Crypto: Something BIG is Brewing in 2024 (Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, & XRP News)

Bitcoin's up as the price nears 455,000 As altcoins tease historic breakout Black Rock continues to increase their Bitcoin Holdings to now more than 3.37 Billion or more than 78,000 Bitcoin the Mainstream media has gone silent but Black Rock continues to buy investors Are locking up their ethereum with over A quarter of ethereum's eth Supply now Staked on the network for the very first Time meaning as this gets locked up the Coins are off the market including eth Staked in the staking queue more than 25% of the total Supply is staked across 942 th000 plus validator Stakes most Coins have at least 50% if not more Sometimes of their supply Stak eth has Only had this option for about a year a Little more with the merge upgrade so Would expect this number to increase and With confirmation of ethereum's next Next upgrade this is why you subscribe Ethereum developers Target March 13th For Milestone denin upgrade on mainnet The timing of the long awaited dankin Upgrade with its much touted Proto dank Charting feature was announced Thursday On a call with top Developers for the Eth blockchain so a lot of technical Words here let's break this down and Again the news today is March 13th Confirmation and this is the Blockchain's biggest upgrade change Since April 2023 the danken upgrade is

Primarily known for its Proto dank Charting feature which is supposed to Reduce costs for transactions on Auxiliary L2 networks built at Top Ethereum by providing a dedicated space For data storage so ethereum's thriving L2 ecosystem this will greatly benefit And the decision was communicated during The all core developers consensus layer Call 127 just one day after the upgrade Was successfully added to the Hol ski Test net the third of three test Nets Without any hiccups so all three dress Rehearsals were a success we're now on To opening night and it's great to see Years worth of effort finally being Scheduled for ethereum mainnet says one Of the main Engineers is an upgrade that Eth founder vitalic has been talking About for years and for a nontechnical Audience how would you explain the Reasoning behind the pivot from sharding On the road map to to Dan in yeah so Sharting um on the in the original Vision uh basically said that you would Have the layer one protocol would handle Scalability of data and scalability of Execution right it would handle Scalability of everything the rollup Plus d shorting approach basically says The L1 still handles scalability of data And scalability of data is just a much Much easier piece to handle than Scalability of execution um and then

Layer twos could handle scalability of Execution and denin will enable a new Type of transaction class called Proto Dank sharding which will help reduce the Costs of transactions for olops with a New category of data storage and watch Today's whole video we're going to talk Smaller altcoins but major news for xrp The xrp Ledger automated Market maker Just went through a little upgrade I Think I can speak for everybody at Ripple when I say we would like the xrp Ledger to evolve as quickly as possible And to add as many features as as Quickly as possible but we would also Like everything to be as safe as Possible we never we don't want to take Any risks right and again the automated Market maker is like a Unis swap it's Going to allow defi on The xrp Ledger And this upgrade this fix was an Optimization I'm proud of the community I know that OB I know that like from the Outside sometimes you know as they Saying that like people who like Sausages and respect the law shouldn't Watch either one being made and we do This in public like it's on Twitter so Everybody gets to watch the sausage Being made and sometimes it's not super Pretty and sometimes I have to you know Sometimes I'm like I wish that didn't Happen but I mean overall the process is Pretty good like everybody got to

Express their views and um things didn't Always go the way that I thought was Right and that's good I mean imagine if The community always did whatever I said I wanted or imagine if I like if like we Had a secret cabal that just like Decided on everything privately and then Announced our results to the public like That would be way worse and would I like It to be less acrimonious and more Absolute polite and respectful maybe but Then there would be no passion so you Know um I just want to say even though It has been contentious at times and Even though I know people like temperas Have gotten a little heated in times and I think I think but everybody got to see Everything so how this affects you is Just understand that we're watching The Xrp Ledger be upgraded in real time and So I I I just want to say that I'm I'm Just proud of the way it happened and I Honestly like can't really think of a Better way overall and I just hope that I just hope that there isn't real Acrimony I hope that there aren't people Who like oh those guys man why do they Keep like we're doing what you're doing We're advocating for what we believe and What we're passionate about and there is A tension like I think I can speak for Everybody at Ripple when I say we would Like the xrp ledger to evolve we don't Have any secret agenda about any

Particular Amendment we don't have some Secret strategy in mind for these Amendments other than that we think They'll add value and we think they're Good and we think people will find them Beneficial we like better things we like Good things like everybody does now Altcoin cardano is making news but I do Just have to share with you as this went Largely unnoticed by the mainstream Media that the US Treasury secretary Janette Yellen has just asked Congress To regulate crypto assets that are not Securities essentially pass crypto Regulations which include stable coins And spot markets for crypto the council Is focused on digital assets and related Risks such as runs such as from runs on Crypto asset platforms and stable coins Potential vulnerabilities from crypto Asset price Volatility and the proliferation of Platforms acting outside of or out of Compliance with applicable laws and Regulations applicable rules and Regulations should be enforced and Congress should pass legislation to Provide for the regulation of stable Coins and of the spot market for crypto Assets that are not Securities we look Forward to continuing to engage with Congress on this now what about cardano Why is Ada price up this week well Looking back this week cardano

Experienced a notable rise rising over 88.5% to reach about 53.5 with the bulk of this week's Ada Appreciation approximately 6.5% occurred in the last 24 hours Meaning cardano is outpacing an already Bullish Market with one reason being the Increased onchain activity meaning the Total value locked tvl across the Cardano ecosystem has grown from about 660 million Ada to now 720 million Ada In just the last 24 hours and with the Rising tvl suggesting more ass assets Being locked in cardano smart contracts Suggesting growing adoption we're seeing The fundamentals get better we're seeing The daily active addresses and daily Transaction counts also get better and Also major news for Avalanche blockchain And bony blockchain we will tokenize Trillions worth of real world assets and Onboard most major institutions on chain In the next 5 years and they will all Need account abstraction so Avalanche is That L1 blockchain like a Solana like an Eth like a cardano and bomy is sort of The infrastructure it allows account Abstraction so just to give you the Highlights basically how bomy is Benefiting Avalanche it simplifies Client and user onboarding it allows Customizable account maintenance gas Abstraction which is huge makes the user Experience so much better and of course

Added security and I was actually going To stop sharing with you clips of our New show the just premiered killer Whales I was going to stop I wasn't Going to share anymore for example You've seen this you lost everything one Time when you two times twice what Happens if that happens this time uh if We fail the world is but there Was such a huge demand Down Below in the Comments I'm reading your comments Always here's one more here's a Different clip from the same episode a Different product so that's my question It's a Marketplace for buyers and Sellers and the only twist in this Marketplace that is different from every Other real estate Marketplace the buyers Sometimes want to pay using crypto right How many houses are listed on the Platform right now today like 20 or So how many houses have you sold we Haven't facilitated any transactions we Haven't done there isn't yet a proof of Concept when it comes to there has been Transactions before but we haven't Actually facilitated Transaction and your backgrounds in real Estate No what do you think give me your honest Thoughts down below if you haven't Already be sure to go to our main page Look at our other social options out There and if you haven't subscribe to us

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