Cryptocurrency Crash Caused by THIS…

The Bitcoin price is crashing in the Span of 2 days we are down from 71 to as low as 64 almost a 10% dip These are prices not seen since 10 days Ago and then another 10 days before that This is the reason that some sellers are Selling the US government just initiated A test transaction to send 30,000 Bitcoin to coinbase the silkroad bit Coin that They confiscated is on the Move so 30,000 Bitcoin today is worth Almost $2 billion and the US government Owns this at least confiscated this from Way back in the day they sent $69 so far In what appears to be a test transaction To coinbase big leap to suggest that They're now going to send the remaining Billions of dollars what makes you sure And the answer first off is nobody is 100% sure although we do see the test Transaction action and this type of test Transaction has preceded most SL all US Marshall transfers it's really a Question of when not if I mean the US Marshall is tasked with liquidating Stolen assets they don't have a broader Mandate to secure SL protect or Otherwise manage these assets they're Treating Bitcoin like any other Confiscated asset but the fear of this Selloff is affecting the market much More than the actual potential of a Sell-off altcoin daily will always keep A real with you so you have all the

Information and you can make the best Decision for you because two billion Dollars in Bitcoin is like one week of ETF inflows nothing to see here in fact Looking to see how much this would Affect the price potentially will take 2 Billion and divide it over bitcoin's Market cap it's not even .1% of bitcoin's total value so dips Like this are healthy because it shakes Out any of the weekends it builds a Stronger price support technical support At these levels and days like today just Remember that crypto is still being Adopted at twice the speed of the Internet and should reach something like 1 billion users by the end of 2025 the Mainstream media won't share charts like This I will I think 80 to 90% of the the Folks who are buying this thing are Buying it because it's a risk on the Train is leaving or I think the train is Leaving and I want to want to get in on The action and there's another 10 or Maybe 20% maybe maybe who have this sort Of inflation hedge idea and at the first Sign of fear the mainstream media will Tell you hey it was just based on Speculation there is no underlying value Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge Digital gold luckily Bitcoin abdicate Anthony Pompano correct what you're Calling out is just a societal Trend Right we have become a society of

Gamblers if if you think about we have Zero day options now we're more than Than 50% of options trading we have Sports betting right we have meme coins Trading like 1980s Boiler Room you know Uh penny stocks this is all happening And so again why is that occurring the Dollar has lost 25% of its purchasing Power in four years we have $1.1 Trillion of uh credit card debt we have 43 million Americans that have federal Student debt the average balance is $37,000 people have lost hope they do Not have hope how are you supposed to Live in a country where it is cheaper to Rent than buy a home in 50 major metros You don't have hope and so what do you Do you think this is a lottery ticket This is a gamble I I think that if you Go and you buy a lottery ticket it's 300 Million to one odds I think there's People right now saying you know what a Meme coin has better odds than a lottery Ticket I think there's a lot of people Who sayin Pi your asset if you want to Pick your asset for the greater full Theory and I love this support and good Solid point from Joe kernin pick your Asset for the greater full Theory is NVIDIA people trains leaving the station Pick Your Meme stock pick your you know Your commodity Coco pick pick whatever You want I mean there there's no doubt

That when there's liquidity everywhere That it's going to chase asset I don't Think that because that's one of the Reasons it goes higher doesn't undercut The fundamental case for that asset the World's becoming cheaper priced in Bitcoin versus the US dollar even in the US you don't have to go to Emerging Markets to find a reason why people want To buy this right if you look at the United States dollar it's lost 25% of Its purchasing power since 2020 Bitcoin Is up 800% during that same time period And so if we go back to 2020 if you Remember Paul tutor Jones Stanley duck Miller many these people came out and Said look I think it's an inflation Hedge now Hedges are always this weird Thing where people expect you buy it and Then inflation explodes the next day but Instead what we've seen is that Bitcoin Is a free market asset that trades Forward looking and so bitcoin's rise It's up we have seven straight months of Bitcoin in the green uh up till this Past month and so why is it going up Some of it is ET down well inflation is Coming down year-over-year but it's Actually but inflation is actually going Up and the institutions are certainly Still buying the Bitcoin ETFs traded 111 Billion in March which is just about Triple of what they did in February and January and while the orange represents

Grayscale which is primarily sellers the Rest represents Black Rock Fidelity Primarily buyers and just those two Alone Black Rock and Fidelity now own a Combined 399,000 Bitcoin and fundamentally we're Also seeing demand for altcoins cardano Has grown year after year tvl is up over 300% transaction volume is at an All-time high daps are at an all-time High developments at an all-time high in Every aspect participation of the Govern Is at an all-time high transaction Volume 90% fill blocks all the time Alltime highs wallet installations Alltime High across the board all the Statistics look really good year after Year so much so people are begging for Scalability they wouldn't be if it was a Ghost chain yet I'm given this narrative That we're falling behind we're dying as An ecosystem if you truly do believe That what are you really saying are you Scared that a is not going to get a 10x Or 20x or 30X well you might be right Guys I'm not a cardano maxi but According to the community there's just No other chain built the way cardano is With the same philosophy and rigor look At this I would also say the community Few other altcoins have a community That's so passionate like cardano I Might also say hex I may also say ICP I'd love it for multiple equivalent

Cardos to exist but most don't Appreciate security and rigor to the Same degree so I love this reminder from I have no idea and I've never once Prognosticated from this microphone a Target price for Ada because that's not The game we play as an ecosystem what we Play is we want to build something That's useful for every person alive Something that liberates people Something that enables people to do Great things their best work something That can sustain billions of people and Be the backbone of nation states that's The goal that's what we're about now if You're on the other side of the aisle And all you care about is price Appreciation you have to honestly ask Yourself why are you here in cardono Land why not go to one of those chains That will lie to you and tell you pretty Things oh yeah everything will be 50x Everything will be 100x we got it all Figured out we're going to pump here and Pump there and dumb retail money will Come in and we'll dump on you go there That's your culture those are your People and Gamble and roll the dice but If you care about value if you care About real utility you can never Ignore the core Integrity of the system Two airdrops that I want to keep you AB Breast with so two aird drops update for Rain maker this is a project I'm

Invested in excited to announce we have Chosen base for the upcoming launch of Coin with two eyes with over 100 million Retail wallets institutional Relationships and expodentially growing Volumes they have undeniable momentum so Coin on base and just as a reminder on What rain maker is train AI data create AI art earn rewards deepin validator Powered by the rain maker Network so I Like that they chose bass obviously That's a very popular L2 I like how They're in not only the dpin but the AI Narrative as well and $1,000 USD Quest Now live on rain maker feel free to join Download the app and train your Generated AI using the 3D model to earn Your share so take advantage of the Airdrop complete quests and claim your Coin and join over 200,000 wallets and Over 150,000 validators no blockchain IQ Required cool to see The Innovation and Speaking of that for easy the easy Mainnet is alive it is happening the web 3 new erors Marketplace for NFS tokens And Rwas is now just one step away from you This is primarily on the blast L2 Ecosystem which I like and they are Solving a problem which is forget about The liquidity problems and difficulties When selling and buying assets our main Net is here to make your life much

Easier hurry up to join in and farm Points the snapshot for the first phase Of main net airdrop will be done in 8 Days so obviously buying or investing in Cryptocurrency in any capacity can be Risky but an airdrop Just for Participating that's free money grab Your tickets for the roast of altcoin Daily in Los Angeles and like always see You tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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