Crypto & The WEF: I Can’t Believe They Said THIS!? 🤯

Last week over 2000 of the world’s most Powerful people gathered in davos Switzerland for the world economic Forum’s 51st annual meeting The list of attendees included people From the crypto industry and in their Discussions they detailed what the Future of finance looks like from the Vantage point of the global elite Today i’m going to give you a bit of Background about the world economic Forum give you a summary of the crypto Related discussions that took place and What they could all mean for Cryptocurrency [Music] We tango with the technocrats you need To know where you’re at if you’re here For financial advice i’m afraid you Won’t get none of that the only thing You’ll get is educational content packed With facts and stats so please contact a Financial advisor if your crypto Portfolio looks like crap Now i’d like to give a warm welcome to Anyone new my name is guy and crypto is What we do our mission is to make crypto Content that’s so good you’ll want to Share it with your crew coins tokens News and reviews are just a few of the Topics we have for you If valuable knowledge is what you want To accrue subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification bell to get your

Daily dose of truth So now that i know i won’t get sued Let’s see what crypto looks like to Those who rule If you’re unfamiliar with the world Economic forum here’s what you need to Know The world economic forum or weff as i’ll Refer to it from here on is an International organization based in Switzerland The wef was founded in 1971 by claus Schwab a german engineer economist and University professor who originally Created the west as a sort of club for European businessmen The west has since evolved into one of The most powerful organizations in the World and that’s because it consists of Almost all the world’s most mighty Business people politicians corporations And ngos According to the west’s own website the Organization’s explicit purpose is to Quote shape global regional and industry Agendas The wef does this by supporting the Individuals and institutions that push The organization’s agendas and by Organizing annual meetings where said Individuals and institutions can discuss These agendas Many of the wefts agendas and meetings Are based on the ideas of klaus himself

Who has served as the organization’s Chairman since it was founded Now klaus’s most infamous idea is the Great reset which he detailed at length In his 2020 book and went viral after The weft posted a short video to twitter Explaining how you’ll own nothing and be Happy by 2030. As for the members of the west they’ll Own everything and be even happier Anyways the idea that’s most relevant to This video is stakeholder capitalism and Klaus has stated in interviews and Speeches that the stakeholders in Question are of course the members of The weff Stakeholder capitalism was actually the Theme of the west’s davos meeting in 2020 and the great reset was the theme Of the meeting in 2021 which was held Virtually due to the pandemic The theme of this year’s meeting was Quote history at a turning point Government policies and business Strategies In other words how do we take advantage Of all the chaos to take more control This year’s davos meeting was originally Scheduled for january as per the Standard but was delayed to may due once Again to the pandemic As a result it was a smaller and shorter Meeting than in previous years now this Is important to point out because the

Delay seems to have opened the door to Crypto speakers and sponsors who would Otherwise have been pushed and priced Out by bigger personalities and Companies Coindesk reporter nicholas day explained This in his article about the event and Said that a wef spokesperson also told Him that it’s possible that crypto won’t Be as represented at next year’s meeting The spokesperson explained that this is Ultimately up to the wefts stakeholders And it looks like the only reason they Allowed crypto through the door was Because the central banks want to keep Their enemies close Well that’s not literally what he said But you get the point They want to keep tabs on the crypto Industry and use its shortcomings as an Excuse to justify the rollout of central Bank digital currencies You can find out what the central banks Are planning there using the link in the Description anyhow i digress Now another thing that’s important to Point out is that there were two other Crypto events that were also happening In davos while the west was having its Own meeting as a matter of fact many of The crypto news headlines you’ve seen About davos are related to announcements And discussions that took place at these Two parallel events not at the weth

