Digital ID in Every Country! Why You Should Be Worried NOW!!

The mark of the beast is coming Depending on where you are it's already Here of course I'm referring to digital IDs the dystopian technology that's Being rolled out around the world over The last few months there have been Digital ID developments in almost every Country but you'd be hardpressed to name Any it seems the media doesn't want the People to know what's happening my name Is Jessica and today I'm going to Explain what digital IDs are bring you Up to speed on their recent developments Around around the world and tell you how You can protect yourself from this Terrifying Tech as with a physical ID a digital ID Allows you to prove that you are who you Claim to be and as with a physical ID a Digital ID is created by providing Biometric information of some kind it Can be your fingerprints or a photo of Your face and of course physical and Digital IDs are issued and managed by Governments but the devil is truly in The details the biggest difference Between physical and digital IDs is that Physical IDs are difficult to confiscate Or change the government would literally Have to take it from you with a digital ID however the government could just Change your details on the system Without your consent another difference Between physical and digital IDs is that

You have different types of physical IDs Passports driver licenses Health cards Etc this segregation of information Protects your privacy and gives you more Control over your identity with a Digital ID however all these IDs are Rolled into one in other words you could Say that physical IDs are decentralized Where digital IDs are Centralized this is terrifying when you Consider the fact that many governments Have been actively working to connect Digital IDs to all sorts of public and Private services including your ability To access social media this begs the Question of where this digital ID push Is coming from if you watched our viral Video about digital IDs you'll know that It's ultimately coming from the United Nations specifically its sustainable Development goals or SGS the SGS mandate In digital IDs in every country by 2030 Among other things if you watch our Video about how the UN works you'll know It's been using a network of public and Private institutions to ensure that SGS Are met in every country these include The likes of the world economic Forum or We whose most controversial ideas Fundamentally have their roots in SGS when it comes to digital IDs however The three entities that have been the Most involved are the United Nations Development program or undp the World

Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation these three entities have Been working to roll out digital IDs in Every country around the world that's Not a conspiracy theory by the way the President of the World Bank has Explicitly mentioned the bill of Melinda Gates Foundation as being one of the key Players in digital ID development their Initiatives appeared to be guided by the Undp digital strategy which was first Revealed back in 2019 the same year that The W partnered with the UN to push its Sdgs In 2022 the undp released a report Titled digital strategy 2022 to 2025 which contained a road map for the Digital ID rollout as the title suggests The digital strategy seeks to have Digital IDs in every country by 2025 believe it or not it looks like Most countries are on track to roll out Their digital IDs by this deadline the Result could be a digital dystopia from Which There Is No Escape where pandemic Type restrictions are the norm let's see How much progress has been made shall we And by the way if you're enjoying the Video so far be sure to smash that like Button to give it a boost now I'll start By saying that almost all the digital ID Development updates I'm about to review Come from a single website titled Biometric update it's a surprisingly

Objective resource for digital ID Related developments and we suggest you Check it regular to stay up to date the Link is in the Description we interrupt this program For an emergency crypto weather forecast Get ready for the worldwind to savings We're seeing some high pressure sign up Bonus systems forming in the Northeast With some exchanges offering up to $40,000 in the South we'll be seeing Some heavy discounts on Hardware wallets So watch out for those if you're going To be out and about and then in central Areas there's a high chance of trade and Fe discounts which should be settled in Later on so beyond on the lookout for up To 60% off there Lush for the more Comprehensive forecast just visit deals or use the link down in The description these deals are red hot So make sure to take all the necessary Precautions well that's all for today's Forast now back to the scheduled program That being said I want to start with my Home country of the UK in June 2023 Scottish authorities announced that they Would make improvements to their digital ID which began its pil phase in February 2023 now it's not entirely clear when This will be officially rolled out but Likely sometime in 2024 the UK Government also passed the Online safety Bill if you watched our video about the

Online censorship laws being introduced Around the world you'll know that this Deceptively titled bill was one of them This relates to digital ID because the Bill mandates protecting children from Illicit content online the Practical Effect effect of this is that social Media platforms could soon begin Enforcing kyc for users based in the UK To verify the fact that they're not Children that's because the fines for Exposing children to elicit content Online are massive and there's no other Way of ensuring content isn't exposed to Kids speaking of online censorship the Eu's equally deceptively titled digital Service Act came into effect last summer Naturally the act includes provisions Which could require kyc on social media For users based in the EU in the name of Protecting children it also creates Ministries of Truth in each country also Not a conspiracy theory every country Will have a digital service coordinator An entity which will effectively curate Content online including manipulating Algorithms during times of Crisis the Fact that Twitter akx has been been Resistant to this intervention is Probably why it's being pursued under The DSA thank God for decentralized Social media more about that in the Description anyways when it comes to Actual digital ID developments in Europe

