Day In The Life of a 7 Figure Youtube Business | Meeting Our Intern

[Music] Yeah where's our internet who's not About to be our intern anymore sad days What I'm Wang yo what's up what's good my Brother welcome in bro thank you so much Thanks man I'll show you around This is Where I work all the time [Music] Where we're usually uh Did you did you build your own keyboard I did it man I found a GMM it is dude You know about keywords yeah I built my Island yeah oh bro you feel this one my Friend built it for me yeah [Music] All right guys I'm here right now with Our new intern first time meeting that's Our boy back there and uh Esther what Are you doing What how's it been working as an intern For uh what we're doing here did you Enjoy it no I loved it it was actually So amazing don't lie bro it's okay It is actually it was actually Incredible really it's a great Experience you know first of all I just I just love the work that we were doing Like I found it super interesting and Engaging it's the just the team culture Has been super cool like being in the Slack and seeing the notion and like Seeing how you plan everything and

Communicate with your team I think I've Heard about you just through YouTube Like on their stuff and I started like Watching the content I thought it was Really interesting yeah and uh I think What I really started following you more Was when I saw the the CRBC make it with You what were your expectations what did You think running a YouTube channel was Like versus what you learned well I Think I was just really impressed how Like organized it was how many like Videos you have planned and it's like a Machine you know it's like non-stop like Like all the all the you know that Channel and size like YouTube updates It's like scripting filming yeah it's Telling everyone like what's going on It's like it's like crazy like the the Output you know the efficiency like Everyone just like works together and The closure it just seems like really Cool like like everyone's just like so Like like excited or like I don't know Like like willing to step up I thought That was great like I'll tell you Um other Ben Ben Farr he's from Canada He has his own YouTube channel like he's He loves YouTube he loves Creator Economy stuff my assistant Monique Um she's just a killer like I'll tell You a story about her Avi like had to Take a call with her just for like Something related to the business and

She is like yeah um let me take it but Just a heads up like I can't really talk Right now because I've had the flu for The last week and I lost my voice and We're like what and you know she works From the Philippines so sure her hours Are flipped like as you know it's night Time there right now when she works and She sleeps during the day so dude it's Like things like that I think it's just Us finding really good talent and um Like hard work for that I was like hey Monique like I told Javi to surprise her With um like a bonus for just like going Above and beyond so I think that that Has helped a lot I had one script and it Like that video blew up it's like close To a million views and I was like yo Like like if I if it's something that I Didn't do fully and it's like I had a Lot of contribution and then the only Thing I did was like really check it off Approve of it and then like actually you Know turn it into my words Um like I reward like a lot of that and I think that gives a good incentive for Them yeah the other stuff I mean our Most recent hire was East one who's our Like Junior editor who's now like taking The main editor spot bro he's um his Energy and his enthusiasm is great and He he's from um Hungary too he's not Even from yeah this is in the US right Now he's not in the US the only people

In the U.S is us three oh on our team Yeah they're all International we've Tried hiring from the us we've hired More people than we have right now but We've had a fire a lot of people too so I think that's like another thing we've Had a really be strict about how we keep Someone on board it was it was really Interesting to see like all the things Behind the scenes especially like apart From YouTube and like learning about Like the other Ventures and the other Things that you do apart from like Filming and editing videos getting to Work with like just or see like the Tools that you used to it was like cool Like like convertkit and like patreon And so yeah like all integrates and Stuff and like one thing uh Javi and I Would do during the Bull Run is we'd Play chess a lot oh yeah and that's how I see business it's like it's like chess Except you're planning the Checkmate Like before the game even starts yeah I Play hobby one time afterwards oh really Good oh you play I killed me we might Have to do like a little junk media Chess tournament we'll put a pot of Money in there from the business Tracking account the way business is is We track everything we track conversions We track every single affiliate we track Click-through rate average view duration That's something we actually didn't do

