Crypto Investors Are About To Go Broke

I'm coping really hard right now guys I knew about Pepe like four days ago the Cryptocurrency market is getting absurd As we watch live cryptocurrency Investors publicly break down and pepe Is it 150 million dollar market cap It's like it's like the whole thing just Wants to torture me let me share with You that full clip but understand that Uniswap trades soar as Pepe Mania grips The meme coin market so we may be in a Bear Market but a decentralized crypto Exchange uniswap today experienced its Highest transaction count ever trades on The exchange are up more than 66 percent From its previous Peak so here is that Visual of Trades from yesterday on the Uniswap decks using data aggregator Dune Analytics so the data is there and the Results we're seeing today are crazy now Investing in meme coins in my opinion is Flat out gambling we'll talk about the New crop of meme coins today against Their coin wojak Etc but with Pepe coin Leading this meme frenzy since its Launch Pepe has surged an insane amount One lucky buyer turned 250 into 102 Million in just four days and over 407 Thousand percent increase of course some D-gen gamblers on Tick Tock missed the Pump and the Pepe cope is hilarious I'm Coping really hard right now guys I knew about Pepe like four days ago I Was told about it on the Discord Channel

And I thought oh yeah another another Pepe token another mean token yeah That'll Moon and I I thought you know What I don't care I'll ape it and I put In 200 I paid sixty dollars for gas it Went down a bit I paid another 60 to Sell it and I was like you know what this this is this is you Know and then I come back three days Later today I wake up And pepe is at 150 million dollar market Cap It's like it's like the whole thing just Wants to torture me My pepe would now be worth 1.3 million Dollars if I had if I'd sold those Tokens 1.3 million When I buy meme tokens all the time Nothing happens and then the one Pepe Token I sell Moods like nothing has ever mooned Before I want to seriously warn the Altcoin daily audience today do not fomo In to these meme coins yes we're seeing Incredible gains in the market in fact The largest gainers I guess there's a New one baby Pepe whoa Jack and then now The OG Pepe but this could very easily Be a market top Nobody Knows the future And by the way I personally don't own Any of these meme coins we're gonna talk About why Bitcoin and ethereum are Dropping the real reason the Market's

Going down but just understand to never Put in any money that you're not willing To lose immediately investor buys the Wrong Pepe coin and loses fifteen Hundred dollars in less than four hours So I guess I bought the wrong Pepe Before the weekend LMAO thought I was Coming home to millions and this is what I see this chart right here this was a Different Pepe blue fifteen hundred Dollars sick and let's be very real Today the reason you subscribe to Altcoin daily is for perspective and This could easily be a fake I.E planned Out meant to go viral hype video after All who remembers this moment in 2021 And and that and and I and my penguin is Me and I am my penguin and oh my God now The day of the of the mint I minted so many other projects and I And I invested not money my my me I Invested me into these projects And I bought my penguin A few days later This is big Something I've ever done in my entire Life Every time Have a long day and things I can't Explain to people I look at my penguin And I smile I I realized the happiness that my Penguin gives me My penguin gives me life

My penguin is the reason I'm here My penguin is me Now some of you were asking me about These other meme coins please understand Yes you can have fun with them I'm sure We'll get a new crop in six months and By all means have fun with memes but Treat them like anything else get it to House money as quick as possible now Bitcoin and ethereum are going down this Week and people are wondering why after All Bitcoin held its head occasionally Above the thirty thousand dollar mark But ultimately began to fall on Wednesday spiraling down to its current Level about twenty seven thousand Dollars a 10.3 percent drop from last Week while ethereum had a similar Trajectory and occasionally kept its Head above two thousand one hundred Dollars till midweek before dropping 11.7 percent and one of the biggest Reasons as subscribers of this channel Know the US Regulators Crackdown the SEC Sued seattle-based crypto exchange Bittrex and in the lawsuit the SEC named Six currencies that bittrex was Allegedly offering is unregistered Securities including OMG Network Dash Monolith Naga real estate protocol and Algorand the biggest surprise Gary Gensler once touted algrand as a quality Crypto project in the space so Governance is tough you could create

Uber Or lift on top of a blockchain Technology today Well maybe in five years you could it Would be have the performance Sylvia Mccalley's algorand who's a touring Award winner at MIT that I work with Um Sylvia's got a great technology that Has a performance you could create Uber On top of it the question is then who Would update the software and of course Now labeling it in unregistered security While the European Union Regulators take A different approach and they choose to Legislate the European Union was Ultimately where the most progress was Made with crypto legislation this week The European Parliament passed the Markets in crypto assets Mica bill with 517 votes in favor and only 38 against And what this Mica bill means to you and Me the legislation means the Block's 27 Member states will now take a unified Approach to crypto companies have a year And a half to familiarize themselves With the rules the stablecoin Legislation won't come into effect until July 2024 and the rest of the Legislation won't be implemented until January 25th so the European Union is Choosing to legislate and be Pro-innovation while the U.S is choosing To regulate by enforcement and by the Way we could easily dip another 10

Percent another 20 or 30 percent this is Crypto just like we could pump another 30 tomorrow if your macro thesis on Bitcoin has changed because of a two Thousand dollar pullback after a ten Thousand dollar plus vertical Rally from 19k to 30k plus you're doing it wrong I Covered this in my last video nothing Has changed pullbacks on the way up are Normal and healthy again nobody can see The future prices could do anything Tomorrow but as a crypto investor always Expect volatility in either direction be Be sure to click subscribe for one video Per day keeping you informed about Crypto and like always if you want to Join us hang out at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami coming up link down Below and feel free to use code altcoin Daily for 10 off your ticket See you tomorrow


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