Crypto News: Bitcoin ATH, ETH, Stocks Rally, WIF, PEPE & MORE!!

Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Roundup my name is Jessica and my name Is guy here are the top stories in Crypto this [Music] Week Bitcoin breaks out BTC rallies to 64k for the first time in over 2 years Leading to speculation the all-time Highs are imminent when could it happen Next in line investors turn their focus To eat as open interest hits an all-time High and ethereum prepares for its Denune upgrade how high could eth go Meme coins go parabolic dog and frog Themed coins and tokens explode while Deens look for the next 1,000x where can you find the next one Stocks won't stop major indices hit new All-time highs led by nvidia's vertical Rally what does this mean for the cryp To Market and a closer look at last Week's top performing cryptos and where They could be headed next all this and More in just a Moment last week BTC almost hit a new All-time high and this is believed to be Due to you guessed it the spot Bitcoin ETFs which saw billions of dollars of Inflows notably the trading volume on The spot ETFs set a record last week Underscoring continued institutional Interest and investment in BTC this is Not surprising considering that Institutional investors are still in the

Process of offering the ETFs to their Clients Bank of America and Wells Fargo Are the latest to do so and it's likely We'll get more announcements over the Next week of course this could result in Even more inflows at the same time Bitcoin whales also appear to be Accumulating BTC one whale next Nicknamed Mr 100 has been aggressively Stacking SATs during the recent rally Which is surprising this suggests that The whale in question believes that BTC Has a lot more upside and the charts Support this possibility believe it or Not but BTC appears to be painting a Bull flag on the daily chart if it plays Out BTC could rally as high as 76k in The coming days and this would put it Well above its previous all-time high of Around 69k for context BTC hitting an all-time High before the harving would be Unprecedented the catch is that it seems Everyone can see this bullish pattern Playing out this is evidenced by the Rising funding rates for Traders going Long I.E betting that btc's price will Go higher for those unfamiliar funding Rates are how much Traders pay to keep An open leverage long or short position Higher funding rates will eat into a Trader's margins increasing the chances That they'll close the leverage position This can have the Practical effect of

Pushing down btc's price slightly and It's part of why BTC saw a slight draw Down a couple of weeks back it is Possible we will see the same happen Again if this were to occur then the Chart suggests that BTC could fall to The low 50ks or even the high 40ks this Sounds crazy until you remember that a Slight dip would likely result in lots Of liquidations of Leverage Longs Temporarily pushing btc's price much Lower than it would otherwise have gone It's also important to remember that There still seems to be some sell Pressure coming from bankrupt crypto Entities like genesis and possibly even The US government this is evidenced by The fact that there was more than half a Billion dollars of outflows from Grayscales spot Bitcoin ETF late last Week meanwhile onchain analysis revealed That the US government had moved almost $1 billion of BTC presumably to sell for Reference the US government still holds Almost $2,000 BTC worth over $12 Billion it is possible that Uncle Sam Will take more profits if BTC continues To pump now if you plan on trading Around these factors then be sure to Check out the coin Bureau deals page Trading fee discounts of up to 60% and Sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 are Just two of the many deals that will Help you maximize your crypto gains

These deals are available for a limited Time only so be sure to take advantage Of them before they disappear the link Will be in the Description now it appears that btc's Recent rally has left eth behind at Least according to the Daily eth BTC Chart FYI eth BTC measures eth's Strength relative to BTC well as you can See eth does not look all that strong This foreshadows a scenario where eth Continues to lag BTC in percentage gains When you zoom out to the weekly chart However you see what appears to be a Double bottom in the eth BTC pair this Foreshadows eth catching up to BTC in Percentage terms and highlights the Importance of looking at crypto charts On longer time frames however despite Eth lagging BTC it's looking fine in fat Terms the weekly chart reveals that eth Is about to break above a key resistance Level around $3,500 which is analogous to the 50k Resistance levels we saw BTC testing not Long ago obviously this means eth could Catch up in percentage terms this makes Perfect sense considering that Ethereum's denune upgrade is just around The corner if you watched our video About denune you'll know that it's Scheduled for the 13th of March and it Will benefit ethereum's layer 2os the Most logically this means they could