Meeting The announcements and discussions at These two events can be summarized in a Quote from one of the attendees and That’s that crypto companies are the Quote barbarians at the gate of the west Put simply these crypto discussions and Announcements there were completely Different from the ones taking place at The wef which is why i’ll be analyzing The wefts discussions and announcements Now i suspect that most of the important Discussions and announcements at the wef Took place off screen and i reckon i Found a few of those in the articles Posted by the weft during and after the Meeting So without further ado let’s see exactly What was said about crypto at this Year’s west meeting in davos Note that you can find the links to all These discussions and announcements in The description The wef meeting in davos began with a Keynote speech by none other than klaus Schwab who reiterated that history is at A turning point and that the Stakeholders present need to take action Klaus also effectively called on Corporations and governments to merge Into one entity and thanked all the Stakeholders present for their continued Loyalty to the west i swear i’m not Making this up

Klaus then gave the stage to ignacio Cassis the president of switzerland who Said that it’s time to start thinking About rebuilding ukraine which is odd Given that the war is still going on Probably nothing Ignacio also effectively warned against The dangers of nationalism and said the Only solution to the world’s problems is To concentrate all the world’s power in The hands of the west’s stakeholders And we’re just getting started Now the first weft discussion i want to Analyze featured circle ceo jeremy Alaire and ripple ceo brad garlinghouse That’s because the panel discussion About the role of digital currencies in Remittances was more like a competition Between jeremy and brad about circle and Ripple As many of you will know circle is the Company that issues the usdc stablecoin And ripple is the company behind the xrp Cryptocurrency It’s more complicated than that but Let’s keep it simple The first spat between jeremy and brad Happened after jeremy talked about how Crypto currencies should remain Permissionless including usdc For those who don’t know permissionless Means that you don’t need to ask anyone For permission to use a cryptocurrency No company no government no kyc etc

Brad immediately hit back by saying that Regulators will not allow permissionless Systems to exist particularly those Related to remittances and digital Currencies Jeremy jumped in by arguing that Regulators need to be okay with not Knowing what’s going on with certain Cryptocurrencies the same way they Tolerate not knowing what’s going on Online Jeremy went on to list a bunch of Statistics about usdc and how the whole Reason why usdc is seeing so much Adoption is because of circle’s Commitment to making usdc as much like Cash as it can Jeremy even goes as far as to argue that Any digital currency that doesn’t have The same properties as cash will not be Voluntarily adopted and i was honestly Impressed with his arguments here Brad was not as impressed however and Continued to push back against the idea That regulators would allow such Financial technologies to flourish and That the solutions being provided by Ripple are better By this point you might be wondering why Things between jeremy and brad were so Competitive during the panel discussion Given that usdc and xrp are Fundamentally different assets I was actually quite confused myself

Until i watched a video by avalanche Founder emin gunsira as part of the Research we were doing for our update on The project In response to a question emin explained That xrp is in direct competition with Stablecoins since both are trying to Optimize the existing financial system Be it in the realm of remittances or Elsewhere The fact that representatives from both Circle and ripple were present at the Wef shows how successful both companies Have been so far and it’s a cause for Celebration or concern depending on who You ask Speaking of stable coins the second weft Discussion i want to analyze involves Central bank digital currencies and it Featured four very powerful people these Were christolina george’s the managing Director of the imf Dr sethurput suthwat nareput governor of The bank of thailand sorry have i Botched your name sir Francois vilowa de Governor of the bank of france apologies Again And axel layman chairman of credit Suisse a swiss investment bank Now if you’ve been keeping up with the Crypto headlines you’ll know that this Is where crystalina famously referred to Terra’s anchor protocol as a pyramid ski

And ust as a quote not so stable coin On that note if you want to find out Exactly how terra collapsed you can Check out our video about that using the Link in the description at your leisure Anyhow crystalina also claimed that There are three types of digital assets Central bank digital currencies stable Coins and cryptocurrency which she Doesn’t count as currency but assets When the moderator asked whether people Were flocking to cryptocurrency because Of a loss of trust in central bank Francois deflected by saying the crypto Crash has caused people to lose faith in Crypto i’ll let that comment slide for The sake of time Meanwhile axel tacitly admitted that the Average person probably wouldn’t adopt Central bank digital currencies Voluntarily which is why the swiss Central bank is focused on a so-called Wholesale cbdc If you’ve watched any of our videos About central bank digital currencies You’ll know a wholesale cbdc will be Used by select individuals and Institutions whereas a retail cbdc will Be used by folks like us Francois followed up with a forecast of When a retail cbdc could be rolled out In the european union and he sees it Being fully functional between 2025 and 2027. stack those sats euro bros

