Damex App: Earn Altcoins while you Exercise!!! (Best Fitness Crypto App)

You can earn cryptocurrency and nfts by Walking damex is a sports finance Application where you earn nfts and Crypto for a healthy active lifestyle Demex is gamifying the digital asset Exercise and finance application Experience they are sponsoring today's Video the damex app available for Download on Android and iPhone in select Regions and the demx token will Incentivize you to one be a healthier Individual two earn Financial rewards And three promote sustainability Throughout this video I'm going to Splice in the CEO and co-founder Sam Buxto himself introducing and explaining His company and product so Sam what is Damex damix is a sports Finance or Sports 5 application that uses Cryptocurrency and nfts to reward users For being active we're connecting Exercise and finance like never before Hit your exercise challenges complete Your goals earn rewards and spend those Rewards using the Visa approved damix Visa card why this product well the Demex founding team was inspired to Create the demx app and their native Token during the covid-19 lockdowns of 2021 and 2022 so many people around the World during this time really suffered Both physically and mentally being Forced to stay inside being forced to Follow other restrictions damex wanted

To give back to their community and they Had three goals in mind number one Supporting individuals to live a Healthier lifestyle number two educating Individuals and businesses about digital Assets and number three promoting Sustainability and helping the Environment by incentivizing people to Walk more listen to the CEO articulate Their vision and purpose himself Ceramics was inspired during the Covid-19 pandemic millions of people Around the world saw physically and Mentally because of covid-19 Restrictions being locked up at home I Think we can all relate we want to give Back to our communities and we're doing So in a few ways first We're promoting sustainability by Reducing common footprint second we're Incentivizing people to be more active And rewarding them with cryptocurrencies And nfts lastly we're working with local Stores to help them engage with their Customers in new and Noble ways think About it like this the fitness industry Is a 96.7 billion dollar industry with Over 184 million gym memberships alone Technology is penetrating this Market at A phenomenal rate and it's time for a Digital asset finance application to Enter this Market with a bang this is Why we damex so how was the company Established what kind of Licensing do

They have tell me more about the company Digital Asset Management limited or dam Was established in 2017 and we were one Of the first licensing regulator DLT Providers in Europe we're licensed and Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to offer digital Asset custodianship and broker-degree Services Dam also has 25 employees globally and Our headquarters are in Gibraltar In addition to our DLT license in Gibraltar we're also registered with the FCA as the Emi agency under modular Finance this allows us to offer ibands And sort codes to users within the damex Ecosystem our damix debit card has also Recently been approved by Visa so damix Has developed some great relationships With some of the best companies in their Respective Fields take a look some of Their key Partnerships include Visa fire Blocks modular Finance Hassan's chain Analysis b2c2 kensho marketing On April 19 2023 the demex token will Launch via ieo on multiple exchanges the Damex token is the native utility token For the damex app it will be used to Incentivize and reward users giving them Access to governance and voting on key Features such as token listings app Features and more quick reminder this Video today and any video on our channel Is not an offer to buy or invest in

Securities follow all laws in your Respective jurisdiction this is not Financial advice altcoin daily is not Responsible for the performance of its Sponsors or any company project or token Covered in Channel videos so using the Damex app what rewards what benefits can I get cash back rewards refer a friend Rewards discounted exchange fees on Damex free nft air drops VIP premium Card one tree planted also so you fully Understand what features you get this App and what features are to come with This app just some of them damex app key Features Fiat and crypto wallets if this Wasn't clear the debit card program if This wasn't clear we talked about the Gamification step and nft the app allows Users to exchange Fiat and crypto pay Using crypto and Fiat and as mentioned Plant trees now some of the apps Features to watch out for include the Following additional features such as Life and health insurance and Loan and Credit lines that's interesting nft Trading and stock and traditional asset Trading the damex app also introduces a Leaderboard users must complete tasks And meet specific criteria to climb the Ranks the top 20 users will be able to Access select rewards including Quarterly nft rewards cashback Incentives as mentioned refer a friend Bonuses and discount on trading fees the

App is avail available in the UK and eea For now also install the damex app and Earn cashback on every transaction and Reward using Step 2 earn mechanics the Token in its phase one will list on Demix app uniswap bitmart and Coinstar First then phase two is a low Tier 1 Centralized exchange phase three is a High tier one centralized exchange and Then more to come let me give you an Example of damex's nft gamification Although subject to change and this is Just a taste this is what you can earn By downloading the app and walking Around Sixty thousand steps you get a London Marathon nft it's kind of common eighty Thousand steps Mount Kilimanjaro nft Kind of common 170 000 steps that's hiking to Mount Everest's base that nft is uncommon 300 000 steps that's a full Ironman nft That's kind of rare 525 000 steps London to Paris nft that's Pretty rare would you be able to earn a Rare nft is my question to you so on April 19th that's the day that the damex Team and Community is gearing up for for Your continued education and to get more Involved I'm going to leave website Links in the description feel free to Check them out visit their website sign Up for their email list so you will be Among the first to know everything going

On we'll end things with a final summary From the damex CEO really summarizing What damex can be for you think about Your banking app fuse with your exercise App and your cryptocurrency app all in One we're essentially rewarding people For being active with cryptocurrencies From within their back-end application That's right damix is a challenger Banking application you'll have your own Account in your own name your own iban And sort code you can receive your Salary into your danics app and you can Pay bills by using your Visa approved Amex Visa card or you can send payments To friends and families we've had 25 000 Registrations so far and if you're not One of them sign up today [Music]


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