DeGods Season 3

So season one was the original mint Right and so the whole idea of nfts and In the early days was you would just Have an nft and you would do a mint and That was it and so the team came up with This idea of seasons and so pioneered The first art upgrade and so rather than Doing a second collection actually did a Second collection but appended to the Initial collection and so D Gods became Dead gods and that was season two with Season three we actually extended that Again to now add a third piece of Generative art and have announced that a Fourth piece which will be a female Version will come with that nft and so Now you have this blue chip nft that has Not won but four you know high quality Generative Arts that you get to pick From and so we will release the ability For the holder to decide which nft Select frankenized pfp today are both Our season three males and we will be Able to like toggle that back to season One all within the same nft and so the Idea of seasons is sort of like being Able to break up that difference in art But also around the other things that we Launched along with it


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