Crypto News: BTC ETF Inflows, GameStop, Trump, BNB, KAS & MORE!

Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Roundup my name is Guy Jessica is away And here are the top stories in crypto This [Music] Week ETFs on fire spot Bitcoin ETFs see Their second largest day of inflows Leading to speculation that an epic pump Is coming who is buying all this BTC Roaring Kitty returns GameStop short Squeeze Trader Keith Gil live streams For the first time in 3 years Foreshadowing another mem stock Mania What does it mean for crypto jobs data Disappoints the US adds more jobs than Expected increasing the chances that the FED will strike a hawkish tone at this Week's meeting everything you need to Know Trump's crypto pitch presidential Candidate Donald Trump doubles down on Crypto and raises tens of millions of Dollars from crypto supporters How would a trump presidency affect the Market EU restricts stable coins binance Announces that it will begin restricting Access to certain stable coins at the End of the month for EU users to comply With EU regulations when will the rules Go into effect US dollar surprise the Dxy strengthens as interest rates Between the US and the rest of the world Diverge why this could be by Design And a closer look at last week's top Performing cryptos and where they could

Be headed next all this and More in just A Moment last week the spot Bitcoin ETFs Saw their second largest day of inflows Totaling almost 900 million USD to put Things into perspective the largest ever Day of inflows took place in mid-march Totaling over 1 billion USD the recent Surge in inflows has everyone assuming That new Highs are next but there's one Caveat that record day of inflows on the 12th of March corresponded with btc's All-time high of almost 74k in the weeks that followed however BTC fell by more than 20% as such it's possible that the Recent surge in inflows could be marking Another local top additional evidence For this can be found in the sharp Decline in inflows after this second High which occurred on the 4th of June In the days that followed the inflows Fell to around $130 million to be clear This does not mean that there was sell Pressure it just means that there was Less buying a trend reversal as we've Seen in recent weeks all it would take To Spook spot Bitcoin ETF holders into Selling is negative crypto or macro news Particularly geopolitical escalation if You're subscribed to our Weekly Newsletter you'll know that there is a Real risk of geopolitical escalation Occur occurring as soon as this week so

Be sure to subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter so you don't miss our next Weekly forecast and Analysis now if the Spot Bitcoin ETF holders do get spooked By some macro Factor BTC could quickly Fall to around 61k which would be the Bottom range of the channel it's been Trading in since February conversely a Positive macro Factor could cause a Break Above This Channel taking BTC up To 81k and if you want to maximize your Gains regardless of which way the Markets go then you need to check out The coin Bureau deals page it's got Trading fee discounts of up to 60% and Sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 on the Best crypto exchanges link is Below but back to the big question who Is buying all this BTC via the spot Bitcoin ETFs well as some of you may know the Answer seems to be retail investors at Least for the time being this is good News it suggests the institutions have Yet to arrive in force but it's also bad News because well the institutions Haven't yet arrived in force more Importantly it suggests that most of the Biggest Market moves we've seen lately Have been driven by retail and not just In crypto this wouldn't be surprising Given that retail investors around the World have reportedly been jumping back Into stocks in recent months I guess

There are degens everywhere now this Reported increase in retail Participation would explain why roaring Kitty aka Keith Gil has come out of Hibernation for context Keith is famous For being one of the key participants in The now famous short squeeze of GameStop Stock in early 2021 which got Institutions wrecked and Retail Rich the Tldr there is that multiple hedge funds Were betting that GameStop's stock would Keep going down retail investors on Reddit got word of this and they came up With a plan buy as much gam stock stock As possible the Practical effect was to Force these hedge funds to buy to cover Their shorts logically this short Covering resulted in gme's price going Even higher which resulted in more hedge Funds being squeezed and so on this sent Gme's price parabolic and while it's True that many retail investors who Fomod in got hurt some hedge funds Literally had to shut down after getting Wrecked now of course institutional Investors were not happy about the fact That retail investors had effectively Unionized and beat them at their own Game the result was that Regulators went After Keith and others to the point that He even had to testify in front of Congress a rabbit hole worth exploring If you have the time anyways it's Believed that this regulatory scrutiny

