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Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Round my name is Jessica and my name is Guy here are the top stories in crypto This [Music] Week BTC flash crash the bottom falls Out of the crypto Market due to Rising Inflation and geopolitical concerns how Low could prices go ethereum upgrade Incoming investors look towards the next Hard Fork as the SP ETF fomo Fades where Is eth headed next SEC strikes again Unis swap receives a Wells notices from The regulator foreshadowing an actual Lawsuit everything you need to know Middle East escalation Iran strikes Israel in retaliation for Israel's Strike on Iran's Embassy in Syria Leading to concerns of a tit fortat Scenario that could spiral out of Control what does it mean for crypto and A closer look at last week's top Performing cryptos and where they could Be headed next all this and More in just A Moment last week the crypto Market Collectively fell by more than 20% due To a double whammy of bearish macro Factors the first was the hotter than Expected CPI print for March which could Mark a Resurgence in inflation this Could force the Federal Reserve to keep Interest rates higher for longer and Maybe even hike them again the the

Second macro Factor meanwhile was the Escalation of the conflict in the Middle East which I'm sure all of you have Heard about by now in short Iran Attacked Israel directly apparently for The first time ever now believe it or Not but the biggest driver of the crypto Crash was not these macro factors per se But the liquidations they caused Depending on your Source over a billion Dollars of leveraged Longs were Liquidated in Practical terms this meant A billion dollars of cell pressure in a Short short period of time combine this With the low spot Bitcoin ETF inflows And you have the recipe for a nasty Correction with a bit of luck this Correction has concluded by the time you See this video prices are certainly Climbing again as we record this and Further gains are likely if Hong Kong Regulators manage to approve the Proposed spot Bitcoin and ethereum ETFs There and if these ETFs see lots of Inflows on that note the recent BTC Crash is more significant than you might Think the fact that BTC took a tumble While gold back tokens like PA G dep Pegged to the upside suggests that BTC Is still not seen as a Safe Haven by Most investors this is not that Surprising considering 90% of spot Bitcoin ETF investors are retail now This is according to vanc CEO Jan Vanek

Who likely only has insight into his Companies that spot Bitcoin ETF F even So it's possible that the investor Composition is similar for the other ETFs because it's easy to forget folks That it's not the asset managers who Invest in these ETFs but their clients And we don't know who those clients all Are anyways at the time of shooting BTC Seems to have stabilized at around 64k this makes sense considering that This was once btc's all-time high and That this price has been a strong zone Of support in recent weeks what is Surprising though is just how similar Btc's weekly price action looks to past Tops as you can see btc's current weekly Price action looks eerily similar to its First top in early 2021 to be clear this Doesn't mean that BTC has hit its top For this cycle but it does suggest that It's in the process of forming a local Top given the pull of the Haring and the Push of geopolitics this seems possible What this means is that btc's price Could be range Bound for the next week Or two this would upset both the Bulls And the bears but it would be a logical Scenario given all the confounding Factors for what it's worth it could Make for a very good trading opportunity For those brave enough to try if you Believe yourself to be brave enough be Sure to save some money on your trading

Journey by checking out the coin Bureau Deals page it offers trading fee Discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 these deals are only available For our viewers and they won't be around Forever so be sure to take advantage of Them while they last the link will be Down in the description now like BTC eth Took quite a beating last week the Difference is that eth was hit a bit Harder than BTC in percentage terms Something that can be clearly seen in The eth BTC chart across almost every Time frame eth's continued weakness Against BTC is a bad sign not just for Eth but for other altcoins as well the Silver Lining is that at least the Technical indicators specifically the Ballinger bands are working better on Eth and most altcoins as you can see eth Almost touched the Ballinger band moving Average on the weekly if you look at the Charts of other large alts like soul for Instance you'll see they bounced off of It for context the weekly Ballinger band Moving average has basically served as An indicator that tells you whether a Crypto is in a long-term uptrend AKA Bull market or a long-term downtrend AKA Bare market so far BTC eth and most Cryptos have managed to stay above this Key level at some point however it's Possible that BTC eth and most other

Cryptos will retest the Ballinger ban Moving average on the monthly that's Because this is what BTC eth and most Cryptos did before the parabolic blowoff Top at the start of the previous crypto Bull market it's possible we'll see the Same this time around if we do then that Would translate to a correction of Around 40% for BTC and eth and over 50% For most other cryptos the caveat is That this correction may not come for Another few months and it's possible it Won't happen at all still it's a good Idea to have that Q2 correction Possibility on your radar more about Exactly how it could happen using the Link in the description now as most of You will know the likelihood of a spot Ethereum ETF approval is looking less Likely by the day for reference the SEC Has until the end of May to decide on The pending spot ethereum ETF Applications the consensus increasingly Seems to be that the SEC will reject all Of them this has eth investors looking Ahead to the next ethereum specific Catalyst and it looks like the upcoming Petra hard Fork could be the one so far It sounds like pectra will only include One major change and that's adding smart Contract like functionality to ethereum Wallets via EIP 3074 this will make it possible to do Things like recover your ethereum wallet

