Crypto Price Predictions!! What’s Next For BTC, ETH, & SOL!?

Could Bitcoin hit $120,000 or could eth reach $55,000 What About Soul reaching an eyew Watering $3,200 these are just some of the price Predictions that we've seen over the Last two weeks and they've been coming From large institutional investors However are they realistic or are they Nothing but a hopium pipe dream well That's exactly what we'll be breaking Down today so if you hold TC eth or Soul Then this is a video you don't want to Miss before we get into the nuts and Bolts I must tell you that I am not a Financial adviser I'm just some guy Called guy who entertains and educates With some of the finest crypto content Out there so if you like what you see Click subscribe and stay on top of Everything you need to know about crypto Now then let's get into it and wind the Wheels of Time back to the 16th of October on that day coin Telegraph Caused An Almighty hiccup in the markets A staff mishap it can happen to the best Of us folks resulted in the false Reporting on social media that the US Securities and Exchange Commission had Approved black Rock's I shares spot Bitcoin exchange traded fund or ETF Application although the report was Corrected within half an hour the impact Was massive BTC briefly surged from

$27,900 to over $ ,000 and nearly $100 Million in short positions were Liquidated from a price action Standpoint the incident was revelatory It showed that the market had not Efficiently priced the likelihood of Spot Bitcoin ETFs being approved in Other words the price of BTC ought to Have been higher now before I get into Btc's pricing let me give some context On spot Bitcoin ETFs and their relevance To the price of BTC for those of you who Might be less familiar if you don't need A reminder feel free to skip to the next Tim stamp now demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs is not new in fact Cameron and Tyler winlos of Gemini and Mark Zuckerberg stole my multi-billion dollar Facebook idea Fame filed for the first Spot Bitcoin ETF in the US 10 whole Years ago since then the value of Bitcoin has surged from under $1 billion To a staggering $670 billion today after reaching All-time highs of 1.28 trillion during The last Bull Run in 2021 during this period the SEC rejected Numerous applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs but when Black Rock the world's Largest asset manager filed for a spot ETF in June this year a whole Suite of Other Financial Giants followed suit Black Rock Only fed for ETFs when it's Damn close to certain that they'll get

Approved now the SEC has until March 2024 to make a call on those Applications filed in June though it may Well make a decision before then in fact Many are eyeing the tenth of January as A key date as that is the deadline for a Refiling by Arc 21 shares for a spot ETF Since there is little to differentiate The various ETF filings and the SEC is Cognizant not to give institutions a First mover Advantage many of us suspect The agency will issue a blanket approval Or rejection by that date anyway with Each passing day it seems more likely That the SEC will give the green light In fact Bloomberg analysts Eric balunas And James saart who are among the most Respected voices on this topic have Steadily increased the odds of approval Over recent months from 50% in June to Over 90% as we record this video so what Would approval mean for traditional Investors well for those looking to Invest in BTC spot ETFs are a potential GameChanger spot Bitcoin ETFs offer them Access low fees and a sense of security Rather than needing to go through the Hassle and risk of managing wallets and Private Keys investors would be able to Access BTC through institutions they're Familiar with and have grown to trust The fact that these instruments would Have regulatory approval from the SEC Also offers them a sense of security and

Allays any fears of being scammed Moreover although ETFs come with higher Fees than buying BTC directly from an Exchange they are typically much cheaper Than going through other traditional Routes like mutual funds another point To note meanwhile is that great wealth Lies with traditional investors Particularly older investors indeed Currently in the US 62% of wealth is Held by those older than 59 and yet only 8% of people older than 50 have invested In crypto versus 25% for adults younger Than 50 so if even a small proportion of These investors want exposure to crypto The impact on the price of BTC could be Massive so now that we have the context Let's see what the experts are saying About the future price of BTC so the First prediction comes from Galaxy Digital a digital asset management firm In an extensive blog post Galaxy digital Details how the potential approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF could impact BTC prices As a starting point they identify three Wealth channels that could bring Capital To spot ETFs these include broker Dealers Banks and registered investment Advisors or Ras as of October the these Three channels collectively are valued At $ 48.3 Trillion and Galaxy digital then goes on To make a broad but not unreasonable