Another interesting insight that arose During the discussion came from Christolina and that’s that the demand For cash skyrocketed in scandinavian Countries after russia invaded ukraine This is significant because scandinavian Countries are known for being the most Progressive when it comes to digital Currency and the fact that they flock to Cash suggests there is little trust in Them at the end of the discussion Francois made a tacit admission of his Own and that’s that foreign central Banks are starting to see us Dollar-denominated stablecoin as de Facto digital dollars This is why i said speaking of stable Coins a few moments ago The wef actually detailed these So-called synthetic cbdc’s in a massive Crypto report i covered in another video That will be in the description anyhow The third weft discussion that caught Our eye concerns the global economic Outlook which is obviously relevant to Cryptocurrency this panel discussion was Also important enough to be broadcast Live on cnbc The panelists here included crystalina And francois as well as jane fraser the Ceo of citibank and david rubinstein a Billionaire businessman who was the Policy advisor for former u.s president Jimmy carter in contrast to other panel

Discussions the one about the global Economic outlook centered around Questions from the audience and the First question was whether the world is Headed for a recession Jane was the only panelist who was Convinced that a recession is coming and Warned that the 1.5 billion people who Could soon go hungry because of rising Food prices could create a global crisis More about that in the description The second question was about inflation And crystalline warned that high Inflation will remain if countries Decide to become self-sustainable Crystalline then made the bold claim That if the world doesn’t continue to Globalize i.e centralized then We will end up poor but i think what she Meant is that the wef stakeholders will End up poor The third question was related to Economic growth and francois took issue With the fact that old people are being Told that growth is over and young People are being told it’s bad for the Environment Crystalline echoed a similar statement And that’s that globalization hasn’t Benefited everyone equally and that she Has concerns about the growth prospects Of developing countries what’s ironic is That many of these concerns stem from The fact that the panelists are trying

To prevent developing countries from Using fossil fuels and trying to Convince them to go straight to Renewables which isn’t cheap or Practical The fourth question centered around Currencies and exchange rates and the Moderator asked francois whether European banks are concerned about the Euro’s decline against the us dollar Francois sheepishly answered that they Don’t target an exchange rate and called For strict crypto-regulation to make Sure they don’t replace fiat currency or Lead to financial deglobalization i.e Decentralization The moderator interrupted with an epic Question and that’s why central banks Want to regulate something they say has No value That is some real moderation right there While francois sat there in awe of his Own hypocrisy that had been exposed on National television david said that People will always want crypto because It can’t be controlled by the government Chris celina also chimed in by calling Terror a pyramid scheme again and Bragging about how the imf is going to Teach developing countries that Cryptocurrencies are not currency all While shilling cbdc’s instead And if you watch my recent video on the Imf’s antics you’ll know exactly what

That teaching involves link in the Description Anyways back to the discussion Jane took christolina’s subtle desire For control up to 10 by saying that the Financial elites are really rallying Around blockchain technology and not Cryptocurrency I understand this as meaning that Financial institutions are developing Technologies that will meticulously Track trace and database everything you Do with their own distributed ledgers This is why it’s important to know the Difference between terms like blockchain Cryptocurrency and distributed led and You can learn more about those Distinctions using the link in the Description Now if you think what i’ve said so far Is scary you’re in for a treat because It’s time to talk about esg as i Mentioned in our video about esg and Cryptocurrency esg is short for Environmental social and governance and Esg scores dictate how the largest asset Managers have been allocating their Capital i actually recommend you go back And watch that video if you haven’t Already because the wef has played a Critical role in setting esg standard And enforcing this investment ideology Around the world It should come as no surprise then that

