Crypto of the Year – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

We all know crypto never stops at coin Market cap we track over 2 million Crypto assets every second of every day But our crypto of the Year award honors The standout projects that are really Moving our industry [Music] Forward now before we dive into the five Nominees a quick note Bitcoin isn't in The short list we know we know it's like Not including oxygen in a list of things That Keep Us Alive but let's face it Bitcoin would win every year and when Bitcoin wins we all win so congrats Satoshi you win again thank you this Award honors other cryptos that have lit Up the crypto community and seen Impressive growth this year here are our Nominees for cmc's crypto of the Year Our first nominee is Ripple labs xrp This crypto giant might be called Ripple But it's making big waves now we have a Decision from a US District Judge in New York that the xrp tokens sold to the General public are not Securities this Crypto Champion took on the full might Of America's Financial regulator in a Three-year long legal battle and Won it wasn't just a win for ripple and Xrp which courageously risked its own Resources and reputation but a win for The whole crypto Community as well as This historic legal battle xrp also Continues to develop grow and drive

Further adoption shown by its recent Partnership with the Swift payment System nominee number two is salana for Its sustained Community Support an Impressive bounce back sana's had a Rough year FTX founder Sam bin freed to Arrested in the Bahamas set to face a Judge this morning impacted by the FTX Bankruptcy and the fear of the the Exchange's vast amount of salana being Liquidated the price of Soul crashed and Users began leaving the ecosystem but This nomination is for the way in which Salana continued to show resilience and Grow its Community creating new projects And narratives that resulted in Increased confidence in the network and An impressive Resurgence s SPF and FTX are acronyms We'll all be glad to say b y e E2 our third nominee is the Decentralized Oracle OG chain link Oracles bridge the gap between Blockchain networks and realworld Offchain data sources apis and Traditional banking systems like Swift Chain link the biggest Oracle in the Crypto space chain link is surged in Popularity by riding the rwa trend which Allows for the tokenization of physical Real world assets and financial ass Assets onto the blockchain with $867 trillion dollar in traditional Markets ready to be disrupted chain link

Could be the driver to take crypto Mainstream solidifying its place as the Primary crypto Oracle the Oracle of Oracles if you Will next we have ethereum the brain Chard of the enigmatic vitalic butterin Ethereum in the next decade yay thank You so much the Shanghai upgrade marked The near completion of ethereum's Monumental transition from proof of work To proof of stake which has reduced its Energy consumption by 99.9% enhanced its blockchain Performance and instilled confidence for Its users and Investors ethereum has also continued to Build its Financial ecosystem around Staking lsds flash loans and yield Enhancements as well as supporting the Expansion of its layer 2 Solutions if Your non- crypto friend starts asking About crypto at the top of the bull run You can bet your bottom Bitcoin they ask About Ethereum finally we have ton coin which Is closely linked to telegram which is The crypto Community social messaging App of choice ton coin that stands for The open network has practically gone Viral in just the past week Tong is a Layer one blockchain with a strong Community improved development activity And a thriving web 3 Ecosystem how on Earth did ton coin get

Into the top 10 largest crypto Currencies this alongside the surging Popularity of telegram's trading Bots Which allow users to trade crypto Directly within the app the seen ton Coin boom which crypto do you think has Made the most impact this year vote now Don't miss the deadline click the link On the screen or simply visit our Website [Music] W


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