Crypto & Tax Friendly Countries: Everything You NEED To Know!

Have you ever considered moving to a new Country well if you work remotely or own A business then this is a video you Cannot afford to miss I'll be taking you Through some of the most remote working Friendly and tax efficient countries in The world so don't go anywhere Now before I dive into the video I must Stress that I am not a financial tax or Immigration advisor I suggest you speak To a specialist before making moves like I don't know moving to a new country I'll also say that these picks are in no Particular order so do bear that in mind With that out of the way let's jump into The first country on our list and that Is Dubai okay now I may be a bit biased Here as Dubai is currently where yours Truly hangs its hat and that is for a Number of reasons but let's start on one Of the most relevant for us and that is Of course crypto regulations well Dubai Has its very own digital asset regulator And it's called Vara or the virtual Assets regulatory Authority This is the authority that regulates Virtual currency across the Emirate what This basically means is that the Regulator has an exclusive mandate to Issue licenses related to crypto in Dubai now as far as I'm aware Vara is The first of its kind in that there Aren't any other countries which have a Regulatory body to oversee the industry

Moreover Vara recently came out with its Latest framework for 2032. I won't go Into it here in too much detail but the Main points to take away from it are That it gives crypto firms and vasps That is virtual asset service providers Clear rules of the road when it comes to Operating having such clear rules is a Breath of fresh air for a crypto Community that has been Jaded by Arbitrary and seemingly disconnected Actions by Regulators in other parts of The world I'll leave a link to the Latest guidelines in the description for You and I encourage you to take a look At them when you have the time so that's Crypto regulations but Dubai is also an Attractive place from a tax efficiency Perspective it's well known that there Is no personal income tax and perhaps Most importantly for all those crypto Investors out there there are no capital Gains taxes either that means so long as You are a Dubai tax resident you won't Be charged any personal taxes apart from Sales taxes Etc when it comes to Businesses Dubai has recently changed Its long-standing zero percent corporate Tax rate from June of this year those Businesses that make more than 375 000 Dirham about 100 000 US Dollars will Have to pay a corporation tax of nine Percent now while this isn't as Delightful as the zero percent we used

To enjoy it's still not a bank breaker Moreover there are exemptions to this For certain qualifying incomes the list Of which I'll leave in the description For you now you can't exactly blame Blame them for asking something back in Terms of tax when you consider all the Other benefits of living in Dubai for One it's a really safe place there is Virtually no theft and personal safety Is almost guaranteed here that's Something many women and people with Kids that I've spoken to here greatly Appreciate so if you want to feel safe And secure then Dubai is a great place To consider in terms of other benefits The public infrastructure is world class Everything from roads to Bridges Airports to trains for example I was Quite surprised at how efficient the Dubai Metro was when I first got here Remote workers will also be pleased to Hear that the Broadband speed is second To none for most people though Dubai is Often associated with Glitz and glamor The millionaire lifestyle that's so Often pushed on Instagram and that is Indeed true there is a high Concentration of wealth and there is an Abundance of things for you to do if you Have them money to spend there's no Shortage of clubs restaurants car Dealerships Etc designed to part people From their money and the cost of living

In general is high however what's often Overlooked is that most people who live Here live an altogether quieter life Like well me for instance Mrs guy and Myself have a villa with a garden in a Nice quiet neighborhood and generally Give the parties and Beach Clubs a wide Berth there's also a lot of local Culture and history to learn about and Plenty of things to do that don't cost The Earth the point is that you don't Necessarily need a fat paycheck to get By here in fact according to cost of Living rankings the UAE actually comes In lower than the US the UK and many Other European countries that said it's Still higher than a number of other Countries on this list and certain Components of that cost of living Ranking have exploded over the past two Years the most notable of which is Property prices which seem to show no Sign of slowing down That's because Dubai has seen an Explosion of expats moving here part of That is due to all the aforementioned Benefits but then there's also the Broader geopolitical instability around The world which has forced many people To find a safer place to live Now there are also several other Benefits which you only really Appreciate having lived here for a Period of time it's well located time

Zone wise for handling calls with Asia Europe and the US east coast and it also Has great access with direct flights to Nearly all of the biggest cities in the World And finally I'm glad to see that the Crypto ecosystem is continually growing Over here numerous crypto companies and People have moved and it's a great place To meet like-minded individuals are There any downsides well yes Dubai has Been carved out of the desert and that Means that for at least three to four Months of the year the heat becomes Pretty unbearable in fact those summer Months are when most expats take their Leave so if you are going to be moving To Dubai then that's something you have To plan for when it comes to residency And immigration there are a number of Options for example if you decide to set Up a company here in one of the free Zones then you can sponsor yourself on a Work visa These are good for two years after which They can be renewed or your company can Sponsor you with a five-year Entrepreneur Visa if your business has a Minimum capital of 500 000 dirham if you Are specifically looking to set up a Crypto related business then the dmcc Free zone could be your best pick they Even have a dedicated crypto Center for Crypto related startups that said you

