Crypto News You CAN’T Miss: “Binance” Nigeria, BTC, UK & More!!

Hello and welcome back to the coin Bureau now I've combed through your Comments and I've seen an overwhelming Desire for more crypto news from outside Of the United States so as you wish Ah what a movie Anyway this report will take you across Three continents and to the depths of The ocean so we'd better get underway But first welcome aboard the coin Bureau Express headed direct to crypto success Not via Financial advice I must stress Just educational content to help your Knowledge progress timestamps are below If you feel the need to compress and may I impress that if these Rhymes make you Clap your hands and say Yes I'd Appreciate you subscribing and giving That like button a press Okay let's kick things off shall we In an effort to get away from the news About the SEC cracking down on binance We found a story where the uh SEC is Cracking down on binance well sort of The SEC in question is Nigeria's Securities and Exchange Commission and The target of their Ayah was binance Nigeria limited now when news broke There was some confusion Reuters for Instance insisted that Nigeria's SEC had Banned quote the world's largest Cryptocurrency binance from soliciting Nigerian investors Um okay

On closer inspection it was revealed That the SEC had in fact banned binance Nigeria limited a company that turned Out to have precisely zero nil NADA no Connection to the actual Finance Nigeria's SEC ruled that the platform Was not registered or regulated making It therefore illegal Days Later CZ Himself tweeted that his company had Issued a cease and desist order to a Copycat quote scammer entity now binance Nigeria limited is the um brainchild of An enterprising individual by the name Of ahasan ifsal mogal Esquire DL News interviewed ahasan Esquire who Maintained that his company was created So the name could be sold to the actual Binance if it expanded into Nigeria But Not only was he ready to sell the name To binance he generously insisted he Could offer legal services to The Exchange to help it obtain Regulatory Compliance in Nigeria this from someone Whose Enterprise was banned because of a Lack of Regulatory Compliance only in Crypto folks only in crypto now as some Of you might know crypto is Big Business And an important hedge against High Inflation in Nigeria estimates of the Number of crypto users or owners in the Country range from 22 million to 32 Million representing an impressive 10 to 15 percent of the population this is Despite a 2021 Central Bank ban that

Prohibits commercial Banks from Servicing crypto exchanges it's Little Wonder then perhaps that there is an Opportunistic practice of registering Known entities in the country among the Entities known to be registered in Nigeria are okx Nigeria limited paxful Nigeria exchange limited Hobie limited Coinbase limited and the reddest of all Red flags FTX Nigeria limited now I'll Be honest a part of me is a little Disappointed not to see coin Bureau Nigeria I just don't even think about it Ahasan ifsar mugal Esquire okay next we Move to the Central African Republic or Car now this isn't the newsiest of news It's more kind of olds than news but it Is important In March car repealed legislation that Gave Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Legal tender status many of you will Know that in 2022 car adopted Bitcoin as Legal tender becoming the second country Following El Salvador to do so The decision fanned flames of Hope among Crypto proponents who thought that this Could spur other countries into doing The same but no it was all a little too Ambitious a product of enthusiasm built Up during the dizzying heights of the Last Bull Run perhaps the fomo my Friends is real you see car is one of The world's least developed States and Has been in the grips of a decade-long

Civil war that has left swathes of the Country Beyond government control According to an estimate from 2020 9 out Of 10 Central Africans do not have Access to the internet which you kinda Need in order to use Bitcoin now the car Story underscores a broader Point Although Bitcoin has made strides in Providing Financial access to the Unbanked population worldwide it is Crucial to recognize that the digital Currency cannot single-handedly address A nation's fundamental infrastructure Challenges it is hard to build a house If you don't have the bricks Now we'll leave Africa and head to Europe where the EU is making a big bet On blockchain that's right the European Commission is launching a new body to Oversee the development and Implementation of a blockchain that will Bridge the gap between European citizens And public services The eu's blockchain aims to integrate a Range of public applications like Holding citizens digital identities and Wallets tracing and verifying Goods Storing licenses to more easily transfer Between countries and more the Brussels Bureaucrats are reportedly already Having conversations with their Counterparts in other jurisdictions to Explore blockchain use cases one such Example is sharing academic credentials

With Canadian authorities according to Coin geek the site also suggests the Venture is likely to be a private Permissioned blockchain rather than a Public permissionless one and there's a Link below if you want more info on the Different types of blockchain now true To Fashion this new body comes with its Very own bureaucratic acronym the edic Which stands for the European digital Infrastructure Consortium it aims to Quote compete with other large-scale Blockchain groundworks like South America's lock chain and China's Blockchain based service network The edic is expected to be up and Running sometime in 2024. We'll leave the EU now for the UK where The Lords and Ladies of Britain's Upper House of Parliament have voted through a New bill that could recognize crypto as A regulated activity in the country not To be outdone by its EU counterpart Parliament has stirred up the alphabet Soup and assigned it the acronym fsmb Which stands for the financial services And markets bill now the fsmb is a 340 Page Beast of a bill that was introduced In July 2022 to create a more Competitive Financial Services sector Here in the good old UK following brexit Like the eu's mica bill which is set to Come into effect in late 2024 the fsmb Will among other things provide

