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When terror collapsed in early may Crypto prices took a dive and the Resulting crypto bear market has left Many holders wondering which coins and Tokens will be the most resilient Well a recent report by dap radar Suggests that cryptocurrencies in the Game fi and metaverse niches could see Significantly less losses and possibly Even some gains during the bear market That’s why today i’m going to give you a Bit of background about the report Summarize what it says in simple terms And tell you which other crypto niches Could be best for bear market survival [Music] Before we talk about crypto games There’s something i need to explain Financial advice is not something this Video contains it’s just entertainment And education that’s meant to grow your Brain so please contact a financial Advisor if your portfolio is causing you Pain Now if this is your first time stopping By my name’s guy and making crypto Content is how i get my high the coin Bureau has the kind of quality crypto Content that will make you fly Coins tokens news and reviews that dig Down into the who what when where and Why So if you want some of my supplies Subscribe to the channel and then ping

The notification bell that meets your Eye Okay that’s all you need to know about This guy now let’s see which cryptos Could thrive even as the market takes a Dive The report i’ll be summarizing today was Written by dap radar for those Unfamiliar dapp radar is a website where You can find all sorts of information About decentralized applications or gaps I regularly use dap radar as part of my Research specifically to see how many Users different dapps have Logically the more users adapt has then The more demand there will be for its Coin or token On that note you can find out how to do Research during a bear market using the Link in the description Now as you can see dap radar supports Just about every crypto ecosystem and The list of supported cryptocurrencies Continues to expand The platform also tracks nft and defy Activity So it should come as no surprise then That dap radar has published dozens of Detailed crypto reports over the years And the one i’ll be covering today Actually made the crypto headlines the Other week The report is titled quote how Blockchain users reacted to the crypto

Contagion and the latest macro events it Was published on the 29th of july and I’ll leave a link to the full report in The description i’ll also quickly note That not all of dap radar’s reports are Free Accessing some of them requires Purchasing dap radar’s pro subscription Which can easily be done using the Platform’s token i’ll leave a link to How to do that in the description too if You’re interested Now the report begins with a brief Introduction where the authors go over Some of the crypto dominoes that fell After terra’s collapse this includes Stuff like the insolvency of crypto Hedge fund three arrows capital the Bankruptcy of crypto platforms like Celsius and the absolute carnage in the D5 niche which was hit the hardest the Authors note that the falling of these Crypto dominoes spilled over into Traditional markets which is news to me They also don’t seem to provide any Evidence for this claim It’s also news to me that another Unaccountable and undemocratic International organization called the Financial stability board or fsb Ironically the same acronym as russia’s Secret service will be presenting its Regulatory proposals for cryptocurrency In october this year

This happens to coincide with when the Crypto recovery rally could end and when The real bear market lows could begin More about that in the description i Digress The last thing the authors mentioned in The introduction is the securities and Exchange commission or sec’s scrutiny of The crypto industry which has increased Significantly over the last few weeks And the resulting fear in the crypto Market that all these fallen dominoes Has caused The first part of the report dives Deeper into the aftermath of terror’s Collapse and the authors begin by Predicting that quote this event will be Remembered in the future and will Continue to shape the markets for many Months or even years to come They then drop the first few statistics Of the report and these are the Transactions related to d5 protocols and Nfts fell by 14.81 And 12.2 percent in q2 respectively By contrast transactions related to Blockchain games increased by over 9.5 Percent during the same period Now the former statistics are not that Surprising given that lots of the Liquidity in the nft market came from d5 Protocols and you’ll know this if you Watched our rv update from earlier this Year

As for the latter statistic i suspect The increase in blockchain game activity Might be due to all the new game fight Projects that have been launching lately Unfortunately i can’t say for sure Because the authors don’t explain where These statistics are coming from The second part of the report pivots to The quote polarizing attitudes towards Nfts around the world and here the Authors reference research conducted by An american fintech company called Cashnet which analyzed the social Sentiment of nfts on twitter Funnily enough the most nft friendly Countries are montenegro bosnia and Luxembourg with poland nicaragua and Belize as the least nft friendly Countries i can’t say why and i don’t Even know where to start with my Speculation so let me know in the Comment section if you have any Explanations for this Another thing the analysts at cashnet Examined was the actual interest in nfts Between countries and they used google Searches to assess this They found that the countries that are Most interested in nfts are hong kong Singapore and canada with moldova serbia And russia being the least interested Can’t say i’m all that surprised given What’s been going on in eastern europe Lately

Speaking of which you can find out what Effects the war in ukraine could have on Crypto using the link in the description Now what i’m wondering is whether the Researchers over at cashnet controlled For population size when making their Analysis after all more populated Countries are likely to see more search Results for any given term and something Tells me these nft trends would be Similar for most crypto searches not Only that but google isn’t the most Popular search engine in every country Some countries such as china have banned Google entirely and that means you’re Easily missing up to a third of the Global population in your analysis This is relevant to the next set of nft Statistics about the interest in Specific nft projects which is again Based on google searches Not surprisingly the two most popular Nft projects are decentraland and Axionfinity and this is the case in most Countries the only outliers are select European countries which prefer sports Nft platforms so rare and seychelles Where citizens apparently prefer town Star nft a play to earn crypto project Created by gala games This ties into the third part of the Report which is about blockchain games The authors begin by underscoring the Popularity of axi infinity around the