Esg took center stage at this year’s Davos meeting and there were not one but Two in-depth and quite frankly Disturbing panel discussions about esg The first panel discussion featured bank Of america ceo brian moynihan unilever Ceo allen job hong kong stock exchange Chair laura char and emmanuel faber who I’ll come back to in a second If you watched my aforementioned video About esg and cryptocurrency you’ll know That brian is one of the leaders of the Esg movement and has been working Closely with the west to accelerate its Adoption As for emmanuel he was ousted as ceo of French food company dunno by its board Of directors in early 2021 for allegedly Implementing esg on the company to the Point that it was destroying its profits Danone’s board of directors should have Seen it coming after emmanuel celebrated The change in the company’s focus by Saying that he had quote toppled the Statue of milton friedman i.e capitalism Interestingly emmanuel has had no Shortage of support from media outlets With forbes noting that he will be Remembered as quote one of the leading Executives promoting stakeholder Capitalism Yikes Now as far as i can tell emmanuel also Has crazy connections to some of the

World’s most powerful people so much so That he was appointed chairman of the International sustainability board last Year Now the international sustainability Board or isb is an international Organization that was created after the United nations cop 26 climate conference And its purpose is to set global esg Standards yikes again At the very beginning of the first panel Discussion about esg the moderator Highlighted the fact that esg was the Hot topic at the web and that esg has Become closely aligned with the un’s sdg How many acronyms can i fit into 30 Seconds For context the united nations Sustainable development goals or sdg Are a quote blueprint to achieve a Better and more sustainable future for All and the us hopes to meet these goals By 2030. funny that What followed was 45 minutes of some of The most dystopian dialogue i have ever Heard with subjects such as The dangers of letting the local get in The way of the globe Tone deaf i tell you brian made a couple Of comments about how merrill lynch is Using its trillions of dollars of assets Under management to force companies into Complying with esg standards Laura insisted that small businesses

Should be forced to comply with esg and Stressed that governance should be a Point of focus since you can’t enforce Environmental and social without Government Alan said that unilever doesn’t work With any companies that don’t pay their Employees a quote fair wage which Presumably excludes small businesses Which can’t pay the same as large Corporations Alan even called for carbon labeling of Everything which is not nearly as Terrifying as the Individual carbon footprint track that Alibaba bloke mentioned in another panel Discussion at davos When asked about elon musk being pissed That tesla had been removed from the s p 500 esg index the panelists laughed it Off and no i’m not joking Alan said elon shouldn’t be mad because There are 15 different ways of measuring Esg and he’s sure that tesla scores Highly on those measurements When you combine these comments with the Fact that companies like microsoft Facebook and even some oil companies Score high on esg it becomes clear that Esg isn’t about anything except control If you’re still not convinced look no Further than the second panel discussion About esg which featured brian emmanuel And financial times editor gillian tech

This is where emmanuel says that he’s Going to set global esg standards and Where brian said that he wants to make Sure no company escapes esg and suggests Banning defectors from financial Services The whole time jillian was egging them On applauding them for moving so quickly Insisting that esg was no longer about Ideological activists and saying they Must find a way to deal with esg Dissidents When an audience member asked how Companies in developing countries could Possibly meet the stringent esg Standards being proposed emanuel got Upset and said the imf will cover the Costs As a cherry on top the moderator then Told everyone to check out the Stakeholder capitalism page on the wef’s Website at the end of the event so i’ll Do everyone a favor and link to that Page in the description Now before you get too upset you should Know that the two crypto specific Discussions at the west davos meeting Were quite promising The first panel discussion featured Miami mayor francis suarez and sheila Warren ceo of the crypto council for Innovation and former member of the West’s center for the fourth industrial Revolution