With the help of friends and family in The event that you lose or forget your Seed phrase It's Worth pointing out that Many crypto projects have similar levels Of functionality in their wallets Already near protocol being one example Now given that the pectra hard Fork Isn't expected until later this year or Early next year it's possible that Additional eips could be added it seems That one of these eips will be related To changing ethereum's monetary policy Something that's apparently been a Hot Topic in ethereum's core Community the Tldr is that two ethereum Foundation Researchers tabled a proposal in February which would essentially lower Eth staking rewards the rationale is That failing to do so could result in Unintended consequences such as too much Of eth's Supply being staked and regular Eth holders being diluted so far the Proposal has received quite a bit of Push back but there seems to be a Growing consensus that eth's monetary Policy needs to be changed somehow this Underscores the reason why eth isn't a Direct competitor to BTC eth's monetary Policy can has and will be changed btc's Won't be make no mistake though this Doesn't mean that eth is inferior to be TC it just means that eth serves a Different purpose I remember the days When eth was referred to as digital oil

And when ethereum's purpose was to be The foundation for the future of a new Financial system to compete with trfi Ethereum seems to be fulfilling this Purpose because both it and projects Within its ecosystem have been the Subject of SEC Scrutiny the sec's latest Target is unis Swap the the largest decks on ethereum Last week the SEC served Unis swap with A letter called a Wells notice which Signals its intention to sue if you Watched our recent video about whether Eth is a security you'll know that Unis Swap receiving a Well's notice means That it now has 30 days to respond to The SEC with a letter called a Wells Submission this letter will try and Argue why the SEC shouldn't Sue Statistically speaking the SEC will sue Anyway what this means is that the SEC Will likely Sue Unis swap sometime in The second half of April as Unis swap Will likely wait the full 30 days before Giving the well submission and the SEC May need a few days or weeks to read and Digest it this further highlights the Possibility of the Q2 correction we Mentioned earlier however whether the Lawsuit itself results in a Market shock Ultimately depends on its contents which Are currently unknown as we've seen with The sec's lawsuits against the likes of Coinbase and binance the devil is truly

In the details we could see concerning Info revealed about other crypto Projects now from our perspective we Expect to see the SEC focus on the fact That Unis swaps governance and the Governance of many other defi protocols Is dominated by way Wales who are Usually VCS to put things into Perspective chainalysis found back in 2022 that 90% of Dow votes are Controlled by 1% of token holders and This ties into a much deeper issue that We've started to see discussed on crypto Twitter and that's that it's the VC's And Wall Street firms that seem to be Building most of crypto's architecture These days it seems like the crypto devs Are only there to create a token that Can be issued in lie of a stock in other Words it's quite possible that crypto VC's and Wall Street firms are using Crypto as a sort of loophole to make Money on companies and ideas which would Normally have required an IPO for those Unfamiliar the IPO process is lengthy Costly and it involves lots of Disclosures and details by contrast Creating a token and listing it on a DEX Is fast cheap and it ensures maximum Exposure to uninformed retail investors Who will duy AP in to clarify this Doesn't mean that this is why uni was Launched rather it's meant to warn of a Potential Dynamic that the SEC could

Point out in its lawsuit as many others Have pointed out already the contents of The lawsuit will upset defi this could Very well be by Design take a second to Consider that defi Protocols are Fundamentally competitors to their Centralized equivalents exchanges and Banks that have a monopoly on assets and Money in this sense the sec's Crackdown On Unis swap could paradoxically be Bullish it's proof that defi is becoming Big enough that it's becoming a threat To established entities in analogous Tradin niches as the saying goes first They ignore you then they laugh at you Then they fight you and then you win the Catch is that the SEC could make a case That Unis Swap and other dexes are Violating Securities laws for the Reasons I just mentioned now the only Solution to this is much needed Regulatory Clarity which the SEC has Refused to give at the end of the day It's the lack of clarity that makes the SEC an anti- crypto entity speaking of Which the escalating conflict in the Middle East could very well be used as An excuse to justify another round of Crypto crackdowns to refresh your memory Us politicians called on us Regulators To crack down on binance and tether After Hamas attacked Israel last October Shortly afterwards binance settled with Us regulators and effectively agreed to

