The U.S government wants to cut off crypto's 
access to Banks this is a scripted planned   Ploy to take down or otherwise control 
cryptocurrency all right if bombshell   Report tonight about how Elizabeth Warren 
Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office   Coordinated testimony with the Security and 
Exchange Commission ahead of a senate hearing It's called The American Dream because you have 
to be asleep to believe it crypto companies May   Soon find themselves deprived of banking services 
in the United States just like online poker was   During the Obama ERA this is according to Nick 
Carter Castle Island general partner Nick Carter   Believes the crypto industry is under attack by 
the United States government in a sub-stack post   Published the other day Carter claimed that the 
Biden Administration was currently quote using   The banking sector to organize a sophisticated 
widespread Crackdown against the crypto industry   By discouraging Banks from doing business with 
crypto companies it's a big Club and you ain't   In it according to Carter the government's 
approach replicates a strategy employed by   The Obama Administration thank you named Operation 
choke point which sought to marginalize specific   Industries by restricting their access to 
banking impacted Industries included the   Online poker industry Firearms manufacturers adult 
entertainers lotteries and Money Transfer networks   With regards to the cryptocurrency space Carter 
listed 14 instances in the last 10 weeks in which   Crypto-friendly banks had faced pressure from 
the government or had otherwise elected to stop   Providing services to crypto companies he claimed 
that influential members of Congress the Federal   Reserve the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 
and the office of Comptroller of currency and the   Department of Justice were all implicated in what 
he called operation choke point 2.0 notable among   These events were statements made by the Fed the 
FDIC the OCC and the National Economic Council   Strongly discouraging Banks from holding crypto 
or dealing with crypto clients on a safety and   Soundness basis the US government is going for 
the approach of attacking and punishing crypto   Rather than creating clear guidelines for this 
budding industry so why isn't the US government   Helping us why are they punishing us it's because 
Bitcoin and crypto are an existential crisis and   A direct threat to those in power and the status 
quo as it is CEO of two crypto companies Adam B   Levine and host of markets daily podcast explains 
this what it really comes down to is that Bitcoin   And cryptocurrency represents a threat to the US 
dollar it doesn't represent a threat in the short   Term it represents an existential threat in the 
more medium term when the US dollar inevitably   Has to restart its system because the way that 
things are going are not sustainable and they   Will not continue if it history is any guide 
what if I told you that this was all scripted   Would you believe me what if I told you that the 
theater that they put on on TV it's just that   It's theater and the questions and the answers 
have already been planned they make it look like   It's off the cuff but it's not it's orchestrated 
example congresswoman Elizabeth Warren and SEC  

Chair Gary Gensler their scripted ploy to control 
crypto all right a bombshell report tonight about   How Elizabeth warned Senator Elizabeth Warren and 
her office coordinated testimony with the Security   And Exchange Commission ahead of a senate hearing 
the Heritage Foundation oversight project of which   I'm Associated through a foia request obtained 
emails from Warren's office to the office of   Chairman Gary ginsler two days before his Senate 
testimony back in September of 2021. the email   From Warren's Economic Policy advisor includes 
a list of questions get this a list of questions   That Senator Warren planned to ask along with 
suggested answers for the chairman of the SEC   The advisor also wrote quote let me know if you're 
okay with the questions as currently written two   Days later she sent a follow-up quote let me know 
if it's looking like the chair has any issue with   The framing of the questions definitely don't 
want to put him in a tough spot end quote and   It appears the chairman didn't have any issue 
with these questions because Senator Warren   Asked almost verbatim from the email check this 
out chair counselor Advocates say crypto markets   Are all about financial inclusion but the people 
who are most economically vulnerable are the ones   Who are most likely to have to withdraw their 
money the fastest when the market drops does this   Sound like the path to financial inclusion do you 
it's all scripted it's all planned and actually   If you look into it to almost any previous past 
conversation between again let's say Elizabeth   Warren and SEC chair Gary Gensler notice how she 
compliments him notice how she has the questions   Ready to go Gary has the answers ready to go 
under a Warren from Massachusetts uh thank you   Mr chairman and welcome Mr Gensler uh I remember 
your work at the cftc and I anticipate that you   Will show the same Independence and courage as 
head of the SEC so as you know the sec's job   Is to protect investors maintain Fair orderly and 
efficient markets and facilitate Capital formation   But it is falling down on the job and so since 
we're limited for time I'm just going to pick   Three examples the SEC is not requiring 
companies to make full public disclosure   About climate related risks the SEC is letting 
companies leave their investors in the dark about   Predatory private Equity practices and as Gamestop 
recently demonstrated the SEC stands by while the   Stock market too often functions like a casino 
where the roulette tables aren't on the level   So let me go back through these let me start 
with climate risk Mr Gensler is there any   Reason why companies should be able to hide 
their climate risks from their investors   Um Senator no I think that particularly material 
materiality is a point here but no they should   Not be able to hide their okay good now let me go 
to private Equity it's always like this narrative   Versus reality the SEC says their job is to 
protect investors but if that's so where are the   Rules yeah I mean I think that this comes back to 
what we always see from the political space which   Is narrative versus reality The Narrative is that 
the sec's role is to protect investors the reality   Is is that if they wanted to protect investors 
they would have given us rules that would have  

Been tailored to the technology rather than just 
trying to essentially use rules that they don't   Have to explain or Justify to anybody because they 
were already passed for other purposes so how far   Behind are we what needs to happen to be ahead 
of new innovation in the crypto space in America   Oh look an adult in the room former SEC 
chair Harvey Pitt makes corrupt regulator   Gary Gensler look like a clown Gary Gensler 
is trying to slow crypto down to allow the   Banking incumbents to take control he's 
not trying to protect retail investors   So how far behind are we in regulating crypto 
and What needs to take place in order for us   To finally kind of be ahead of any type of 
new innovation that comes within the space   I think what's required is a comprehensive set of 
rules of the road um it's no use in telling people   You have to follow the law if they don't know what 
the law is most people will try and follow the law   But they need to know what it is and so doing this 
on a piecemeal basis Case by case with enforcement   Actions doesn't really get us to where we need 
to be which is a comprehensive regulatory scheme   So what exactly should the SEC be figuring out 
when it comes to crypto see what I like is that   This former SEC chair Harvey Pitt makes it sound 
so simple makes it sound so easy and it could be   Harvey what would be some of the aspects to that 
comprehensive plan well first I think you have   To designate someone to be in charge of today's 
hearings uh some folks are suggesting the SEC do   The job and that may make great sense but whoever 
does it has to sit down and come up with rules of   The road that explain everything from how you 
offer interests in these marketplaces how you   Protect investors how you verify assets and make 
sure that people are not being scammed when they   Are scammed obviously you have to throw the book 
at them but you need a book first and that's   What's missing right now we're gonna have to fight 
for fair cryptocurrency regulations we're going to   Have to get loud subscribe to the channel join 
the altcoin daily team we keep you updated on a   Daily basis and perhaps the biggest takeaway for 
me is this it's a big Club and you ain't in it   It's called The American Dream because you have 
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