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Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Rounder my name is Jessica and my name Is guy here are the top stories in Crypto this [Music] Week BTC wobbles again the top Cryptocurrency falls after another Failed recovery rally leading traders to Caution that bigger losses could come Soon how low will BTC go ethereum ETF Hopes comment made by asset managers and Adjustments to their filings suggest a Spot ethereum ETF isn't necessarily dead In the water everything you need to know AI recovery rally AI cryptos explode Higher in response to an imminent Announcement by open Ai and microchip Company earnings which AI cryptos have The most potential macro indicators on The slide oil prices interest rates and The US dollar start to roll over Foreshadowing a massive rally for risk Assets when could the rally occur and a Closer look at last week's top Performing cryptos and where they could Be headed next all this and More in just A Moment last week BTC experienced more Downside volatility after it attempted a Recovery it's not clear what caused the Sudden dip but the result was the usual Hundreds of millions of dollars of of Long Liquidations in Practical terms This resulted in hundreds of millions of

Dollars of automated BTC selling over a Short period whatever the Catalyst was It must have been crypto specific Because the stock market simultaneously Continued to rise for context if the Catalyst had been macro related then Stocks would have dipped as well the Absence of this dip tells us that some Piece of crypto news spooked crypto Investors our best guess is that it was Related to a hitpiece published by Mainstream media Outlets alleging that Certain entities in the crypto industry Had been manipulating prices on certain Exchanges now not sure who needs to hear It but price manipulation is common Across almost all asset markets even the Largest case in point Mega Bank JP Morgan was fined almost one billion Dollar for manipulating precious metals Markets and treasury markets in September 20 for reference the treasury Markets are the most liquid in the world Meaning that they should theoretically Be immune to manipulation apparently not In any case another possible explanation For the Divergence between stocks and Crypto could be because of stock BuyBacks as the term suggests stock BuyBacks are when companies well buy Back their own stocks obviously this Causes the prices of these stocks to Rise as it so happens Apple recently Announced the largest stock buyback ever

Clocking in at an incredible $10 Billion of course investors have already Priced in most of this buying hence why Stocks Rose last week even though the Buying technically hasn't started yet Regardless BTC is once again sitting at The critical level of 60k at least at The time of shooting the recent Rejection from the balling Jaan moving Average on The Daily seen here is a bad Sign in our book it suggests that BTC is Running out of room to Rally something Noted by other Traders as well in our Estimation BTC only has a few days to Retest this trend line you see here if It can get back above it then it could Rally into the low 70k if it gets Rejected again however it could fall to 55k which is the Ballinger bound moving Average on the weekly If you throw in liquidations it could go Lower now whether BTC breaks to the Upside or the downside seems to depend On the upcoming CPI print this Wednesday If you're subscribed to our Weekly Newsletter you'll already know what we Think will happen and how the crypto Market will react so be sure to Subscribe using the link in the Description and if you want to maximize Your profits by trading what comes next Then take advantage of the 60% trading Fee discounts and up to $60,000 signup

Bonuses we have for the biggest and best Exchanges over on the coin Bureau deals Page these deals are only available to Our viewers so take advantage of them Before they expire using of course the Link in the Description now similarly to BTC eth is Also sitting at a critical level the Difference is that this level is much More dire the Ballinger band moving Average on the weekly as you can see This key indicator has historically Shown you when eth was in a bare phase Or in a bull phase below is be above is Bull zooming into the daily chart Suggests that eth could break down to 2400 if it falls any further on the flip Side it could rally to 3700 on the back Of a bullish Catalyst this begs the Question of what the Catalyst could be Well believe it or not but the answer Seems to be the spot ethereum ETFs as we Also mentioned in our Weekly Newsletter Black Rock and JP Morgan recently made Comments which can be summarized as it Doesn't matter if the SEC labels ether Security the ETFs can still be approved For those unaware it was believed that The security label would Scupper the Chance of such an approval this might Sound strange but if you watched our Video about whether eth is a security You'll know that the SEC consists of Different divisions the division that's

Been engaging in all these enforcement Actions is well the enforcement division Led by Gerber Greywell who is overly Political and has an agenda by contrast The rest of the SEC seems to be fairly Reasonable when it comes to crypto this Includes the SEC Commissioners the head Honchos aside from Gary gendler and Caroline khaw the rest are pro crypto or At least neutral and in Caroline's case It sounds like her term Runs Out in Early June whatever the case the point Is that the part of the SEC that Approves ETFs is not the same part That's been cracking down on crypto this Means that the spot ethereum ETFs could Still be approved and it looks like Asset managers have already begun Adjusting their applications to prepare For this possibility the most notable in This regard are Arc invest and 21 shares Which removed the staking components From the their spot ethereum ETF filings If you've been keeping up with our Coverage of crypto regulations you'll Know this is significant because the SEC Doesn't like anything crypto related That earns a yield the removal of the Staking component could therefore be Evidence that the SEC told Arc invest And 21 shares that their applications Will be approved if they make this Change alternatively though it could Just be a hail Mar attempt to get the