Outperform eth in percentage terms the Thing is that all of these layer twos Leverage eth in some way be it through Transaction fees eth trading pairs on Dexes or collateral in defi a surge in Layer 2 activ ity would therefore likely Result in more people bridging eth from The main chain to speculate in its layer 2 ecosystem as it so happens it appears That this is happening already L2 beat Reveals that the total value locked on Ethereum's layer 2os has gone parabolic Part of the most recent pump was due to The launch of blast a controversial Layer 2 which had billions in total Value locked and is seeing lots of Speculative activity And similarly to BTC the open interest Aka the total value of Leverage bets on Eth hit its highest level ever last week Presumably because of what I just Mentioned as with BTC this huge increase In leverage bets could lead to an Unsustainable increase in funding rates That leads to a short-term correction The difference is that most people still Seem to be underestimating just how much Eth could rally this is likely due to The combination of the skepticism that The spot ethereum ETFs could be approved And the assumption that the spot Bitcoin ETFs mean that there will be minimal Rotation into altcoins if you're Wondering about the former you should

Check out the recent interview we did With an analyst over at k33 research and If you're wondering about the latter Then subscribe to the channel and ping That notification Bell because we have a Big crypto market update video coming Out later this week But back to eth now I'll quickly note That macro conditions could provide an Additional Tailwind for eth over the Next couple of weeks this assumes that The yield on the 10-year US Government Bond starts to come down a trend which Could have begun late last week in Response to weak economic data as a fun Fact this correlation between eth prices And bond yields is believed to be due to The 4.5% yields offered by eth staking If the yield on Stak eth is Significantly higher than that of bonds Then yield obsessed institutional Investors will invest in eth in order to Stake it around the Margins at The Other Extreme meanwhile You have retail investors who will ape Into the most volatile assets possible The moment they get a sense that the Broader Market is about to rally and Nowhere is this truer than in crypto Where meme coins seem to be first movers In what could become a broader altcoin Rally now if you watched our video about Meme coins then you'll know which Criteria you need to be on the lookout

For the one that's the most relevant to This video is to look for meme coins That are flatlined and not ape into the Ones that are already up triple digits Unfortunately many of them do seem to be Just that fortunately though not all of Them are particularly those on less Popular smart contract cryptos from what We've seen most of the mem coin Madness Over the last week has been happening on Salana ethereum and select ethereum Layer 2os mean coins on other chains Still seem to be asleep naturally this Means that it would perhaps be wise to Focus your mcoin exploration efforts on Chains that haven't been completely Chewed up by speculators the caveat Though is that the capital from mem Coins on chain like salana seems to be Recycled invested into smaller and Smaller meme coins on the same chain This begs the question of what would Cause Capital to rotate into mem coins On other chains as we explained in our Video about mem coins the answer is that The coin or token for that chain needs To Rally first this is something that's Still hasn't happened for most ethereum And salana Killers now it goes without Saying that me coins are extremely Volatile and analogous to gambling even So there seems to be one simple trick You can use to get those gains and That's just to be less greedy than all

The other DG technical analysis can also Help you to know roughly where to take Profits on the flip side fundamental Analysis will help you keep your Expectations in check for example if you Come across a meme coin that already has A market cap in the tens of millions Chances are that it won't go up much Higher in percentage terms you'll notice That most emerging meme coins fit this Profile the frustrating thing is that Meme coins with market caps under $10 Million are extremely risky and could Offer returns that are comparable to More established meme coins with market Caps in the tens of millions plus by That point you're probably better off Looking for regular cryptos with small Market caps and finding small cap Cryptos with lots of potential is what The coin Bureau Club is all about our Members not only get to vote on the Small caps we cover but also get to see Our personal crypto portfolios get daily Crypto Market updates including chart Analysis and access to exclusive Discord Channels so if you don't have the time Or can't put in the effort to find Promising small caps that could pump Just as much as meme coins then consider Becoming a member of the coin Bureau Club using the link in the descript Description we'll be raising prices Again in a couple of months time so sign

Up now and get that cheaper rate now Speaking of rising prices stock market Indices continue to hit new all-time Highs if you watched last week's crypto Review you'll know that we predicted This it's nothing to write home about Really it's just the reality of the Market prices are determined primarily By passive flows like Pension funds Unless something unexpected happens then These passive flows will continue to Push stock indices higher and because Stock indices are weighted according to The market caps of the stocks within Them the biggest companies will continue To get bigger namely Nvidia which is Literally going straight up as with Crypto many investors are wondering when The capital from large cap stocks will Start to rotate into small cap stocks Well judging by the Russell 2000 it Looks like this rotation is about to Start in a big way as you can see the Index appears to be breaking out of a Massive accumulation pattern the most Recent rally is likely due to the Aforementioned decrease in 10-year Yields which have had the most profound Effect on small caps as a fun fact this Is because most small cap companies are Not that profitable and many of them are Massively in debt as a result interest Rates affect them the most if the Russell 2000 does break out then it

