Cryptos That Could Go 100x!! This DePIN Report Reveals It All!

Decentralized physical infrastructure AKA deepin has been one of the biggest Crypto narratives of late this has left Everyone wondering exactly how much Potential this Niche has and which Projects in it they need to pay Attention to well a recent report has The answer that's why today we're going To summarize that report and tell you What its findings could mean for the Crypto Market spoiler spoil alert some Of the cryptos in this Niche will 100x So be sure to watch until the End the report we'll be summarizing Today is titled quote state of deepin 2023 it was published by crypto research Firm misari earlier this month and we'll Leave a link to the full report in the Description I'll also note that we've Already covered some of the projects it Mentions for our coin Bureau club Members we'll come back to that later But if you can't wait the link is in the Description now the report begins with a Brief explanation of what deepin is as I Mentioned in the introduction deepin Stands for decentralized physical Infrastructure as the term suggests it Describes a category of projects that Use crypto related incentives to build Out physical infrastructure of all kinds These include decentralized Wi-Fi Decentralized Computing clouds Decentralized cloud storage

Decentralized mobile networks and much More and besides crypto related Incentives what almost all deepin Projects have in common is that anyone Can contribute if they have the right Hardware as the authors note in the Report this can make some deepin Solutions more efficient resilient and Performant than their centralized Equivalents as a cherry on top deepin Projects have the potential to innovate And evolve much faster than their Centralized equivalents due to community Involvement this is why the authors Argue that deepin projects have an Inherent flywheel that is a positive Feedback loop the larger and more Powerful a deepin project becomes the More it gets adopted by both users and The providers of the services it offers This makes the deepin project even more Powerful and so on the authors note that Deepin will add $1 trillion to Global GDP over the next 10 years which sounds Incredibly ambitious it's also not Entirely clear how they came up with That calculation in any case the authors Then go on to provide a list of Industries that deepin is already Disrupting these include crypto projects Related to digital Maps energy grids Home internet food delivery ride sharing And apparently even pets and livestock Of course these projects are in very

Early stages now from the author's Perspective crypto projects in the Deepin niche can be broken down into six Categories these are compute wireless Energy AI services and sensors the Authors count over 650 cryptos across These six categories with a collective Market cap of more than 20 Billion not bad not bad naturally these Deepin projects have attracted quite a Bit of capital from VCS to put things Into perspective the top 10 deepin Projects alone have raised $1 billion so Far I say so far because many of these Deepin projects have raised money even After their icos and their main net Launches for context it's quite rare for A crypto project to raise a significant Amount of money post Ico when it does It's typically a sign that investors Have a very high confidence in the Project's potential given the potential Of the deep in niche in general it's no Surprise that it's seen lots of post Ico Funding and in case you're wondering the 10 deepin crypto projects that have Raised the most money so far are Filecoin with a $250 million raise Helium with 250 million render network With 100 million fetch AI with 75 Million live Pier with 50 million really With 35 million HIV mappa with 25 Million Andrea with 25 million Brain Trust with 25 million and Doo with 20

Million phew and by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far folks be sure To smash that like button to give it a Boost are you ready for deals Are you ready for trading fee Discounts are you ready to save some Money if the answer is yes then you're Ready for the coin Bureau deals Page yes coin Bureau brings you the very Best deals and promotions in all of Crypto you won't find offers like these Anywhere Else discounts on the best hardware Wallets trading fee discounts of up to 60% coin bureau's brand new altcoin Focus Subscription Service the coin buo Deals page is even better for you than This piece of succulent protein Rich Nutritious grilled Chicken head on over to coin Deals or click the link in the Description below don't delay check out The coin Bureau deals page today these Deals are so hot I need to cool Down Yeah now here is where things get Interesting so pay close attention Although there are almost a thousand Crypto projects in the deepin niche Almost all of them appear to be Launching on a handful of cryptocurrency Blockchains these include both layer Ones and layer 2os as you might have Guessed salana appears to be the most

Popular layer one for deepin projects The authors note that this is due to a Combination of its highe speed low fees And apparently its rust programming Language this is a bit surprising given That building on salana is apparently Very difficult more about that in the Description I digress now in terms of of Layer 2os the authors highlight Caldera And Eclipse as two popular picks for Deepin projects they note that this is Because these layer twos allow for Customization and allow deepin projects To combine The Best of Both Worlds Ethereum security with sana's execution In the case of eclipse obviously there Are a few Deep In Focus layer ones too And the authors showcase two iotex and Peak the latter of which has yet to Launch but is already generating a lot Of Buzz as for iotex meanwhile some of You might recall that the US military Was testing its blockchain for health Monitoring back in November 2021 crazy Stuff now if you don't understand why This is so significant take a second to Consider that it's ultimately these Layer ones and layer twos that will Benefit from deepin adoption so if you Can't or don't want to go down the Rabbit hole on every deep in Project Then you can just try and pick the Biggest deepin chains not Financial Advice of course and you're in no