Don't have to set up a company if you Want to live here if you are Self-employed then you can also Avail Yourself of the freelance Visa this was Recently launched as a means to attract Top talent and it's available for people Who want to work in the media or Education sectors it's a 12-month Visa That must be renewed each year but it is The best option if you're a gig worker Who wants to live here there is a third Option though and this could be for all Those people who work remotely for a Company overseas but would still like to Live in Dubai for a year they have a Virtual working program that allows you To live in the country for one year Assuming that you earn a certain minimum Salary three and a half thousand dollars Per month now the final option for visas Is what is termed the golden Visa which Issued for up to 10 years you can get This should you meet an exceptional Ability criteria or invest a certain Amount in property now if any of these Immigration or business setup options Interest you then there are a number of Services that can help and I've linked To them below okay so that is Dubai on To the next one on our list though and This is perhaps best for those of you Who have US passports Puerto Rico now I Will caveat first and say that Puerto Rico is not a country per se but a

Territory of the United States while This means that they can't vote in Certain federal elections they do have a Special status which allows them to Implement certain tax policies one of The most relevant for crypto investors Is the individual investors act or act 22. this allows U.S citizens living on The island to be exempt from federal Income tax not only that but they may Also be exempt capital gains tax as well As dividend taxes you'll also only pay Four percent corporate tax the reason Why Puerto Rico is such a good option For U.S citizens is that it's the only Way they can legally get that zero Percent income tax status without Renouncing their U.S passports as most Americans will know Uncle Sam will tax You until you die irrespective of where You live and where you earn your money That is unless you're in Puerto Rico now While that's a pro for those who have Crypto Holdings Puerto Rico is still Subject to many of the same laws that Come from Washington on the crypto Regulation front so it could still be Pretty difficult for you to build a Crypto startup on the island especially If the Regulators get their way with Operation choke point two more about That in the description That aside moving to Puerto Rico as a U.S citizen is easy enough and you

Officially get that tax residency status If you've been on the island for more Than 183 days in a calendar year that's A plus especially if you don't want to Live on the island for the entire year Okay but what's it like to live in Puerto Rico well for one thing there is A lot of natural beauty there are Amazing beaches with mountains and Crystal clear waters The weather is also warm all year round With the coldest months only ever Reaching an average temperature of 16 Celsius There is a flip side to that good Weather though and that is hurricane Season Puerto Rico is often in the path Of hurricanes and the effects of Hurricane Maria back in 2017 were Particularly severe for the country Which brings us on to something else That you want to consider about Puerto Rico and that's its infrastructure not Only does it have poor public Transportation but most of its power Infrastructure is ailing during the Hurricane Maria disaster the island was Left without electricity for weeks I'll Also add that the internet there is Known for being unreliable not exactly The ideal outcome for someone who Depends on online work like crypto Traders and investors that aside the Cost of living in Puerto Rico is pretty

Low when compared to not only the United States but also a number of other Caribbean countries according to this Handy chart over here a single person Can get by on less than one thousand Dollars a month excluding rent Rents can range between 450 to 800 and It obviously varies based on the size or Location so it's really quite affordable For anyone who would be considering Moving from the states one more thing to Consider is that there is a fair amount Of crime while it's generally lower than In most U.S states it does have a pretty High murder rate per capita at six times The US average so if you are considering Making the move to Puerto Rico then I Would consider storing all of your Crypto on a hardware wallet and stashing That in a safe if you don't have a Hardware wallet then I have some deals For you in the description In summary then Puerto Rico is a decent Alternative for U.S citizens who want a Warm and relatively affordable place to Live while paying no taxes just try to Avoid it during Hurricane Season Okay on to our next country and that is Portugal Now I will say that coin Bureau has some First-hand experience with this given That Taylor one of our team members Actually lives in Portugal as a digital Nomad so his experience there has helped

Inform this video so why is Portugal Such a great place well it's perhaps one Of the best choices if you want to live In Europe in a country that's part of The EU that's for a number of reasons But let's start with one of the most Important and that's their laws around Crypto taxes well up until very recently It used to be tax-free that is to say That you are not charged any capital Gains on your crypto positions as well As any taxes that would have accrued From staking this made Portugal the only Country in Europe that offered tax-free Crypto gains even for those trading it On the day-to-day however in the budget Presented last year the government Proposed a new crypto tax policy that Would end this zero tax treatment There is a silver lining to this though And that's that you are still not Charged any capital gains on your crypto If you have held the position for over a Year I.E a hodler and not a Trader Portugal is not unique in this though as Other European countries like Germany Have similar tax laws for crypto but Where Portugal is unique is in the cost Of living that's because it's known to Be one of the most affordable countries In Western Europe to live in Another benefit for Europeans especially Those in the west is that it has a Relatively warm climate they have mild

