Cumulio | Disrupt Berlin 2019

[Music] Kimono is actually a data visualization Platform but that is packaged as a Building block that you can integrate in Your own software as a service Application software portal customer Facing portal mobile application Etc so It's really a way to add reporting and Data visualization features to your own Products in a very short time frame how Does that different I mean there are Already data visualization tools on the Market tons of them so what makes Kuma IO different from Tableau power bi yeah Google like 100 of them right absolutely We track about 200 of them I think geez Um yeah it's a really crowded space However whereas you'd use power bi for Example if you're interested in insights Like if you want to visualize your sales Pipeline or Have charts for your boardroom you use Cumulio to give insights to your clients And you give them insight to your own Firm so you don't notice that you're Actually using our technology and that Means that the value of the insights you Give is associated with your products And not with Tableau or click view or Power bi how big is the market for this Stuff I know that there are a lot of Companies in it and it sounds like You're trying to carve out sort of a Smaller Niche within this broader data

Visualization Market how thinly can you Slice something while still sort of Making enough money to to justify a Venture type investment right so the the Total clouds bi Market currently is Estimated at about 60 billion that's the Total Cloud total Cloud API Market I was Going to to carve it up a little more Here the embedded markets right now is About 15 to 20 20 billion already and It's growing at a faster rate than Cloud Bi about 16 annually but that's the Embedded that's that's the space we are In so embedded business intelligence Right but that but embedded business Intelligence is a is a pretty broad Landscape right and within that you're Doing a much more specific sort of Niche Right so within that what you know there There there's got to be a market size You have for data visualization right And what is what is that well it's about It's about 15 to 20 billion a year for That markets Um for the kinds of data that you're Pulling yeah absolutely okay How have you raised money already or are You venture-backed at all or no yeah we Did a seat runs in October 2017. uh We're looking for uh for an a round now Of about how much we're looking for Three to five million euros in uh the First half of next year and and who back To you in the seed round uh we are

Backed by smartphone Ventures which is a Belgian uh and UK based fintech fund Um all right well that's great man Congratulations on the success with the Seed round good luck raising the A and Uh thanks for taking the time this Morning we appreciate it thanks cheers Bye


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