Assumption they say that if BTC is Adopted by 10% of total available Assets In each wealth Channel with an average Allocation of 1% then they estimate the Inflows into a Bitcoin ETF will be as Follows $14 billion in the first year $27 billion by the second year and $39 Billion by the third year post launch in Terms of what that would mean for the Price of BTC the authors use gold ETFs As a reference point according to their Estimates the price of BTC would Increase 6.2% in the first month after An ETF launch before steadily trending Downwards to a 3.7% monthly increase by Month 12 that means the price of BTC Will grow by 74% from its 30 th of September price reaching $59,800 within A year after a spot ETF approval and This is just a modest estimate in fact The authors are quick to point out that Quote we believe our assumptions on Access exposure and allocation are Conservative so inflows could also be Higher than expected that is certainly Good news and reassuringly Galaxy Digital has put its money where its Mouth is so to speak since coming out With its bullish prediction the company Deposited over 4,000 BTC currently worth Over $140 million into RV and compound Now if you're feeling bullish and want To invest just make sure that you're Doing so on a reputable exchange the

Coin Bureau deals page has a list of Some of the best crypto exchanges on the Market and not only that but we have Sign up bonuses of up to $40,000 and Trading fee discounts of up to 60% so if This this is something you want to take Advantage of then head on over to Deals also linked to in the description And choose the exchange deal best suited To you this is only for the viewers of This channel by the way and for a Limited time only too so don't let it Slip right then let's get on to the next BTC price prediction this was revealed By crypto Quant a data analytics firm Crypto Quant believes that if Bitcoin ETFs are approved then TC could become a $900 billion asset and the entire crypto Market could grow by $1 trillion to put That into context the grayscale Bitcoin Trust gbtc which is currently the World's largest digital assets fund Currently holds $6.7 billion in assets a Fraction of the inflows expected if spot ETFs are approved this gives you an idea Of just how game-changing the sec's Decision could be crypto qu suggests That if the company seeking to introduce Bitcoin ETFs invest just 1% of their Total managed assets into these funds Around $155 billion could flow into the Bitcoin Market if this happens the price Of BTC could potentially rise to

Somewhere between 50,000 and $73,000 according to the company it's Interesting to note that like Galaxy Digital crypto Quant also uses 1% as a Benchmark it's unclear where they both Get these figures but at least in Galaxy Digital's case they admitted that it's a Conservative estimate so real growth Could be in excess of those figures Though I caution again that I'm not a Financial Adviser next up the third and final BTC Prediction this was made by the digital Asset Financial Services firm Matrix Port as a starting point Matrix Port Analyzed the price jump in BTC following That unfortunate coin Telegraph tweet I Mentioned mentioned earlier Matrix Port Rightly saw that BTC was poorly priced So they crunched some numbers and they Now estimate that the approval of a spot ETF could push bitcoin's price to Anywhere between 42,000 and $56,000 interestingly Matrix Port looks At precious metals ETFs as a source of New inflows their price estimate is Based on an assessment that investors in Precious Metals ETFs might shift 1% of Their investment to bitcoin spot ETFs And there we have that 1% figure again So if any numerologists out there are Watching give us your take in the Comments below now unfortunately it Isn't clear from the sources when Matrix

Port predicts the price of BTC to rise To between $42,000 and $56,000 though from Context it seems to Be shortly after spot ETFs are approved This is because in July Marcus thielen Who is head of research at mat export Predicted that by the end of 2024 the Value of BTC could hit $125,000 now if that 120k range sounds Familiar that's because it is as you Might remember from a previous video of Ours Standard Chartered Bank similarly Forecasted that BTC could hit $120,000 by the end of 2024 standard Charter's prediction was based not on The potential of a Bitcoin ETF approval But rather on the idea that as Bitcoin Money miners are earning more they're Likely to sell fewer of their mined Coins leading to a scarcity that drives Up prices the bank also factored in the Next Bitcoin Haring event in 2024 which Is when the daily production of new Bitcoins will decrease from about 900 to Roughly 450 as basic economics dictates Lower Supply and the same or increased Demand will put upward pressure on Prices and if you've been in this game a While you'll know that Bitcoin harving Have previously taken place months Before BTC reached all-time highs that Said of course past performance is no Indication of future results so don't Take it as gospel just as an informed

Hypothesis so to sum up whether it's the Approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs the Upcoming Haring or behavior Trends among Bitcoin miners there are a number of Strong indicators that suggest the price Of BTC is likely to shoot up next year Next let's delve into the recent Ethereum price prediction in early October Standard Chartered projected That ethereum's value could reach $8,000 by the end of 2026 which is a 5x Increase from its current standing of Around $1600 the bank's cryptocurrency research Head Jeffrey Kendrick believes that this Surge in eth's value will be driven by The increased adoption of smart Contracts now this shouldn't be Understated as an increasing number of Industries Embrace blockchain technology The scope for growth in smart contracts Is immense and since ethereum is the Dominant player in smart contracts with Around 43% of the global market share as Of 2022 eth could stand to be the big Winner as the market grows since we Couldn't find standard Charters Projection on the growth of smart Contracts we've turned to a study by Grand View research to put this into Context they estimate the smart Contracts Market to be valued at around $1.1 billion in 2023 and also believe The sector will flourish in the coming