Is the reason reason why Keith decided To keep such a low profile following the GameStop Saga and this is why many were Surprised at the fact that he's not only Reemerged but has started showcasing his Massive gme bets and doing live streams Like he used to the result is that many Are questioning what exactly Keith's Endgame is with some speculating that He's secretly working with large Investors to get retail investors Wrecked so far however there seems to be Little evidence of this with Keith Claiming that his enormous gme bets Belong entirely to himself lo and behold Gme got absolutely clobbered on the day That Keith live streamed supposedly Because GameStop had announced that it Would issue more shares in response to The price increase however gme's price Was responding to Keith's comments in Real time crashing when he ended the Stream this again begs the question of What Keith's endgame is well the answer Could be that's it doesn't matter the Institutional investors who got wrecked With gme the first time around were Probably prepared for round to and they May manipulate gme to their advantage Wiping out Keith and the other retail Apes so be careful out there speaking of Retail it's a little surprising that so Many retail investors are still involved In the stock market given how dismal the

US economy has been this could very well Be be a result of the financial nihilism We detailed in another video in short People are desperate for money so They're essentially gambling to get by Alternatively though it's possible that The economy isn't nearly as weak as it Seems to be this is what last week's job Report suggests according to official Government statistics the US added 50% More jobs in May than investors were Expecting the catch is that unemployment Ticked up from 3.9% to 4% even so the Fact that hourly wages are likewise Rising faster than investors expect is a Bad sign for the markets that's because It suggests that the economy is too Strong for the FED to cut interest rates If the Fed were to cut interest rates With such a strong economy inflation Could come back with a bang naturally This has led to concerns that the FED Will keep interest rates higher for Longer at its upcoming meeting this Wednesday evid for these concerns can be Found in the fact that the dxy and 10-year yield spiked after the jobs data Came in we'll come back to that later Though as it deserves broader discussion More directly we also saw fed Futures Increasing the probability of no pivot On the CME fed watch tool dashboard now Regarding the fed's upcoming decision It's possible that it will signal a cut

Despite this hot jobs data that's simply Because it's an election year and the FED doesn't want to look political If The Fed Cuts suddenly it will look like It's helping Biden if it doesn't cut at All it will look like it's helping Trump For reference this is the second last Fed meeting before the Autumn and it's The last fed meeting before the Autumn That will include a summary of economic Projections or sep If the Fed wants to Make a move in either direction it will Need to make these plans clear in this Week's SCP or else risk being Politicized that's why this week's fed Meeting is so significant and why it Could result in notable volatility to The upside or the downside for crypto And stocks although the FED is likely to Signal a cut to give itself wiggle room To cut in meetings leading up to the Election it's possible it could signal a Hike instead more on that later now on The topic of politics presidential Candidate Donald Trump has has Reportedly been cozying up to the crypto Industry to the point that it has Started throwing tens of millions of Dollars at him this is exactly what Happened when Trump attended a recent Event hosted by the all-in podcast for Reference the all-in podcast is hosted By four Tech Millionaires and Billionaires including shth Palapa the

Fundraising event took place at co-host David Sax's house and was announced in a Lengthy tweet sorry EXP poost wherein David explained his reasoning for why he Is supporting Trump for president it Seems that crypto entrepreneurs and Tech Bros are throwing their weight behind Trump because of Biden's recent decision To veto the pro crypto resolution that Had been passed by us politicians Trump Meanwhile has doubled down on embracing His new persona as the crypto president Now believe it or not but a trump Presidency could actually be bad for the Markets at least in the short term this Is just because many investors seem to Be under the impression that Trump would Assert more control over the fed and Basically force it to print more money In order to pump well Everything if this were to happen then There could be serious volatility in the US bond market as investors question What their bonds will be worth in the Future as a fun fact this is exactly What happened when former UK prime Minister Liz truss announced her plans To cut taxes and increase spending back In 2022 she was forced to resign in the Wake of the chaos her budget Unleashed Now it's safe to say that Trump is not The kind of person who would resign Hence why the bond market volatility Would likely be shortlived eventually