Regulatory Clarity on cryptocurrencies So what does the fsmb contain and when Could it take effect good question Well the original Bill included a Proposal to regulate stable coins under The UK's payment rules Amendments have Been put forward to treat all crypto as A regulated activity draft legislation Could also make crypto advertising a lot Trickier indeed the proposed rules would Require any type of advertisement to be Approved by an authorized entity Now while some are concerned about the Tight scrutiny around advertising Regulatory Clarity will be welcomed in Many circles indeed Venture Capital Giant Andreessen Horowitz a16z which Recently announced that it would open Its first office outside the U.S in London praised the UK's move saying Quote well there is still work to be Done we believe that the UK is on the Right path to becoming a leader in Crypto regulation Next the fsmb will be returned to the Lower house of parliament the commons to Agree on a final version specific rules For the crypto sector could come within 12 months presuming of course that the Bill is approved and not sent back and Forth for further deliberations between The House of Commons and the House of Lords in some game of parliamentary Whiff WAFF so watch this space

[Applause] [Music] All right let's move away now from Regulation to a case that continues to Offer drama the trial of dokwon in Montenegro now if you're new to crypto Dokwon is the boss behind the 40 billion Collapse of Terror UST and Luna which Sent ripples of Destruction across the Crypto sector which we continue to feel To this day he is accused of Orchestrating a multi-billion dollar Crypto asset Securities fraud and Together with some former colleagues is Wanted by authorities in the U.S South Korea and Singapore taking a leaf out of 80s Video Game sensation Carmen San Diego's book Carmen sandoquan went into Hiding for many months after the Collapse of the lunar ecosystem before Being arrested in March as he tried to Board a flight from Montenegro to Dubai Now the court in Montenegro has Convicted doe and Terror executive Han Chang of document forgery the two men Used forged custom to Recon passports as They tried to leave the country before Their arrest in addition to the two Costa Rican passports authorities have Also confiscated two Belgian passports Belonging to the men when faced with the Charges doe pleaded not guilty he Maintains that he was not on the run in The first place and argues that he

Bought the Costa Rican passport through An agency in Singapore believing it to Be a part of a legitimate Golden Passport scheme available to affluent Applicants who fast-tracked their way to Citizenship in certain Nations Hmm Anyways speaking of the weird and Wonderful things that money can buy you Let's turn to our final and perhaps most Bizarre story of all Charles hoskinson And the pursuit of alien remains there Is a franchise movie title If Ever I Heard one Now the creator of cardano has Bankrolled and is part of an expedition To find an unidentified celestial object That crashed near Papua New Guinea's Coast in 2014 according to scientists And the U.S Department of Defense a Quote meteor of extraterrestrial origin Hit the earth and so a Harvard Astronomer and his student are leading a Team to find the debris the 1.5 million Venture is funded by hoskinson who when He's not fending off Twitter critics who Want him to focus on cardano has been Tweeting regular updates about the Expedition At the time of writing the Expedition For the first detected Interstellar Meteor im-1 excitedly revealed the Discovery of so-called spherols they are Hoping to find more which would help

Detect the meteor's path and help them Potentially retrieve a large object the Hope then would be to figure out if it Was manufactured technologically by Another civilization and answer one of Life's great questions whether there is Or was intelligent life beyond Earth now I for one am intrigued could this Provide unprecedented Celestial insights And spur and X-Files meets Men In Black Blockbuster who will play hoskinson Bullish for Ada who knows time will tell Now I should add that this isn't the First unusual Venture that Charles has Been involved with in March 2022 he Participated in a 75 million funding Round for texas-based bioscience startup Colossal aiming to resurrect woolly Mammoths and other extinct species Perhaps he Harbors dreams of mammoths And saber-toothed tigers roaming his Wyoming ranch alongside his 400 strong Of Bison yep Charles is most definitely Leaning into the whole eccentric Billionaire thing he's also set up a Private jet company which has been used By celebrities like the Rock and Metallica and which has been knocked for Its sizeable carbon footprint and he's Opened an anti-aging Hospital the Hoskinson health and wellness clinic Naturally patients can pay in Ada only In crypto folks only in crypto And well there you have it around the

World in a matter of minutes from the Celestial to the sublime without setting Foot in the great us of a well almost But now we want to hear from you have we Covered the main stories from around the World what have we missed what stories Should we cover in our next news around The world and if you know of some weird And wonderful crypto related goings-on In your corner of the forest then please Do leave your comments below so until Next time Arrivederci and hasta la vista baby Foreign [Music]


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