Applications past something highlighted By Bloomberg's ETF analysts from our Perspective though Arc invest and 21 Shares probably wouldn't have gone out Of their way to adjust their spot Ethereum ETF applications if they knew They would be rejected anyways this Change also didn't happen in isolation Remember the comments from JP Morgan and Black rock now if the SEC does approve The spot ethereum ETFs things could get Very very interesting that's because its Enforcement division would probably Sue Consensus Unis Swap and other entities It's been targeting in ethereum's Ecosystem regardless of the approval Note that it could do this in the next Two weeks or So the result could be a sort of pump And dump with eth rallying like crazy on The news that the ETFs have been Approved and then crashing because of The sec's lawsuits even if the lawsuits Don't happen eth could still dip if the Inflows into the ETFs are low remember What happened with the ethereum Futures ETFs make no mistake though if the spot Ethereum ETFs do get approved it will Open the door to basically every other Crypto getting an ETF of its own in this Sense the ETF approval could be even More bullish for the other large cap Altcoins that institutional investors Are interested Ed in notably of course

Salana on a slightly different note it Seems that AI cryptos appear to be Waking up again this is not surprising Given that open AI recently announced That it would be making an announcement Today depending on when you see this Video it's possible the announcement has Already happened it's expected at 10:00 A.m. Pacific Time by the way open AI CEO Sam ultman said that the announcement Won't be related to GPT 5 or any search Engines which is a bit funny because It's a convenient way of reminding Everyone that more open AI catalysts are Coming besides GPT 5 and search engines Open AI will also be releasing its video AI product Sora notably all of these Technologies are expected to be released Over the summer what this means is that There will be no shortage of catalysts That could take AI cryptos higher in the Coming months the caveat that is that This assumes all these technologies will Work perfectly any issues and the fud Will hit hard absent any issues though AI cryptos will in fact rally hard most Of their long-term prices appear to be Painting cup and handle patterns that Are foreshadowing a doubling or more Naturally the gains are likely to be led By worldcoin given its connections to Open AI though wld may not be the Biggest gainer more about worldcoin in The description I digress now before I

Tell you which AI cryptos will see the Biggest gains I need to underscore Another series of AI specific factors to Watch out for and that's air related Company earnings as some of you may have Heard tsmc reported continuously strong Demand for AI chips in its most recent Earnings report this is a big deal Because it means that nvidia's upcoming Earnings are likely to reflect the same Strong demand whether these earnings are Big enough to make investors even more Bullish than they already are remains to Be seen and Nvidia charts suggests that The earnings print could take it in Either direction as you can see Nvidia Appears to be painting a long-term bull Flag which if it plays out could take Its price to a staggering $1,500 to put things into perspective This would work out to a 10x return for Those who bought the market dip during The October 2020 two lows cudos to those Who did now the caveat in this case is That nvidia's bull flag could just as Easily be a double top pattern given its Current formation more importantly Recall that nvidia's earnings aren't the Only Factor affecting its price the Aforementioned CPI print this Wednesday Could push nvidia's price in either Direction assuming the CPI comes in Cooler than expected and that Nvidia Beats earnings expectations then the cup

And handle patterns for all of those AI Cryptos will probably play out regarding Which we'll see the biggest gains the Honest answer is that most of them look Like they'll see similar gains in Percentage terms even so the AI cryptos With lower price tags smaller market Caps and the most availability on Exchanges will likely see slightly Bigger gains than their peers it Shouldn't take more than a few minutes To do that research and we'll leave a Link to the only resource you need in The description now speaking of rallies It looks like Risk assets could see Another big rally of their own this is Because major macro indicators appear to Be rolling over for starters oil prices Appear to have broken down following a Rising wedge pattern on the weekly this Is bullish as it suggests inflation Pressures will ease it's also bullish Because it suggests we're unlikely to See more geopolitical escalation in the Middle e East or elsewhere as most of You will have noticed geopolitical Escalation was weighing on the markets Over the last few months particularly Those for risk assets it seems these Risks have dissipated or at least been Priced in next up we have interest rates Specifically the yield on 10-year US Government debt AKA 10year bonds AKA 10-year treasuries but we'll just call