Trump would say and do whatever he Needed to for investors to calm down and Stocks and bonds would power higher with Crypto leading the pack now it goes Without saying that a trump presidency Would also have profound effects on International policy notably in Europe In theory this would spell trouble for Europe in practice it seems that the Eu's OWN insistence on regulating Everything Innovative will do way more Damage to the continent the markets in Crypto assets or mic the eu's crypto Regulations are unfortunately just one Of many examples Now to be clear the mic regulations Aren't necessarily bad they're just not Very well clear crypto exchanges around The world are scrambling to try and Understand the stablecoin provisions Contained within M for those unfamiliar Mic requires that the issuers of large Stable coins register with the Appropriate authorities now besides the Fact that the eu's definition of large Includes almost every stable coin the Registration process itself doesn't seem To be straightforward for issuers this Is because usdc issuer Circle has Apparently been trying to register for The necessary electronic money Institution license since December now It's assumed that Circle attempts to Register a why usdc may be given a pass

When mic's stable coin Provisions come Into Force at the end of this month I'll Reiterate Micah's stablecoin Provisions Will come into force on Sunday the 30th Of June obviously these Provisions only Apply to EU users so if you are an EU User then there's a chance you will lose Access to stable coins like usdt at the End of the month possibly including usdt Trading pairs if you're using binance Usdt trading pairs will be available Until further notice per its recent Announcement about complying with mic You will also be able to deposit and Withdraw usdt as usual it seems that the Only restricted function will be Converting to and from usdt now if You're not using binance and you're Based in the EU we strongly recommend Reaching out to the crypto exchanges you Do use to ask them how they will be Complying with Micah if at all the last Thing you want is to lose access to usdt Pairs and be unable to buy and sell your Favorite altcoins if you're wondering Why the EU has put such stringent Restrictions on stable coins it's Because the euro European Central Bank Or ECB is terrified that the Euro will Be replaced by a foreign currency and Rightfully so the euro is inherently Unstable and as its instability Increases due to Divergent fiscal and Monetary policies within the block the

More Europeans will start to look for Hedges be they USD stable coins gold or Otherwise at first the EU will try and Limit access to these Hedges through Regulations and the like eventually However the EU will likely try to make Purchasing these Hedges impossible via The digital Euro which we've covered Extensively on this channel after all It's the only way to protect the Euro Whatever the case the key takeaway is That the EU sees foreign currencies as a Threat including in fact particularly The US dollar as it happens Micah's Stable coin restrictions are coming at a Time when the value of the euro is Likely to fall against the USD due to The Divergent monetary policies of the ECB and the FED to bring you up to speed Central banks around the world have been Following the FED in raising interest Rates this is primarily because Inflation was a problem everywhere but Also partially because a failure to Raise rates along with the FED could Result in their currencies weakening too Quickly look no further than Japan for Evidence of that the bank of Japan Continued to keep interest rates pinned At zero while other central banks were Raising them the consequence is that the Japanese Yen has lost roughly 50% of its Value over the last few years that is a Nightmare scenario for Less cohesive

Countries and blocks this is why it's Interesting that the ECB Bank of Canada And other central banks have started Cutting rates ahead of the FED it's Possible that they're just front running The FED but it's also possible that the FED won't be cutting as quickly or even At all it's even possible that the FED Could raise interest rates again now Considering how coordinated monetary Policy has been around the world it Stands to reason that all these central Banks have been talking to each other And that means they know exactly what The others are going to do if the FED Were to hold steady then it would be Truly fascinating you see the US dollar Can be used as a geopolitical weapon When the dollar is strong it pressures Non USD countries due to the Dollar's Use in international trade and the Trillions of dollars of debt floating Around again it's partially the Divergence in interest rates that causes USD strength if we assume that central Banks have been coordinating their Monetary policies which is likely then If the FED keeps rates where they are While the others cut it means that Central banks collectively agreed to Make the dollar stronger why would they Agree to do that well Poss possibly for Geopolitical reasons to refresh your Memory when the dollar rallied like