Before and you see like this organized System now where we have slack Integrated really well with notion we Have automations if someone fills out a Type form we get alerted on that then we Have like you know the communication Process with like other contractors dude It was less than a year ago where we Were just using WhatsApp and like Notion was a big step up before that we Just had like Google Docs also our Thumbnail guy lives in Ukraine so like Dude he's literally sent us photos of His parents house their roof blowing off From a missile from Russia and we're When we don't hear from him for like two To three days Javi and I like genuinely Get worried that he's not around like We're like because he lives right on the Border of Russia and Ukraine but Apparently that's like where it's more Safe but there was a time where Um our thumbnail designer the way we Found him he reached out to me and he Was like in all in in like the Ukrainian Like it looks like someone's about to Hack you in that subject letter like Because it's Ukraine and Russia they use Like the weird letters bro and uh I got A head heading line I had a Google Translate it and it was like five Thumbnail examples all in like the Ukrainian and Russian language it's like What is this but then he was like ten

Dollars thumbnail and I I was like okay So I texted him back and I was like all Right give me a draft and I was like Blown away he uses Google translate back To his language oh wow and then he gets Us the thumbnail but this kid is like so Good too because we'll tell him like Three four sentences he does all the Research on the thumbnails of like Credit cards that he doesn't know about He's in Ukraine and he gets us these Like high quality thumbnails that Someone in the US wouldn't be able to do It's been good we've had him for a while There was a scary moment though where he Was like yo Brian I need a six-month Worth of pay up front right here and I Was like Yeah we never took a call with him and I Was like bro we don't even know what he Looks like he's like if if someone's Gonna scam us this is how it's going to Happen but actually Javi told me this if We loan him six months for him to fix His parents roof that got blown off by a Russian missile he will be loyal to us As like for the foreseeable future Because we're we're like yeah yeah Vouching for him right here yeah but you Realize like our team we are not like Like it's very all over the world very International team that was never Intentional like that we just had to Find Talent people email us my main

Editor Ben I was like he emailed Probably like 10 YouTube channels he Said that we were on the top of it I Gave him a shot on a video his video That we did did like a million views and Uh I was like okay let's work together I Had no work for him to like do he had no Videos to edit but he was like yo Um I know there's no work right now and He started his first day of work with us And he quit his job I was like listen Like I'm gonna keep paying you and he Was like all right then I'm gonna find Um all this stuff to do and he just like Started scripting like random stuff and Like optimizing things looking into YouTube analytics because when we hired Him our membership group was so busy Like the peak of that was like we're Doing like 100 to 200 some k a month Community wasn't getting managed that Well and then we had people like try to Blackmails taking our members which they Eventually did but it's just the name of The game like we accept it because at That time I had too many things going on Where I couldn't like even keep up with The community it's like I'm trying to Hire I'm trying to film YouTube videos Trying to do that it was just too much Going on yeah like Ben um picked up work And since then he's always been just Like he's been good like grounded for us And I think one of the ways that we

Improve culture a lot is like I were Like Ben I flew him out last year he Stayed with me here at my house and then We just like hung out did work together And then he's flying out again staying Here and we're gonna plan some stuff Like like what is it go-karting yeah Just like things like that doing an Escape room with the team that would be Fun oh yeah so you dude you've been Doing a great job for um the amount of Time that you've been with us yeah and You really blew my expectation out of The water my biggest lesson was like If there's something that I want to do Like I just need to go go get it and I'm Gonna do my best work when it's Something that I'm excited about you Know and I think I mentioned this before I didn't want to do like a regular Internship that I'm not that interested In over the summer like like an it's an Internship you know it's something I'm Supposed to like learn from and like Like enjoy and so you know they're Providing us with all these resources For places to apply to or whatnot or Like people to contact to like be like a Coding instructor at a coding like no Shade on that like I think that's great But it's like just not something that I Was inherently interested in so I think I will definitely learned this like like If there's something that I really want

To do you know like I just need to go Put myself out there and like I don't Want to live thinking like oh I wish I Did that I wish I did like I just want To like go and see what happens and if It doesn't pan out at least I learned Something and I can keep moving I've Never done design work like I never Touched design like before anything and Like like from what you guys are saying Like I might have like a like an natural Gift for eye Then it's great like then of course I'm Going to want to like like continue and Like invest in that for myself even if It was like my first website I remember One time I was like it's called Hobby And like I I said like I don't know if you remember when I was Dming you before I I got he said I could Work yeah um yeah do you have any like Tangible skills yeah I bring to the Table or something to myself I was Thinking oh man like nah I don't but but But I had this belief in myself you know It's like I might not have something Right now that he could use but like I Know I can learn like I know I can learn Something that's easy yeah so so I think I just applied that it's like it's okay To like not know how to do something It's okay to be a beginner just learn You know it's gonna be fun anyways Because uh for us it's like we we still

