DEATH BLOW to Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF! (I’M SCARED)

Two weeks ago BlackRock filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF last week Wisdom Tree also Filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF that Renewed interest is helping push Bitcoin Over thirty thousand dollars highest Level in a year but we know the SEC Under Gary genser is hostile to the Concept of a spot Bitcoin ETF he's Rejected every spot Bitcoin application So why bother filing the SEC is issuing Death blows to Blackrock and other Institutions spot Bitcoin ETFs in a Surprise turn of events the SEC calls BlackRock and Fidelity their Bitcoin ETF Applications inadequate is Gary Gensler Trying to cover up for his inadequacies The Wall Street Journal reported Friday Claims that the top regulator has said The applications aren't sufficiently Clear and comprehensive think about this If there are any institutions who could Get a spot Bitcoin ETF done because they Have the poll it is Blackrock it is Fidelity this doesn't make any sense why Is Gary Gensler in the SEC so against a Spot Bitcoin ETF yet will approve Another Futures Bitcoin ETF and why does BlackRock and others think that they can Change the sec's Mind watch this I was At a conference a few weeks ago where Gary gen sort of spoke he was actively Hostile to crypto saying it was Rife With huckster's fraudsters scam artists Why does Wisdom Tree and BlackRock

Believe you might change Gary gensler's Thinking about this well they have Allowed futures-based ETFs now the question is why have they Been so against the spot market and you Go into you know the rejection that They've had and they talk about Manipulation of prices and they really Want exchanges that are sharing Information to to question this Market Manipulation so I think one of the Things that the recent filings have in Common without talking about any Specific filing is that there trying to Have data sharing surveillance Agreements between exchanges to to help Make the SEC comfortable with this Question about price manipulation they Got there on the Futures market and the Futures Market is based off of spot Prices right so they were able to get Comfortable but part of that is because The Futures Market is sharing Information with the SEC yeah so I think As you as you see that unfold that's Gonna be one of the key points that we Think of these new applications why is The SEC issuing death blows to spot Bitcoin ETFs it all has to do with this Surveillance sharing this is something Futures ETFs have gotten right and this Is something spot ETFs have yet to get Right at least according to the SEC Listen to this because this is what will

Happen right before blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF will get approved I think What might be the game changer here was The language in nasdaq's 19 before Filing on this Azure ztf which stated That NASDAQ is expecting to enter into a Surveillance sharing agreement with a United States spot Bitcoin exchange that Could be the game changer because if you Think about this the SEC and chairman Gary Gensler have been crystal clear That they're not allowing to spot Bitcoin ETF until they have regulatory Oversight of crypto exchanges right They've repeatedly appointed to confirms Over fraud and manipulation in the Underlying spot Bitcoin Market is a Primary reason for rejecting Bitcoin ETF Applications well one way to potentially Overcome those concerns is for the Bitcoin ETFs listing exchange to enter Into a surveillance sharing agreement With a spot crypto Market that the SEC Deems is of significant size so if you Look at the azure's Bitcoin ETF proposal Let's say NASDAQ is able to enter into An agreement with an exchange such as Coinbase theoretically that could clear A pathway towards approval since it Would directly address the sec's main NASDAQ or a Trad Phi asset exchange Likeness stack needs to partner with a U.S Bitcoin spot exchange like coinbase This will happen and when it does get

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Emerges the beacon of a sustainable Blockchain Aiming towards a future fueled by the Relentless force of the Sun Odyssey test net deployed This is long overdue we already have Spot Bitcoin ETFs and spot ethereum ETFs In Canada listen to this how much does It matter to investors to U.S investors That we don't have a spot ETF here Because there is one in Canada right um It's been there for years it's been There for years do U.S investors who Think some of them have restrictions That don't allow them to make those Purchases does the SEC also care that The Canadians have allowed it I think a Lot of that had been thought of as sort Of testing grounds to see just how well Things would actually work because we Know Regulators in the U.S have cited Like Market manipulation scams that type Of thing and and I think you know even With the the proshare's Futures fund Which launched in 2021 so it's been Almost two years now that it's been Around there had been worries about roll Costs and how well it would track the Price of Bitcoin Etc it's actually been Tracking the price of bit going really Really well so a lot of that maybe Potentially by Regulators might have Been seen as Testing grounds and just like that we're

Seeing a wave of refilings and Amendments in this case Kathy Woods Arc Amends their spot Bitcoin ETF filing to Include surveillance sharing similar to Blackrock Kathy Woods Arc invest has Amended its filing for a spot Bitcoin Exchange traded fund to include a Surveillance sharing agreement similar To that of BlackRock the agreement would Be between the CBOE bzx exchange on Which the ETF would be listed and a Us-based spot Bitcoin trading platform Surveillance sharing agreements involve The sharing of information about market Trading activity clearing activity and Customer identification to protect Against the possibility of Market Manipulation the inclusion of the Agreement in blackrock's application was Seen as a potential breakthrough for the Listing of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the US Dozens of applications for which the SEC Has rejected do not not be fooled a spot Bitcoin ETF will be approved in America It's only a matter of time make sure you Subscribe you're going to want to stay In tune with what's going on in the World of crypto we keep you updated on a Daily basis and actually show you what's Going on in the world MasterCard goes All in on crypto MasterCard is set to Launch its multi-token Network product Signaling the company's increased focus On digital assets and blockchain Tech

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