Crazy in 2022 the result was that a Record number of developing countries Around the world came crawling to the IMF for more dollars to pay their debts All these IMF deals came with strings Attached align with the US shun China And Russia now when you remember that China and Russia are in the process of Expanding the bricks and that many Bricks countries are reliant on the Dollar you start to realize that Monetary policy isn't just about Inflation and employment or even about Politics it's also about Geopolitics but again this all assumes That the FED will forecast that it will Keep holding interest rates high or even Raise them at this Wednesday's meeting As mentioned earlier it's quite possible That it will cut despite the data that Suggests it could hold in that case it's Possible that politics is still the most Important factor at play but in the case That the FED forecasts more cuts it Could mean that the FED thinks the US is Headed for a recession as it otherwise Wouldn't be cutting you can find out What that would mean for you and your Portfolio by watching our recent video About the upcoming recession and the Link to that will be in the description And with all that said gosh it's about Time we looked at last week's top Performing cryptos so last week's top

Performing cryptos were Audi St Injective protocol Casper and BNB so Starting with Audi it's not clear what Caused it to pump it was likely related To an increase in activity on the Bitcoin blockchain which oddly enough Also didn't seem to have a clear cause FYI Audi is a brc2 token on the Bitcoin Blockchain as you can see Audi seems to Have rallied back up to a key resistance Level around $60 in the absence of any bullish Catalysts it could be rejected back down To $50 or even $45 where the next zones Of support lie next up we have stacks Whose STX coin appears to have pumped Due to the release of a binance research Report that showcased Bitcoin layer 2s And highlighted Stacks as one to watch In contrast to Audi STX is looking a lot More bullish it could be in the process Of breaking out from a falling wedge Pattern we'll have confirmation once STX Breaks above 2.5 Which is a key resistance level a Falling wedge break to the upside could Take STX up to $5 as for injective Protocol meanwhile its inj coin appears To have pumped due to the release of a Paper explaining in's tokenomics and how It will capture the value of injectives Derivativ decks similarly to STX inj Looks like it has a bit more room to run Before hitting resistance at around $33

Like Audi it's possible inj will see a Re ction at that level unless another Bullish Catalyst comes around when it Comes to Casper its Cas coin appears to Have pumped due to the ongoing Casper World Tour a series of events organized By the project around the globe that Began back in April and I'll quickly Issue a correction here we noted in a Previous video that Cass had been listed And then delisted on binance this is not The case Cass Futures were listed on Binance last Autumn however ever binance Has yet to list Cass on spot markets now Cass appears to be painting a head and Shoulders pattern on the daily if it Plays out Cass could fall as low as 5 Cents a sizable correction if Cass can Break above 20 cents however it could Rally as high as 25 cents before Correcting and finally we have BNB which Appears to have pumped due to the surge In trading activity on its blockchain I'd be remiss though if I didn't mention Bnb's connections to binance which also Could have played a role in its recent Rally binance announced that it had hit Over 200 million users for example in Contrast to almost every altcoin BNB has Managed to hit a new all-time high and Is painting a very bullish cup and Handle pattern that could take it up to $1,000 the caveat is that BNB Technically hasn't hit an all-time high

In market cap terms the result could be A long-term double Top and if you want to find out which Which cryptos are pumping and where you Can trade them then be sure to check out The coin Bureau Insider telegram Channel Using the link in the Description and that is all for today's Coin Bureau weekly crypto review so if You enjoyed it then you know what to do Hit that like button subscribe button And Bell icon too don't forget to check Out our deals page where we have massive Trading fee discounts and sign up Bonuses of up to $6,000 on some of the Best exchanges only for the viewers of This channel also if you want to pick up Some snazzy crypto merch then the coin Bureau merch store has you covered you Can find the links to those resources And many others in the description below Thank you all so much for watching and We'll see you in next week's episode [Music]


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