CZ Binance UNLEASHES on Kevin O’Leary Over FTX Crypto Fraud (SBF CLAPS Back!!) 👏

Sees the binance just attacked Kevin O'Leary on Twitter over the recent FTX Crypto fraud with SPF replying and Attacking back you see the stems from an Interview Kevin O'Leary gave yesterday On CNBC revealing how much he was paid To be a spokesperson for FTX that's Important for me because that's an issue How much were you paid Total deal was just under 15 million Dollars I put about 9.7 million into Crypto I think that's what I've lost It's all at zero I don't know because my Account got scraped a couple of weeks Ago all the data all the coins Everything so then I lost the money I Invested in the equity as well those are Those are zeros too and really that's What received most of the headlines it's The conversation that followed that CZ Really took issue with as tweeted by CZ This morning he says it seems 15 million Dollars not only changed Kevin O'Leary's Mind on crypto it also made him aligned With a fraudster is he seriously Defending SBF also baseless attacks Against Finance start around 420 here it Is the next day we talked for over an Hour and he walked me through his Scenario and I learned a lot Sorry what did you learn I learned first Of all I said what was the large Drawdown of your Capital where did Cash Go

One of the biggest uses of cash was to Buy back his shares from binance which Owns 20 percent of his exchange and the Reason he had to do that according to Him was that every time they applied for A license anywhere the know your client Got jammed up with binance where the Ownership is opaque and he had to buy it Back that cost him a lot a couple of Billion dollars so it appears Kevin is Implying that the reason FTX collapsed And didn't have any money is because They were forced to pay CZ and binance The money that's why FTX collapsed when In reality we know that's BS in reality SPF talking about co-mingling funds Answering questions addressing fraud we Covered this in our video yesterday seek It out plus CZ disproves this Kevin O'Leary statement and brings the Receipts we exited FTX 1.5 years ago in July 2021 since then FTX has invested in A myriad of companies totaling up to 5.5 Plus billion dollars including but not Limited to here is that list I guess FTX Invested in Eagle labs near protocol Voyager etc Etc and on top of that FTX spent money On Miami Stadium multiple Super Bowl ads Baseball referees F1 not to mention Massive political local donations and Luxury real estate oh and reprehensible Misuse of customer funds in a final blow CZ then references this clip of Kevin

O'Leary on CNBC refusing to admit to Acknowledge that SPF may be guilty Kevin Is only concerned about his money CZ Says worse than losing 15 million Dollars Kevin you'd think that being Used as the poster child for one of the Greatest Financial crimes in history Would make Kevin O'Leary think twice Before taking Sam at his word again but Clearly not watch this I'm saying there Are times in the past where we know Pretty you know that's why if you're a Defense attorney that represents someone That you know is guilty you gotta say Yeah well they're Innocent but you may Know they're guilty you may know they're Guilty if you find someone if you watch Someone kill someone yeah they're Innocent I don't think they're guilty There's only the murder of my money in This case okay it's murder of of ftx's Money in My Views everybody's look Joe If you live with them yes I don't think he should be singing the Blues right now at all Oh yes I'm singing the blues why because Your 15 million didn't pass out that you That's a lot of money this is a paid Spokesperson it's a lot of money you Didn't have to do much for that that's Pretty that's found money different Decision that's a different discussion Okay you know you can make that decision On your own but I'm going to this point

If you want to say he's guilty before He's tried I just don't understand it But it may end up costing me 15. a Reputational and everything else that's The problem that's why I stayed on this Pursuit I'm very transparent about it I've disclosed everything I know about It I will find out more information if I Make the credit committee I will act as A fiduciary for everybody involved and Why this is an issue why this matters to You and me is because next week Kevin O'Leary is testifying in a sentence Hearing and it's clear he's going to try And push SPF as innocent while maybe Trying to push CZ as guilty I agreed Last night when Pat Toomey called me to Sit on that uh committee next week I Will be a witness there you plan to Testify I agreed to test defy You don't have to be a genius to know Something don't smell right at FTX there Are one tenth or size yet outspent us a Hundred to one on marketing and Partnerships fancy parties in the Bahamas trips across the globe and Mansions for all of their senior staff And his parents oh and by the way we Have much more regulatory licenses than Any other exchange around the globe Including FTX And if Kevin O'Leary is looking for Somebody to blame for the implosion of FDX he should start by wagging his