There have been no shortage of them Unsurprisingly the most terrifying of These updates have come from Russia most Of these have been related to facial Recognition which you can think of as Being involuntary forms of digital ID in June of 2023 cber Bank Russia's largest Bank was reportedly in the process of Securing a defacto monopoly over facial Biometrics in the country in August 2023 The Russian government banned All Foreign forms of online ID verifications In November 2023 it expanded its facial Recognition capacity it's not just Russia either in November 2023 Irish Police announced they would begin using Facial recognition following Mass riots Across the country just one month later The Irish government tabled a draft bill That would allow them to do this now It's possible this bill has already come Into effect by the time that you see This video it goes without saying that Using facial recognition to suppress Protests and social unrest is not how You address its root cause even the un's Human rights Chief said that this would Bring and I quote unacceptable risk When even the UN is sounding the alarm About this digital ID dystopia you know It's bad and it really just scratches The surface of what's been going on in Europe seeing as I've brought up the UN You should know that it was given the

Ownership of the eu's pandemic passports In July presumably to be used as a Template for digital IDs around the World as the saying goes never let a Good crisis go to waste around that time Dutch politicians spoke out in support Yes in support of facial recognition at Football games a couple of weeks later They started working on a digital ID law The Czech Republic also announced that It would launch its National digital ID In January 2024 on that note one of the team Members at coin Bureau is based in the Czech Republic and he told us about just How rapidly the country is rushing Towards technocracy for example all Freelancers and businesses must now use A digital portal to communicate with the Government No More Physical letters it Would be crazy if the government sent You a message deleted it and then finded You for not responding wouldn't it Funnily enough the digital portal Automatically deletes messages after 90 Days the only thing that's scarier than This is the eu's digital ID wallet which Was officially approved in November 2023 In case you haven't noticed the eu's Digital ID includes a built-in wallet Which will presumably be used for the Upcoming digital Euro which is set to Launch sometime in 2025 or 2026 not only that but the EU is now in

The process of putting together the Legal framework required to issue a Digital driver's license in the eu's Digital ID wallet the EU would never use This centralized power to say restrict The movement in the name of the Environment or crisis would they Speculation aside the eu's digital ID Wallet is currently undergoing pilots in Luxembourg and Estonia if all goes According to plan every European will Have their digital ID wallet in time for The next financial crisis this is all Despite the fact that nobody in the EU Wants a digital ID especially the Belgians apparently it just goes to show What it's really all about government Control any who across the pond in the United States there have been equally Concerning digital ID developments in June 2023 the transportation and Securities Administration aka the TSA Announced that it would begin accepting Digital IDs in the Google Wallet Foreshadowing digital IDs for travel in September of 2023 the city of Atlanta Took a page from the Dutch politician Playbook by introducing a robot dog with Facial recognition to one of the city's Stadiums the fact that another company With facial recognition robot dogs will Deploy to casinos in California tells You everything you need to know at the State level meanwhile California is

Reportedly conducting a digital ID pilot For context 14 states have some form of Digital ID including Louisiana Missouri And Mississippi some states such as Georgia are offering digital driver Licenses as well now it's odd that California doesn't have any yet despite It being a tech herb anyway elsewhere at A federal level the US government's website will reportedly Support facial recognition as one of its Login operations and late last year the Department of Homeland Security Announced that it was working on a Digital ID technology that it would Issue to immigrants now what's strange Is that there haven't been that many Digital ID developments south of the Rear ground and in September 2023 Brazil And Argentina pressed ahead with their Plans for blockchainbased digital IDs Make no mistake this is not the kind of Blockchain that makes you free it's Quite the opposite in fact in nearby Colombia meanwhile the government Released an updated version of its Digital ID wallet while the undp prays Guatam mala's attempt to push digital IDs despite and I quote cultural hurdle You recall that the undp is the primary Entity behind the digital ID push Particularly in developing countries Over in oceanana Australia has continued To roll out its digital ID despite an

Estimated $2.4 billion in losses $2 Billion of which came from scams Australian academics have simultaneously Been petitioning the government not to Ban Chinese cameras makes you think on a Completely unrelated note retail chains In New Zealand are turning to facial Recognition to fight crime meanwhile Special interest groups continue to push The New Zealand government to introduce A national digital ID you can probably Guess who's been funding these groups But back to China what's bizarre is that There haven't been that many digital ID Updates out of the Mainland this might Have something to do with the country's Strict media controls whatever the case We did find one update and that's that China is starting to use special SIM Cards as def facto digital IDs Chinese Friends of the coin Bureau have also Informed us that it's becoming common to Pay with your face in many cities such As Beijing this further underscores the Possibility that governments could Simply impose digital ID via facial Recognition if people refuse to download The digital apps regarding Asia in General most of the digital ID updates Appear to be coming out of Japan which Has experienced a Australian style roll Out there have reportedly been lots of Technical issues and the public is Apparently starting to lose trust in the

