CryptosRUs – All Hell is Gonna Break Loose in Crypto | The NEXT Solana Revealed

We're going to see fomo unlike anything We have ever seen before today I Interview George of cryptos are us kind Of like when Bitcoin first hit a th000 People couldn't believe that as he gives His outlook for crypto in 2024 2024 I Think could end well above 100,000 his Best investing strategy for crypto so I Developed this new strategy that I think Works very well as well as best altcoins That George likes with the biggest Growth potential and I'm not saying I Don't like salana I like salana I just Want to find the next one and even a Secret altcoin one that's not Appropriate that I'm not going to name But I think most people know can you Guess what George is buying I I don't Know it's on Avalanche it's Called I'll have to look that up click The like button if you appreciate Collabs like this and let's start 2024 Narrative wise seems like it's going to Be big what's your crypto Outlook for 2024 people know me is the Biggest like Bitcoin bull out there Right I'm always bullish but man I'm so Bullish I Can't I can't State how bullish I am About 2024 I think there are so many Cist that will be driving Bitcoin an Entire crypto Market upwards we have spy ETFs right around the corner it looks Like it's a done deal 13 pending

Applications and then shortly after that We have the having event so I mean Backto back and then from a macro Perspective rate Cuts will come right After that we got a presidential Election I mean there's just so many Things to look forward to in 2024 so I'm Really bullish now if history Rhymes The Big Year is usually 12 months after the Bitcoin having which would lead into the Beginning of 2025 yet it seems for all Those reasons and more you know the Bullish front running per se is Happening now do you think we'll see a Selloff after the Bitcoin after the Black Rock ETF maybe a lull in the Market for the following year or is this The Year well I I think that's certainly Possible uh especially like short term Let's say after January 10th is the Deadline for uh the Spy ETF approvals Before the next one in March but let's Say we get it like you know we get it on January or January 9th right the market Runs up a little bit and then it could Dump down until the having event which Is in April so can that be possible sure But it's just it's it's hard to predict People have ask me this is this you know Buy the rumor sell the news type event It's so hard to predict how much money Will be flowing in so this is not like a Usual thing where Okay um you know say

Cardano or salana is going through a Upgrade right A lot of times we do see That like after the big upgrade it dumps But we're we're now onboarding a whole New a new Avenue for institutions and Whales and Retail investors alike to Dump in their money into the market That's different that's not just the Upgrade right so who's to say that we Will get something like that especially If billions upon billions start flowing Into the market because of the ETFs Right so it certainly can happen but in My opinion I I think it's unlikely if we Get a dip it happens all the time it's Shortlived and then we just you know Skyrocket Afterwards realistically speaking what Range how high could Bitcoin go this Cycle I would assume you think over 100k But does it go much Farther uh I think so I mean just think About this Bitcoin topped out 69,000 Let's just Round Up 70,000 after we hit 70,000 this time Around it's only 30,000 points away from 100,000 right that magical six figure Mark after we hit that I think the sky Is really the limit at that point it's Hard for anyone to ignore Bitcoin at That time we're going we're going to see Fomo unlike anything we have ever seen Before kind of like when Bitcoin first Hit a th000 people couldn't believe that

Then 10,000 people couldn't believe that This time around hitting 100,000 will be Let's go blow people's minds away so I Think we're going to go a lot higher I Think especially with the introduction Of ETFs we're going to get massive Liquidity coming in from sources that Never had exposure to bitcoin before Like retirement funds Pension funds These kind of funds they they wouldn't They just can't buy Bitcoin they they It's just really hard for them to hold Physical Bitcoin but now they could use Up that money you know and and buy Spot ETFs which will then in turn Force these Fund companies to buy Bitcoin so I mean I just think 2024 you know like what you Said it's Usually like you know when a when a Cycle happens after the having event you Got like that two year or one and a half Years of bullishness so 2024 I think could end well above 100,000 Like maybe even 125 but then it's going to get really Interesting in 2025 how high up do we go in 2025 that's Supposed to be the most bullish year Right and we could see something where You know uh where Bitcoin kind of slows Down because it's already above 100 as It approaches 150 200 I think it's going To slow down but that's where the alts Could be flying because we always see