If you watched our video about the Crypto lobby you’ll know the crypto Council for innovation has helped shape Crypto policy and has helped prevent a Crypto crackdown in the united states If you watched our video about what Happened at the bitcoin conference in Miami you’ll know that francis is about As pro-crypto as they get so much so That he takes his salary in btc Naturally the first question the Moderator asked was whether francis Regrets this decision and whether he Will continue taking his salary in btc Given the recent crypto crash to which Francis responded yes Francis then went on an amazing tangent About how bitcoin is about more than btc It’s also one of the most secure payment Networks in the world that can serve as A base layer for a financial system Sheila then surprised the crowd by Revealing that she too takes much of her Salary in btc and said it’s incredible To see the main street of davos covered In crypto advertisements Sheila surprised me by quickly Commenting that cryptocurrency can make It possible to achieve true stakeholder Capitalism which given the circumstance Isn’t exactly good news Playing to the crowd i suppose Francis changed the subject by Announcing that if miami continues to

Grow at the rate that it has because of Embracing crypt It will become a larger technological Than san francisco in two years Regarding what’s happening in washington Sheila said that the recent executive Order about crypt officially made it a Real industry and sent a signal to Politicians that they can’t ignore it Anymore Regarding volatility in the crypto Market francis said that the investor Protection narrative being parroted by The likes of sec chairman gary gens is An excuse to prevent the poor from Profiting Sheila agreed and said that the focus Should be on financial education not Financial regulation and that it’s wrong To say someone’s not capable of making a Financial decision just because they’re Poor During the question period sheila Continued to crush it by saying crypto Is a threat to wall street hence why 90 Percent of wall street ceos say they’re Not sold on crypt as per the question From the audience She also underscored the lack of Reasonable crypto regulations and the Concerns this has caused amongst Institutional investors who are Interested in crypto As for france’s well he just said

They’re all old Last but not least sheila said that There will be more crypto discussions Related to esg and sdgs at the next Davos meeting and given that she’s an Insider of sort Well i’ll take our word for it this ties Into the second crypto specific Discussion that took place at the west Davos meeting It was titled quote crypto’s carbon Footprint and it was not nearly as Negative as you’d think Quite the contrary in fact this was Probably the most positive crypto Related discussion of the entire event And it featured the following crypto Personnel Danelle dixon ceo of the stella Foundation the non-profit behind the Stellar cryptocurrency Brett harrison president of the ftx u.s Cryptocurrency exchange Lauren woodman executive director of a Data analytics company called datakind Robert wardrop one of the brilliant Minds behind cambridge university’s Bitcoin mining map And anthony scaramucci founder of a Crypto focused investment firm called Skybridge capital The moderator was michael casey chief Content officer of coindesk the crypto News company i mentioned earlier and he

Made some spicy comments that i’ll cover In a moment the discussion began with a Rant from robert who explained that his Team knew bitcoin’s energy use would Become a concern to investors back in 2018 and set out to find a way to Accurately measure it Cambridge university’s most recent Estimates are that bitcoin uses about 0.13 of the world’s energy and if you Watch my video about coin shares crypto Mining report you’ll know it might be a Bit less Robert also said that cambridge Estimates half of the energy used in Bitcoin mining is renewable in nature But because it looks like chinese miners Are still active this percentage could Be a bit lower This is when michael came in with his First spicy comment which was along the Lines of quote look at south korea and North korea at night one uses energy the Other doesn’t where do you want to live Obviously michael’s point is that there Is a purpose to bitcoin’s energy use and Danelle echoed this sentiment by saying People should look to improve Proof-of-work mining rather than cast Judgment about its energy use This is when michael came in with his Second spicy comment and that was a Quick message to the audience to look Something up that’s related to coindesk

