DePIN Crypto Is EXPLODING! What is it? Best 8 DePIN Altcoins!

Deepen decentralized physical Infrastructure this is the next big Thing in crypto like nfts in 2021 like AI in 2023 deep in crypto technology This is about to Boom everybody is Saying that this is the next big thing Example Travis cing the founder and Chief investment officer at eeky Asset Management fund he is so bullish on deep In listen what would you say are the Things that are working or a shot to Change society for the better Bitcoin Stable coins those are two things you've Mentioned are there other things that You're like hey there seems to be some Progress here and like if this continues I could see this having an impact in a Positive way so I find dpin to be very Interesting um using a token economy to Incentivize real world behavior and Actions I find that to be very Interesting using a token to incentivize Realworld actions Interesting I want you to understand What this is deepen stands for Decentralized physical infrastructure Networks in short this revolutionary Concepts connects physical devices in a Decentralized manner empowered by Cryptocurrency based rewards deepen Projects aim to break free from Centralized systems dominated by a Select few embracing a distributed and Participatory ethos deepen paves the way

For a more inclusive and accessible Approach to infrastructure I want you to Understand this and I really like how Coin market cap defines this listen Deepin refers to infrastructure projects Using tokenization to coordinate and Incentivize their bootstrapping phase Individuals build up the supply of the Infrastructure in a decentralized manner And get rewarded with token incentives The key idea is to flip the traditional Model on its head this is the same Liquidity incentive principle used in Other web three sectors such as defi Yield farming play to earn or or move to Earn so the traditional way which deepin Is upending companies invest tons and Tons of capital into infrastructure it's Very Capital intensive very centralized Deep in crypto startups some of which I'm going to tell you about today have Less upfront Capital costs they Incentivize a community then deepen Companies will then monetize once their Coverage rate or reach is high enough so Real world asset narrative and Blockchain infrastructure narrative like Oracles and rpcs these are pin adjacent But these are really the main six Industries that decentralized physical Infrastructure is going to upend compute Wireless energy AI services and sensors Listen to this these are the benefits What are the benefits of decentralized

Physical infrastructure or deepen Deen's Declared goal is to create a more Equitable and efficient process to Bootstrap infrastructure networks Compared to Legacy companies topown Capital in intensive approach so if you Ask web 3 VCS like multi-coin Capital They will extol the following benefits Of the decentralized approach you can Build infrastructure 10 to 100x faster It is better synced to hyperlocal Market Needs it can be far more cost- effective It can be scaled across jurisdictions in A permissionless way the network is Credibly neutral and collectively owned Blockchains support frictionless microp Payments and integration with D5 so what Are the top deepin coins in the Cryptocurrency space today Comment your thoughts below I'm going to Be reading your comments let me give you My list first one very low cap gem Wi-Fi Maps basically distributed decentralized Wi-Fi all your connectivity needs in one Place bringing internet access and Lifestyle services to everybody Everywhere in a single super app what Exactly is Wi-Fi map Wi-Fi map is a Successful web 2 company with an 8-year Track record turned web 3 they've been In business since 2014 why i- map Already has 4 million monthly active Users over 150 million app downloads Over 1 billion Wi-Fi connections and of

Course a real working product that Millions of people use every day this is Deepen so if you participate in this you Can connect and earn get cash back Redeem your points tip trade a lot of Things you can do what pain points is Wi-Fi map looking to solve what is Wi-Fi Map's Mission what kind of big pain Points are are you looking to solve with Wi-Fi map in terms of how the current Kind of travel and connectivity space Looks today so myself I'm a strong Believer that internet is is very Similar to water unfortunately I know That people are paying for water in Today's world but ideally you know stuff Like water internet they should be Available and accessible to everyone Regardless how much money they have Religion and and so on so I think it's Some somewh of a fundamental right I'll Start with that and uh anything that Myself or my team can do to to solve That problem to to bring that internet To the next billion people you know We're all in that's our number one Mission we're not a Facebook we're not a Snapchat we're still in that utility Space right so we kind of are being used On as needed basis I always compare us To this flashlight on your phone so to Speak like it's it's that crucial Feature That you never want to delete but you

Kind of only use it when the needs Arises we have to put helium on this List helium means people powered Networks like a wireless Revolution the Helium Network represents a paradigm Shift for decentralized wireless Infrastructure see helium's always Staying in the news helium has big Backers and users behind it and you know I have friends who have helium Infrastructure in their house and are Doing this Travis cling says helium is Like his number one pick Explain a little bit for those that Don't know deep in and like what what it Is with these like physical Infrastructure yeah yeah the I think the Headline project to me is helium which I Think is objectively one of the most Successful projects in crypto history They ship you know I don't know one Point something million of these pieces Of Hardware people set up these pieces Of hardware and then late last year they Partnered with T-Mobile and you can now Get a $20 month 5G Wi-Fi plan that is Powered by these Hardware units that People get paid these tokens to set up And operate to provide this 5G Wi-Fi Network that's very interesting and you Know shipping one point something Million Hardware units you know that's Just a real short list of any projects That have ever done anything like that

And providing a $2 month 5G Wi-Fi that's Just real world use case that you know It's a just a real short list of crypto Projects that have ever done something Like that so I think that's interesting Look guys I would also put filecoin who Just integrated with salana render for Really differentiating itself rendering Video files in a very high level I'd Also put Data Network on this list all Three of those file coin render and Theta Network we've talked about those Before I'm not going to talk about them In depth here but these three Mech our List any coin we talk about you can buy Sell or trade any of these cryptocoins On today's list on bybit Exchange make An account on bybit claim up to $30,000 Worth of deposit bonuses I like bybit I Use them for buying selling and trading If you want quote unquote the next file Coin I might suggest Jackal a blockchain Delivering actually decentralized Storage to all blockchains turn your Hardware wallet into an infinite USB Drive and of course there is no other Render there is no other Theta Network They're both at the top of what they do I don't know a whoever the next Competitor down is to either of these is A far second in my opinion storage very Interesting to me this one's kind of an Oscillator right this one's kind of an Oscillator it looks like like you know

This token goes all the way back to the Dark Ages taking a look at their social Medias they're still very active still Very much um continuing to build out Orchid protocol Orchid protocol see we All remember Iota The Internet of Things Orchid protocol is basically where I Think the internet of things should be Orchid is a decentralized Marketplace For internet services that aim to Provide the building blocks for a better Freer internet hey you let me know which Coins we need to add to today's list Subscribe to the Channel join our team We released videos like this on a Regular basis you don't want to miss one Cryptocurrency just getting started 2024 Turning into a great year my name's Aaron see you tomorrow


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