Position to give Financial advice that Said the potential of these deepin Chains as well as deepin projects Fundamentally depends on the demand side Of the equation and this is what the Authors unpack in the second part of the Report they start by underscoring that Deepin revenues are driven by utility Not by speculation like most cryptos That's certainly Up For Debate at this Point in time but well let's not go There anyways the authors note that Deepin projects often require you to buy And lock or burn their Associated tokens In exchange for the decentralized Product or service they're offering I'll Quickly note that this gives them a Similar profile to crypto coins which Are used to pay for fees and for staking Etc now the authors estimate that deep In projects generate over $15 million in Annual onchain revenue a figure that States steady during the bare market now This isn't much when you recall that There are hundreds of deep in projects So this then naturally begs the question Of which deep end projects are the most Profitable what's strange is that the Authors don't seem to provide a clear Answer here for what it's worth though Live Pier happens to have a dashboard Called the web 3 index which tracks the Revenue of some of the largest deepin Projects it looks like decentralized

Storage and Compu cute are bringing in The most though speaking of which the Authors remind the reader that many of The largest deepin projects have started To become platforms that offer a wider Array of decentralized products and Services here they put filecoin helium Render Network and Bens saw in the Spotlight as five examples of such Platforms the authors then break down The three components of the compute Category they detailed earlier these Compon components are storage compute And retrieval the authors note that some Deepin projects in the compute category Including filecoin and a cash Network Provide a quote full stack experience Regarding storage the authors point out That decentralized data storage could be One deepin use case that achieves Mass Adoption so far though most Decentralized data storage use has come From other crypto projects and protocols The Silver Lining is that it means more Decentralization in crypto overall note That you can learn about what Decentralization really means using the Link in the description moving on now Regarding compute the authors point out That this component has the opposite Problem of storage whereas there's lots Of decentralized data storage and not Enough demand there's not enough supply Of decentralized computing power and no

Shortage of demand comparatively Speaking regarding retrieval the authors Point out that this is the most Difficult part to decentralize while Remaining competitive this is because a Centralized retrieval protocol called Cloud flare already Powers 20% of all Regular websites apparently at zero cost It's going to be hard to monetize Alternatives this ties into the next Deepin category the authors detailed Earlier which you'll recall is Wireless Not surprisingly the total addressable Market for decentralized wireless Services has been growing exponentially This is simply because the world is Becoming more interconnected by the day Funnily enough the wireless category of Dpin seems to have its own name Dy which Presumably stands for decentralized Wireless the authors likewise break this Category down into three components Mobile fixed internet and Wi-Fi with Helium being front and center given its Rapid rapid growth and adoption for Reference helium recently partnered with T-Mobile to launch lowcost Mobile plans Across the United States anywh who the Next category the authors analyze is Actually one that was not on their Original list but rather one that is Apparently attracting lots of attention And that's data sales the authors Begin By stating the obvious in an

Increasingly digitized World data is Everything this is why bullish on deepin Projects like Hive mapper which Incentivizes people to well map their Surrounding environment like a Decentralized version of Google Maps the Authors also note a few more Niche Deepin projects in this category Including one that tracks noise Pollution in a decentralized way this Relates to another category the authors Detailed earlier and that's Services They note that there are two types of Services from their perspective Horizontal services such as Decentralized marketplaces for Freelancing work and vertical services Such as decentralized ride sharing Protocols they then pivot to talking About another emergent deepin category And that's quote vertical ads oddly Enough though they don't have much to Say about it and it's also odd that they Don't mention the brave browser in there It's a similar story for energy deepin Projects which are likewise very nent so This brings us back to the supply side Of the equation which is the focus of The third part of the report the authors Start with a spicy statistic there are Over 600,000 deepin nodes and Counting as you Can see nodes for Wi-Fi map lead the Pack with over 200,000 coming from just

This deepin project the authors note That the number of deepin nodes has been Growing fast and that's because deepin Projects are slowly but surely solving The scale of ability issues associated With expanding physical infrastructure The result is that deep in products and Services are becoming cheaper and better By now you'll know that the buildout of This physical infrastructure is being Incentivized with crypto specifically Tokens given to those providing said Infrastructure logically the tokenomics Of these tokens are also part of the Supply side equation and the authors Note that there are three strategy at Play these are Supply based tokenomics To incentivize growth demand-based Tokenomics to incentivize efficiency and A combination of both the pros and cons Of each of these three approaches are Noted here the authors also note that Certain approaches have worked better For certain deepin projects for instance They note that deepin projects which Require lots of Hardware benefit the Most from Supply based tokenomics as it Essentially inv involves showering Contributors with tokens conversely deep In projects that are mostly software Based can grow by offering points that May someday turn into tokens sweatcoin Comes to mind here anywh who when it Comes to how to Value all these