Alts fly up at the tail end of a cycle This time around we could see them fly Up a little bit earlier maybe that's What we see in 2025 George what is your Profit taking strategy generally Speaking because somebody told you know Pontificated to me that they're not sure That we're not going to see the crypto Market like all hell break loose in the Crypto market after Bitcoin surpasses 100K of people like unsure selling alts There's you know that's a Psychological resistance that they take Some profit what is your profit taking Strategy oh taking Profits um hardest thing to do in crypto Honestly no one it's much easier to buy When things are going down than selling On the way up it it really is so I Developed this new strategy that I think Works very well and several people that I've told this To they they they thought about they're Like this is a really good way to do it So when it comes to investing first and Foremost take out your initial Investment right so make sure you take Out your your original investment then You're riding with house money basically Um but even with that could add up to Substantial amounts as this bull market You know continues forward so I've Developed this new strategy where Basically keep 25 anywhere from 25 up to

35% of portfolio in cash at all Times okay and with that that's how you Gauge if you need to take profits Because as your portfolio starts Skyrocketing of course that cash pile Percentage is going to start shrinking So it may may be at 25% right now and Then in a few months six months down a Road you're like oh it's only down to 10% right so that means you need to Replenish that cash pile start selling Off some of your winners get that back To 25% Right and as the market keeps going Upwards keep doing that keep taking Profits and making sure that cash B Stays the same percentage whatever you Think it's you're comfortable with it Could be less than 25% it could be 15 20% but it could go be as high as let's Say 35% right and you can adjust on the fly So in 2025 Bitcoin is above 200,000 Already you're like well I want to make Sure my cash p is 50% at that point Because I just don't know when it's Going to come down that's fine right but Set a percentage for yourself that way You kind of force yourself like okay I I'm a little too heavy into crypto into My Holdings let me sell some off and put Into cash right in case the market Downturns in case there's a dip whatever It may be right so that's my new

Strategy and it's been working pretty Well one of the big Winners altcoin wise In 2023 was Solana why did Solana do so Well get so popular in your opinion when Everybody said it was Dead well there's two reasons number one It sold off way more than everyone else So part of the gain if you look at it It's like up 900 something percent for The year it's because it's sold off way More than some of the others um and That's because the FTX and SBF and the Whole fun around it uh many you know Many speculated that FTX after they went Down they were just going to dump all Their salana because they hold enormous Amount of salana um but now people are Realizing that's not the case most of The salana they hold are locked in for Years upon years upon years they can't Touch it and even the excess ones that They could have sold surprising enough They restak it they did not sell it off Right I think after that move that's When people came to realization okay uh Salata is pretty low it hit as low as $8 it's not going to be any lower it was Already down like 99 something percent So why don't I start picking it up Because fundamentally Salana dubbed the eth Killer is still Potentially eth killer it's still very Fast very robust and one of the biggest Complaints about salana Network outages

Seems to have solved been solved we Haven't heard of one network outage in 2023 in 2021 22 we heard at least a Dozen times where something went wrong They had to reset the network we haven't Heard that either so it made people more Comfortable so I think fundamentally Salana is still strong it's Still you know it's still has a robust Nft Marketplace robust defi ecosystem Now their memes are blowing up right People are just they they they want to Get in what's I guess the fastest moving Course right and salana is definitely One of the fastest moving in 2023 I could see a big narrative in 2024 Being what's the Solana killer just like The narrative in 2020 2021 was what's The next ethereum Killer and I'm not saying I don't like Salana I like salana I just want to find The next one what is the next salana oh That's that's very tough that's very Tough um there are a few that I like but I don't know they're already really big So I don't know if they can be the next Salana killer um another project I Really like is Avalanche Avalanche is Going hard into games um they have some Some spectacular games triple A games Like shrapnel that's already on boarded But they're trying to on board so many Others and I think they're going go very Far but they're you know they're above

