CryptosRUs – The ‘Parabolic Stage’ of the Crypto Bull Run Has Just Begun

Nothing else is indicating that 73k is our Peak for this cycle today I Interview George of cryptos R Us no Everything else is indicating that we Have just really begun the parabolic Stage as he shares his Bitcoin and Crypto outlook for the remainder of 2024 We could go from 60,000 to 100,000 by The end of the year and then we have Still a full year left also I ask George What could go wrong so my fear is that's What Gary is is planning on doing and Watch today's whole video we talk Altcoins and more if I gave you $11,000 You could only invest in AI altcoins Click the like button right now if you Appreciate these conversations and let's Start Bitcoin topped out you know around 73,000 has been consolidating for weeks What's your outlook for crypto for the Second half of this year well I'm very Bullish you know me I'm always bullish But um recently when we fell down to 56 And it got a little scary because a lot Of analysts started saying that hey it's Natural for Bitcoin to take a breather But also go down to as low as like 52,000 before bouncing back up and we Were around 5657 it did seem like that Was likely but you know I kind of looked At it and thought about it I'm like okay Yeah Bitcoin has come up so much within Such short amount of time we need a Breather it's okay we have seen previous

Cycles where Bitcoin has fallen 2025 30 35% and and that was that it was just a Breather consolidation point and then it Continued higher we know we're after the Having event this is the parabolic bull Stage right now for Bitcoin so for a Second half I think one of two things One is we either go sideways a little Bit longer and you know I've drawn out Like 637 638 is like an important Support/resistance level so I anticipate If we are going to go sideways we're Probably go hover right around there up Or down by a few thousand points and go Maybe until September and that's when we Start moving again or we just start Moving we just start going higher Because ETFs they're starting to have a Lot of inflows the institutions and and And Banks and companies they're starting To fomo in once again so that negates Everything I've always said when there's Fomo it it just trumps what the charts Say what the TA say when there's Billions and billions of dollars coming Into the market bitcoin's GNA go upwards Right so I think it's one of two Scenarios what are the odds in your mind That Bitcoin has already top for the Year 73 was the top oh zero Percent I have um the only theory that Someone has pointed out recently was Some uh I forgot the guy who created it But it's like a 5.3 Theory um and it was

Looking at it was looking at I guess the Increase in gain and you divide it by a Certain number and somehow it came out To be about 73 74,000 that's the only Theory I've heard from anyone that says Yeah we may have topped out but Everything else I'm looking at and I'm Sure you you guys are too all the Metrics that measure tops and bottoms And whether we're in a parabolic stage Or not um or Fibonacci levels or Whatever CA the case may be none of Nothing else is indicating that 73k is our Peak for this cycle no Everything else is indicating that we Have just really begun the parabolic Stage and this four-year cycle is about To get exciting so 0% in my mind that 73k is a top for this cycle I concur Just in the sense that you know for the First time ever Bitcoin has inst uh uh Regulatory it's cleared the way black Rock is accumulating um so I don't see 73 as the top but let me ask you this George once we do surpass alltime highs Maybe that's September maybe that's in Two Weeks what's your updated take on how High Bitcoin could go top of cycle well That's anyone's guess but a lot of People have made some very bullish Predictions um you know I've seen some People say hey million dollars or $3 Million dollar by 2030 not the not

2025 but in order for for those numbers To happen Bitcoin has to be you would Figure at least 200,000 300,000 by this Cycle um and I do think that's accurate I think it's not too far-fetched right Now we're sitting around 67,000 once we break 73 we head to 889 100,000 I don't think it's too Farfetched to think that we're going to Double from two 100,000 200,000 that Doesn't seem too farfetched anymore but When I was calling it and everyone maybe Some others were calling it when Bitcoin Was 20,000 heading to 200,000 that seems Farfetched but I think once Bitcoin Surpasses 100,000 just doubling from There to 200,000 doesn't seem so Far-fetched and I think that's a real Possibility I think I mean it's still Early in this year we're only in May We're not even halfway through and we Know how fast Bitcoin can move if you Look at 2023 you know starting September October Time frame that's when Bitcoin went from 30,000 all the way to 70,000 within just A few months right and that was after Months and months and months and years Of crypto winter and consolidation so Certainly something like that can happen Even if we go sideways until September We could go from 60,000 to1 ,000 by the End of the year and then we have still a Full year left or maybe a half a year

Left in 2025 to go higher so I'm Predicting somewhere between 150 to 250,000 I recall back in 2017 where Everybody was saying 10K for Bitcoin Seemed unbelievable but their goal and How quickly we went past 10K and went to 19k you know in a matter of weeks so it Gets crazy this cycle this cycle um Specifically We have Gary Gensler he seems to be Adamant to kill the growth of crypto in America if he takes the ethereum Foundation in a in a lawsuit in a legal Battle what do you think that means for Altcoins for this Year you know what there's only one Scenario I think that happens and Unfortunately I think it it has a high Probability because I look at history When did the SEC start its lawsuit Against Ripple well I remember number that was The former chair Jay Clayton at the time He was the one that approved Bitcoin Futures and this was back in 2017 and I Remember on his way out he Declared um he declared xrp was a Security and decided to sue Ripple Literally in his last week in office Because he knew he didn't it's not his Fight who cares just declared and he's Off he's gone right and I don't know who Put him to it maybe someone put him to It so my fear is that's what Gary is