Different deepin projects the authors Provide some peculiar advice pay close Attention to both the market cap and the Fully diluted valuation they explain That this is because deepin projects Have lots of VC investors who can Suppress their price action put Differently the demand for certain deep In products and services could be offset By the supply coming from early Investors in the projects the authors Seem to imply that this is an issue that Lower quality deepin projects will face And claim that most early investors will Sell when they five to 10x up on their Bags this just goes to show you how Important it is to do your research when It comes to crypto particularly cryptos In relatively new niches like deepin as I mentioned earlier not everyone has the Time or the will to go down all these Different rabbit holes to see which Contain gold and which contain well not Gold you'll remember though that one way You can hedge your bets is to bet on the Actual blockchains that will host all of These deep in projects the problem with That approach is that the returns aren't Likely to be nearly as large compared to If you had identified the actual deepin Projects with 100x potential early on This though is where the coin Bureau Club comes in it contains weekly In-depth reviews of altcoins that were

Selected and voted on by our members it Also includes a detailed breakdown of The promising coins and tokens that Members of the coin Bureau team hold as Well as the ones we're considering Accumulating and best of all we have an Exclusive members Discord Channel where We discuss narratives and niches such as Deepin as well as the promising crypto Projects in them so if this sounds Interesting to you then consider Becoming a member by using the link in The description we'll see you in the Club now this brings us to the most Exciting part of masari's deepin report And that's the key themes for deepin in 2024 according to the authors the First Theme you need to watch out for is the Intersection between deeping and AI they Predict that deepin AI will be bigger And better than centralized AI in 1 to 2 Years the second theme you need to watch Out for is the intersection between Deepin and meme coins the authors admit That this sounds silly but they point to The salana phone Bonk airdrop as proof That the two can be paired and how it Foreshadows physical infrastructure Being incentivized with meme coins I Guess our recent video about memecoins Becoming a serious crypto Niche was Right after all more about that in the Description now the third theme you need To watch out for is the intersection

Between deepin and zero knowledge Technology that's because with highly Scalable zero knowledge technology Deepin will be able to conduct a So-called vampire attack on web 2 Basically steal its users content and Activity now the fourth theme you need To watch out for is similar to the third And that that's the intersection between Deep in and gaming this theme can be Summarized as basically gamey on Steroids as it combines the crypto Aspects of gaming with the real world Infrastructure of gaming think VR Headsets and such the fifth theme you Need to watch out for is the Intersection between deepin and privacy It goes without saying that most of this Centers around decentralized virtual Private networks or vpns I'll quickly Note that we covered one promising Decentralized VPN for our coin Bureau Club members not long ago now the final Theme the authors say you need to watch Out for is a bit bizarre and that's the Intersection between deepin and Asia as In the continent the authors predict That quote multiple top 10 deepin Projects will come from Asia most of Which have apparently yet to launch Interesting Indeed and now my friends for the big Question what do the findings of this Deepin report mean for the crypto Market

Well the answer is more important than You think in short it's evidence to the Idea that the crypto narratives and Niches which perform the best during This bull market will be nonfinancial in Nature this is something we argued in Our recent video about crypto narratives And it's something that's actually been Mentioned by some deepin projects we've Covered for our coin Bureau club members It seems that many crypto projects are Aware that Financial use cases will be Met with extra scrutiny deepin on the Other hand has a much lower risk of Rubbing a regulator up the wrong way and The proof is in the pudding the fact That many deepin projects are listing on App stores around the world and the fact That some of them have partnered with Well-known companies and Brands is proof That it's a safer Niche to be clear Though I mean safe from a regulatory Perspective from an investment Perspective the deep in Niche is likely To be extremely volatile due to its Incredible potential and the early Stages that most of these deepin Projects are in there will be many 100x Tokens but just as many will go to zero Or worse in the longer term though it's Clear that deepin is here to stay and This is going to have a profound effect On crypto adoption you see up until now Crypto's primary demand drivers were

Pure speculation with the emergence of Deepin and other non-financial niches we Could finally see some actual adoption The consequence of this will be that the Average person will feel more Comfortable using and investing in Crypto and that will eventually lead to Even more adoption and investment some Would say that the end game of crypto is To decentralize everything if that is Indeed the destination then we are on The right path all we're wondering Though is how the centralized Equivalence of these products and Services will respond we suspect that it Will be the same response we've seen to Defi and other niches that have tried to Disrupt the existing Financial system Unprecedented regulatory push back Mainstream media fud etc etc the Difference in this case is that it will Be much more difficult to crack down on Deepin if you think about it most deepin Networks are already more decentralized Than most Cryptocurrencies this will make them Extremely resilient to attacks from Centralized entities and prove that Crypto is here to Stay and that is all for today's video So if you found it informative smash That like button to let us know if you Want to stay informed subscribe to the Channel and and ping that notification

Bell if you want to help inform others Then take a second to share this video With them it is the future after All and in all seriousness if you're Planning on trading deep in cryptos or Perhaps already are then you need to Check out the coin Bureau deals page It's got trading fee discounts of up to 60% and signup bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges the Link is down in the description thank You all so much for watching and I'll See you in the next one this is Guy Signing Off


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