And the wef so i did and i found this It’s called the crypto impact and Sustainability accelerator and it’s a Collaboration between coindesk and the Wef to make crypto esg friendly and Leverage crypto technology to enhance Esg spooky Next anthony took the mic and explained To the audience that they must think About all the carbon that’s being offset By a decentralized financial system all The buildings cars and bureaucracy Robert then returned with another epic Explanation and that’s that the reason Why there’s an obsession over bitcoin’s Energy use is because institutions want To know how to value btc anthony took This as the opportunity to shill a Project he’s working on called true Flation which measures the real Inflation rate in the united states That’s in the description if you’re Interested Brett was making insightful comments Throughout the discussion and the one That stuck out to me the most was his Point that all the crypto donations that Went to ukraine prove crypto has a Purpose When michael opened the floor to Questions however the pro crypto mood Completely changed it seems most of the Audience was against proof of work Because the questions were loaded to the

Limit What was amazing was how the crypto Panelists instinctively joined forces Against these anti-crypto foes and their Responses were nothing short of Rock-solid science Brett retorted that it was ridiculous to Think that the world would run out of Computing power because of bitcoin which Was what one of the audience members Unironically implied Roberts and dannell counted the critics By asking them to consider the fact that There are people who see btc as a Valuable asset and bitcoin as a valuable Network and that this is a legitimate Position Now the one question that did cause the Panelists to pause was about what Happens to cryptocurrency when quantum Computing comes around something that Could happen as soon as 2025. Brett took the brunt of the question by Explaining that quantum computers would Be able to crack all encryption so Nothing would be safe and the real Concern at that point would be the System itself What’s hilarious is that the woman who Asked the question about quantum Computers asked the same question to Panelists in other discussions and was Even a panelist herself for one of the Metaverse discussions

So this brings me to the last two left Discussions i want to dissect and both Of them were about the metaverse Judging by all the metaverse related Articles on the weft website in the wake Of the davos meeting the metaverse was Almost as big of a topic as esg This might be because confining people To a virtual world is environmentally Friendly makes it possible to enforce Equality across all metrics at the Protocol level and gives total control To wef stakeholders The first panel discussion about the Metaverse featured chris cox the chief Product officer of meta philip rosendale The creator of the virtual reality game Second life and two other panelists i Won’t bother to point them out because The first metaverse discussion was Underwhelming save for a few questions That were answered by chris and philip The first question was about how the Metaverse can be regulated given that it Will cross all manner of borders and Boundaries chris looked a bit shocked Because to him the answer was obvious It’s the international organizations Like the wef that will set regulations For the metaverse The second question was about how the Metaverse will be financially viable When everyone is aware of the extreme Data extraction that social media

Platforms like meta engage in to make Their money Philip had an easy answer and that’s to Make the metaverse subscription-based Chris had a different answer and that’s That there will be advertising in the Metaverse suggesting that meta will Continue to extract data from its users There The third question is one i’m sure all Of you are wondering and that’s whether The metaverse will create a massive Divide between the rich and the poor That’s because it’s believed that the Rich will mostly continue to live life As normal whereas the poor will have no Other option but to live life mostly in The metaverse What’s concerning is that the answers From the panelists weren’t entirely Clear and chris instead opted to Criticize the audience for flying in on Private jets and not wearing face masks This was rather ironic given that chris Wasn’t wearing a mask either and Probably flew in on a private jet along With the many other representatives of Meta who were probably present behind The scenes What’s even more concerning is that one Of the wefts own articles about the Metaverse basically confirms that people In poorer countries are the most likely To adopt it it looks like the country

That’s the least likely to adopt the Metaverse is good old great britain and To that well jolly good show chaps and Japaneses Now the fourth question came from that Quantum computing lady who was a Panelist for the second metaverse Discussion title quote the possibilities Of the metaverse If i’m not mistaken the second metaverse Discussion was one of the longest if not The longest discussion of the entire Event and it featured the following Folks Hoda al-kazimi aka quantum computing Lady who is an associated professor at New york university in abu dhabi Our friend philip the second life champ Pascal kaufman a swiss neuroscientist And entrepreneur Peggy johnson ceo of magic leap inc a Company that makes metaverse hardware Primarily for business use And edward lewin vice president of Government and public affairs at lego Yes that lego didn’t know they had a Government focused department me neither Now most of the headlines about this Metaverse discussion are about what Edward said at the start and that’s the Metaverse should be designed quote with Children in mind The implication there is that they’re Preparing children for life in the pod

