Crypto Market is in MASS CHAOS! HERE is how YOU can still GET RICH!

The crypto Market is in chaos right now Meme coins projects with no real utility Are outperforming the Blue Chips media Is now bringing on Meme coin influencers To explain the meme coin phenomenon this Is the Grand Puba of the Dogecoin Community talking about the value that Meme coins have people coming out and Saying you know these meme coins they Don't have a lot of utility they don't Have a lot of value tell us about the Value you think meme coins brings to the Space Only value Is the value that we placed on them And yeah I mean there's a lot of Pepe Fans around the world and when you see The price going parabolic A lot of people get excited and jump on That and if they build out some kind of Crazy ecosystem Metaverse games who knows what they'll Create I'm sure it'll keep going but uh The amazing thing about Doge for me and A lot of us is that a time where pretty Much everything is polarized and Political doge is a great unifier I Think it's very unique In that regard especially in the world Of crypto where things are pretty Tribalized in a lot of cases So I mean I'm sure the Pepe thing will Do well and go up and down like most Meme coins but uh I'm devoted to the

Doge we have politicians trying to kill Crypto yet at the same time saying the US government out loud Wow crypto Bros make money literally by Making money and they've made over a Trillion dollars out of thin air Um they'll accuse the U.S government of Making money out of thin air maybe we do But we're the US government Please please do not be fooled there are Many of you losing faith in quality Altcoin projects and I understand this Life just seems so much easier this life Just seems so much more fun we actually Just went on a doge pilgrimage And met the Doge and atsuko her mama In Japan And yeah it was A beautiful time we are creating a Bronze Doge statue in her hometown which Will hopefully be unveiled on her 18th Birthday And yeah I've been in the Doge since the First week that it became a coin and Hundreds thousands of friends worldwide Who are as Dedicated to it as I I want to debunk a Myth right now the myth holding top Altcoins from prior Cycles can't make You rich yes they can the cream Rises to The top especially over longer periods Of time quality altcoins can make you Rich if you accumulate during a bear Market a fantastic example of this is

None other than cardano Ada Elio trades Put together a fantastic thread I want You to understand this like this video Support this content you need to Understand this cardano Ada sat in a Range between two cents and 10 cents for Over two years last bear Market I Remember this time cardano was goofed on Hard during this time while it was Perhaps one of the most hated projects In the space cardano continually excited Its supporter base with novel Tech Pushed by professor in Chief Charles Hoskinson many including myself sold Their Ada bags at the bottom of the Market losing faith due to lack of price Movement this my friends cost me dearly Once Bitcoin broke out to new all-time Highs the two-year range of cardano Became literally invisible on the chart Ultimately if you had accumulated around The average bear market price of about 5 Cents you would have bagged a 61x Holding coins like cardano is 100 times Easier than meme coins given the Consistent Tech and founder updates Along with the novel vision for a Decentralized future this game is Designed to transfer money from the Inpatient to the patient the game of Crypto make a plan and stick to it this Is how you win Another example polygon sat in a range Between one cents and two cents for 18

Months last bear Market it had Incredible attack it was making strong Progress the entire time but the price Didn't reflect that once Bitcoin hit new All-time highs Matic began its journey To 2.88 cents nearly a 300X unlike meme Coins projects like Matic are easy to Hold with conviction the price action During these bearish times is not an Indication of what happens during the Next Bull the good Tech won't perform Until Bitcoin is in price discovery mode So my plan steadily accumulate the good ignore a-holes and fud stick to the Narratives I understand the point is People think that coins not pumping During the bear Market equals these Coins won't pump next cycle that Couldn't be any farther from the truth You simply need patience with these Quality projects and that's very hard to Have with meme coins don't lose your Shirt chasing garbage now that being Said there are infinite ways you can Make money in crypto actually make money And lose money but short-term plays Could be just as advantageous as a Long-term place it really depends on Your own risk profile here at altcoin Daily we talk about the whole Market we Talk about every way to make money in Crypto but certainly we focus on the Quality projects what actually has value In this space now something that I'm

Excited about is crypto and artificial Intelligence together chain link founder Sergey nazeroff also excited about Ai And blockchain together can you give us Some specific examples of AI in Blockchain Tech what does the future Look like do you think can you give us Some specific examples or use cases of AI in blockchain technology I mean what Does the future look like do you think So blockchains have different Relationships with risk management and Blockchains make a lot of data available About various risks in relation to the Financial products that run on those Chains that data can be easily analyzed By AI more easily than Bank data which Is closed and unavailable so one way That Ai and blockchains can interact is The openness and transparency of Blockchain systems can allow AI to Actually prove that blockchain Financial Products are more secure and reliable Otherwise we're looking at using an AI For risk management in relation to Bridges moving tokens across different Environments and also just risk Management in general because Blockchains fundamentally do have a big Role to play in how risk is managed in Both highly Technical and financial Systems if you're trading meme coins It's all good you can make tons of money In them there's also high risk it's a

Short-term thing but keep in mind guys There's tons of opportunity in this Space it's like internet in 1999 or 2001 The next 30 Years is crypto get your Tickets to bitcoin Miami it's not too Late link below 10 off subscribe to the Channel dailycrypto content join the Team we post a video every day I'll see You tomorrow Thank you


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