Winters that barely ever get below 15 Degrees Celsius And one of the ways that you can enjoy That warm climate and sunny weather is Of course on one of Portugal's numerous Beaches Portugal is also a very safe Country with relatively low crime rates When compared to most other European Countries therefore crypto holders Should feel free to rock out with their Ledgers out I'm joking by the way please Don't do that If you don't speak Portuguese then it Shouldn't be too much of a problem day To day as most people speak English to Some degree however there is an Important caveat to this and that's when Dealing with anything government related And speaking of the government this is Another issue that I've heard from People who have moved to Portugal from Other countries there is a lot of Bureaucracy and anything that involves Dealing with the government takes ages So be forewarned if you think you can Handle that then you may want to Consider the move to Portugal If you Have a passport from an EU country then That's easy as EU citizens have free Movement rights however if you don't Hold an EU passport then you still have Options to move to Portugal one of the Easiest is through their freelance visas These are ideal for digital Nomads and

There are two that could be of interest These are the D7 passive income visa and The D2 entrepreneur Visa I won't go into The details of how to obtain these but I Have linked to a number of resources in The description if you want to look into It yourself if you do the research Online you may also read about Portugal's golden Visa program this Would have allowed applicants to get Residency should they have invested a Certain amount in the country Unfortunately though this has been Suspended on the basis that it was Driving up property prices around the Country so bear that in mind and finally When it comes to crypto regulations Porch is beholden to the laws of the EU Overlords in Brussels while that's Generally seen as a bad thing the EU has Been less hawkish of late as compared to The US when it comes to crypto more Specifically their recent proposals in The mica Bill have been relatively Level-headed and they've even consulted The crypto sector on some of the more Harmful measures in previous versions The point is that if you're thinking of Setting up a crypto business in Portugal Then you should soon have clear rules of The road that could help you determine How to operate in the country so in Summary Portugal is a great choice for Europeans who want a warm climate zero

Taxes on crypto Holdings and a low cost Of living I would however brush up on Some Portuguese if you plan to stay There for a longer time and apply for Things like citizenship Etc okay on to The next country on the list and this is Our best pick for those who would love To live in Latin America And that is Costa Rica a country in Central America with some of the most Breathtaking natural beauty in the world Not only that but the country is also Pretty forward-thinking when it comes to Crypto regulations for one thing last Year a congresswoman there introduced a Bill that seeked to approve Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as a regulated payment Method in the country This would make it easier for companies To buy and sell crypto as well as get Access to banking the bill would also Have excluded taxes on bitcoin that's Kept in Cold Storage as well as any Taxes on mining while it has not yet Officially passed it's good to know that There are forward-thinking politicians In the country and speaking of taxes Costa Rica is a well-known country for Tax expats from North America more Specifically those who reside in the Country but earn income that is not Sourced from the country I.E outside of Costa Rica will be exempt from paying Any tax on said income of course you do

Need to be aware that the key word here Is foreign sourced which means that you Will still have to pay tax if you earn Any funds within Costa Rica that means That if you set up a company within the Country you will be subject to a Corporate rate of tax and if you pay Yourself from said company then you will Be taxed as the income is not foreign Sourced moreover if you are trading Crypto in the country there could be a Case made that the activity takes place Within the country and will therefore Incur local capital gains tax so it's Worth keeping all that in mind but Assuming that's not an issue for you Then Costa Rica could be an amazing Choice as I mentioned it's a Biodiversity hotbed with a range of Different activities on offer especially For those inclined to nature for example You can get some of the most amazing Beaches on the Caribbean coast to the North or you can explore the rainforests In the center of the country there are Also volcanoes and mountains dotting the Landscape I mean look at how Exquisite This Vista is beyond that the weather is Also a massive Pro it's hot with lots of Sunshine and temperatures that range From 22 to 28 degrees Celsius all year Round it's also a relatively laid back Culture and the people have been Described as generally friendly speaking

Of which you can get by by only speaking English this is especially the case for Those towns that are popular with Tourists and most Costa Ricans have at Least a basic command of English however If you want to make the most of your Time in the country then it's well Advised to learn Spanish when it comes To cost of living Costa Rica is quite Affordable by European or American Standards the average rent for a One-bedroom apartment in the center of San Jose is 500 and it can get even Lower to around 350 dollars when you Move outside of the city center If you were to include all the other Living costs then a single person could Get by on an income of between 1300 and 1700 a month while a couple would need About two thousand dollars not bad at All in terms of safety Costa Rica Consistently ranks as one of the safest Countries in Central America of course The Benchmark there is pretty low when You consider that Central America has Some pretty violent places and although The murder rate is lower than many American cities there is still a large Degree of petty crime so it's not really The place you want to have a flashy Lifestyle Something else that you have to consider Is that the infrastructure can sometimes Be unreliable that includes the internet