Which pascal later said will likely harm The development of children which is why He will make sure his kids run wild and Free irl Pascal’s mind actually seems to be in The right place when it comes to the Metaverse as many of his comments were About how it could be used to improve Rather than pacify the average person To that end pascal envisions a metaverse Where you’ll have a purely educational Ai companion that can answer questions And test hypotheses which pascal sees as A skill that’s unique to human beings Skills are what peggy’s company is Currently using the metaverse for and She hopes that it can speed up the time It takes to train people particularly in The manufacturing sector The quantum computing lady also had some Quality comments about how privacy Should be preserved in the metaverse and Not just involving clicking away your Rights in lengthy terms and conditions It’s too bad that quantum computing lady Also wants fact checks built into the Metaverse which immediately begs the Question of who decides what the facts To be checked are My guess is the wef The last insightful comment i’ll Highlight came from philip who Speculated that most of the Interoperability issues related to the

Metaverse will involve digital identity Now digital identity is a whole other Can of worms and i happen to have a few Videos that are related to it those are In the description now the wefts davos Meeting ended with a dramatic montage of The most important moments of the event Followed by a keynote speech from borg Brend the president of the west Borg applauded all the corporations that Are conforming to the west’s agenda and Announced the formation of a few more Dystopian sounding initiatives and Alliances that are aligned with the wef Don’t even get me started about the Second last discussion between klaus Schwab and german chancellor olaf Schultz link in the description if you Have the stomach for it And now for the big question what does The wefts meeting in davos mean for Crypto Well in short it seems that crypto still Isn’t being taken all that seriously by The world’s elite which is actually Really good news The longer crypto stays under their Radar the better because once its Adoption goes exponential there’s Nothing they will be able to do to stop It That said i do have a couple of concerns About a few of the crypto companies and Personalities that seem to be aligned

With the wef but so far there’s nothing That stands out on that front It’s also more than likely that these Crypto personalities and companies are Just playing along to make sure crypto Doesn’t become public enemy number one In the eyes of the so-called Stakeholders More importantly it appears that the Average person is catching on to what’s Happening at the weft and this has led To a collapse in trust in the Institutions affiliated with it as per Klaus schwab’s comments at the previous Davos meeting in 2021 Now i have little doubt that many of the People at the west truly believe they’re Doing the right thing and putting their Feet to the fire by examining their Ideas when they get carried away is a Great way to keep their far-reaching Powers in check Still that degree of centralization is Extremely dangerous and it’s also Inherently unstable from both a Practical and philosophical point of View To my mind the days of the wef are Numbered and that’s because Decentralized alternatives are being Developed in cryptocurrency that will Make governments corporations and International organizations obsolete Let’s just hope the crypto community

Develops these powerful technologies Before the west subverts them or Develops its own And that’s all for today’s video about The west meeting in davos if you feel It’s important take a minute to share it With those who you think should see it If you enjoyed it smash that like button To support the channel Be sure to subscribe to the channel as Well and remember to ping that Notification bell with the recent relief Rally we’ve had you might be wondering How you can maximize your gains if That’s the case look no further than the Coin bureau deals page If you’re looking for more content from The coin bureau my second channel called Coin bureau clips and the coin bureau Podcast are where you should go I’m also active on twitter tiktok and Instagram and keep you up to speed with The crypto market on telegram If you’re wondering what cryptos i hold And which ones i plan on covering my Weekly newsletter contains that info and Much more Last but not least consider checking out The coin bureau merch store and getting Your hands on a couple of crypto hoodies And teas we even have metal wallets for Your private key seed You can find the links to all these Resources and more down below me it’s

Been a marathon but we made it thank you So much for watching and i’ll see you Next time this is guy bidding you Goodbye [Music] You


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