Crypto’s Next $16 Trillion Opportunity – How TokenFi is About to DISRUPT Everything

We Believe The Next Step going forward Will be the tokenization of financial Assets tokenizing real world assets may Just be the next trillion opportunity in Crypto while onchain analytics show that Around $3 billion in assets are already Tokenized today that number is expected To grow to $16 trillion by 2030 Black Rock CEO Larry fin has been very vocal About staying ahead of this and we Believe it's so important to be Anticipating the next move a Tokenization even JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Diamond who hates Bitcoin believes Tokenization is the future that may have Value the idea of tokenizing things Tokenizing things that that you do Something so in today's video we have Partnered up with tokeny aiming to be The solution to all this because the Standard tokenization process can be Painfully slow and extremely expensive For the average user tokeny gives users All they need to create a token or Tokenize real world assets in a simple All-in-one platform without writing a Line of code so much like what WordPress Did for websites a no code solution Token fi is aiming to do for Tokenization they have been fully Audited by certic which I like we'll go Through the white paper so you can see The features how customizable the Platform is but I did want to show you

This I loved this little 30second [Music] Teaser [Music] [Music] So this is live it has launched token fi Token launcher is live on mainnet of the Five top evm blockchains it's live on Ethereum BNB chain Bas arbitrum and opnb And just to do a walk through and kind Of demonstrate how easy this is we start On the main page we go up to Solutions Go down to token launcher launch the app And this is where it begins create your Own token starting with the token type Choose the type of token you're creating Either an ERC 20 an ERC 721 or an ERC 1155 this would be your most standard Token a fungible token this is the Majority of coins in the market also you Can launch an nft also known as erc721 Or a multi- token project the ERC 1155 Standard allows you to create multiple Token types both fungible and Non-fungible in one contract now me I'm A classic guy I'll choose the Classic Erc20 this is where you'd upload your Logo choose the name choose the ticker Symbol your initial Supply your max Supply you would click through through This and create what you want and they Not only offer a service for tokens but Also tokenizing rwas also generative AI This is where you can use artificial

Intelligence to help you create Highquality nft artwork also a Launchpad Feature to help you launch it a quick Launch bot this would be like a telegram Or Discord bot and an AI smart contract Auditor to give you the basic Securities In this process and this does come from A team that has had success in crypto Before token fi is a flaky project that Is controlled by the flaky da it is led By the flaky Court team whose expertise Propelled the flaky token into a global Phenom and one of the world's most Popular cryptocurrencies with an Impressive over 460,000 hodlers of Course all this is public verifiable we Can check we see on the B&B chain they Have over 390 hodlers this is flaky and Of course each Over 73,000 holders so it checks out Flaky was wildly successful with their Community building and along with brand Building their brand recognized by over 3 billion people globally and at All-time high the valuation was 3.5 Billion this same team sees the Opportunity again and I just L this Video reintroducing the team and Highlighting the successes that FY had And now Tokeny [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] So same core team but think of this like A sister project flaky pounces on the Trillion dollar rwa narrative with a new Tokeny platform and Flaky developers Have launched a tokenized platform Dedicated to the rising real world asset Segment in an effort to position the Former mcoin project as a serious defi Contender called tokeny with the token Token so the ticker is a is token as the Native digital asset the platform lets Users launch any cryptocurrency without Writing code users can then raise funds From the flaky Community connect with Exchanges and market makers for Liquidity that's big and Float tokens Tied to real world assets that are not Deemed Securities another thing in their White paper of note is their user Incentive system token fi will leverage A combination of a referral system and a User incentive system to boost adoption Of the platform so this may be something You can take advantage of because 5% of The total token fi token supply has been Allocated to a user incentive system to Accelerate platform adoption and how Much money well at the time of writing There's currently worth about 12.5 Million worth of tokens and users of the Platform will earn this over a period of 4 years and how do you earn you

Participate I'll link this down below if You want to check this out for yourself But this is designed to accelerate the Adoption of the token 5 platform as they Strive for industry dominance there's Also a referral program program where You can earn by referring people to the Platform and for every user you refer Who completes a transaction on the Platform you will earn 25% of the Transaction fee as a commission and There's no limit to the number of users You can refer and how much you can earn So that's 25% of the transaction fee Generated from all activity of that user Like I said they've been audited token Fi has advanced to the 237th position out of more than 11,00 ,500 projects highlighted on the certic Security leaderboard this jump in score Comes after token fi Incorporated certic Feedback in their white paper they also List their Partners like yellow Capital Dex tools coin gecko Etc and of course Their marketing is the other pillar They're really proud of here's their Advisor and Creative Marketing Director Of both flaky and tokeny with a special Message to the altcoin Daily Community Hello Mr altcoin daily thank you for Having us I'm saber the marketing Director and advisor to Floy and token Fire so first saber speaks on how the Flaky team originally came together so

How did we come together we came Together as a team after being Rock Pulled twice and by divine Intervention we formed a team you see Today that put together our business Acumen our creativity our contact and we Helped steer flaky to an a of 3.5 Billion so there were developers who Rugged the project early on the team Kept going and they're so so proud of Their community and sound bites aside Because I know you've heard this time And time again however I say with no Hesitation the strongest community in The industry with the strongest backbone Quite literally because of what we have Been through where where we went to and What we had to contend with and then of Course saber speaks on token fi we Recently launched our sister token token Fire which is aiming to take a chunk of A tokenization industry that Mr Larry Think of Black Rock believes will be a $16 trillion industry by the time you Actually listen to this we would have Launched our token token launcher which Is launching on February the 13th the token F launcher Is going to make it quite literally as Easy as eating pie to launch your own Cryptocurrency so you basically have More time to try and be the next falic If you so wish and then saber finishes By speaking about this trailer which

Just dropped I'll share this with you at The end now further to this we Have Valala our metaverse play to earn Game Changer and we will be launching the Chinese testnet version on February the 15th and you'll be showing exclusively The Valhalla trailer trailer number one So here is a glimpse of the trailer it's Just 60 seconds so stick Around H Valhalla tame the Untamed give me your Thoughts on this but in general saber Has one final message on the marketing For those who know about flaky and our Marketing machine we arguably have the Best marketing bang for buck in any Industry scen when we sent flaky to 3.5 Billion we call such a stir at the Time that the MPS were talking about us In the House of Commons some research Will tell you what you need to know all Right not sure about that last comment I Guess I'll have to do more research but That is the video my name's Austin like Always see you tomorrow


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