Crypto News: Bitcoin Price, ETH Whales, Miner FUD & MORE!!

Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Roundup here are the top stories in Crypto this Week crypto Market dip coins and tokens Drop after inflation comes in higher Than expected and geopolitical risks Start to rise how low could the crypto Market go eth whales exit the ethereum Foundation and other whales sell eth While transaction fees drop eth's Supply Grows and a short eth ETF is set to list Why is this happening Bitcoin miners Beware the largest manufacturer of BTC Mining machines reportedly stops paying Employees as us authorities probe Chinese BTC mining operations everything You need to know safe harbors sort gold And the US dollar rise and treasury Yields fall foreshadowing a global Flight to safety amid massive macro Uncertainty what does this mean for Crypto and a closer look at last week's Top performing altcoins and where they Could be headed next all this and More In just a Moment good morning afternoon or evening Thank you for tuning in my name is guy And Jessica is away this week but we'll Be back soon just a reminder that what You're about to see is educational Content not Financial advice and now for Today's top stories Last week the crypto Market took a Tumble due to a combination of bearish

Macro factors as mentioned in the Introduction the two biggest ones Appeared to be higher than expected Inflation as well as rising geopolitical Risks of course these two are closely Intertwined starting with the former the CPI for September came in higher than Investors were expecting this caused the Markets to dip due to renewed fears that Are second wave of inflation could be Forming obviously this would force the Fed and other central banks to keep Raising interest rates what's Interesting is that investors are still Expecting that the FED will not raise Interest rates at their next meeting This is probably due to a combination of One the fact that it's going to take More CPI prints to establish a trend and Two the fed's own comments that Long-term interest rates are doing the Heavy lifting we'll come back to all That later now regarding the rising Geopolitical risks there are concerns That the domestic conflict in the Middle East could become a regional one if this Happens it could result in higher oil And gas prices and this would eventually Feed into inflation in turn this would Again Force central banks to raise rates Still further now in the case of crypto An escalation in the existing conflict Could result in even more scrutiny That's because there have been

Allegations that certain militant Factions have been receiving funding via Crypto there have also been reports that Members of these factions had accounts On large exchanges for the time being Lawmakers around the world have been too Preoccupied with the other aspects of The conflict to care that much about Crypto however this could change in the Coming weeks and the result could be Another wave of crypto regulations Possibly including sanctions against Large entities if you insist on trading Around these tail risks well just make Sure you're doing so on a safe crypto Exchange that isn't eating away your Gains with expensive fees the coin Bureau deals page happens to have the Biggest trading fee discounts you can Find as well as up to $40,000 in bonuses The link will be down in the description Now on that note what everyone is Wondering is how exactly this Geopolitical conflict will affect the Crypto market after all many seasoned Investors including billionaire Paul Chuda Jones have announced that they're Accumulating gold and BTC to ride out The storm the truth of the matter though Is that nobody knows from our Perspective crypto's price action in This geopolitical conflict ultimately Depends on the regulatory risks and the Fiscal or monetary response we could see

From governments and C Cal banks around The world the former is extremely Bearish whereas the latter is extremely Bullish given that the economy seems to Be more resilient than anyone expected At least on paper the prospect of any Additional fiscal or monetary stimulus Seems unlikely as such the risks of Bearish regulations seem to outweigh the Risks of bullish stimulus at least for Now this begs the question of how low C Crypto could go well the answer Fundamentally depends on what BTC is Doing since it leads the crypto Market As you can see BTC saw a bearish weekly Close a strong rejection of the Ballinger band moving average and a Shooting star Candlestick pattern this Foreshadows some difficulty for the Crypto Market in the coming weeks and The charts for eth suggest that altcoins Could get hit particularly hard now That's partially because eth's price Looks even worse than btc's but mainly Because eth continues to lose value Against BTC not just in Fiat terms this Might have something to do with the fact That eth Wales have been selling their Stacks for months as pointed out by Crypto slate researcher James Stratton The number of eth whales has fallen off A cliff since last year whereas the Number of BTC whales has stayed Relatively steady if you look at whale

Transaction trackers like whale alert Then chances are you've seen eth whales Sending large amounts of eth to Exchanges for months this is something That we've noticed too and it Underscores the importance of paying Attention to what's happening on chain Especially where crypto whales are Concerned and you can learn more about Onchain analysis and how to watch crypto Whales in the description and speaking Of eth whales some of you may have heard That some ethereum co-founders have been Sent in a lot of their eth to exchanges Too including ethereum Creator vitalic Buaran now the ethereum foundation Itself has also sold more eth and what's Fascinating is that it used a DEX for This recent sale this is fascinating Because apparently it's the first time That the ethereum foundation has sold Eth on aex so this begs the question of Why it didn't use a centralized exchange Instead given that they have more Liquidity Feel free to drop your answer in the Comments we honestly have no Idea in any case whales selling eth Isn't a problem for eth's price so long As there's just as much or more demand For eth from shrimps like us the problem There is that there doesn't seem to be Much demand for eth these days case in Point eth Supply is no longer