World and this makes me wonder about how Much overlap there is between the Categories of game phi and nfts in this Analysis In any case the authors point out that The total number of blockchain gamers Didn’t decline very much over the last Quarter and this is consistent with what Chanalysis found in its recent report Which we also summarized that’ll be in The description Now the authors go on to explain that The decline in active game fire users Hasn’t been the same for all Blockchains since may the binance smart Chain and axi infinity’s ronin sidechain Have seen a decline of 23 and 36 Respectively By contrast the number of active game Fire users on the wax blockchain and Solana increased significantly during The same period with wax seeing a six Percent gain and solana seeing a Staggering 311 percent gain Now this makes me wonder what the Initial number of game fire users on Solana was since a large percentage gain Is easier to achieve if you’re dealing With say a few hundred or a few thousand Users at the outset just like it’s Easier to pump a crypto with a lower Market cap regardless of its price tag Well wax currently supports two of the Three most popular blockchain games by

Userbase specifically alien worlds at Nearly 600k monthly active users and Splinterlands at nearly 400k monthly Active users Axi infinity currently sits between the Two at around 450k monthly active users Scrolling down we can see that the only Solana game 5 project in the top 25 is Gamito with over 100k monthly active Users This confirms that solana likely started From the bottom and now it’s here The fourth part of the report covers Some of the upcoming crypto regulations That will likely be rolled out because Of terror’s collapse the authors start By highlighting the fact that over 40 Billion dollars in crypto wealth was Wiped out by ust and luna’s death spiral Not to mention the hundreds of billions That were lost down the line The authors then present this handy map Apparently made by thomson reuters which Shows where cryptocurrency is legal Mostly legal and mostly illegal the Authors note that although regulations Go against the ethos of cryptocurrency Some degree of regulation is warranted Given all the hacks and rug pulls that Continue to plague the crypto industry The authors take their argument one step Further by emphasizing that all these Hacks and drug pools make cryptocurrency Unappealing and therefore make

Mainstream adoption more difficult fair Point The only thing i would add is that not All crypto regulations are reasonable If you watched our most recent video About the fat f’s so-called Recommendations you’ll know that money Laundering laws have had next to no Effect on illicit finance during the 30 Years they’ve been around There are also some regulators like the Sec that believe all stablecoins are Securities like say stocks in the Company even though that is clearly not The case Now this is all fairly well known which Is why i find it a bit odd that the Authors claim quote At this stage it’s too early to estimate The scope of regulations until concrete Proposals are introduced in europe and The u.s If you’ve been keeping up with the Channel you’ll know that there are a Couple of crypto bills currently working Their way through the pipes of the us Political system and the european union Also recently passed its market in Crypto assets bill with its laws set to Go into force in the coming years You can learn more about those using the Link in the description Anyways the fifth part of the report Deals with how defy has changed after

Terra’s collapse and the first statistic In this section just about sums it up Quote the average loss in tvl among all The blockchains has been minus 68 Tvl meaning total value locked in the d5 Protocols on these blockchains The authors reiterate that the number of Transactions associated with d5 Protocols has only declined by about 15 Percent which to me suggests that most Of this tvl loss wasn’t due to d5 users Withdrawing but rather due to the Massive drop in the value of the Volatile coins and tokens used in most D5 protocols In the case of cryptocurrencies like Harmony the massive drop in tvl was due To a hack and the authors question Harmony’s future following the hack of Its cross-chain bridge given that the Project was already struggling to Attract users in the face of so much Competition let’s hope that gets sorted Now the authors also point out that Ethereum’s d5 protocols only lost around 33 percent of their tvl over the last Year whereas the binance smart chain Lost 70 of its tvl and polygon lost 67 Of its tvl during the same period i Suspect this has again to do with the Discrepancy in stable versus volatile Collateral For context most of the stable coins in Circulation are on ethereum and one of

The largest d5 protocols on ethereum Deals exclusively in stable coins Specifically curve finance The authors go on to applaud the Impressive annual tvl growth on Up-and-coming smart contract Cryptocurrencies like solana and Avalanche which are still up 322 percent And over 1300 In terms of tvl over the last year Respectively You can learn more about what both Projects have been up to lately by Watching our most recent updates about Them and those videos will be down in The description Anywho the sixth part of the report is An interesting one and that’s because It’s about the demographics of crypto Holders and users the authors specify That they use the data from the dap Radar website to assess this which Probably skews the results quite a bit But here’s what they found Americans are the most interested in Cryptocurrency with indians coming in at A quote distant second The russians come in third which is not Surprising given that the country has Reportedly been implementing some Serious capital controls to protect the Ruble since putin invaded ukraine Regarding the american Over-representation this also makes

