Crypto Expert Gives SHOCKING Litecoin Halving Price Prediction

So these yellow lines represent the Litecoin headings if Bitcoin goes to 100K in five years then I suspect that You could see Litecoin Today I interviewed Quant analyst Benjamin Cowan and look at the data to Get a Litecoin price prediction into the Having hit the like button if you Appreciate this content and before we Look at the charts Benjamin what are Your general thoughts unlikely so in General I mean I I suspect that Litecoin USD over like 5 10 15 years can Trend Higher as just more money is printed but As a long-term investment it tends to Not do that well mainly because of the Opportunity cost of like it's Bitcoin Valuation and even its ether evaluation Right so typically you see the Blue Chips outperform Litecoin so I would Argue that it's more so short term it's The short-term play at certain points in The market cycle Nonetheless I I totally agree with you That well litecoin's Um value proposition is it's four times Faster four times cheaper they also have The mimblewimble implementation right Now we're seeing institutions and more People care about Bitcoin because Bitcoin is more censorship resistant It's more decentralized Um which is the better trade-off I guess In the Market's opinion uh versus faster

And cheaper Nonetheless having is coming up and Litecoin is putting in new highs against USD let's look historically at some of The charts and try and get a prediction For this having Yeah so can you see my screen okay hell Yeah So I've been tracking this for a while Um I've actually had this chart up for Probably about six months now and the Reason is because normally what we see Litecoin do is Rally in the first half Of its having year so these yellow lines Represent the Litecoin havings and what You'll notice is that it tends to Rally But then fade going into the having so Like for instance we've had two prior Havings we had one in in 2015 and by the Way they've all taken place in August so You have one in August of 2015. Litecoin Topped out the week of July 6. Um so you'll notice here it topped out About basically about a month or two Before it's having uh same idea here in 2019 you can see that it topped out in June Um you know just a month or two before The having as well And so I've I've sort of been of the Opinion that uh most all coins as you Know that I in my opinion is that they Bleed against Bitcoin but but Litecoin Is one of those ones where at least in

Its having year for the first half of The year it can do better than than it Normally does right so like then because A lot of times Litecoin just bleeds like A lot against basically uh the blue Chips like Bitcoin and ethereum but uh During its having year as you can see Right there are some some bullish phases For Litecoin and I think we've just been In that that same type of thing the Thing that I would look for Um would be if it if it puts in some Type of of a of a blow off top Wick type Thing like you can see that happen in 2015 it happened in 2019 as well and Again it happened in the summertime Right one or two months before the Having in August and right now the Having is actually I think I might need To shift this forward because I think The having might actually occur uh Closer to the first week of August Um we'll have to we'll have to see a Course it's just a projection but what I Would be looking for is is does this Fade going into the having Because if it does then it very well Could just be playing out uh like it Historically has and you know one of the Things I think about Litecoin and that's Why you when you look at it it's more of A short-term trade right because what You'll see is that after the having Comes and goes Litecoin kind of cools

Off for a while like it doesn't mean That it it goes to zero but it cools off For a while and then it normally doesn't Really start to make another big move Until you know 12 to 18 months after It's having Um and the reason I would argue that It's not a great long-term investment is Because well look at the Litecoin Bitcoin chart you know I mean this is This chart is is pretty clear the Direction it's going and like it's not To say that it doesn't occasionally pop Up but you know if you measure it from 2013 the Litecoin Bitcoin valuation is Down 93 I mean that just shows you that Like just holding Bitcoin would have Been so much better uh than holding Litecoin and and it's not even just Bitcoin right I mean look at the Litecoin ether evaluation same amount Idea I mean since really since what the Last four years if you take it back to Say 2019 Let's say summer of 2019 so four years Ago we know crypto is very cyclical Litecoin is down against ethereum about 90 and you know some people might look At this and say well is it starting to Trend back the other way you could argue That but again even over here it looked Like it was turning back the other way And it was about right before it's Having that it finally topped out and

Then entered into a into a much longer Downtrend so I look my general opinion On Litecoin is that it's it's it's great For some short-term plays if people want To take them especially in the having Year but long term it does tend to bleed Against Bitcoin and ethereum and let's Define for the audience why we see an Uptick into the having and plain and Simple is you know imagine if you make Money Um if you make a standard salary but you Know in two months six months whenever It is that salary is going to be cut in Half but you can do more work to get More salary up until that cut off Essentially the Litecoin miners know Damn our payouts get cut in half at that Having so while it's profitable and Price is going up in anticipation we Better squeeze the most uh profits out Of this juice because you know they'll Prob many of them will probably switch Over to bitcoin and ride that having Into the next year Right that's the thing this is the Narrative is constantly changing right We write one narrative for a few months Then we switch over to another another Narrative by the way another narrative Uh in addition to the having could be People speculating about it's you know Whether it's a security or not like Maybe people are speculating on it on it

