Cryptocurrency has just entered its Darkest Timeline The last 24 hours in crypto let me tell You have been unreal so I'm sorry I Reached too fast I'm sorry sorry with The fan back down okay not only has Chase Bank banned Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency for their users our Policy around crypto is changing here's What it means for you hi to keep your Money safe from fraud and scams we're Changing the types of payments you can Make from Chase from the 16th of October If we think you're making a payment Related to crypto assets we'll decline It if you'd still like to invest in Crypto assets you can try using a Different bank or provider instead but Please be cautious as you may not be Able to get the money back if the Payment ends up being related to a fraud Or scam we've made this decision because Fraudsters are increasingly using crypto Assets to steal large sums of money from People declining these payments is one Of the ways we're helping keep you and Your money safe all the best the chase Team I don't know I think using Traditional payment means in the Traditional financial interest structure You know that can be used for illicit Illegal transactions as well and we're Not Banning cash or banking not only That but the news and the drama that's

Shaking the crypto YouTube and crypto Twitter world to its core Ben bitboy Armstrong arrested on live stream over Lambo dispute crypto influencer Ben Bitboy Armstrong has reportedly been Arrested following a live stream outside The house of Carlos Diaz a former Business partner Carlos was the voice in Those original leaks And this is hours after we've released An interview that we did with Ben's Disgruntled ex-partner TJ Shad who's Currently still owns bitboy crypto now Discover crypto let's Talk about Carlos Carlos Diaz Diaz AKA Larry Smith due to Why in every leaked audio am I hearing His voice who is he so yesterday was Just a local top for sure for Ben Armstrong versus bitboy crypto drama Carlos just gets more and more and more Involved in the Daily Business of what's Happening okay with big boy crypto and With vumio specifically notice what was The threat what was the blackmail what Was the extortion that I was told that I Needed to do in order to get my company Even getting picked up by some Mainstream influencers for better or Worse he just broadcast an unhinged live Stream here on YouTube that frightened More people than the original run of the Blair Witch Project he was streaming Himself outside of an individual's house

That he was having beef with and accused Him of stealing his Lamborghini so he Was there to confront him directly and Had a weapon in his car as well so the Whole situation was dangerous the things He was saying was alarming and Eventually officers do arrive there but Then there's another plot twist that's Revealed at the end that nobody not even God himself would have seen coming I Shared this clip with you because Penguins is pretty mainstream even Though he is kind of a hater according To Big Boy crypto he's been on steroids And if that's the case if that's true I Don't know where his muscles are he must Have minted those on the blockchain but He is watching he did reference our Interview I also watched an interview Where someone who has worked closely With Ben has accused him of suffering From Roid Rage and I've seen a few People start to say that that's what This stream was the product of a Roid Rage incident I don't think that's the Case and I don't know how true the claim Is so I have nothing but love and Goodwill wishes towards Ben towards his Family towards all parties involved for That matter I think it's got to be tough What he's going through I mean it does Seem like he's up against a lot But this stream last night was insane Just outrageous I never thought we'd see

Something like this uh here I am in Front of Carlos's house I have Legitimately been scared for my life for Weeks And what I what I told The people I told I was coming over here I said come hell or high water If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house And tries to kill me live on YouTube That it's just gonna have to be what It's gonna be Carlos because I am not Scared of you anymore so Ben framed his Confrontation of Carlos like he was Confronting his bully listen to just a Minute of the 37-minute stream from last Night this man has single-handedly Brought down my entire business this man This is the one who TJ and Justin hired Oh no no I'm sorry excuse me he's not Paid because let's let's start getting Brass tax here People were saying been hard Carlos no No no no no guys Carlos doesn't get paid By the company he's in because of his Investments it was hard to keep up with The back story and the lore at times I Mean there were Parts I didn't know what He was fully talking about Carlos Diaz Is not technically an employee of hit Network or vumio he acts on behalf of Justin And of TJ shed Justin Williams and TJ Said this is their Guy this is their guy Carlos Diaz okay and what happens is he

Starts out on the rehab because of his Financial interest because of his and Mike Will's investment into vumio and They told me Carlos told me if I did not make that Video walking back what I said about Justin Wayne pump and dumb Bambi and I've got guys I got the text message I'll show you guys a text message Altcoin daily even got a brief shout out During this streaming it at every turn Carlos is trying to pretend like he's my Friend he says I'm your friend Ben I Love your channel I love your content Man you made me so much money that's What he says okay that's what he says to Try to butter me up to make me believe He's on my side meanwhile and look let Me talk about altcoin daily for a second Okay he was going to talk about our Interview with TJ presumably but the Subject got changed for whatever reason Guys before we continue with the topic Of the video let's take two minutes and Thank partner of the channel tmn Global I'm Gonna Leave a link check out our Link below click through and explore Their dashboard Tmn Global is the first and only Blockchain company to combine Tech Metals technology metals and rare earth Metals with cryptocurrency so rare earth Metals are really one of the most Interesting things about them tmn Global

