Cryptocurrency is about to EXPLODE! (99% don’t see this)

Bitcoin holders are very very happy Today I don't think most people know What we know what I'm about to explain To you in this video Bitcoin posts its First positive September since 2016 this Is the strongest September Bitcoin has Had for 8 years in the past a green September resulted in a green October Green November and green December you Can see that here it is very likely Bitcoin SE a green fourth quarter not Just October but fourth quarter my Question to you is and I'd like to hear Your opinion in the comments section Below is October written in the history Books many reasons to be mid to Long-term bullish from here October Historically a great month for crypto ETFs delays will turn into approvals Spot bids recent pumps have been driven By spot buys rather rather than Leveraged buys this is excellent plus 99% of major fud has already been Released in my opinion with bitcoin's Having narrative really heating up in The mainstream plus black rocks spot Bitcoin ETF specifically and with the Sellers over the past few years just Generally exhausted I think we're going To range over the next 6 months maybe a Little chop solidation but if you Survive the next 200 days about 6 months Of orange you thrive in the next 518 day Plus of greens after the having so if

You believe in Bitcoin and crypto like I Do you are here this is what we have Coming just like we've seen cycle after Cycle Anything Can Happen of course and That's why fortune favors the Bold when It comes to investing I'm making a bet On the future based on my specific Thesis for Bitcoin and crypto you're Different you have your own investment Thesis presumably but many of us are Believers in Bitcoin and crypto as an Asset class I'm so bullish right now why Should anyone care if Bitcoin is trading At 20,000 25,000 30,000 in the next few Weeks if we're confident it'll be Trading at 100 plus in the next few Years this is the bottom the small price Movements that happen over the next few Months are just noise stick with it aan Might be a bit of pain and boredom left But we're almost there we have different Lawmakers in the US who are now sending Letters to Gary Gensler in the SEC Urging them to allow a spot Bitcoin ETF Immediately and overall create positive Regulations in the US it's coming Ultimately you have to do your own Research make your own decisions I Personally believe that something like This is going to happen not 6 months From now when we won't really be sure But after 6 months from now this is what I'm looking forward to come on guys when A US senator is worried about the

Rampant money printing it's probably Time to think about getting some Bitcoin And when it comes to retirement planning There's no better asset than Bitcoin to Say Bitcoin for their retirement for Their future uh and that's because as The Congress spends trillions and Trillions of dollars uh and is flooding Our economy and the world economy with US Dollars there's no way that we cannot Debase the value of the US dollars are You more bullish on bitcoin or ethereum Let's talk about ethereum in yesterday's Video we alerted you to the huge news Coming for ethereum rest of this year Going into 2024 part of that news being Vanac Valkyrie a multitude of different Financial institutions preparing to Launch a ethereum Futures ETF for the First time in fact update up to nine Different ethereum Futures ETFs could be Approved October 2nd with news like this Expect volatility again for more context On the ethereum Futures ETFs and what's Coming up for ethereum going into 2024 Make sure you subscribe make sure you Watch yesterday's video update for you From yesterday's video new information Since yesterday's video vanac and this Was mindblowing to me vanac to donate 10% of profits from their ethereum ETF To ethereum core developers this is what They said big announcement we intend to Donate 10% of our ethereum ETF profits

To protocol Guild for at least 10 years Thank you ethereum contributors for Nearly a decade of Relentless building And on ongoing stewardship of this Common infrastructure amazing because Vanek is so trafi they're so traditional Finance so for them to do this I think Is a huge deal I like to see it they Even released this 15-second promotional Video with the caption The Ether is Within you follow for updates on how to Enter The Ether just close your eyes to enter The Ether The Ether is within you prepare to Harness the potential of a eum now Finally in an ETF form coming Soon how can you not be bullish seeing a Chart like this and seeing a chart like This ethereum reserves on exchanges are At their lowest level in years meanwhile 28 million ethereum is locked in staking Contracts with a 2-year exit queue with Spot e ETFs on the horizon the market May be unprepared for what's coming this Is the percentage of ethereum staked Since January of 2021 since the merge And now today the amount of staked Ethereum has grown to 22% of total Supply my question to you is do you Think a Black Rock Spot ETF for ethereum Is coming anybody's guess anybody's Guess I don't see why they wouldn't Bitcoin's coming for sure I don't Necessarily think the ethereum one would

Happen right after but I would think Actually for sure it would be coming a Year or so after just my opinion again Expect volatility in the short term Before the run any significant dip for Me personally I'm a buyer how can you Not be a buyer or a Staker when you Understand metrics like this ethereum Hits 10 billion in Revenue faster than Facebook and Microsoft ethereum the Leading smart contract platform has Reached over 10 billion cumulative Revenue since its launch in 2015 this Growth rate outpaced many of the largest Software companies in history according To a new report by Crypt brokerage firm Caleb and brown this is that chart this Is ethereum right here faster than Facebook faster than Zoom faster than Shopify Microsoft Adobe it took ethereum Around 7.5 years to reach 10 billion in Annual revenue faster than meta which Reached that milestone in a little over 7.5 years faster than Microsoft which Took them 19 years ethereum reached the 10 billion Revenue Milestone through Fees collected on transactions and other Activities on its Network this includes Payments for using decentralized finance Apps minting and trading nfts sending Cryptocurrency payments and more the Future is bright subscribe to our Channel we update you on everything you Need to know in the crypto markets on a

Daily basis no other channel does it Like we do it no other mainstream Channel for sure my name is Aaron see You tomorrow hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is An epic Bitcoin conference use code Altcoin daily 10% off tickets get this Ticket or get this ticket ticket prices Increase as we get closer to the event So many awesome speakers are being added Every single day use code altcoin daily For10 % off hope to see you there


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