Finger at his investment partner Sam and Then perhaps at the man in the mirror Now while Kevin has yet to respond to CZ And any of this although he will be Speaking in the U.S Senate next week SPF Was one of the first to attack back SPF Responds to CZ by saying you threatened To walk at the last minute if we didn't Kick in an extra 75 million we did it Anyway because this just made us feel More confident that we don't want Binance on our cap table but again none Of this is necessary you won why are you Lying about this now SBF continues Trying to clap back at CC by mentioning Other Minor Details they don't really Matter too much in the grand scheme of Things now but in a continuation to push His media trained narrative he continues To try and state oh he just became lazy Oh we just became disconnected it wasn't Fraud it was just a mistake also as of Six hours ago SPF has agreed to testify In the Senate as well he says I still Did not have access to much of my data Professional or personal So there is a limit to what I'll be able To say and I won't be as helpful as I'd Like but as the committee still thinks It would be useful I am willing to Testify on the 13th so Kevin O'Leary SPF All these major players lining up Testifying in front of Congress in a few Short days if you're interested in

Staying informed on this cryptocurrency Market click subscribe you do not want To miss a daily video and next up crypto Exchange coinbase asks users to switch From stablecoin usdt for stablecoin usdc And they're highlighting questions about Tethers reserves so they're thuding Tether in a campaign to get users over To usdc and to do this they're allowing Users zero fees if you want to make the Switch Coinbase is waiving the conversion fees For users who wish to switch to a Trusted stable coin and they say in a Direct quote The events of the past few weeks have Put some stable coins to the test and We've seen a flight to safety we believe That USD coin usdc is a trusted and Reputable stablecoin by the way coinbase Is also a co-founder of usdc I don't Know the inner workings of either of These two companies but what I do know Is tether is an offshore entity I Believe in the Bahamas just like FTX was And coinbase and usdc in circle is a U.S Regulated entity so for me that does Seem to suggest that there would be more Transparency there now on-chain data Shows the usdt is the third most widely Traded digital asset on coinbase Representing five percent of the volume On the exchange so they're trying to Bring that volume over to their stable

Coin well remember recently binance Stopped supporting usdc Auto converting Customers Holdings into its own Stablecoin busd so the war of the stable Coin issuers continue Very good news for polygon Starbucks Launches beta of their web 3 Odyssey Loyalty program on the polygon Blockchain and what Odyssey is it Combines Customer Loyalty Rewards with Non-fungible token collecting and other Gamified elements in fact here are the Specifics the popular coffee chain Opened up the web3 extension to its Starbucks reward program to a small Group of waitlist members including Employees and customers allowing them to Engage in interactive Journeys that earn Journey stamps in the form of Polygon-based nfts and it's interesting Because these nfts do appear to have an Off-ramp meaning if you collect you can Sell them on a Marketplace for real Crypto members who were invited to the Beta launch will also have access to the Starbucks Odyssey Market powered by Nifty Gateway Where users can buy and sell their Digital collectible stamps so if you Don't want to earn them you can just buy Them but either way Starbucks on polygon Big big big news for releases proof of reserves Data showing client assets are fully

Backed this examination was done by Auditing firm mazars which also recently Did the binance audit as well now some People are taking issue with this they Say however the report is not an Official audit but rather a matching Exercise based on information provided By the client About on-chain addresses of assets and a Client database of customer balances Meaning that while this does appear to Be an audit of the assets meaning BTC They're backed 102 percent usdc 102 Etc there doesn't seem to be an audit of The liabilities and I think you need Both the reserve assets and the Liabilities because it is what it is the Liabilities that eventually took FTX Down again if you're interested in Learning more about cryptocurrency click Subscribe and like always see you Tomorrow


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