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Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Rounder my name is Jessica and my name Is guy here are the top stories in Crypto this Week bitcoin's brick wool btc's attempts To break out with tradire flows are Surprised by enormous cell pressure from BTC Wales what this means for the crypto Market ethereum's onchain boom gas fees Explode due to Hype around a new token Standard while liquid reaking causes a Defi Resurgence when will eth hit 3K fed Versus stable coins chairman Jerome Powell presses Congress to pass stable Coin regulations as another fed Governor Contemplates their role in USD dominance Everything you need to know billionaires Sell stocks Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Sells over $6 billion of shares in a Single month leading to speculation of a Coming market crash why are so many Billionaires selling shares and a closer Look at last week's top performing Cryptos and where they could be headed Next all this and More in just a moment Last week BTC tried and failed to break 53k on multiple days according to coin Telegraph this was due to a quote brick Wall of sell orders by BTC Wales on Exchanges namely Bitfinex put simply big BTC holders Appear to be taking lots of profit Around 52k preventing BTC from exploding To the upside at the same time inflows

Into the spot Bitcoin ETFs have Continued to grow with net inflows Totaling over $2 Billion so this begs the question of how Much more BTC these whales have left to Sell the answer is that nobody knows but If the ETF inflows continue these whales Will eventually run out the caveat is That these BTC Wales aren't the only Sellers around as you may have heard Bankrupt crypto lender Genesis was Recently given approval to sell $1.6 Billion of gbtc shares to repay Creditors it's not clear when this sell Pressure will come but it will likewise Offset ETF inflows at the same time Bankrupt crypto platform Celsius has Reportedly refunded creditors this Refund includes $1 billion worth of BTC Some of which could be sold again it's Not entirely clear when this sell Pressure will come but it could likewise Offset ETF inflows in the short term in Some then we could be looking at another Week or two of BTC cell pressure Offsetting the buying pressure coming From spot Bitcoin ETF inflows the caveat In this case is that these these inflows Are likely to increase as more Investment advisers begin offering these Bitcoin ETFs to their clients logically This means that btc's price will Eventually break free of any incoming Sell pressure and rally up to 55k and

Beyond as many are expecting until then Though BTC will likely trade sideways Around 52k now to be honest the charts don't Provide any useful guidance here as There are no clear patterns in some Zooming out to the weekly reveals that 52k is a key resistance level from the Previous cycle top btc's market cap Being at around $1 trillion is also Likely serving as a psychological Barrier for some Traders a clean break Above This resistance would take BTC to 55k whereas a rejection would take it Down to 50K zooming out to the monthly Meanwhile reveals that BTC is squeezing To the upside per the Ballinger band as You can see the last time this happened Was at the start of the previous crypto Bull market getting a crypto bull market This early in the cycle would be Unprecedented but it appears to be Happening now if you're trading BTC then Be sure to check out the coin Bureau Deals page it's got trading fee Discounts of up to 60% and signup Bonuses of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges These deals are available for a limited Time only folks so take advantage of Them before it's too late using the link In the Description now the Silver Lining to BTC Moving sideways is that it creates the

Perfect conditions for altcoins to pump This can be clearly seen on the eth BTC Chart which started creeping to the Upside last week if BTC continues to Trade sideways then this trend is likely To continue and foreshadows eth strength This would not be a surprising outcome Considering that ethereum has no Shortage of upcoming catalysts which are Slowly coming into view by now you'll All know that these include spot Ethereum ETFs as well as the denune Upgrade which is scheduled to occur in Early March as it so happens eth's daily Chart appears to be in the process of Painting a bull flag which could take Eth up to 3K or higher in the next Couple of weeks I'll quickly note that The weekly chart suggests that eth could Stall at around 3.3 3K similarly to how BTC has been stalling at around 52k the Difference is that eth Wales have Already been selling for some time some Of you might recall all of the headlines About Ico era wallets suddenly Awakening And sending their eth to exchanges even Ethereum co-founders such as vitalic Buaran and Jeffrey wilker have sent eth To exchanges in recent months it's safe To say that these apparent eth sales Have raised a few eyebrows but it's Important not to lose sight of the other Activity that's been happening on chain For example ethereum's validator Q is