Infrastructure which could be a problem Especially for those remote workers so You may want to load up on a backup star Link if fast and stable internet is a Must so if you are thinking of making The move to Costa Rica then the best Visa option for you is the digital Nomad Visa this will allow remote workers Business owners and Freelancers to stay In the country for longer than on a Tourist visa the main requirements for This are that you must work for a Foreign company own a business or be a Freelancer you must also have a monthly Income of at least four thousand dollars And have health insurance covered I'll Leave links to resources below that Should give you some guidance should you Want to apply for this Visa so in Summary then Costa Rica is a country of Natural beauty that's ideal for expats That want to live tax-free in an Affordable and relatively safe place Moving on to our final country on the List though and that is Malaysia now Malaysia is ideal for those who want to Live in Asia but can't afford the high Barriers to entry for Singapore or it's Prohibitively expensive cost of living Firstly when it comes to taxes Malaysia Has a territorial tax regime that is Similar to that of Costa Rica what that Means is that if you earn an income That's foreign sourced you're not taxed

On it even if you do live in Malaysia There's also an additional benefit here In that Malaysia doesn't charge any Capital gains tax unless the asset is Malaysian property so what that means is That you can reside in the country Actively trade crypto and your gains may Not be subject to local taxation There is corporate tax in the country Though so if you are going to set up a Company there then you would be subject To that moreover any income that you pay Yourself from this company would be Locally sourced income and you would Have to pay Malaysian income tax on that So it's something that you perhaps want To avoid doing so how about the cost of Living well as mentioned Malaysia is Really quite affordable when compared to Some of the other countries in the Region for example a single person can Get by on about 500 a month excluding Rent whereas a family of four is looking At about sixteen hundred dollars In terms of housing costs rental for a One bedroom in the capital Kuala Lumpur Is about 460 dollars whereas for a Three-bedroom home you're looking at About eight hundred and fifty Seven Dollars that means that the cost to live In Kuala Lumpur is about a thousand Dollars for a single person and 2500 for A family of four not bad at all Something else that's quite convenient

For those who only speak English is that Nearly everyone in the country speaks it And all government services are in English so it's a lot easier for you to Get by here than in some of the other Countries that I've covered looking at The climate meanwhile Malaysia can be a Bit of a barrier for some that's because It's a tropical country and therefore Has extreme weather for example between June and August you can expect a heck of A lot of rain as that's monsoon season You also have to contend with some Pretty stifling humidity as well as General air pollution so it's not Necessarily the tropical pristine Paradise that Costa is then again it is Well located to visit a number of other Asian countries that do have expensive Natural beauty so that is a plus in Terms of safety it's a mixed bag while Malaysia generally has a low crime rate Compared to countries in the west it's Still higher than comparable countries Like Singapore it's also well known that Malaysia has some pretty bad drivers With incredibly congested roads that Contributes to a relatively High Fatality rate for Road accidents Something else that you want to consider Meanwhile is that while the cost of Living is generally affordable in Malaysia it all depends on what you're Consuming if you prefer to eat Western

Foods and generally import Western Goods Then it can be quite expensive they have High rates of Taxation on these imported Items which means that you're going to Have to Shell out more than you were Expecting so bearing all of that in mind If you're still Keen to move to Malaysia Then they do have attractive Visa Options your best bet is perhaps the Malaysia digital Nomad Visa this costs About 250 to apply for and it will allow You to live in the country for a period Of a year with the opportunity to extend It you're also allowed to bring Dependents applications are open to Citizens of all countries assuming that They have an income of more than twenty Four thousand dollars a year there are Also several benefits that come with This including the rantou Nomad pass Which grants privileged access to Co-working facilities and other services For digital Nomads I've linked to some Additional resources below should you Want to explore this Visa option for Yourself so in summary then Malaysia is A great option for those who would want To trade crypto tax-free in a country With a low cost of living and with easy Access to the rest of Asia however get Ready for some pretty crazy weather and Some expensive imported goods Okay that's it for my list of the top Five and I hope you found it helpful now

I will stress again that before you Consider any move to any of these Countries above you have to speak to a Tax and immigration advisor your Individual circumstances may be Different and some of these laws Also May have changed since this video was Released so dyor people and now I am Keen to hear from you anyone living in Any of these countries care to share Your opinion any other countries that I've missed let me know in the comments Below oh and if you would like to Support the channel then you should also Check out my merch store that's where You can pick up this magical number and So much more and finally if you think This crypto guy did a fine job well Smash up that like button why don't you Don't forget to hit that subscribe Button too oh and don't forget the Bell So YouTube can give you a bell as well Right that's it from me I will see you In the next one Foreign [Music]


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