Could rally by more than 10% in the Coming weeks and this could translate to Even larger double digigit gains in Altcoins given the overlap between the Types of investors who buy small caps And the types of investors who buy Altcoins namely retail this will likely Be accompanied by a continued rise in The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ which Increasingly has investors wondering ing Just how high the markets could go Before a correction if technical Analysis is any indication then both Indices could likewise rally by double Digits or more in the coming weeks for The S&P 500 some of you will know that It's been painting a massive cup and Handle pattern for over 2 years if this Plays out to its fullest extent the S&P Could hit 6,000 points this would Translate to an almost 20% gain compared To its current levels It seems Impossible but there it is and it's the Same story with the NASDAQ 100 whose own Cup and handle pattern points to over 24,000 points if it fully plays out Again such monstrous moves in the Indices would be met by even bigger Gains from BTC and most altcoins in Btc's case it could rally by as much as 40% if this scenario plays out the Bigger question though is what happens When all the flows start to go in Reverse be it due to an unexpected event

Or just because all the Boomers start Retiring and cashing out to pay for Their expenses well the answer is that The Federal Reserve would probably start Printing money which would send Everything even higher and on that note It's about time we looked at last week's Top performing cryptos I wonder if you Can guess what they might be Jessica Enlighten us Thanks Guy well last week's top Performing cryptos were dog whff hat Pepe flaky Shinu and bonk oh boy Starting with dog with hat whiff appears To have pumped due to a series of memes Involving dogs wearing hats which went Viral on Twitter even crypto exchanges Were sharing photos of their logos Wearing hats the result is that whiff Token has gone straight up it's honestly Hard to say how much higher it could go The fact that it has yet to list on a Top exchange like binance or coinbase Could mean that it still has some room To run but there is no question that Whiff is looking extremely overheated Next up we have Pepe which appears to Have pumped due to the launch of a Bridge that makes it possible to trade PPE on arbitrum and BNB where gas fees Are much lower Pepe's participation in Coin market caps meme coin contest could Also have played a role like with Pepe Has gone completely vertical and there's

No telling how high it could go the only Missing Catalyst appears to be a Coinbase listing as Pepe is already Listed on most other major exchanges It's possible that a coinbase listing Would give p a additional boost when it Comes to Floy meanwhile it appears to Have pumped in response to a token burn Conducted by the developers this is a Bit bizarre given that the token Burn Only accounted for around 2% of flaky's Supply even so this was enough to cause A parabolic pump which sent flaky to new All-time highs in terms of market cap Like wiff and pepe the only thing Missing for Floy is a coinbase listing As for Sheba Eno it ship token appears To have pumped on the news that the mem Coin will be introducing a new privacy Focus Network to the sharum layer 2 in Cont to the other memecoins ship appears To be approaching a key resistance level If the memec coin rally continues it's Possible that it will break above it but It faces a lot more resistance Above This level shib is already listed on Coinbase by the way finally we have Bonk Which likewise appears to have pumped Due to its participation in coin Market Cap's aformentioned memec coin contest In contrast to the other meme coins Bon Looks a lot more bullish in in fact it Could be painting a massive bull flag if It is it could still see significant

Gains just bear in mind that this bull Flag pattern could also be a double top Which would take Bonk down to lows that We'd rather not talk about anyways if You want to know which cryptos are Pumping and also where you can trade Them then be sure to check out the coin Buau telegram channel the link will be Down in the Description and that is all for today's Coin Bureau weekly crypto review if you Enoy enjoyed it then you know what to do Hit that like button subscribe button And Bell icon too don't forget to check Out our deals page where we have massive Discounts and airdrop bonuses of up to $50,000 on some of the best exchanges Only for the viewers of this channel Also if you want to pick up some snazzy Crypto merch the coin bu merch store has It all you can find the link to those Resources and many others in the Description below thank you so much for Watching and we'll see you in next Week's episode [Music]


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