Crypto News: Bitcoin Rally, ETH, XMR Delisting, DYM & MORE!!

Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Roundup my name is guy and here are the Top stories in crypto this [Music] Week to the Moon BTC hits its highest Price in almost 2 years due to continued Spot ETF inflows and a decline in Bitcoin minor outflows how high could BTC go next up eth ethereum developers Set a date for the denune upgrade Robin Hood integrates metamask and options Markets forecaster rally to 4K Everything you need to know binance Delists XMR the largest crypto exchange Announces it will delist the most Popular privacy coin foreshadowing more D listings to come why are exchanges Cracking down on crypto privacy Chinese New Year the holiday celebrated by Almost two billion people begins leading To speculation that China's Central Bank Will respond with much needed stimulus What could this mean for crypto and a Closer look at last week's top Performing altcoins and where they could Be headed next all this and More in just A moment last week BTC hit a multi-year High of almost 49k and it's possible That its price will be even higher by The time you see this video as we just Mentioned this was mainly due to a Combination of an inre inrease in Inflows AKA buying by spot Bitcoin ETFs And a decrease in outflows AKA selling

By Bitcoin miners to put things into Perspective the spot Bitcoin ETFs saw Their third largest day of inflows last Week since launching a month ago this Highlights the fact that there continues To be institutional interest in BTC some Of you may recall us mentioning that it Will take time for institutional Investors to feel comfortable allocating On the supply side meanwhile research Firm crypto Quant estimates that the Amount of BTC being sold by Bitcoin Miners has fallen by more than 50% over The last few weeks some of you might Recall that Bitcoin miners had sold Billions of dollars of BTC shortly after The spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved at The same time the S&P 500 hit an All-time high of over 5,000 which may Have contributed to the BTC rally that's Simply because the rally in stocks could Have investors feeling more comfortable Taking risks such as investing in crypto Though some would argue that most Investors see BTC as a safe haven asset In any case it's worth taking a closer Look at the chart for the S&P 500 Because it appears to be painting an Enormous cup and handle pattern that has Just been confirmed now depending on Your measurements it suggests the SNP Could could rally as high as 5,800 Points in the coming weeks which would Be

Unreal now if you're subscribed to our Weekly Newsletter you'll know there are A couple of macro catalysts which could Help this happen such as tomorrow's Inflation prints so be sure to subscribe To our newsletter so you don't miss our Weekly Market forecasts and Analysis the Link will be in the description but back To bitcoin as you can see B C has Managed to breach a key resistance level Around 47k on the daily which means it's Likely to become the new zone of support In any upcoming Corrections the breakout From the previous range could take BTC Into the low 50ks higher than many Expect the caveat though is that there's Likely to be lots of selling above these Levels besides the fact that $50,000 is A key psychological level the percentage Of BTC holders who are now currently in Profit is reportedly around 90 at these Levels when profits get this High There's likely to be some profit taking So if you're planning to trade this Volatility then be sure to check out the Coin Bureau deals page it's got trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and signup Bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best Crypto exchanges these deals are only Available for viewers of the coin Bureau And for a limited time only so be sure To take advantage of them as soon as you Can using the link in the Description now if BTC holders do start

To take profits in the low 50k range Then the good news is that this could be Rocket fuel for altcoins this is in part Because altcoins perform the best when BTC is trading sideways and because a Portion of those BTC holders taking Profits will probably invest some of Said profits into alts as the largest Altcoin by market cap eth could be the First recipient of this Capital Particularly because it has lots of Bullish catalysts on the Horizon by now All of you will know that there are Pending spot ethereum ETF applications Too and some of you will know a few of These were recently delayed it seems That old Gary gendler is intent on Kicking the can down the road until the Road runs out but well let's not go There the final deadline for the spot Ethereum ETF is in May by the way Anyways in addition to spot ETFs of its Own ethereum also has an upcoming Upgrade called denune which you'll know All about if you watched our recent Video about it last week ethereum Developers confirmed that Denon will go Live on the main net on Wednesday the 13th of March between now and then we're Likely to see a huge spike in activity On ethereum and its layer 2os and not Just because of the speculation around Denune trading platform Robin Hood Recently integrated metamask making easy

