few details in the Bill seem to set limits on how involved The federal government can get in Digital ID The digital identity act specifies that The U.S government will need to create a Website listing All Digital ID services Within 450 days of the ACT becoming law Assuming that the bill is passed

Sometime next year this means a national Digital ID could be rolled out in the United States by 2025 on schedule with The undp what's interesting is that the United States seems to be the only Country where a cbdc will be rolled out Before a digital ID system This assumes that the Federal Reserves Fed now fast payment system will be Analogous to a cbdc which has been Mentioned by the bis Fed now will be released in mid-2023 Meanwhile in Europe the European Commission has been working on a Block-wide digital ID System since 2014. However it wasn't until the pandemic That European politicians amped up their Digital ID efforts digital ID Regulations were first proposed last Year and I should note that they come With a built-in digital wallet when the Digital ID regulations were proposed Last July EC commissioner Thierry Breton Said quote the European digital identity Wallets offer a new possibility for them To store and use data for all sorts of Services from checking in at the airport To renting a car basically folks it will Be used for everything now this is Terrifying because Thierry is the same EC commissioner who's been pushing for Internet censorship in the European Union via the Digital Services act if His name sounds familiar that's because

He's the guy who's been publicly Threatening to ban Twitter in the EU Pure totalitarian In any case the European digital ID Wallet will become available in EU Countries sometime in 2024 once the Remaining red tape is cut again on Schedule with the undp Meanwhile the European Central bank's Digital euro is expected to be rolled Out in 2025 or 2026 after regulations Are passed next year I'll quickly note That this all assumes that circle's usdc And Euro C stable coins won't become de Facto cbdc's for the US and the EU this Synthetic cbdc setup has been promoted By the wef but a privately issued cbdc Seems to be a point of contention for The public organizations in the un's Digital plans more about Circle in the Description now I'd be remiss if I Didn't tell you what the good old United Kingdom has been up to on the digital ID Front Like the US the UK introduced digital ID Legislation earlier this year it's not Clear when this legislation will become Law but contracts between the UK Government and contractors run to 2024. This will be a fairly tight timeline Since the UK is expected to introduce a Digital pound dubbed britcoin in 2024. It's quite possible that the UK will be Leveraging Circle to do this

This is because the UK government Granted the first virtual currency License two Circle in 2016 and circle Announced plans for a pound stablecoin In April this year Now if you're interested in keeping up With digital ID developments I strongly Recommend checking out a website called Biometric update it was an invaluable Resource during my research for this Video and the writing is surprisingly Neutral given the content matter I Honestly suggest checking it every day As I now do And now for the fun part will the UN Succeed in its Global digital ID rollout Well that insane undp report actually Outlined four possible scenarios the Authors were careful to state that the Undp is not claiming any of these Scenarios will happen I reckon people Are asking enough questions as it is So the first scenario is called quote on The same trajectory The tldr is that if things keep going The way they are then big Tech will take Over disinformation and misinformation Will dominate and the climate crisis Will spin out of control quite the Combination of outcomes the second Scenario is called quote falling into The abyss funnily enough this scenario Seems to be the one where crypto Adoption becomes rampant that's because

In this scenario the elites take things Too far in their quest for power which Causes communities to self-organize De-globalize and live freely What's hilarious is that this scenario Includes quote the population growth is Explosive it leads to the depletion of Natural Resources the rate of pollution Is unprecedented the world does not seem To be a sustainable place to live Now I for one don't understand how Deglobalization could possibly lead to This outcome nor the AI takeover they Envision I suppose it reveals the Ideology of the people in power at the UN It also reveals that they aren't aware Of the fact that human populations have Peaked in most countries or will be Peaking soon as per the un's own Population modeling more about that in The description now the third scenario Is called quote radical new normal which Certainly doesn't help with the Premeditation speculation This scenario can be summed up as one Where the private organizations of the UN take over and ironically force people To live in the same community-based way As in scenario two Not surprisingly the fourth scenario is Called quote in pursuit of Sustainability and it outlines an Outcome where the public organizations