Starting to fill up suggesting that the Interest in eth staking is starting to Rise significantly the catch is that This increase in E staking is likely a Byproduct of all the excitement around Reaking and liquid reaking without Getting too technical reaking involves Using staked eth or liquid staked eth to Provide security for additional Blockchains this allows eth stakers of All kinds to earn extra yield now as the Term suggests liquid reaking makes it Possible to effectively tokenize this Restak eth so that it can be traded and Used in defi protocols now until Recently liquid reaking had been limited Due to the Caps that igen layer had set On its restak eth protocol well these Caps were temporary lifted and the Result was that igen layer became the Fourth largest defi protocol by market Cap driven in large part by liquid Reaking protocols like puffer Finance Finally being able to stake eth to Mint Their liquid restak tokens this combined With the ERC 404 craze has caused gas Fees on ethereum to spike we'll be doing A video about ERC 404 very soon so stay Tuned for that but while you wait you Can check out our recent video about Denune so that you know what to expect When it comes around in early March the Link will be in the description now if All of this reaking stuff sounds risky

That's because it is we recently Reviewed one of these liquid reaking Protocols for our coin Bureau club Members and our conclusion was that These protocols although promising Consist of risk built upon risk built Upon risk but hey as the saying goes no Risk no reward risk upon risk is the Price you pay for potential double Digigit Yields on that note another crypto Niche That's been earning lots of yield lately Is stable coins specifically stablecoin Issuers as most of you will know most of The stable coins in circulation are Backed by US Government debt which has Been earning a sizable yield thanks to Higher interest rates the result has Been mindblowing profits for stablecoin Issuers such as tether and circle who Are essentially earning billions of Dollars of passive income on the Reserves for usdt and usdc respectively As their market caps have continued to Grow so too have their profits and their Holdings of us bonds now the fact that Stable coin issuers collectively hold Close to $150 billion of US Government Debt has made us authorities run rather Nervous at first they seemed to think That a Crackdown was the best way to go As stable coins continue to grow it Seems they're starting to realize that a Crackdown presents a big

Risk this would explain why Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is Reportedly pressuring Congress to pass Stablecoin regulations for context Congress has been trying to pass a Stable coin bill for over 2 years recent Reports suggest that this bill is close To becoming law but it could still be a Few months before it is officially Implemented now this is a scary Situation for the FED because the stable Coin industry has grown to the size that If there were to be any problems it Could very well have a KnockOn effect on The rest of the financial system this Could force the FED to step in and Stimulate which is the last thing it Wants to do right now other fed Governors such as Christopher Waller Seem to be seeing the brighter side of Stable coins however he recently Remarked that 99% of stable coins in Crypto are backed by the US dollar so Any increase in crypto related activity Including trading and defi could further Boost the usd's global status it goes Without saying that the original purpose Of crypto was not to boost the usd's Global status but many would argue that This is a necessary step towards crypto Realizing its goal of replacing the Traditional Financial system and all its Faulty Fiat currencies feel free to Leave your thoughts on the matter below

Now the key takeaway here is that the FED is starting to see stable coins in a Different light as just mentioned their Initial approach was to crack down on Stable coins today they're trying to Regulate them and possibly even promote Them as they could indirectly help them Achieve their unstated USD related goals Just remember though that the FED isn't The only regulator who's been dealing With stable coins the treasury Department has also been involved as has The SEC now whereas the treasury seems To be on the same page as the fed the SEC still seems to think that stable Coins are somehow analogous to shares in A company speaking of which some of of You may have heard that billionaires Have recently been selling billions of Dollars worth of shares which is Unprecedented for reference billionaires Often borrow against their assets Instead of selling them because that way They don't have to pay tax the more you Know now the fact that billionaires have Been selling their assets rather than Borrowing against them is therefore very Significant take Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for instance you might recall that He sold no less than $6 billion of Shares this month now the official story Is because he's relocating to Florida or Whatever but when you realize that the Last time he sold Amazon shares was back