To move eth and select erc20 tokens Between the exchange and the wallet now This is more significant than you might Think because it means it will be much Easier for holders of eth and those Select erc20 tokens to use the ethereum Blockchain in the way it was meant to be Used of course they will quickly find Out just how high the fees can be which Could result in more layer 2 activity Regardless these catalysts should be Enough for eth to catch up to BTC as you Can see eth has yet to hit another Multi-year high but it is also above a Key resistance level on The Daily which Could become a new zone of support it Could rally as high as 2700 in the Coming days BTC trading sideways could Do it and this is consistent with the Eth BTC chart which appears to be Painting a three stars in the South Reversal pattern on The Daily the catch Is that the eth BTC chart has painted This pattern before and still fallen so There's no guarantee the reversal will Be imminent with a bit of luck it will Come eventually if it does then the eth BTC pair could rally back to the Ballinger band moving average on the Monthly this would translate to eth Outperforming BTC by 25% if eth manages to get above this Moving average it could continue to gain Against BTC if it doesn't well we'll

Cross that bridge when we come to it now Assuming BTC does start to trade Sideways around 50k then a 25% Outperformance by eth would translate to An eth price of just over 3K below the 4K Target that the options markets have Currently set this could mean eth will Surprise to the upside but again Let's cross that bridge if or when we Come to it and speaking of Crossing Bridges binance recently crossed a big Bridge and that was delisting monero's XMR this wasn't too surprising given That binance had placed XMR and other Privacy coins on a de facto watch list Back in January obviously the watch list Contained cryptos it was considering Delisting and the news is even less Surprising if you've been in crypto for More than a year that's because binance Had announced in June last year that it Would be delisting privacy coins from Its Exchange in Europe it subsequently Reversed this decision but it looks like This time is different for context Binance will be delisting XMR on Tuesday The 20th of February now some believe This could be a good thing as it will Increase the adoption of decentralized Alternatives for trading XMR others have Pointed out that binance still allowing XMR Futures could also support its price As for Monero itself the official Twitter account had this to say quote

Monero will never compromise on privacy You can trade Monero on other exchanges On dexes and with atomic swaps please Self- custody your XMR to which the Kraken exchange responded quote privacy Is not a crime based now if you're Wondering where all this scrutiny around Privacy coins is coming from the answer Is likely the financial action task Force or fat F if you've watched any of Our videos about the fatf you'll know That it's been pressuring countries into Pressuring exchanges into delisting Privacy coins not only that but it's in The process of pressuring countries to Label any disintermediated crypto Activity as quote high risk in plain English the fact f f wants anything you Can do with crypto outside of Centralized exchanges to be labeled high Risk so that it becomes more difficult To do now countries which have failed to Adhere to the fatf's so-called Recommendations in the past have found Themselves on its gry list and Black List the former of which makes it Difficult to interact with the Global Financial system and the latter of which Makes it Impossible naturally the fat f is Unelected and unaccountable for what It's worth there are two silver linings Here the first is that XMR being Delisted arguably proves once and for

All that there is no secret back door For reference there are conspiracy Theories out there which claim that Monero was created by intelligence Agencies which can secretly view XMR Transactions logically If This Were true Then binance would not have delisted XMR Especially because binance is being CL Closely monitored by intelligence Agencies as part of the exchanges Settlement with us authorities come to Think of it this oversite could be the Reason why XMR was delisted whatever the Case the second Silver Lining is that Nobody wants crypto privacy more than Institutional investors logically Central banks are not going to want Everyone to know how much BTC they're Holding this suggests that there will be A greater push for crypto privacy just Maybe not at first what this means is That XMR could eventually be relisted And we could even see new privacy coins Come to the four I'll remind you that There is no Financial Freedom without Financial privacy that's just because Full transparency means that you can be Targeted and coerced in other ways even If your transactions are still processed This is something that people who live In to totalitarian countries understand Very well on a completely unrelated note Chinese new year started over the Weekend if you watched our recent video

About the impacts this holiday Celebration could have on the crypto Market you'll know that crypto prices Have historically rallied before and During the celebration which will last Until the 24th so far it looks like history is Repeating and it could repeat in a big Way if the Chinese Central Bank decides To make it even more festive by Sprinkling in some stimulus in case you Missed it the Chinese economy hasn't Been looking too hot recently at least According to Western Financial media These reports are likely accurate Despite their biases because it is an Objective fact that China's housing Market has Imploded this has put immense pressure On China's banking system and more Importantly it's made the Chinese Consumer less likely to spend hindering Internal economic growth as always the Western Financial media has been Screaming from the rooftops that China Needs to stimulate AKA print money ASAP In order to fix the problem that might Have something to do with the fact that All this printed money would eventually Find its way into other asset classes Around the world so far though the Chinese Central Bank hasn't budged and That's probably because of its new Leadership if you watched our video