Provides a digital currency and products For investors to combine strategic asset Classes with modern crypto benefits so What's the problem that they solve they Provide users access to Mega Commodities That they cannot purchase using Fiat They educate people about these Mega Commodities and their demand and help You understand the value prop of the tmn Global platform Tmng's first use case is to purchase Tangible assets this is just the Beginning they certainly have different Things on their roadmap that they're Gearing towards so not many people have Heard about rare earth metals but we use Them every day in things like cell Phones take a look at their dashboard See what they're all about there's an Affiliate program if you're so inclined I like their products section their Product section you can start to learn More about the rare earth metals or Tech Metals or just Metals in general gold Silver whatever you want to learn about Then also see the chart this is where You hook up your wallet and then of Course they also have the documentation To help you on your journey I'm going to Leave a link in the description check Them out and look let me talk about Altcoin daily for a second reminder Ben Armstrong does have an open invite to Come on our show we are friends with Ben

That is of course still the case we will Get them on eventually right now he is Taking about a week break from producing Content from what he said on just the Current last stream he did we are Wishing him nothing but the best for him His family everyone involved now later In the Stream I loved ivanon tax Commentary to this I mean listen to Ivan On Tech giggle over his comparison to Grand Theft Auto uh is lived in like Nine houses and in five years he's about Nobody would ever invest money with this Guy guys I I mean this is like GTA I Think this is exactly like GTA you know When you drive around in GTA and then You have some kind of a character with You on the mission and they speak about The mission I feel that this is like That I'm imagining myself playing GTA Picking up Ben bitboy in my car and now We're driving to some kind of mission And he explains to me what what was Happening man Okay let's listen but he Knows where he is Carlos tells me he's going to go out There to solve the bin daddies problem Okay now what does that mean I don't Know what that means all I know is we're Trying to negotiate but he takes it into Here come the police guys here come the Police Here they are Here they are here's the police of

Course the biggest part of the stream The clip that everyone is sharing is the Arrest and it was outrageous for a few Different reasons sir put down the fanny Pack hey guys Hey how's it going Hey do me a favor yep How's it going stop oh stop I couldn't Hear You no I do not okay I do not so I have One in my vehicle but I do not have a Weapon on me okay okay do me a favor Sorry I reached too fast I'm sorry sorry Okay put your phone down okay Now okay I'll put the phone down okay All right okay all right okay With the fanny pack down okay What's going on what's going on This man inside of this house actually He's gonna check you real quick Okay okay yep No weapons wearing the cars you're gone It's in the back seat back seat is Anybody else in the car Um Who's in the car What's up who's in your car who's in my Car yes okay My wife knows that we're here by the way She knows we came to do this but my wife Is aware so we're live on YouTube right Now okay we've got about 2500 people Watching so Cassie is a girl I had an Affair with she's involved in the

Situation with me and this guy here my Wife knows we're just in my daughter's Tennis match Cassie and I have came over Here because this man is like distorted Me he's death threatening me he stole my Labor my Lamborghini is in his garage Right now I encourage anybody from our audience to Seek out Ben Armstrong's new channel Again he announced he's taking a weak Break from streaming but he'll be back Talking about crypto and of course for The other side of the story check out Our interview with disgruntled Ex-partner TJ Shad going viral right now Carlos Diaz is Carlos Diaz he knows a Lot of people in the entertainment Industry in athletics basically a lot of Different celebrities you know it's just Kind of been a fan and a champion of Ben For a while he you know he bought tons Of the catching up to crypto books to Try to help him make bestsellers dude Let's if if you would allow let's talk About the lambo Did this that's a point of contention at Least on Ben's side did hit Network take Possession of the lambo that Ben drove This whole Lambo thing is so stupid I Don't I don't know where he stands with The stupid Lambo like it's so make sure That you get tickets to bitcoin Amsterdam coming up hang out with people Like us headline speakers such as Edward

Snowden use code altcoin daily 10 Discount details in description and just To finish talking about what we started With The Darkest Timeline in crypto is Upon us it's true today JPMorgan Chase Banned Bitcoin and crypto transactions For all UK clients possibly more Banks To follow but remember Jamie dimon the CEO of Chase is not selling Jamie Diamond is most likely buying and Chase Is probably buying two remember what Happened back in 2017. this has really Been extremely egregious so On September 12th Jamie Diamond says Bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll fire Any one of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24 when Jamie Diamond Speaks people listen people listen So that weekend we found out that the Largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund That's in Europe that buys physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and that's Not illegal He says it's a fraud says you buy anyone The buyer yes and at the same time his Company is buying his company's buying It so you're it's just I mean so Unethical right


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