Crypto Investing Expert: “I URGE YOU TO ACT NOW.. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”

Little more than a week out from the Launch of those spot Bitcoin ETFs and Despite the hype price of Bitcoin has Fallen about 11% since then the price of Bitcoin keeps dipping and the mainstream Media loves it the results so far They're underwhelming the price of Bitcoin itself has fallen to its lowest Level since SEC approval under Performing other asset classes like gold Bonds and Global Equity they're even Spinning this narrative that the Historic Bitcoin spot ETFs were failure Which is a lie black Rock and Fidelity Each now hold more than $1 billion in Bitcoin in their ETFs in fact they're Two of the fastest ETFs in history to Gain a billion dollars in assets out of Over 5,000 ETFs Black Rock and Fidelity Are now top four grayscale meanwhile has Seen more than $1.5 billion dollars in Outflows and yes grayscale is selling Perhaps further pressuring it to lower Fees remember it has the highest fees by Far in fact they sold over 52 2,000 Bitcoin since the spot ETF was launched That's about $2 billion sold in a single Week some investors are just cashing out Taking profits to get into the better ETFs but most people aren't aware there Is for tax reasons this 30-day lapse you Have lots of investors that went in the Grayscale Bitcoin trust at 2% they Bought it at uh the Bitcoin of 50,000

60,000 69,000 and so when the ETF became Available and they were able to sell the Grace stale Bitcoin trust and take a Loss for tax purposes and you guys know This they have to wait 30 days before They can reload but it's a great Arbitrage for these people they can go From a 2% trust into a 21 basis point ETF and they have to wait and there's a Lot of churn so understanding that Volatility is expected and you can't Have an asset that goes up 160% over the Last year without EXP expecting some Dips along the way very normal the real Question is What's Next price goes to The moon literally it's the perfect Economic experiment of supply and demand In an exclusive spaces hosted by altcoin Daily yesterday crypto expert invest Answers gave the math behind the Accumulation happening now with the Bitcoin from these ETFs my math tells me That if the rate of acquisition of Bitcoin continues like it has done over The last 4 days that means the ETS will Take 3.26 million Bitcoin out of the System in 2024 which isn't even possible Because there isn't that much available There's less than 1.8 million on Exchanges right now now if you're not Subscribed to us on X what are you doing There's a link down below but what Happens when there's not enough Bitcoin

Out there like there's not enough being Produced for the people that want to buy It what happens that and in this this Was hosted by my brother actually There's two of us on this channel and he Plays Devil's abdicate it saying maybe Bitcoin already topped these ETFs Already launched it happened invest Answers push back on that well what what Catalysts I mean all the the biggest Catalyst is behind us Black Rock already Listed it what catalysts do we have Going forward it's a you're very funny I Love way you you try and rile people up Let me just say a couple of words on This this is more than A having this is would be a triple or Quadruple having if anything for the Following reasons first of all so yes we Are speaking about both the ETFs and the Having happening in 90 days we have Never had a having going into Diminishing Supply like now first of all Second we have never well what do you Mean by that what do you mean going into Diminishing Supply we've never had that Before what do you mean so before in the Past typically there was increasing Supply of Bitcoin now for the first time Ever the supply is going down which Means the long-term holders are holding Lot more and more more of the supply It's going up and up I think the Long-term holders now own 70% of the

Actual Bitcoin Supply short-term holders 30% that's never happened at this stage Of the having before and that's only Going to go get more extreme because People are not going to sell until a Year after the having so your colleague On the other line was dead right on that One so we don't know what's going on Second of all Bitcoin has been Classified as an asset by traditional Finance I'm a trfi guy this is huge Third we have players that have just Entered the market that took 78,000 Bitcoin out of the system in four days Okay yes I know there's recycling from Grayscale out but that's about a third To a quarter of the total demand so if You imagine a grayscale uh say 78,000 is Been consumed by these 11 ETFs 26,900 is Coming out of grayscale over 4 days so Net you could call it 50,000 is being Pulled out of the the actual environment The amount of Supply issued per day is 900 that's going to 450 on April 19th 90 Days away which is Bonkers now my math Tells me that if the rate of acquisition Of Bitcoin continues like it has done Over the last four days that means the ETS will take 3.26 million Bitcoin out Of the system in 2024 which isn't even Possible because there isn't the that Much available there's less than 1.8 Million on exchanges right now and Here's where this gets interesting keep

Listening keep watching keep liking and I estimate even if I take a quarter of That you get about a, 850,000 Bitcoin And most of the the amount of Bitcoin That's going to be produced in 2024 is 216,000 and we're talking a million at Least will be consumed by the ETFs so it is going to be a Bonkers Bull Run and what's happening right now is Really bizarre because it could be you Know the psychology of buy the rumor Sell the news people don't know how to React to this or like pissed off it's Not at $100,000 already so they saying Screw this I'm going into old coins or The Market's being manipulated somehow With OTC transactions but what happens When there's not enough Bitcoin out There like there's not enough being Produced for the people that want to buy It what happens at that point price goes To the moon literally it's the perfect Economic experiment of supply and demand And'll be very exciting to watch I'm Sitting here with my popcorn maybe a Bottle of wine it's going to be fun and We will get $5,000 candles we've had two $3,000 candles this year so far we will Get a $5,000 candle next when things When the OTC gets Drained and the miners have sold all Their gear which they just dumped a huge Amount of the last four days then we're Going to get that Crunch and then it's

Going to be fun mark my words and let's Remember what happened when the gold ETFs were launched for the very first Time back in 200 2004 we had a rally Into the approval for the next several Months gold's price dipped or was Stagnant and then went up over 320% over the next 5 years and and if we Take the gold ETF as an Analog that could mean and remember gold Is not hard like Bitcoin Bitcoin is as Scarce as can be if there is anything Like the continuous flow of money like We had at the Gold ETF Bitcoin could go Up straight for eight years there may be No more bare markets there's probably a 15% chance of that happening so bear That in mind too I I do think it took Like a year or two before gold because There was a dip after it launched and Then it went down hardcore do think the Gold e tip took a year or two about six Months and the reason for that is Financial adviser experts they have to Do the research they have to take their Time to learn about this new asset gold ETF and then they have to educate their Clients and then their clients have to Pull the trigger and that's the Six-month time lag you're seeing there This is the perspective the mainstream Doesn't want you to see and now looking At altcoins different categories Different trends that I want to continue

Sort of putting on your radar digital Identity I feel is going to be a trend In 2024 and the news today is for root Protocol the One-Stop station digital Identity service root protocol raises $10 million in seed funding and why this Is significant and by the way I am an Investor in this but why this is making Headlines is because the funding round Which gave root a $100 million valuation Was led by animoca Brands which is huge And included contributions from a salute Of other notable investors including Signum Capital anchor Network CMS Holdings and how this affects you number One just keep digital identity in General on your radar and two what root Protocol is they are building a web 3 Operating system that will serve as a Digital identity aggregator becoming a One-Stop station for all things Decentralized identity to make accessing Different web 3 platforms a more Seamless process as I get more info I Will keep you updated click subscribe Like always see you tomorrow


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