In November 2021 you start to wonder Whether there could be more to this Story to refresh your memory the markets Were hitting their peak in late 2021 and Some of you might remember that Elon Musk sold lots of Tesla shares around This time too and it's not just Jeff Either meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also Sold around half a billion dollars worth Of shares late last year around that Time reports started to emerge that Mark Was building a $270 million bunker in Hawaii now perhaps we're mistaken but These two events seem to be related the Most eye-opening sale of them all However came late last year from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond when he Announced that he would be selling $140 Million worth of shares starting This year this was the first time Jaimie Had sold shares in the bank note that The banking system is a bit wobbly in The United States at the moment now this Puts all the selling by BTC Wales and Eth insiders into perspective it stands To reason that all these wealthy Investors wouldn't be selling if they Believed that the markets would continue To Rally then again it also stands to Reason that they would take some profits It's arguably a part of why they're Wealthy in the first place even so when You look at the charts for say Amazon You'll notice that it's bumping up

Against a key resistance level on the Weekly and actually saw a bearish weekly Close last week looking at stock indices Like the S&P 500 you'll notice that They've basically gone vertical and Can't possibly keep rallying but that's Where you'd be wrong as the saying goes The market kits can remain irrational Longer than you can remain solvent and This is especially true when it comes to Stocks since a large portion of inflows Comes from automatic buying based on Market cap resulting in large cap stocks Well going Vertical what this means is that stocks And even crypto could continue to Rally Indefinitely for stocks it's going to Require some kind of paradigm shift to Turn the automatic buying into selling This could be anything from interest Rates staying higher for longer to a Geopolitical change that alters Market Fundamentals for crypto it's likewise Going to require some substantial crypto Related shock to take the wind out of Its sales that's just because the crypto Market tends to be the most Forward-looking any macro disruption Would be priced in with investors then Pricing in the stimulus just like with The banking crisis last year however a Crypto related disruption could be Harder for the markets to overcome Mainly because it would create a lot

More uncertainty in terms of a response After all everyone knows the central Banks will bail out the commercial Banks And the stock markets but it's very Unlikely that they would do the same for Crypto and with that said it's about Time we looked at last week's top Performing cryptos so Jessica the floor Is Yours thanks Guy well last week's top Performing cryptos were the bitg token Seia coin vchain say and arweave Starting with the bitg get token we Actually couldn't figure out why bgb had Pumped our best guess is that it was due To an increase in traded volume on the Big exchange given that bgb is an Exchange token as you can see bgb's Price has gone parabolic over the last Month believe it or not but it appears To be painting a bull flag that could Take its price much higher in the short Term just remember that exchange tokens Tend to have tokenomics that cause them To pump and come with their own share of Risks next up we have seia coin sea Appears to have pumped due to the Release of a development update and road Map for the decentralized storage Project as you can see CA price has also Gone parabolic but it's been very Volatile lately this makes it hard to Analyze its price but it's clearly in a Long-term uptrend

And that's what matters as for vchain It's vcoin appears to have pumped Because of the UFC fights over the Weekend for those who don't know vchain Became a UFC sponsor back in 2022 as you can see vet has experienced An explosive rally over the last month Assuming the pattern in progress is a Bull flag then vet still has more room To Rally before hitting resistance Levels from the previous bull market When it comes to say it SE coin appears To have pumped on the news that its Novel paralyzed evm is one step closer To launching note that we did a video About say for our coin buau club members You can find the details in the deals Page using the link in the description Now as you can see say appears to have Broken out of a bull flag of its own the Difference is that say is a brand new Crypto so there aren't any key zones of Resistance to use as reference A good Rule of thumb is to watch out for Psychologically significant price levels In this case $150 and $2 last but certainly not least we have Raves whose AR coin appears to have Pumped on the release of the Project's So-called Universal data license which Allows people to include or exclude Their content from AI data training very Cool like sier ai's price action has Been a little bit bizarre but it's

Likewise in an uptrend un fortunately For AR it faces quite a bit of Resistance around the $14 level Fortunately the AI hype combined with Rwe's solid fundamentals could be enough To get it above the resistance range and If you want to know why cryptos are Pumping and also where you can trade Them be sure to check out the coin buau Insider telegram channel the link will Be down in the Description and that's all for today's Coin Bureau weekly crypto review if you Enjoyed it then you know what to do hit That like button subscribe button and Bell icon too don't forget to check out Our deals page where we have massive Discounts and airdrop bonuses of up to $50,000 on some of the best exchanges Only for the viewers of this channel Also if you want to pick up some snazzy Crypto merch the coin bu merch store has It all you can find the links to those Resources and many others in the Description below thank you so much for Watching and we'll see you in next Week's Episode


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