Crypto is about to EXPLODE! (Trump v Biden Debate)

Two regular Club championships to do That you have to be quite smart the First US presidential election happened Last night and you have to be able to Hit the ball a long way and I do it Leaving us with more questions than Answers he doesn't do it he can't hit a Ball 50 yards before we get to that Breaking news van AK has filed for a Spot salana ETF the asset manager filed An S1 for what would be the first salana ETF in the US vanc filing for a spot Salana ETF is huge Here they explain exactly why Vanek did This in a post on X this morning Matthew Seagull head of digital assets research At vanac explained why the firm filed For a spot salana ETF saying that the Ethereum alternative stands out as a Quote powerful and accessible blockchain Software that enables greater Transaction volume with minimal fees and Employs a quote Advanced security Mechanism that combines proof of history And proof of stake he also outlines some Reasons why the firm believes sana's Soul token is a commod and not a Security he pointed to its decentralized Nature High utility and economic Feasibility saying they align with the Characteristics of other established Digital Commodities in less than 24 Hours after van X filing Kathy Woods Arc Invest has filed for a spot salana ETF

Altcoin daily subscribers already saw This coming you remember when we showed You this so Bitcoin and ether anything Beyond that well you know there are Infrastructure players uh salana uh is Doing a really good job I mean if you Look at uh ether was faster and cheaper Than uh Bitcoin in the day that's that's How we got ether salana is even faster And cost effective than uh ether salana Seems to be getting a wave of Institutional support Kathy Wood Explains here we do think that smart Contracts are going to grow in Importance as uh decentralized Finance Continues to develop momentum and both Of those are smart cont track networks Each of them has benefits and some Tradeoffs but we think both are winners And to have watched salana to watch the Developers stick with salana speaks Volumes to us I always say follow the Developers and they certainly stuck with Salana and they are also scaling in Terms of ethereum as well so we think Those are two powerful networks in the Decentralized finance space and we also Think that this notion of defi Decentralized finance that if people Just start looking at it and thinking About it as simply the internet Financial system the internet in the Early days was never conceived as uh Hosting Commerce or financial services

And so developers back then didn't build In that capability all that's happening Now with Bitcoin and uh ethereum and Salana is developers are building in Native currencies and much more Streamlined fewer intermediaries Streamlined ways of uh dealing in the Financial system much more efficient Much more productive just like the Internet itself now I know a lot of you Knowt alls in the comments are going Salana doesn't have a Futures ETF so why Would they allow a spot ETF we needed The Futures ETFs to get the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs approved salana does not Have a Futures ETF I would say to that Number one that a salana Futures ETF Could come immediately like that sooner Rather than later and all of a sudden it Could be there because we've just seen This with link coinbase derivatives just Filed with the cftc to list us regulated Futures contracts for link salana could Easily be next and number two although It would be nice salana does not Technically need a Futures ETF to get a Spot ETF Matthew sigle of Van e reveals This on Scott melk's podcast listen to This Bitcoin and ethereum have markets Of meaningful size they're traded on CME Futures to my understanding you know Those are big hurdles we don't have Salana CME Futures so what's the Mechanic for something like a salon ETF

To be approved at this point if you Recall in order to satisfy the regulated Market of significant size Uh folks have been using the CME Futures Market but there there was also talk of Surveillance sharing agreements between The relevant crypto exchanges and the Listing Exchange in this case Chicago Board of exchange or NASDAQ and coinbase Negotiated and signed those deals before The Bitcoin spot ETF came to Market but They were not put into effect in the end They used the Futures Market uh if the Exchanges are will to sign those similar Surveillance sharing sharing agreements For say Solana uh then perhaps that might be the Market so you know we'll see I think the When you read the language in the Ethereum 19 b4s about the Decentralization characteristics about What makes ethereum a commodity uh It's you can basically substitute salana For ethereum in every sentence there and The truth still hold holds so there also Um there are also examples of commodity Based ETFs that do not have uh a Futures Market um so you know there may be a Chance like I said it might might Surprise you probably the most bullish Regulatory Catalyst for the crypto Industry a salana ETF a spot ETF would Be a pro crypto president now last night The US saw the first presidential

Election Bitcoin was not brought up Crypto was not brought up a lot of ISS Issues were not brought up it was a Complete show in fact getting Moments like this I just won two Club Championships not even senior two Regular Club championships to do that You have to be quite smart and you have To be able to hit the ball a long way And I do it he doesn't do it he can't Hit a ball 50 yards he challenged me to A golf match he can't hit a ball 50 Yards look I'd be happy to have a Driving contest with him the re I got my Handicap which when I was vice president Down to a Six and bye-bye the way I told you Before I'm happy to play golf if you Carry your own bag think you can do it That's the biggest lie that he's a six Handicap of all I was eight handicapped Yeah Eight but I have you know how many I've Seen you swing I know you swing let not Act like children president Trump we're Going to let's not act like children Whoever wants to become president better Develop a pro crypto strategy and thus Far that seems to be Donald Trump not That Biden couldn't also become Pro Crypto I hope he does crypto is not a Partisan issue Joe Biden and his Administration will be attending a Bitcoin and crypto Roundtable in DC in

July I hope he changes his mind I was on The set filming killer Wales second Season this past week where judges and Producers and I was talking to Scaramucci scaramucci will actually be At this with Mark cubin and many others And they hope to help Joe Biden pivot More towards crypto but at this point in Time Donald Trump is the pro crypto Candidate Jesse Pal the founder of Kraken just donated $1 million in Ethereum to Donald Trump he says for too Long the crypto industry has been under Attack by Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler and others despite overwhelming Bipartisan Congressional efforts to put Clear rules in place the Biden White House has stood by and allowed a Campaign of unchecked Regulation by Enforcement this approach is diminishing Us competitiveness as other major Economies around the world Advance clear Rules to regulate digital assets so $1 Million in a eum to Donald Trump is big I wonder if he'll have to give it back Though because the winkl Voss just Donated $1 million in Bitcoin each to Trump and it was a little bit over Campaign donation limits and they did Get refunded by the Trump Administration I have no idea if they're going to lower Their donations to something that is Regulatory appropriate but either way One thing is clear Donald Trump is

Signaling to the crypto industry that he Is pro crypto industry it looks like He's going to be a speaker at Bitcoin Nashville this month or next month in Fact Donald Trump is in talks and I now I hear he will speak at Bitcoin Nashville conference July 25th through 27th will be on the main stage as well Guys use altcoin daily 10% off Bitcoin Nashville linked below this would be big If he did and Bitcoin and crypto as an Issue is only going to get more popular Just in over 1 million people now hold One Bitcoin data shows that over 1 Million unique addresses are not now Holding more than one Bitcoin and Obviously millions and millions of People own 0.1 Bitcoin and 01 Bitcoin And hundreds of millions of people own Crypto guys subscribe to the channel Bitcoin is primed to be over 80k any Minute now well maybe not any minute It's probably going to happen in July And if not July August and if not August September and if not September October And you say oh well that's a 4mon Stretch oh you're always saying last Chance Last Chance well guess what at Certain points it will be your last Chance just like $20,000 Bitcoin is now Off the table just like $30,000 Bitcoin Is now off the table I would think $40,000 Bitcoins off the table but maybe 50,000 maybe you can get it 60,000 we're

Here but at a certain point it will be Your last chance hey guys make sure you Check out our interview with Waka Flaka We talk about celebrity meme coins this Is a juicy interview and maybe we can Get Jason Derulo on the channel to talk About his mem coin guys the Cryptocurrency market is really heating Up subscribe to the channel join the Team see you tomorrow


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