10 billion already they're probably not Going to be the next salonic killer even If they are it's not very exciting Because they're not that far off but I Think something else we're seeing Are a lot of the L2s okay we've seen arbitrum and Optimism shoot up to new highs right new Heights but not previous Highs but They're getting up there but we're also Seeing a lot of the other l2s starting To pick up steam as well there's a lot That that seem to be like just Skyrocketing right now uh Midas is is One of them you know something that I Just came across recently people ask me About that they're blowing up um there's Others like mantle that's blowing up Scales another L2 that's blowing up so I Think in 2024 you're going to see a lot Of these L2s you know steal a lot away from E Even though they're all l2s and they're All helping D makers still stay with evm But you know quite honestly they are Stealing a lot of momentum and volume Away from ethereum and a lot of the Cosmos stuff like the cosmos l1s they're Blowing up too like let's not forget Injective injective I think is the Biggest winner of 2023 in NS of l1s they Outperform salana by 3x or 4X they're Killing it they could be the next you Know salana killer you have something

New like Celestia that also killed it in 2023 um there's a lot of l1s out of Cosmos that's doing very well so any Number of these honestly could be the Next salana or the salana killer for me I I just diversify I try not to bet on One winner I just try to bet on all the Winners in a way black rock is mass Adoption it's like they're the biggest Asset manager in the world after they Get in and everybody else around them Gets in who's left leading some people To believe this could be a super cycle How much cred ility do you give into That um yeah I think it could it could Turn out to be that way here's the thing Like if you think about It prior to this what we're going Through right now let's look at previous Cycles um the 2021 top 2017 top right And any and the 2013 top the three Previous Cycles before 100% driven by Retail investors so and Retail investors Kind of like follow the same Trend at Least a lot of them did and realize well After a having event you know that's When it gets bullish so let's start Buying after after a having event and Also the you know two years after or a Year and a half afterwards that's Usually a top so let's start selling Right so almost becomes a Self-fulfilling prophecy if you think About it there's really no reason why

Bitcoin needs to fall after a top it's Just that I think a lot of people Anticipate it's going going to fall down People start selling and then others Follow it's kind of that herd mentality Right but now with the big institutions You know they don't they don't want to Play the short game they're not trying To time the top or bottom right so if They get involved and they start buying Billions upon billions of Bitcoin or Bitcoin spot ETFs you know at the end of 2025 are go be like retail investors and Say well okay it's it's December 2025 I Better sell everything I have are they Really going to be like that I don't Think so so it makes sense that a lot of These big boys once they come in they're In it for 10 years 20 years 50 years so They buy in they're just going to keep On accumulating I don't think they're Going to set a clock to it like oh I Have to sell everything by December 2025 And if that's the case a vast majority Of Bitcoin is being held by long-term Holders the miners who are definitely Not selling and the institutions then we Very well may have super Cycles from Here on out and we could have small dips But we're not gonna have a 80% dip Anymore you know that could be reality George as I'm going to let you go Because I know it's new year new you You're a family man so a couple more

Questions but obligatory question Besides altcoins in the top 10 what are Two or three on your radar that you Think damn that's interesting to Me oh I I I'm uh I'm afraid to name them Because because they're memes that's why I don't want your audience to like go oh Okay let's go full into these memes but Recently because the market has been Doing well right I've been a little bit More deeny okay if that's a word um Looking at a lot of the mem because I Think memes are fun right when the Market is hot people love to fomo to Memes and a lot of these are really Creative right and some actually serve a Greater purpose they actually bring a Lot of activity to chains that normally Don't have a lot of activity right so I Mean there's there's several of them I'll just name one like snck on cardano I'm a big fan of that project because Exactly what I said cardano is seen as Like a like a pretty boring or serious Let's just say a serious project right Let by a serious leader Charles and all About decentralization and and making Sure that everything's 100% Decentralized you know It's it could get a little boring and Snck you know led by hardcore cardano People they're docked already and I know They have other projects within cardano They're like hardcore cardano guys I