Years according to their figures the Smart contracts Market will have a Compound annual growth rate or Kar of 82.2% reaching a staggering 73,74 Million by 2030 that is 73x Compared to where we are today ethereum Is also well positioned when it comes to Two other strong growth areas in web 3 Namely gaming and digital token creation Another study by Grand View research Estimates that the global blockchain Gaming sector will rise from $7.9 Billion in 2023 to $31 billion by 2030 Which is a 38x gain these estimates bode well for Standard Charters prediction and to Clarify the bank believes that the 8K Valuation for eth is a short-term one Over the longer term Jey believes eth Will hit the 26k to 35k range a 14 to 19x Improvement on today's rate the Other dimension Jeffrey highlights is That the events I mentioned previously That will influence the price of BTC I.E The potential spot ETF approval and the Bitcoin harving will end up positively Affecting crypto as a whole including of Course eth as past Market Cycles have Shown BTC dominance drops in Bull Markets as more liquidity flows to coins And to tokens with lower market caps and Better growth potential these flows are Usually sparked by a catalyst like the Growth in defi in 2020 which initially

Benefited ethereum and then so-called Ethereum Killers like salana and Speaking of salana this is our next and Final prediction but before I get into It I need to flag two of our recent Videos that will give you an edge if you Want to get in on investing before the Next Bull Run the first is our take on Crypto niches to watch out for in the Next bull market the second is about Altcoins and whether you should start Accumulating them now I'll leave links To those videos in the description below Right as promised let's move on to Salana in October digital asset Management firm Vanek published a Comprehensive report outlining three Scenarios for the price of Soul by 2030 A base case a be case and a bull case You might have already seen catchy head Headlines about Vanek predicting Soul Could grow 10,000% by 2030 that's their Bullish Outlook which I'll get into in a Moment but it's important to look beyond The headlines and dig into the details And evaluate it against their bearish And base outlooks as I said previously When you do this vanex price prediction Is so wide that you can park a jumbo jet In it so then what are the details well Soul's value at the moment of vanex Forecast stood at about3 $2 in the base Case Vanek assumes salana will represent Approximately 30% of all cryptocurrency

Adoption by 2030 the projection suggests That salana will monetize at a rate that Is roughly 20% of ethereums and that its Market share will be less than half of Ethereums this is mainly because of Inherent differences in community Philosophies Apparently if these conditions hold true Vanek forecasts the price of so to reach 335 $5 by 2030 which is 10.4x today's Rate vanex bearish perspective though is Pretty gloomy it must be said in this Scenario salana struggles to establish a Foothold and is surpassed by competing Smart contract Platforms in such a Scenario they predict Soul could drop to A value of $10 per coin by 2030 now in The unpredictable world of crypto this Is not out of the question take these Two charts from coin market cap for Example on the left you have the top Cryptos in October 2016 in other words 7 Years ago on the right you have the top Cryptos today while some of the team Members here at coin Bureau remain Bullish on salana the truth is that what The landscape will look like in 7 years From now is anyone's guess okay now Let's turn to the bullish Outlook vanex Suggests that if salana can sidestep Challenges posed by ethereum and achieve A similar Domin status in the market Soul's value could Skyrocket to a Blistering

$3,200 per coin by 2030 potentially Generating revenues of 51.8 billion That's a 10,000x return to you and me so Which scenario is most likely well That's hard to say but what is notable Is that van revealed that they hold Soul So my hunch is they're feeling more Bullish than bearish I should also note That Vanek also highlights the Bitcoin Harving and the potential approval of Spot ETFs in the US as positive price Drivers for the price of soul in the Near term and if you are looking to pick Up soul I would like to remind you about That deals page with all those lovely Discounts and Bonuses okay so there you have it folks If you trust these analysts there is a Lot to be optimistic about that said I Should caution that crypto is not a Mature Market and there are a lot of Variables both crypto and macro that can Massively affect prices going forward so Only invest what you can afford to lose Keep your crypto stored on ideally Multiple Hardware wallets keep them safe Don't brag about your assets keep your Keys safe and always do your own Research oh and try to have fun along The way as well the team here at coin Buau work hard to keep you informed and Entertained so do drop us a comment like Our video And subscribe to stay on top Of things we also have a Weekly

Newsletter and regular updates on Telegram which you can sign up to Via and before you go give us your Thoughts on these predictions in the Comments below are you more or less Bullish than these institutions tell us Why we love reading your comments and They help us generate ideas for future Videos okay that's it from me my name is Guy thank you for stopping by [Music] A


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