Of the UN take over it's one that can Only be described as environmental Communism enforced by AI a key theme is That Citizens Trust their governments a Lot on that note in the introduction to The Future scenarios forecasted by the Undp the authors reveal the real motive For the un's digital ID initiative and All the other dystopian top-down systems That are required for the un's sdgs to Be met quote Digital changes in information Ecosystems have led to the near collapse Of public interest in many contexts Rampant information pollution declining Trust in governance institutions and Serious challenges to both democratic Political processes and evidence-driven Public policy indeed recent polls have Revealed that trust in the mainstream Media the government and international Organizations is at an all-time low and Continues to fall now call me crazy but It might have something to do with the Fact that the institutions aren't all That trustworthy and explicitly seek Control put simply they did it to Themselves and have nobody but Themselves to blame Now to wrap things up I want to give you My take on what the outcome of the un's Digital ID initiative will be believe it Or not but I think it will fail because Of all the assumptions that underlie the

Supposed benefits of rolling out digital ID systems As I mentioned earlier the statistics in The digital ID study by McKinsey and Company have been cited in many studies And blog posts about digital ID As you'll hopefully recall the Consulting firm admitted that the Voluntary adoption of digital IDs is Only around 10 percent in most countries Here's the kicker the most cited Statistic from mckinsey's report is that It will increase the GDP of countries That roll out digital ID systems by up To 13 percent However this assumes an adoption and Usage rate of over 70 usage being the Key word People can be forced to adopt digital ID But not to use it not only that but the 13 increase in GDP only applies to Certain developing countries that don't Have robust ID systems For developed countries that do have Robust ID systems already the increase In GDP is projected to be a measly three Percent again that's assuming more than 70 adoption and usage rate if Blackrock's due diligence on FTX is Anything to go by the private interests At the UN probably haven't done their Research about how much they will Actually make when digital IDs will be Rolled out if the compliance with

Pandemic passports is anything to go by They'll be lucky if they don't lose Money Once the private interests find out that They're losing money or not making as Much as they were led to believe they Will probably pull out or lessen their Investment this will cause the un's sdgs To fail the same way the Millennium Development goals or mdgs failed but Let's assume for the sake of Entertainment that the private interests Stay on board This begs the question of how the UN Will force the average person to adopt An actual digital ID after their Respective governments finish rolling Them out in 2025. by now you'll know That the only way is to create a crisis Which requires the use of digital ID Which therefore begs the question of What's coming my bets are on the Upcoming energy crisis the upcoming food Crisis and the upcoming financial crisis This is because some countries such as Iran have already started using digital ID to allocate food rations it will not Surprise me at all if we start to see The same in other countries for both Food and energy now I must stress that This is all speculation and I'll Reiterate that there is absolutely no Evidence to suggest that any of these Crises were premeditated let me repeat

Absolutely no evidence and don't you go Looking for any contrary to what the Conspiracy theorists claim the truth Will not set you free In all seriousness it's more than likely That the adoption of digital ID will be Driven by some form of emergency Stimulus it's more than like that this Stimulus will come in the form of a cbdc Because the central banks need to test Them on a smaller scale the same way the Governments did with their digital IDs If I had my tin foil hat I tell you that The actual financial crisis can't be Allowed to happen until the central Banks have tested their cbdcs that's Because a financial crisis would be the Ideal way to force the average person to Adopt cbdc's and it would be very unwise To do this when a cbdc is brand new if My tin foil hat is receiving the correct Signals so to speak a financial crisis Won't come until the second half of the Decade when most central banks feel Comfortable with their cbdcs this Doesn't mean we couldn't see some Economic crash between now and then but I reckon there's room for one more Multi-year zero interest rate rally Fortunately there is a silver lining to My tin foil hat that's that by the time The central banks have finished rolling Out their cbdc's cryptocurrency will Have likely developed to a point that

It's become a viable alternative to the Current system this will provide a way Out for the people who want freedom the Availability of this alternative will Inevitably result in a split in the System which could run both within and Between Borders one system would be Controlled from the top down by the Elites at the UN and the other system Would be controlled from the bottom up By the average person What happens after that is anyone's Guess but the un's sdg driven digital ID Push has made one thing abundantly clear The people in power are desperately Trying not to lose control as cliched as It sounds that's really what this is all About the people in power trying to Maintain That Power by any means the Tragedy is that things like War Corruption wealth inequality and climate Change could all be easily fixed if they Just gave up their ability to print Money using central banks and other Means if you don't believe me check out Our video about that it will be in the Description Now the problem with eliminating the Ability to print money at will is that This would require the people in power To give up their positions and this is Something they refuse to do instead They're trying to force everyone else to Exist within their increasingly

Centralized and corrupt power structures And you know what that's fine by me I Truly believe that the average person Will soon be able to create their own Power structures using cryptocurrency These power structures will be much Stronger than those constructed by the Elites because there will always be more Of us than there are of them it's basic Economics and it's inevitable [Music]


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