Crypto Leader of the Year – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

This award celebrates the outstanding Leaders in crypto who are striving to Innovate revolutionize and shape the Future of the decentralized web 3 world In the face of challenging market Conditions there's a new threat out There it's crypto if I was the Governments I close it down here are the Nominees for cmc's crypto leader of the [Music] Year our first nominee is for metalic Buttering creator of ethereum the second Largest cryptocurrency by market cap Under metalic leadership the ethereum Foundation has completed Shanghai and Chipola upgrade the last significant Step In ethereum's transition from proof Of work to proof of stake let's get 1 Million of those developers building With ethereum technology he has Continued to push leer to Tech and Adoption as well as expand and grow the Ethereum developer Network Vitalic Relentless pursuit of innovation As well as his Visionary ideas for Security scalability and sustainability Continues to shape the trajectory of Blockchain Technology yeah but it's got A kitty Here our next nominee is Ryan sis CEO of MSI who's become a leading advocate for Crypto in Washington DC in addition to Rony Masari a data lad platform that Appreciates for industry knowledge

Sharing transparency and education run Has been a powerful advocate for the Crypto World vigorously defending Against the fud from politicians and Government institutions I think the Ongoing Democratic control of the Senate Us um will basically set the crypto Industry back to 2030 as well as Building a political fundraising machine To actively fund Lobby and support Pro Crypto politicians I think I have been Pretty careful about which which battles Uh to pick when it comes to supporting Candidates in different elections Ryan Wants crypto communities to have a voice In creating a clearer regulatory Path our next nominee is Brian Armstrong CEO of coinbase America's biggest crypto Exchange I imagined a world where Anybody with a smartphone could have Access to sound money and financial Services after Conquering the US market Brian has successfully expanded coinbase Operations internationally last year Actually in over 100 countries who can Start to participate in this more open And fair and free financial system Brian Has also significantly grown coin bases Institutional Services setting the Foundation for Bitcoin ETFs while also Staying in touch with crypto native Development where they successfully Launched base the L2 all the while using His influence and connections to push

For better and more adapt crypto Regulation do you see anything shifting In DC yeah I mean actually from our Perspective there has been a pretty Positive development Brian isn't just The CEO he's a formidable leader and Political Force guess who is that number four of Course it's Cy the founder and former CEO of binance and possibly the hardest Working man in crypto obviously it's Being a challenging few month for CZ and Binance we do have some breaking news on A major crypto company binance the CEO's Chang pangao is pleading guilty to Federal charges however we must Acknowledge that CZ ensured a smooth Transfer of power to new CEO Richard T And with binance being the biggest Company in crypto this orderly Transition has prevented potential Systemic risk to The Wider crypto Market By defeating the fud is crypto dead and Leading innovation in the industry C Continues to move the crypto IND Industry forward and inspire all of us To keep building truly world changing Products and Services finally we have Julia Le the First ever female CEO of Hong Kong Securities and Futures commission Julia Has been a financial and Regulatory Powerhouse in Hong Kong and China for Decades we've got it right all along

From the start but since taking office At the sfc in January 2023 she has Already pushed for Hong K to become a Global digital asset Hub Hong Kong wants To become the center of the global Crypto industry Julia has already paved The way for regulation allowing the Licensing of regulated digital asset Exchanges this is basically a framework For how retail investors could Potentially trade crypto as well as Pushing the sfc to consider crypto spot ETFs under her leadership Hong Kong has Gradually evolved into a well regulated Innovation driven crypto Hub those are your nominees for cmc's Crypto leader of the year which person Do you think had the most impact vote Now click the link on screen in the Description or go to quarky


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