About China's new Central Bank Governor You'll know he was appointed to ensure That the country's currency doesn't Collapse due to slow economic growth now Take a second to consider that printing Trillions of dollars of Yuan to Resurrect China's apparently moraband Economy would cause the value of the Yuan to nose dive relative to the US Dollar You quickly realize that China cannot Stimulate itself out of this problem or At least that it will avoid doing so as Long as it can that's why all that the Chinese Central Bank has done so far is Adjust interest rates around the margin Now many macro analysts believe that it Will continue to do the bare minimum to Ensure nothing breaks until the Federal Reserve starts to lower interest rates At that point the pboc can stimulate Without crashing the Yuan and this is Where tomorrow's CPI print comes in so If the CPI print comes in lower than Expected this means that investors will Expect more rate cuts from the fed this Will cause longer term interest rates in The US to fall along with the USD and This could give the pboc the room it Needs to do a bit of printing not only That but it could simultaneously Increase the risk on sentiment we've Seen in the markets lately as one of the Riskier asset classes crypto could be

One of the big Beneficiaries it goes without saying Though that the opposite scenario could Happen CPI comes in hot and China gets Even more squeezed but as always we'll Cross that bridge if we come to it now With all that said it's about time we Looked at last week's top performing Cryptos sadly Jessica is stuck at home Today due to some absolutely biblical Rain here in Dubai so you'll just have To hear it from me I'm Afraid so as you try to process your Disappointment last week's top Performing cryptos were Dimension beam Casper immutable and Bonk so starting with Dimension it's Dimcoin rallied because it was recently Launched literally less than a week ago The rally is likely because it's another Type of modular blockchain Celestia is Another modular blockchain and its Tia Coin has been going up only it's Possible that people expect the same From dim for now though it's too soon to Say that's because there isn't enough Price history to make any kind of Meaningful assessment the only thing Worth mentioning is dims massive market Cap which already sits at over $1 Billion this size of market cap could Make it difficult to push its price Higher or lower for that matter next up We have beam whose beam coin rallied for

Unclear reasons what is clear is that Beam is on the brink of breaking out of A massive channel it's been forming Since mid December although beam is a Bit overbought in the short term there's Still room to the upside if it's a true Channel Breakout now when it comes to Casper It's Cas coin appears to have rallied on The news that it had listed on the Changer crypto platform this is a Welcome announcement given that cass's Exchange listings appear to be quite Limited however this of course hasn't Stopped the project from rallying as you Can see Cass appears to be breaking out Of a big bull flag if this is indeed the Case then it could see significant gains In the short term just be aware that It's currently bumping up against a key Resistance level as for immutable Meanwhile its IMX token appears to have Rallied on the release of a de facto Road map from the project it noted on Twitter that unspecified AAA games will Be launching on the layer 2 this year And that there are an additional 22 Games currently in development like Cass IMX appears to be painting a bull flag The difference is that it appears to Have broken out this means that IMX Could see significant gain GS in the Short term and finally we have Bonk Whose Bonk token appears to have pumped

In response to the launch of some kind Of Super Bowl related game if this is Indeed the Catalyst then last night's Super Bowl could be enough to change the Price charts we currently see do you Notice how Bon has been hitting lower Highs since mid December well this is a Classic price pattern we see with many Meme coins and there's only two Possibilities either Bonk continues to Hit lower highs or this entire structure Is actually a big triangle pattern that Takes it to New highs it's on you to Decide and if you want to know which Cryptos are pumping and where you can Trade them in real time check out the Coin Bureau telegram channel the link to That will be down in the Description and that my friends is all For today's coin Bureau weekly crypto Review so if you enjoyed it you know What to do hit that like button Subscribe button and Bell icon too Don't forget to check out our deals page Where we have massive discounts and Bonuses of up to $50,000 on some of the best exchanges Only for the viewers of this channel Also if you want to pick up some snazzy Crypto merch then the coin Bureau merch Store has it all so you can find the Link to those resources and many others In the description below thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you all

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