Planning on doing he's already lost Against Ripple you know starting right Now and among all the other lawsuits he Lost to grayscale he's probably going to Lose to coinbase it's just nothing but Losses right so I don't think he wants To take on any more battles but I think On his last week there could be a chance He does that and he's like okay you know He cleans his hands he moves away but he May declare that now to answer your Question if he does I think it's going To hold ethereum back in a big way I Think in 2025 ethereum may may have a Really lackluster year compared to the Alt the other alts out there if the Lawsuit happens uh there's no doubt About it just look at xrp's performance In the last three years it's basically Done nothing it still hasn't surpassed His 2018 High when when most have in 2021 Um so I think that may set ethereum back All the l2s that are supporting ethereum They're probably going to be held back But I think others that are competing Against ethereum for example salana or Cardano or Avalanche they will be big Winners they will probably benefit Greatly if that Happens right now cardano and polka dot And I'm not sure about Avalanche they're Still 85% down from alltime high back in 2021 is this a buying opportunity or is

It about new altcoins this cycle or What's your take well po I'm not the Biggest fan of polka do but you know They're still they're still up there They're like in the top 15 same thing With cardano still top 10 you know Certainly a lot of money have gone into Newer coins like the l2s for example um And now we have l3s and there's other Newcomers into space so it does seem Like a lot of the money has flown into Others but keep in mind in a bull market And you know this especially in tail Anable market everything starts Skyrocketing um in 2021 we saw the same Thing in 2017 we saw the same thing we See a lot of alts that were dead Absolutely completely dead do a 10x Within a month and we have seen that Time and time again so I think these big L1s I don't think go anywhere they Probably if you compare their Performance versus their peers they may Lag which kind of sucks but I think they Will especially the big ones will still Hit their previous high and maybe even Surpass it but um we'll see but I think Like polad do and cardano for example They will definitely hit their previous High even though they're still so far Away roaring Kitty has returned not seen Since 2021 he led the meme stock Revolution back in 2020 2021 what does His return mean for

Crypto unfortunately not a whole lot and It was it was very shortlived I mean he Started posting he didn't even say he Was going to start trading again he just Started posting memes and it caused this Big short squeeze to happen Wall Street But it only lasted two days very Different it was not like before where It lasted I don't know how many months And caused a whole bunch of hedge funds To get in trouble this time around we Had a short squeeze for sure um and of Course people in crypto uh started Foming into the meme coins gme and AMC And so forth but once the stock started Selling off sold did a meme coin so Unfortunately roor and kitty I mean I I I've looked at his count today even it's Just nothing but memes he's not really Saying anything he's not really leading Anything this way in this this time he's Just posting memes and people aren Interpreting how they interpret but um Unfortunately not so much in crypto I Love to see him in crypto if he started He's probably one of the most followed Men on on X if he started talking about Leading Some Kind of Revolution or Moving to crypto because he's fed up With the banks or hedge funds or Whatever you know he could be one of the Most prominent figures in crypto but Until then uh I think very little Maybe Maybe though this is just the start and

Maybe he brings retail back like retail Really followed him the first time if he Does something this time and he has Sound reasoning it could be that turning Point or or what do you think could Bring retail back to Crypto we just need to see more money Flow in that's that's the problem right Now I Mean Bitcoin I hate to say it is led by The institutions this time okay the Reason why we're moving faster than Previous cycle to why the reason why our Dips have been so uh small compared to Previous Cycles um the maturity that a Lot of people talk about is kind of here And led by the institutions Unfortunately it's should be led by the People retail but it's led by Institutions so I have this weird Theory um I don't know if it's weird but Previous Cycles we saw retail lead Bitcoin and then when Bitcoin tops out Guess what happens the money flows into Alt and that's when we have true allcoin Season this time around retail isn't Leading Bitcoin so I feel like retail They're kind of stuck right now in a Weird spot so I think that's the reason Why memes have done so well because some Of the retail players came in and like I Don't know if I want to put money into Ethereum orc salana or cardano you know What I want to put my money into memes

And that's why I think this cycle we've Seen so so many memes blow up to over a Billion dollars and many of them Hundreds of millions and we haven't seen This kind of meme season ever before um In 2021 we saw maybe a little bit with Doge and she and maybe a little flaky But that was at the very end of the Cycle certainly not at the beginning and We're seeing that now already so early So I I think you know my take is I think Retail is leading a me resolution uh Revolution and and it could get to a Point where memes become so big then the Retail players sell out of the memes and Buy the other alts so I think this cycle Could be a little bit different in terms Of how retail leads I guess um so that's Kind of my take I like ship I just want To find the next shib I like GameStop Gme I want to find the next gme you're a Meme coin connoisseur at least you I you Know you keep about that you keep tabs On him I know you keep tabs on him what What do you think the next ship of this Cycle could Be uh you know what probably if I had to Pick one right now it would probably be Pepe um and it's weird because Pepe is On eth it's not on salana it's not on Bas the two most popular chains for Memes is salana and base and pepe is on On neither and the other thing is Pepe Is not on coinbase yet either so that's