Technology as a result and that's a big Deal given Japan's High trust Society Not surprisingly this social skepticism Hasn't stopped the Japanese government From pushing ahead with replacing health Insurance cards with digital IDs ATMs at 7-Eleven stores in Japan have also Reportedly enabled facial recognition For Cardis Transactions what could possibly go Wrong another Asian country that's had Lots of digital ID developments is India Where facial recognition is being used For voting and digital IDs is being used For Universal basic income or Ubi for Reference many digital IDs and cbdcs Reports have mentioned stimulus payments As a means of driving adoption lo and Behold the undp has reportedly been Working closely with India to ensure That its digital ID related SGS are met Now it is possible that the SGS are the Origin of the country's initiative to Use facial recognition as a means of Ensuring that someone isn't using a SIM Card that doesn't belong to them and While we're on the topic of unelected And unaccountable international organ Organizations the World Bank has Reportedly been helping the Philippines To create a and I quote digital ID super App this will include every single ID Credential and more ensuring total Control for what is worth Filipinos have

Reportedly found a way of tricking the Government's digital ID system into Accepting scans of their dogs faces Making it possible for them to get a SIM Card without a digital ID for those Unfamiliar connecting Sims digital ID is Another method being used to force Adoption around the corner in Africa Meanwhile there have been so many Digital ID developments that we could Dedicate a whole video to them as a Matter of fact we did a whole video About what's been going on with digital IDs and cbdcs in Nigeria not too long Ago it's worth a watch we'll leave a Link in the description if you watch That video you'll know that the Nigerian Central bank is trying to create a Requirement for people to connect their Social media to their bank account as Part of the kyc process it seems the Central Bank of Ethiopia is trying to Raise the bar it made digital ID Mandatory for banking last year Ethiopia Is also in the process of rolling out Digital IDs for children courtesy of the UN and apparently even wants to phase Out its physical passports and introduce Digital ones instead it's possible that This was one of the conditions attached To the $350 million of funding it Received from the World Bank if you Thought that was excessive though take a Second to consider that the government

Of Ghana started issuing digital IDs to Newborns last summer you should know That this is not unique to Ghana we came Across many instances of governments Pushing digital IDs on vulnerable groups Be they infants or refugees of all of The African countries however Kenya has Been by far the most active in its Digital ID aspirations it signed a Digital ID deal with the undp took money With strings attached from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations banned Worldcoin and then announced its own Iris based digital ID plans to ensure Adoption Kenya will require digital ID For taxes which is a disaster waiting to Happen from what we were able to gather Kenya's digital infrastructure has been Played by cyber attacks technical issues And apparent fraud though most of this Has been related to Kenya's existing ID Infrastructure all of these developments Give you a sense of what we have to look Forward to in our home countries namely Those cyber attacks some of you will Know that the we has been predicting Those for years you can learn more about The the W Cyber attack practices I mean Simulations in the description this Brings us to the big question and that's How you can protect yourself from this Terrifying tech for starters you can Call on your elected officials to ensure That they have the right to use physical

IDs and is enshrined in law this is What's being done in many countries to Combat the ongoing cbdc rollout in this Case you need to ensure that the right Use of physical ID includes the right to Keep all of the physical ID types Segregated Health cards driver licenses And so on you can bet that the Government would try and find any way it Can to find loopholes in any laws that Are meant to protect your Autonomy next you should start to plan For the possibility that physical IDs Will be phased out and you'll be forced To keep a digital ID by now you'll know That governments seem intent on Connecting your digital ID to everything Think that you do logically that means You have to start to be careful about What you do and say then you should try And think if there are any ways you can Legally circumvent the restrictions that Will be imposed by the digital ID for Instance it seems likely there will be Some process in place for people to Delegate the use of their digital ID to A third party say in the case of Disability or death if it's possible to Give this kind of power of attorney with Your digital ID then it means it's Possible to create an elaborate system Of digital ID delegation something That's analogous to crypto mixer this Could be used to limit how much data the

Government is able to collect about your Real world Activities this ties into another Avenue Of avoidance and that's to look into Alternative digital ID Technologies Specifically decentralized digital IDs To be clear any digital ID that refers To an ID issued by a government is not Decentralized just like a centralized Stable coin the issuer still has some Degree of control instead you need to Look into truly decentralized digital IDs means of proving you are who you Claim to be without the government's Permission or verification there are a Lot of IDs like these in crypto ranging From proof of humanity to the soulbound Nfts proposed by ethereum Creator Metallic boin from from our perspective This last approach is the most effective That's because as governments start to Force their population to adopt digital IDs many of them will instinctively Start to look for Alternatives if crypto Or a similar technology can provide this Alternative then individual Freedom can Be maintained the same is true for cbdcs And Cryptocurrencies just like cbdcs digital IDs are inevitable all we can do is Create alternative systems and hope They're ready for Mass adoption by the Time they become necessary we also need To ensure these Alternatives stay

Decentralized or else they could end up Being even Worse okay that's all for today's video If you found it informative smash that Like button to let us know if you want To stay informed subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell If you want to help inform others take a Second to share this video with them And if you happen to be into crypto then You need to check out the coin be deals Page it's got trading fee discounts of Up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $40,000 on some of the best crypto Exchanges as well as the biggest Discounts on the best hardware wallets Available for a limited time so take Advantage of these deals before it's too Late using the link in the description Thank you so much for watching I'll see You in the next One [Music]


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