Them bonds for the sake of Simplicity The 10-year yield likewise appears to Have broken down following a rising Wedge pattern on the weekly this is more Bullish than you might think because the 10-year yield appears to be inversely Correlated to risk assets namely small Cap stocks and altcoins although the Correlation seems to have broken down in Recent weeks falling yields are bullish Across the board and should provide a Tailwind for all assets the same is true For the dxy which seems to be rolling Over on the daily chart but remains in An admittedly strong uptrend FYI the dxy Is inversely correlated to almost every Other asset which makes sense when Markets crash people tend to flee into US dollars when markets rally well it's The opposite this is why the dxy Long-term price charts are so scary its More recent weekly price action appears To be painting a double bottom when you Zoom out that double bottom looks like It could cause a completion of a massive Cup and handle that would cause the dxy To explode higher what's fascinating Though is that this doesn't mean that The US dollar is getting stronger per se Rather it means that the other Currencies in the dxy basket are getting Weaker namely the Euro the British pound And the Japanese Yen there is a scenario Wherein all three of these currencies

Would weaken and it's not a pretty one The Silver Lining though is the it's in The interests of the US to keep the Dollar under control that's because a Strong dollar is bad for the Global Financial system which is in turn bad For the US itself if we do see the dxy Explode higher due to say a hotter than Expected CPI print then the pain Wouldn't last too long eventually the Treasury and the Federal Reserve would Intervene to weaken the dollar and as All of you will probably know that's Done by printing now this printing would Be beneficial for all assets especially Those that were designed to combat money Printing such as crypto it goes without Saying that gold would do well too note That you can find out whether gold or BTC is better by using the link in the Description and with all that said it's About time we looked at last week's top Performing cryptos so Jessica take it Away thank you guy well last week's top Performing cryptos were were ton coin Rinder thorchain aash Network and Casper Starting with ton coin ton appears to Have pumped due to the upcoming release Of not coins not token which will launch This Thursday we talked about that in Our Weekly Newsletter too again the link Is in the description Ton's chart is Somehow looking even more bullish than It did last time as its recent price

Action appears to have painted a bull Flag that could take its price as high As $9 just remember that the upcoming CPI Print could dampen the rally if it comes In hotter than expected next up we have Randa whose R anddr token appears to Have pumped after the project in its Ecosystem was featured at Apple's recent Event like ton R anddr appears to be Painting a massive bull flag and zooming Out reveals the cup and handle pattern That most AI cryptos are showing pery Earlier comments if the bull flag plays Out R anddr could go as high as $17 consistent with the cup and handle Target these depend on those AI Catalysts regarding thorchain meanwhile It's run coin appears to have pumped due To a gas optimization to its cross chain Decks which has made certain BTC and E Swaps up to 6X and 2x cheaper Respectively In contrast to ton and r& drr Run's chat Looks a little bit bizarre and dare I Say it even bearish specifically it Seems to be foreshadowing a head and Shoulders pattern in the short term Zooming out to the longer term Trend and Looking at through the lens of market Cap reveals an eye openening Trend or Rather an eye openening trend line it Suggests that Run's market cap could Rally to around $3 billion

Which would translate to a 50% pump or Roughly $9 in Fiat terms as for aash Network it's akt coin appears to have Pumped in response to a combination of Open ai's upcoming announcement and aash Network's own upcoming event in Buenos Areus Argentina as you can see akt looks Extremely bullish on its longer term Price chart a massive cup and handle Pattern if it plays out akt could d or More and I'll remind you that this all Depends on the upcoming AI Catalyst that Guy mentioned Earlier finally we have Casper whose Cashcoin appears to have pumped on the Speculation that the crypto will be Listing on binance soon oddly enough it Appears that Cass was already listed on Binance in the past it seems that it was Delisted along with other cryptos in October 2023 for unspecified reasons This would explain why cass's price Action looks a tad bearish like run Cass Appears to be in the process of painting A head and shoulders pattern if it fails To break above the 14 C range with Momentum then it may very well Experience a bearish Reversal and as always be sure to join The coin Bureau Insider telegram Channel If you want to find out which cryptos Are pumping and also where you can trade Them the link will be down in the Description and that's all for today's

Coin Bureau weekly crypto review if you Enjoyed it then you know what to do hit The like button subscribe button and Bell icon too don't forget to check out Our deals page where we have massive Trading fee discounts and sign up Bonuses of up to $660,000 on some of the Best exchanges only for the viewers of This channel also if you want to pick up Some snazzy crypto merch the coin bu Merch store has you covered you can find The link to those resources and many Others in the description below thank You so much for watching and we'll see You all in next week's episode [Music]


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