The thing too um so Pepe is really Surprising me because they LED obviously They were one of the ones that hit a Billion dollar back in 2023 and in kind Of a bad environment too so that was Quite amazing but then they went through Some fud because some of the founders Left and supposedly took some Pepe with Them and there was some thought around You know their security multi-i keys and How that was changed and so forth and Then we had something new like Bonk and Then after that we had something new Like whiff and we had others come out Since then that have blown up book a Meme and and uh uh I don't know Brett And others um but Pepe somehow got the Momentum back and they are the third Largest meme so if I had to pick one That Mim Uh ship's movement in 2021 it probably Is Pepe now the other one that's very Hot as well is whiff so whiff I think Will be a Powerhouse this cycle too and And Bon too Bon is going to be a Powerhouse I mean these are like the new Giants the the the what do you call it The staple no like the blue chips of the New memes but there are so many other Smaller ones that are popping out out Every single day I'll give you an Example of something fun um there's one Called Costco hot dog you know I saw That when it was under a million I'm

Like who doesn't like a Costco hot dog Everyone that saw it just had a laugh Like a grin like you did and uh they Blew up to over a 100 million and now I Think they're around 50 million but Still no marketing at all just a fun Meme and people love it and that's the Power of meme coins Love that you know it's simple yet Effective yeah George couple more Questions then I'll let you go um the Stock market is doing great yet the Economy some would say for average People small businesses is not doing Good inflation is higher portions for Food are smaller eventually there will Be a crash are you in the camp that After this upcoming American Presidential election a crash will Happen that's a very tough one to answer Um I think based on based on History the answer should be yes but Here's the reason why it probably won't Happen because after covid our Government in the US has figured out That hey there's no consequence to just Print money and keep Printing and Printing and printing I don't know if You know this there's no there's no debt Cealing right now um until sometime in 2025 and I don't know if it's the Beginning or the end of 2025 because we Kept hitting our debt ceiling so fast Congress just said you know what let's

Just Remove let's just remove the ceiling for Now because we may need to PR more and I Think that's what's going to happen um a Lot of small businesses are struggling a Lot of just just people in general are Struggling they're not buying as much we See in the economic data inflation is High even though pal and and uh everyone Else is saying you know inflation is Under control and we're going down I Mean you could just see it like you go Out to eat at a restaurant it's not Cheaper than a year ago you know gas is Now starting to come up I filled up the Other days $120 I mean Services still expensive so I think what's going to end up happening As yes this year will be propped up Because of the presidential elections uh But afterwards if the economy starts Really struggling um the money printer Is going to start up and we may see more Stimulus come our way right I think That's what may happen George final Question AI obviously a hot Trend in Crypto upcoming things to look forward To that have nothing to do with crypto But altcoins pped when Sora news came Out earlier this year there's chat gbt Next iteration coming up uh Nvidia Earnings happening later this month very Soon soon um this is just for fun if I Gave you $1,000 you could only invest in

AI altcoins how would you allocate that With $1,000 right now I would probably Split it three Ways okay I would and these are three Projects I Think they're fairly safe yet uh very Ingrain into AI uh first one would be Fetch Ai and they're going through some Some big merger with Singularity and Ocean but I don't know the details a lot Of people don't know but regardless Fetch AI is deeply involved with the AI Space they are L1 using autonomous Agents but after this merge with single An ocean to become a Powerhouse but they Always tend to move with AI whenever we Hear good news about AI they go up so I Put 33% in Fetch AI I put 33% into Render um they are they have established Themselves they have moved to salana and They're all about sharing GPU processing Power to to generate and compute uh Models and data and whatever Computations that is required and they Have this loose relationship with Apple um does Apple hasn't come out and Said hey we're using render but there's A loose relationship there with a Software that the parent company created For Apple that also is a parent company Render so there's that relationship but Anyways they're definitely involved um So 33% of render and lastly 33% probably In L1 called near um they have been

Blowing up within the last I would say The last year because of their bigger Focus into Ai and they're doing Something called tasks which allows Basically groups data modeling um kind Of like data Marketplace for ai ai data And projects and so forth um you know They're kind of like a mini salana very Well-backed heavy funding and they're Growing by Leaps and Bounds right now so I do anticipate with Nvidia earnings That's coming up in in a few days I Think Nvidia is going to have a Spectacular quarter as always they are Unstoppable at this point and with that AI projects will Bloom and I think these Three will do very well George Appreciate you taking the time in links For all your stuff are down below I Encourage my audience they probably do But subscribe uh final thoughts for the Altcoin daily Army um stay strong you guys are in good Hands Aaron Austin good guys very Knowledgeable they know what they're Talking about and I think we're all in The same space to educate and to make People understand that web 3 and Bitcoin Are the future so continue continue Watching and stay strong


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