Deflationary it's now inflationary this Is because the transaction fees on Ethereum have fallen through the floor And it's believed that this is because There's no demand for defi or nfts this Is not surprising in the slightest and Some would say it's long overdue however This is only true for ethereum itself as Pointed out by misari activity on Ethereum's layer 2os continues to be High so much so that most ethereum Transactions are now taking place on Layer 2os paradoxically this could also Be doing damage to eth's price since Layer 2os don't use as much eth for fees Regardless it's clear that things Currently aren't looking good for eth so Much so that asset manager pro shares Recently filed for a short ethereum Futures ETF which will list in November Again this could foreshadow more Difficulty for eth now logically pro Shares wouldn't file for this ETF if They didn't think it would do well then Again proch shares and others filed for Those ethereum Futures ETFs and we all Know how that went not well 100x less Trading volume in a day than the Bitcoin Futures ETF had in its first 15 minutes Regarding why this is happening the Answer seems to be apathy we're entering That phase of the crypto Market cycle Where not many people are paying Attention to crypto particularly to

Altcoins this is due to the absence of New money which is resulting in volatile But generally depressed price action It's called time-based capitulation and It's arguably more demoralizing than Price-based Capitulation the Silver Lining to this Stage of the crypto Market cycle is that It's the perfect time to accumulate your Favorite altcoins the caveat though is That some altcoins could still fall Before they begin their bull runs that's Why we'll be doing a video about when to Accumulate altcoins very soon so stay Tuned now part of the reason why some Altcoins could still fall further is Because of the Bitcoin harving between Now and then investors are going to Become increasingly focused on BTC what Experienced investors are going to be Watching however is how Bitcoin miners Handle the change as most of you will Know the Bitcoin Haring involves cutting In half the amount of BTC that miners Earn for every block right now each Bitcoin block is yielding 6.25 BTC which Works out to around 170k per block at Btc's current price after the harving Sometime next spring though it will be Just 3.125 BTC if we assume that btc's Price will stay roughly where it is this Means that Bitcoin miners will lose half Of their revenue overnight in other Words btc's price will need to double

Between now and the Haring for Bitcoin Miners to continue making money if it Doesn't many Bitcoin miners will go bust If you watched our video about when the Crypto bar Market bottom will be you'll Know that bitcoin's hash rate the amount Of computing power connected to the Bitcoin blockchain has historically Fallen around 50% near the BTC bottom as It so happens bitcoin's hash rate fell Around 40% last Autumn this is evidence Of the idea that the 15K BTC we saw saw After FTX collapsed was the bottom for This cycle the caveat here though is That Bitcoin miners are coming under Pressure again and not just because of Future mining Revenue bitmain the Largest maker of Bitcoin mining machines Seems to be having issues according to Cointelegraph the company has cut all Bonuses for its employees is considering Cutting their pay by 50% and has not Paid employees for last month's work That this may have changed by the time You see this video this news came out Early last week anyway assuming these Reports are true then the Bitcoin mining Industry could be in big trouble that's Because bitmain's parent company Reported has a 95% market share when it Comes to Bitcoin mining machines also Known as as6 as some of you will know Almost all these manufacturers are Chinese this makes the news about us

Author ities probing Bitcoin mining Operations with connections to China That much more concerning news flash if Almost all the Bitcoin mining Machines Are made in China then one would argue That every single Bitcoin mining Operation in the US has connections to China to be fair the circumstances for This scrutiny are peculiar to say the Least basically Microsoft sent a letter To us authorities when they noticed that A Bitcoin mining operation had setup Shop near one of their data centers why Well this Microsoft data center carries Out work for the Pentagon us Intelligence this could be a coincidence But the fact that a data center for Tik Tok recently set up shop near a weapons Manufacturer suggests this could be an Actual tactic by the Chinese the tldr on That one is that Tik Tok data centers Are reportedly using the electricity That a Norwegian weapons manufacturer Needs to operate that is some truly next Generational Warfare in all seriousness Though a Crackdown on Bitcoin mining in The US based on geopolitical grounds Would not be good consider that Texas Accounts for as much as 30% of bitcoin's Hash rate never mind the possibility That Bitcoin miners could be forced Offline due to energy issues arising From the Middle East Conflict for what It's worth though a sharp decline in

Bitcoin's hash rate would simultaneously Decrease the cost of mining BTC this Could make the Bitcoin harving a lot Less painful for efficient mining Operations and bitmain losing some of Its Monopoly in the as6 Bas wouldn't be The worst thing in the world either now This all ties into another macro factor That we could be about to see and that's A global flight to Safety in responses To many of the factors I just mentioned The rally we saw in gold and the US Dollar and the decline in long-term Interest rates in the US last week could Be early signs of such a trend in case It wasn't clear enough when times are Tough or things are looking uncertain Investors around the world typically Rotate out of all other assets and into Gold the US dollar and US bonds and Treasuries the Practical effect of Investing in the third asset is that it Lowers long-term interest rates believe It or not but a flight to safety is Probably exactly what the United States Wants to see right now in addition to Making the US dollar stronger against Most other Fiat currencies the treasury Department needs buyers for the record Amounts of debt it's been issuing and a Crisis scenario means lots of buyers in The absence of such buyers long-term Interest rates in the US could continue To rise to the point that they start to