Be overseen by US agencies for the Foreseeable future and and also around That time tether announced that it had Begun working with us authorities to Ensure that usdt wasn't being used by The wrong Bad actors if you catch my Drift in all seriousness some of you Might have heard that Deputy treasury Secretary Adali Ado said that sanctioned Entities in Russia are using usdt to Avoid said sanctions how much do you Want to bet that we're going to see Similar headlines about Iran in the next Few few days assuming we haven't already Of course FYI Iran gave the green light To businesses to use crypto for imports Back in the summer of 2022 it's not Clear which cryptos are being used but It's guaranteed to be a crypto that has Lots of liquidity and is relatively Stable in value BTC and usdt seem to be The only two that could really do the Trick now the good news is that tether Is already work with us authorities so a Full-on Crackdown seems unlikely it's Even more unlikely when you realize that Stable coins like usdt have been Subsidizing US government spending since They're all backed by US Government debt Tether is the biggest buyer the bad news Though is that this makes any Anti-crypto response by us Regulators That much more unpredictable it could Involve something far more damaging such

As instructing stable coin issuers to Stop operating on certain blockchains Recall that this happened with usdc and Tron not long ago some of you might also Remember that tether recently introduced A tool that allows usdt holders to move Their Holdings to other chains if the Chain they're using gets disrupted for Whatever reason now taken together these Two headlines suggest that we could see A Crackdown on certain SM SM contract Cryptocurrencies put differently us Regulators May opt to go after the Payment rails rather than the stable Coins or their issuers Tron is the Elephant in the room here but it's Possible that there are other elephants Lurking behind other curtains a Crackdown on Tron alone could be enough To cause serious issues however to bring You up to speed Tron has a Terra type Stable coin called us DD that's collap Ized by TRX as well as BTC according to The Tron Dow Reserve website TRX is Backed by almost $900 Million worth of BTC at the time of shooting so any Issues with Tron could result in a Liquidation of this BTC this would Explain why some of the largest entities Behind Tron seem to be turning their Focus to ton coin you'll know all about That if you're a member of the coin Bureau club we did did an in-depth Review of tcoin not that long ago and an

Even more comprehensive review of Tron As a bonus video but back to that Potential Terror related crypto Crackdown now if something along the Lines of what I just mentioned does in Fact happen it would probably serve as a Very good buying Opportunity as scary as some of these Short-term developments can be it's Important not to lose sight of the Long-term governments and the corporate Elite have amassed trillions of dollars Of debt that they cannot possibly pay Back as such they've resorted to Creating inflation but this is starting To create issues domestically and Internationally at the same time the Bricks countries are rising to challenge The US and its allies all in all it's a Very volatile situation but it's one in Which there are lots of opportunities to Be found and one in which you could play A role in shaping what the world will Look like when the dust settles crypto Is one of the few industries that will Survive this change and we believe it Will Thrive and on that note it's about time We looked at last week's top performing Cryptos so Jessica take it Away thank you guy well last week's top Performing cryptos were ton coin Neo Unaa said Leo first digital USD and Tether been a while since we've seen a

List like that so starting with ton coin Ton reports reportedly rallied on the Speculation that telegram will soon be Listing its stock on an exchange as you Can see the ton rally that I've been Talking about in recent weeks finally Seems to have played out the reason why It took so long is probably because T Coin's market cap is so big it's likely That ton will see a slow slide back down To around $4.5 where it will likely consolidate Before another move higher next up we Have Neo whose neoc coin appears to have Pumped due to the crypto Project's Appearance at Paris blockchain week last Week now it is hard to get a sense of Where Neo could be headed next given the Extreme volatility that we saw over the Weekend but it's easy to see that Neo Faces lots of resistance to the upside In the absence of additional cataly it Could likewise consolidate before Rallying higher with the rest of the Market As for una said Leo it's the exchange Token for the bit Forex crypto exchange So Leo likely rallied you to an Increased traded volumes no doubt due to The AFF mentioned weekend volatility the Fact that Leo is an exchange token makes Technical analysis pointless for what It's worth it looks like Leo could rally As high as $9 in the coming weeks but

Note that the tokenomics of these Exchange tokens are designed to go Gradually up and to the right when it Comes to First digital USD and tether FD USD and usdt likely rallied because of The flight to safety everyone selling Their altcoins for FD USD and usdt Temporarily causing them to deeg to the Upside obviously there is no point doing A technical analysis on stable coins Then again the market cap of stable Coins can still give you a sense of What's going on now some of you may have Seen that 250 million usdc was printed Over the weekend given that us DC's Primary demand driver is defi this could Mean that someone is borrowing usdc to Go long Food For Thought note that you Can keep track of which cryptos are Pumping and also where you can trade Them by checking out the coin Bureau Telegram channel the link will be down In the Description and that is all for today's Coin Bureau weekly crypto review if you Enjoyed it then you know what to do hit That like button subscribe button and Bell icon too don't forget to check out Our deals page where we have massive Trading fee discounts and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 on some of the best crypto Exchanges only for the viewers of this Channel also if you want to pick up some

Snazzy crypto merge the coin bu merch Store has it all you can find the link To those resources and many others in The description below thank thank you so Much for watching and we'll see you in Next week's episode [Music]


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