Want to give people a shot like we don't Want to turn down things and for me it's Just like whether we had bandwidth to do That because if I spend any time like Trying to teach or like do other stuff It takes away from what we're doing and I'm still pretty Hands-On with the Business but uh Javi he told me he was Like yo I'll take care of Ben like I'll Put him under my wing and like you don't Have to worry about anything and I was Like all right and then then you figure Out what's good and then I told Javi Like Hey we're gonna need these things Done I think it's better for us to do This while we set up this business and Then it just naturally clicked in that Capacity when I was a little bit older Than you right after high school I was In a internship where I was grabbing Coffees and doing stuff like that and I Didn't learn anything from it I was able To put it on my resume but under your Title you have to list bullet points of What you learned and you know I couldn't Put anything substantial how did this Change like your personal plans I think It's helped me realize a lot of things And like like I'm super grateful for the Opportunity I'm super grateful to God And to you guys just for giving me a Chance and I think I think that's how it Applies to my personal plans moving Forward where it's like moving forward

Like I don't want to make decisions like Out of fear so much but rather like out Of Faith like God has a plan and out of Faith in myself that like hey like Like if there's something that I don't Know like it's okay it's definitely like A confidence boost like you know like Okay like I'm just gonna like do things That I find interesting because I'm Gonna be able to do them better yeah if I wasn't interested in them bro you're Good Ben you're good man like whatever You want to do I feel like you can Really conquer it yeah you'll always Have a spot on my team in the future if You want yeah I can definitely find um Positions roles things to do we have a Lot of website stuff so and um yeah like Ryan said I think both of us would be More than happy and honored to have you Join us at Jung media whether it's after Your high school if you want like a Part-time gig during high school we Enjoyed working with you you did a great Job and you know we're excited to see Where you go from here oh yeah thank you So much I remember the day when we were On a call and you like told me that like You had a position for me I was so hyped After that call I was so excited because I could stay with confidence that I Could feel that you wanted me to get Something out of it and I would like I Really appreciated that for your work I

Know this was a unpaid internship oh my God this is a it's a rack right there For you all right bro Thank you yeah man because uh dude you Did a good job bro and like yeah we I Like to reward people that have put in The work and what Oh Thank you dude I mean you you deserved It for real yeah I sold cheese for like two years like I Used to resell really did you make some Money from that yeah really I mean like Not a ton but yeah for a middle schooler It's pretty good [Music] [Music] All right so right now we are trying to Figure out a place to go for lunch to Take out Our intern technically it's Ben's last Day but have you been a child order Before then yeah it's awesome Ben where are we at Shadows shadow [Music] Yeah man are you guys open yeah [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] All right guys so I'm back at home now Um my CEO Javi left Ben Wang our intern Has left and unfortunately my camera

Right here actually died so uh we were Filming for too long it's all good if You guys did enjoy videos like this Where you get a little bit more of like An in-depth scene on just what we do on A day-to-day basis it's not actually Every day we just go out to eat in the Middle of the day and eat as much as we Did also shout out to chador and my boy Jonathan always hooking it up with the Meats it just absolutely amazing so I Appreciate that it was really cool too We actually ran into a subscriber like Uh when we were getting our smoothies And this is the youngest subscriber I've Met and this is from him watching our Video on Drop Shipping yeah that was Crazy this kid was 13 years old I think That means he's like in middle school And he's like watching videos on how to Do this so it's just so cool and you Know I'm able to interact and see all People in person that's gonna be Everything if you guys did enjoy this Video be sure to check out the links Down below to follow me on Instagram to Get a little bit more of a sneak peek on What I do Subway other than that have an Amazing day and I'll see you all soon Peace


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