Cause issues for the United States and Its allies this is a scenario that both Both these parties want to avoid and I'll reiterate that the current Situation gives them an awfully Convenient solution it's also probably Just a coincidence that the US Treasury Will be announcing how it plans on Funding its next round of spending in Early November as many macro analysts Have pointed out issuing too much Long-term debt would cause long-term Interest rates to rise if there aren't Enough buyers what's funny is that if The treasury instead announced that it Would be funding its next round of Spending by issuing short-term debt it Would be a tacit admission that the Long-term Bond markets can't absorb the Selling pressure this would Paradoxically cause long-term rates to Rise even higher as such what the US Treasury needs is for there to be lots Of buyers of long-term bonds waiting in Line by the time it announces its next Round of debt issurance I'll iterate for The third time that the current Geopolitical situation is a literal Saved by thebell moment for the fiscal Authorities of the United States in case It wasn't clear enough this flight to Safety if it happens would result in Essentially everything else being sold For gold US Dollars and US bonds and

Treasuries this would of course include Risk assets like cryptocurrencies and Some would argue that these would be Sold first due to their huge yearly Gains so far though this effect has been Muted for the crypto market now this Could be partially due to the fact that Some people see crypto as another Potential safety play it could also be Partially due to the fact that liquidity In crypto is very low or rather the Smart money left the building a long Time ago the good news is that this Means crypto's correlation with other Asset classes like stocks isn't as Strong as it it used to be the bad news Is that even this weak correlation can Lead to huge price swings given how Little liquidity there is it also makes It much harder to predict when crypto Prices could pump or dump a classic late Stage bare Market if you will and folks Like all Crypt bear markets this one Will eventually end if you've made it This far then know that you're in a Perfect position to benefit from the Next bull market just be aware though That the final stage of the crypto bar Market can be very difficult but know Also that we will do our dest to help You through it now thankfully there are Still some cryptos that are making mind Melting gains despite everything that's Been going on so last week's top

Performing cryptos were Loom Network Trust wallet Frack share Clayton and Tether gold so starting with loom Network its Loom token appears to have Pumped on the news that atlassian a Large software company will be acquiring Another completely unrelated company That goes by the same name for $975 million retail Apes am I right as You can see Loom has gone parabolic over The last few weeks this makes it very Difficult to know when it could crash or Correct now its longer term price chart Suggests that it's headed for its Previous all-time highs from way back in 2018 that would be unprecedented during A bare Market but hey that is crypto Next up we have trust wallet whose twt Token appears to have pumped because of A partnership with moonpay that offers 0% fees on the first five crypto Purchases within the trust Wallet app Note that trust wallet is also expecting To make a big announcement in the coming Days if you watched last week's crypto Review you'll recall that we predicted That tww would putter out around the $1 Mark as shown by the big Wicks on The Daily candles a lot of Traders are Taking profits Above This level and it Looks like it could get rejected we will See in the coming days as for Frack Share meanwhile its fxs token appears to Have rallied on the news that it's

Offering what is effectively a tokenized US Government Bond on the ethereum Blockchain those who stake in the srax Vault can earn an interest rate of up to 5.4% note that there could be regulatory Implications with such products Speculation aside though fxs appears to Have been rejected by the Ballinger band Moving average on the weekly during its Recent rally similarly to twt this could Foreshadow further downside in the Coming days though this likely depends On the adoption of fr's new protocol When it comes to Clayton its clay coin Appears to have pumped in response to a Series of Partnerships and developments People also appear to be buying its Branded iafe pal wallets as well there Are only 100 left note that we have Discounts on Hardware Wallets on the Coin Bureau deals page too anyway Shilling aside clay continues to be in a Long-term downtrend and is far below the Ballinger bound moving average on the Weekly even with the recent pump the Fact that it's had three green weeks in A row could mean that the next one is a Reversal this is a classic Candlestick Pattern we'll see if it plays out and Finally we have tether gold which should Be Self-explanatory X aut is pegged to one Troy oun of gold because gold rallied so Did tether gold followed closely by

Paxos gold ticker Pax G the reason why XA rallied more is probably because it's Less liquid and it's less liquid because It's less transparent as a fun fact the Price of gold Peg tokens tends to deeg To the upside when there's a massive Crash in the crypto Market Ye Old flight To safety the more you know and if you Want to keep up with these altcoin pumps And find out where to trade them be sure To join the coin buau telegram channel The link to that will be in the Description and folks that is all for Today's coin Bureau weekly crypto review So if you enjoyed it you know what to do Hit that like button subscribe button And Bell icon too don't forget to check Out that deals page where we have Massive discounts and bonuses of up to $40,000 on some of the best exchanges Only for the viewers of this channel you Can find the link to that resource and Many others in the description below Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you all in next week's Episode


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