Crypto Market is about to get CRAZY (April 2024)!

Bitcoin has just closed its highest Monthly candle in its 15-year history With the having just about 16 days away Bitcoin Supply flow is about to be cut In half this could not have come at a More opportune time for Bitcoin holders As we see the current bitcoin Supply Flow is not enough to meet demand spot Bitcoin ETFs bought 66,000 Bitcoin in March while miners only produced 28,000 And it's not just Bitcoin ETFs its Individuals like Michael sailor its Companies like micro strategy its other Entities like tether now holding over 5.1 billion worth of bitcoin to back It's stablecoin usdt they're adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet smash the Like button guys more people need to Know about this because the fact is Taking a look at Bitcoin on exchanges Available supply of Bitcoin is running Out look at this sharp drop as price Rises there's just not enough Bitcoin to Go around the next 9 months are going to Be wild make sure you have a plan make Sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel turn the notifications on WE Post one video every day keeping you Informed giving you that edge if you're Interested in making money in crypto Subscribe to altcoin daily let's talk Altcoins I'm extremely bullish on Altcoins particularly where we are now In the cycle altcoins are going to be

Where you and I make the most money Think think about it like this the Biggest asset manager in the world black Rock is using ethereum and the biggest Crypto company in the US coinbase is Building a layer two on ethereum none of Us are bullish enough on ethereum and The altcoin market I don't know if you Realize this but ethereum is finally Ready for the masses with over 5 million Weekly active wallets now on ethereum L2s like this is really exploding with Growth and base coinbase's L2 is seeing A huge surge in its defi activity on March 30th Bas just hit 1 billion in Daily trading volume look at this this Is amazing it has also overtaken all Leading l2s in terms of daily Transaction count is base the new salana You tell me ethereum is still looking Extremely good to me particularly when You see metrics like this ethereum Staking rate Soares past 27% 27% of the Ethereum available Supply is being Stak The signal is clear confidence in the Long-term success of the ethereum Blockchain is Sky High in addition Ethereum in smart contracts just blasted By 37% holders are locking in more Ethereum and not cashing out at the same Time exchange reserves are plunging Scarcity squeeze in the making ethereum Is gearing up for an epic moonshot take A look at this just like Bitcoin

Ethereum on exchanges has never been Lower ethereum is a deflationary asset My friends Bitcoin Supply flow decreases Ethereum's Supply decreases and most People haven't realized the implications Of this yet most people haven't realized That ethereum is here to stay chain link Is the universal gas token for the Digital asset ecosystem propy Keys a Project bringing real estate onchain via Nft addresses and landmarks has Integrated chain links automation on Base to help distribute staking rewards Tokenization projects continue to choose Chain link listen I could play you a Clip from Sergey nazarov talking about Big picture what they're doing this Would be a very exciting clip I could Show you I'm more interested in sharing With you one of chain Link's biggest Integrators and biggest Partners Swift What they have to say Swift or the Society for worldwide interbank Financial telecommunications is a global Messaging system that allows Banks and Financial institutions to send and Receive encrypted information including Cross border money transfer instructions Swift is the largest International Payments Network in the world with over 11,000 members and more than 200 Countries and territories the system Daily processes almost 38 million Encrypted transactions worth trillions

Of dollars in currency we finally have Some insight on what they're most proud Of working with chain link what they've Accomplished the product lead Tomas D Reflects on how the collaboration Between Swift and chain link helped Prove that existing infrastructure rure Can merge with the new world of Blockchains listen to this this is very Eye opening first I'd like to say I'm Quite proud of what we have achieved Because as Serge was explaining we we Sort of have bridged I believe a bit two World the traditional world and the new One we made it uh clear that you can use Existing infrastructures to actually Have an impact on this new technology And that we done by combining first Existing flows so we use something that Makes sense in the current context and Business way of of working we then use The Swift infrastructure to connect via Swift to the blockchain in a seamless Way so we build an abstraction layer Which protects participant from the Complexity of of joining the blockchain And they can talk exactly as they talk Today obviously with some tweaks here And there so that you you have a purpose And you're driven by the technology a Little bit but really to a minimum Extent and then we were seamlessly Connecting to ccip providing security And robustness in terms of executing the

Intent that was expressed a s message on The Chain I really think this is a key Building block actually something very Interesting for the market to reflect on And to try to use and we didn't only Move assets on a single chain we also Executed the movement across chains with This protocol provided by chains I'm Really curious to see how this construct Will be used in the future because I Believe there's a lot of potential hey La locals Linked In the description is An Eventbrite link get your tickets April 11th to the roast of altcoin daily In Santa Monica 6:00 to 10: p.m. all the Details are linked below I want to see You there this is also like a Meetup you Can come hang out with us have a laugh They're roasting us it's going to be Great see you there is now a good time To sell your Bitcoin for cardano well is Now a good time to buy cardano in General according to several different Price metrics technical analysis it is Cardano is up against major support Against Bitcoin right here every other Time this has happened cardano Eventually bounced right back up in a Big way in addition taking a look at Moving averages Confluence on a two-e Time frame Ada has shifted from red to Vibrant green Ada has shifted from red To vibrant green we remember the last Time that happened mirroring the onset

Of the 2020 bull run the two-e chart is Flashing strong uptrend signals Accompanied by Green waves could history Be repeating for cardano and by all Accounts it does kind of seem like this Major bit coin and crypto Bull Run that We've been witnessing for the past 3 6 Months cardano not really as much a part Of it as cardano fans would like in fact Cardano still a top 10 crypto but Seemingly going to be flipped by Avalanche shibainu tcoin polka dot or Maybe even chain link in the time being Unless you think ta charts like this are Correct now could be the perfect time to Buy cardano you tell me what you think The world is changing at an incredibly Rapid Pace the Fed Ched R pal just went On record and although he said no plans For a cbdc anytime soon clearly they're Thinking about it clearly there's a Bigger plan I'm going to play you 60 Seconds of this clip you tell me what You think we have a lot more to talk About this week regarding altcoins and Crypto and a lot more to talk about this Here make sure you subscribe listen to Jerome Powell give his most updated Thoughts on a cbdc tell me what you Think tell me if you believe him and it Would take legislation by Congress Signed by the president to to give us The ability to do the what we think of As a cbdc which is really a retail cbdc

With with the public of so so we're just A long long way from that what we are Doing and I think what every major Central Bank is doing is we're we're Trying to stay in the frontiers of What's going on in digital finance and It has many many different uh areas you Know it has applications in wholesale Finance in in the payments system and so We need we to serve the public like we Need these these issues have become very Front burner in the last five or six Years we need to be knowledgeable about All that so we actually do have people Trying to understand things that are but But it's wrong to say that we're working On a cbdc and then we've got secretly Got a lab here where we've got one and We're just going to spring it on Congress at the right moment we don't Not I I haven't at all in my own mind Made a decision that I think this is Something the US should be doing uh You know I just think it's something we Need to be we need to understand and we Do have people who are keeping up with That as part of the broader payments Landcape


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