Crypto Will Die (in America) Unless You Act NOW…

The U.S risks really being left behind Here a little bit you know the rest of The world is actually moving and trying To draw crypto companies in you know London and Singapore and Hong Kong and The financial hubs of the world are Saying we want crypto to be built here Europe just passed comprehensive crypto Legislation and so the U.S really risks Uh falling behind the largest crypto Exchange in the U.S coinbase along with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong who's on a Massive press to work today fighting for The survival the future of crypto in This country what I'm about to share With you is a direct call to action from Coinbase it's time to advance Pro crypto Policy and all 435 congressional Districts across the U.S Introducing Crypto435 our campaign to grow the Crypto advocacy community and share Tools and resources to make your voice Heard so I'm intrigued I like the video I want to learn more and here it is I Think most people have read this by now But for those who haven't take action Learn how your voice can impact Pro-crypto policy and before I have Brian Armstrong explain this initiative Himself in 60 seconds or less what is This what's a summation and how does This affect me if you love crypto and Believe in the potential of web3 it's

More important than ever to abdicate for Pro crypto policy in the US policy Makers in Washington DC and state Capitals across the U.S are making Decisions about the future of crypto Their choices determine how when and Where you can build buy sell and use Crypto we need to make sure that they Get a right and that means making your Voice heard we're excited to introduce Crypto 435 a Grassroots campaign to Abdicate for pro-crypto policy and the Moment is now now is the time to change Hearts and Minds in all 435 Congressional districts across the U.S Now myself my brother altcoin daily has No official affiliation with this other Than support the cause I want to support The cause and what specifically crypto 435 will do crypto 435 will influence Laws and policies this is huge they will Bring the crypto Community together and Their strength in numbers crypto 435 Will promote Innovation and protect jobs As well as educate like altcoin daily Educate everyday Americans about the Power of crypto I will link this down Below in the video description for you To check out and here's a CNBC interview Today of host Andrew Sorkin asking Brian Armstrong what exactly are you fighting For here yeah I mean I think new Legislation is needed and the reason is That if you look at Americans eighty

Percent of them feel like The Current Financial system doesn't work for them You know the fees are too high the Delays are there it doesn't serve Everybody equally and so and it's not Surprising by the way you know the Current Financial system is built on 40 Year old technology some of the laws Have been around for 100 years before The internet even existed and so you Know my belief is that cryptocurrency is Actually the most important technology That can help update the financial System and what's really cool to see is That actually the user base of crypto You know Advocates out there there's one In five households in the US are now Using crypto they're actually coming Together and starting to get organized And saying we want to elect candidates Across 435 congressional districts that Will help create this industry here in America safely so obviously Brian Armstrong is a hundred percent right Cryptocurrency the technology can Innovate traditional Finance in so many Ways yet while the rest of the world Innovates progresses America is still in Purgatory do you think realistically we Are closer to regulation Becky and I and Joe were talking about this earlier here And you know it feels like we're closer But also feels like maybe we're we're Just as behind as we were five years ago

Yeah well I've been spending more and More time in DC and what's great to see Is that there is strong bipartisan Support for legislation I think Everybody saw what happened with FTX and They said okay we need to make sure There's strong consumer protection we Also recognize that there's Innovation Potential here and we don't want this to Be like 5G or something like that you Know the semiconductor industry that got Moved offshore too much we need this to Be built here in America with strong Consumer protection so there's at least Three different groups I'm aware of in DC Senators that are working on Different bills being drafted in various Different forms and you know it's it Takes a lot A Small Miracle anytime Something actually becomes law but I'm Excited to see that there's people who Are passionate about that making that Happen and I think we I think the voters In America want to see that they're Going to elect candidates coming up who Are going to advocate for them so I get It I like it I understand to me I Understand crypto is obviously the Future but when we have U.S lawmakers Today that are still haters of the Technology they refuse to change their Opinion what do you tell the Crypt the Crypto critics and I'm thinking um Senator Elizabeth Warren she has said

The following she says we have money Laundering rules that cover Banks and Credit unions and stock Brokers and gold Dealers and even Western Union but Current rules don't cover big parts of The crypto industry and crypto likes it That way is she right no that's just Simply not true I mean coinbase is a Great example of this I started this Company more than 10 years ago now and I Started it in the United States for a Reason I believed that this needed to be Built here in a compliant and regulated Way so we've actually been regulated for About 10 years now I mean we initially Sought out money transmission licenses Here in the U.S because that was the Closest thing we could find to a license That made sense we've since gone beyond That I mean we got one of the first bit Licenses in New York we're regulated by The cftc a federal regulator here Registered with fincen and by the way That's just in in America so the U.S Risks really being left behind here a Little bit you know the rest of the World world is actually moving and Trying to draw crypto companies in you Know London and Singapore and Hong Kong And the financial hubs of the world are Saying we want crypto to be built here Europe just passed comprehensive crypto Legislation and so the U.S really risks Uh falling behind this is an ongoing

Story the minute I get new information I'll make a video I will keep you Informed but even in this uncertainty we Are seeing certain altcoins Thrive zero X's token surges 20 unpacked to build a Relay network with a Robinhood wallet Polygon so this is obviously huge Another way to say this would be the Native token of decentralized exchange Xerox Labs surged nearly 20 Wednesday as The protocol agreed to work with the Robin Hood wallet and polygon to build a Relay Network so what is a relay Network And how will this affect you and me well This will allow users to easily trade Without having to load up their wallets Across multiple blockchains the relay Network will also provide a deep Liquidity from xerox's market makers in 70 exchanges meaning interoperability And deeper liquidity and Robinhood Wallet will be the first to use the Application programming interface or API So huge news if you hold 0x and speaking Of big news blockchain protocol algrand Hires their first CFO the new Finance Chief has several years of crypto and Trad Phi experience so if you like Allegrand you like this the new hire's Name is Matthew Commons and algoran's Goal with this hire is they're looking To expand their growth strategies and Capital Management in a direct quote From Matthew Commons new hire one of my

First priorities will be to help Identify strategic growth areas with the Leadership team and then ensure we have The right Financial plans in place to go After them so Al Grant making a Strategic hire in the bear market and You may remember the protocol algrand Recently implemented a new Interoperability standard state of Proofs to support cross-chain Communications as well as increase Transaction speed to 6000 tps's from 1 200 tps's now some of you have still Been asking me about outer edge La this Is happening this month March 20th Through 23rd in Los Angeles if you're Buying tickets yes use code altcoin Daily VIP for 10 off your tickets yes Link down below and if you check the Speakers yes there's William Shatner yes There's meta world peace and yes Aaron And Austin Arnold come see us come Support us and by the way can you guess Who is making this video today comment Down below


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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