Know they're they didn't just create Snack as a a way to get rich quick of Course that's a side effect but they Created it because they really believe In the ecosystem and they want to bring Some excitement more volume and that's Exactly what they have done right and You know that's why I'm a fan of the Project um and I think they could do Well so I'll just say them but they are There are so many other memes one that's Not appropriate and I'm not going to Name but I think most people know uh Which one it is but there there's a lot Of others and I I don't know is it Bonk Is that what you're saying no tell Dude The audience understands that they're Garbage you're throwing away your money But that's the fun let let me Know the logo is a picture of a Chicken okay you know what I'm saying I Don't honestly I'll bleep it out George I'll bleep it out the audience can find Okay it's on Avalanche it's Called I'll have to look that up that's Funny yeah it's doing quite well it's Actually doing quite well Nice interesting Dam this is why I'm Glad to have you on to get this you know To True dgen Alpha yeah I mean there There's so many and I know it's hard to Pick and really sometimes you just don't Know sometimes you get lucky but anyways With memes it's not something that you

Just go all in on you put all your money Because a lot of people think they need To do that in order to become Millionaires overnight right that's the Wrong play with me teams you know They're very speculative very dangerous So just if you go play in play in them You know do very small amount that's What I'm doing uh majority of my Portfolio of course is in Bitcoin and a Lot of these l1s and L2s George best advice for crypto Investors in 2024 don't rush it don't rush it you Know in a bull Market selling is very tough we talked Talked about that taking profits right Um and Also people feel Like full almost a real thing so I think A lot of people and sometimes I have a Hard time with this they'll look at Their own bags and say well this bag is Not moving but this bag is right and Then a lot of people try to switch too Often so they may be selling off I don't Know a mutable for injective or they may Be selling off xrp for ethereum or Something like that right and they may Do it often but in a lot of cases when When you when you're when it's all said And done and you look at all the trades And everything you have done you would Have been better off had you just held

In DCA right so in a bull Market especially a bull market in 2024 I think you're going to see a lot of Winners and also I think you're going to See a lot of rotations that the winners May slow down and then there'll be new Winners that's leading away for several Weeks or months but I think there will Be people that will always try to chase And that's the wrong way to do it so Just don't rush things stay true to the Strategy that has worked throughout Crypto winter and that is stick with the Winners DC into them on a schedule right And if you want to add new things in Your portfolio do so slowly do so don't Try to shift all you know one bag for Another bag and another bag and another Bag you're going to end up costing Yourself George I subscribe to you Because you put out such great Information daily link for your channel Is down below in the video description I Encourage my audience to subscribe There's a I do want to ask there's a Influencer crypto influencer fight in 2024 I attended the pre-party in Vegas a Couple weeks ago it was fun A lot of fun Um tell us about that the fight it's the Big thing it's going to be Huge um it's going to set it's going to Take place in in February so there are Seven matches right now 14 influencers Some of the biggest guys out there so we

Had a IFC kickoff party in Vegas I'm Glad to see you and your brother there And and all the IFC influencers were There but it's going to happen in February these guys are Serious like of course none of them are Are pro Fighters but a lot of them had Uh martial arts experience or boxing Experience you know uh they grew up with It and they want to prove themselves That they could do it and some are Representing their their projects too so I think it's a whole lot of fun the Location you know it could switch it's Supposed to be in Dr but it could switch To Mexico City one of the two so still Try to get clarification on that but for Anyone that wants to learn more make Sure you follow the influencer Fight Club X page and also a lot of videos on Crypto Russ plus that you can check out Is that going to be streamed live on Cryptos RS Plus or how can the audience Watch yes that will be when the fight Happens yes we'll definitely live Streaming but also this is in Conjunction with crowy combat so they Have their own streaming and they have Television rights so it's going to be Absolutely big it's going to happen During KC 44 and by the way for the Folks at home you guys don't want to Know the bag that George and crate Combat offered me and my brother Aaron

To fight man we turned it down uh got to Keep the Brotherhood together but uh George thanks man uh appreciate you hey No problem thanks for having me once Again


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