Sense given that the united states is Home to the biggest capital markets i.e Most of the world’s money India’s interest in crypto is less Obvious but i have a feeling it has Something to do with all the daps on Polygon which is an indian crypto Project hence why there are probably Many indians checking dap radar more About polygon in the description When it comes to gender the authors Found that 80 of dap radar’s guests are Male and 20 are female a 2 increase in Male dominance compared to the previous Quarter Now i’ll quickly note that this 80 20 Ratio is actually incredibly common in Many areas not just crypto for example In most businesses eighty percent of the Income comes from twenty percent of that Businesses clientele This 80 20 rule is also called the Pareto principle and something to be on The lookout for when you’re analyzing Any kind of data you’ll be surprised how Often you come across it and its Prevalence is why some believe it’s a Sort of natural law the more you know Now the pareto principle does not appear To be present when it comes to the types Of devices that people are using to Research cryptocurrencies with slightly More than half using computers and the Rest using mobile phones not entirely

Sure how that’s relevant here but hey The more you know Finally the authors found that most Crypto holders and users are aged 18 to 44 with around a third falling into the 25 to 34 category The authors note that the number of Boomers in the space declined during the Last quarter too The last part of the report consists of Closing comments from the authors who Acknowledge that most of the impressive Price action we’ve seen from most coins And tokens in 2020 and 2021 was a result Of money printing by central banks Particularly the federal reserve As such it should come as no surprise That most cryptos have been on the Decline since central banks started Raising interest rates If you’ve watched any of our many videos About the fed you’ll know the practical Effect of this is that all the money That was printed gets sucked back in as Debts are repaid selling off assets to Pay back said debts is ultimately why Assets have been crashing across the Board since november but the authors Argue that the fed isn’t the only one to Point your finger at when it comes to The crypto crash poorly designed crypto Projects and protocols along with quote Irresponsible practices by individual And institutional crypto investors alike

Also contributed significantly to the Crypto crash and the authors claimed That quote the industry has to sober up And abandon irresponsible behavior going Forward Until the next crypto bull market comes Around the authors believe that Metaverse projects and possibly even Nfts will fare well compared to most Other cryptocurrencies and cite the Continued entrance of big players like Instagram into the niche as proof So this brings me to the big question And that’s why metaverse gamefi and Select nft projects will handle the Crypto bear market better than crypto Projects in other categories as i Mentioned in the introduction to another Gamefi report we summarized there are Fundamentally three reasons why someone Invests in cryptocurrency speculation Aka they want to make money necessity Aka they need to transfer money and Entertainment aka just for fun As i’m sure most of you have noticed Speculation in the crypto market has Been shafted for the most part the Recent recovery rally notwithstanding This effectively leaves necessity and Entertainment as the two primary demand Drivers for any coin or token Now as far as necessity goes it’s safe To assume that most folks who want to Transfer money using cryptocurrency will

Stick to using stable coins This is potentially bullish for smart Contract cryptocurrencies that support Stable coins and you’ll recall ethereum Is the king in this category Now obviously not everyone can afford Ethereum’s gas fees which is why most Will likely stick to using low-cost Layer twos especially since they don’t Experience outages like some of Ethereum’s competitors I mean it’s no coincidence that vitalik Has been pushing crypto payments lately He knows what’s up Now in terms of entertainment it’s clear That metaverse gamefi and select nft Projects fall into this category while There are obviously economics at play With any crypto projects that fall into These categories i reckon speculation Will be a secondary factor for the best Ones And when you combine an addictive Blockchain game with a relatively small Market cap it means that its coin or Token is likely to remain relatively Stable or even grow regardless of how Low the crypto market goes because there Will be a constant stream of demand Coming from gamers This is why it’s a good idea to get Familiar with a few of these blockchain Games and see which ones you think have The potential to be fun enough to play

Regardless of whether there are crypto Profits to be made and you can start Your journey by checking out our video About the top play to earn games and That will be down in the description for Your viewing pleasure And that’s all for today’s video about Dap radar’s crypto report if you enjoyed It smash that like button to let me know If you want to make sure you don’t miss The next crypto report summary subscribe To the channel and ping that Notification bell While you wait you can check out coin Bureau clips for emergency market Updates and tune in to the coin bureau Podcast for deep crypto dives you can Also follow me on twitter tiktok and Instagram for memes and behind the Scenes and join my telegram channel for Daily crypto updates If you want to know what cryptos i hold As part of my portfolio you can find out By subscribing to my weekly newsletter It’s got a whole bunch of exclusive Crypto tips that you can’t afford to Miss If you want to support what we do head On over to the coin bureau merch store And get some crypto themed apparel that Suits you links to all these resources And more can be found down in the Description thank you all so much for Watching and i will see you in the next

One my name is guy and you Have been watching the coin bureau [Music]


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