Not being a security like Bitcoin Whereas other ones are more obviously Securities as or at least the SEC is More so obviously calling them Securities whether they win that fight Remains to be seen but that could also Be another narrative that that is that Has pushed Litecoin up uh recently but Again I mean I I still think you have to Be careful and it's look it's it's n Equals two right we have two data points Here it's not like you take it to the Bank and say that it definitely has to Happen again but you know I remember Back in 2019 seeing that same thing play Out and in 2015 seeing it rally into the Having but just before you get to the Having it kind of Fades and then and Then money goes money goes elsewhere Into the new narrative And let's talk about price prediction Because I can feel a lot of people may Be thinking okay should I buy Litecoin Now or is it too late I mean I was looking at this I would say It's too late the best time was multiple Months ago but based on history or based On the metrics what's the price Prediction you have based on the data Uh over what time frame I guess I guess When you think the having happens around What range do we top off or maybe go off Of like X's from the bottom to past Havings and then compare it to where we

Are now even though it is sort of Diminishing returns Yeah I don't I mean honestly like I'm Not Super Convinced of it going to any specific I Mean you can kind of see that it's maybe Been in this channel for a while I'm not Gonna throw out any crazy price Predictions because I don't really think It'll it'll go on any crazy run anytime Soon I mean it could continue to go up If you look at where it went in 2019 it Went basically to 140 before it before It really topped out uh but also note That it had collapsed Um from Q3 uh it collapsed you know Basically 50 before before taking that Move there one interesting thing that I Was looking at is if you take like sort Of a move here from this collapse down To the to the lows and then you copy That From that collapse that collapse point That actually sort of marked the high Right in 2019 right like it sort of just Collapsed double the drop Um so it dropped it it sort of retraced The drop and then doubled up on that and That marked the high so yeah I mean if You were to do something similar Um I don't know where you really take it From but let's say you take it from Um sort of this drop here in May of 2022

All the way down uh if you were to copy That over and just say well what if it If it goes up about twice that I mean Yeah it could it could put you at at a Very similar valuation but I would say That Um You know it is it is very risky to to Continue to chase it at this point Especially considering that it normally Tops out in June or July you know I mean That's what we've seen and look that's Not to say that it can't go higher uh And it's not to say that if it does top Out it's not to say that it can't go Higher next year I mean in fact normally It it just sort of cools off after the Having it doesn't like go to zero uh it Just cools off for a while and then Sometime you know in the in the next 12 Months or 18 months then it then it Takes off uh in in you know Theoretically going to new all-time high So I I would say that this move is not Likely a move to beat a new all-time Highs uh perhaps it it fades into having And then sometime like 2024 2025 it goes To New highs So price prediction range wise you know Around 140 or around basically where we Are now we've already seen yeah I would Say where we are now up to 140 I don't I Don't you know I'm not saying it's going To go to 140 because it might not I mean

The the collapse over here certainly Wasn't as aggressive so maybe the climb Won't be as aggressive either Um but I I think the point is is chasing It can be very risky right especially Knowing that it's normally around June Or July where it tops out And go into that a little more because There's a lot of I want you to talk Directly to the Litecoin holders best Advice if somebody has a big bag of Litecoin and believes in it Fundamentally for whatever reason yeah I Mean the best advice if you if you Believe in it fundamentally is is to Remember that I mean whatever whatever You might be worried about tomorrow it Normally comes and goes right so like Even if let's say let's say the idea of It Fading Into the having is right Um that doesn't mean that it fades Forever right I mean it it could just Mean that you You watch it go down for three or six Months and then and then it takes back Off sometime next year the year after That I mean normally what you see in in These Cycles are are just sort of some Hype into the having and then a cool off Period so I mean if you really believe In the Litecoin Tech Um it would be this sort of cool off Period after the having that that might Actually create opportunity for you

Right I mean like if if you if you Really believe in it right which I mean Again like you can go to Litecoin Bitcoin evaluation and take a look at That but if you if you really want to Pick up a bag uh then I imagine sort of The the post having Um fade that we normally get would be Would probably be considered as an Opportunity by many Final question Ben Just for fun Price prediction for Litecoin In five years or maybe by next having If Bitcoin tax goes over if Bitcoin ends Up going over a hundred thousand dollars Where do you see Litecoin Um so it's interesting because you know Litecoin I mean I think the intrinsic or The sort of the knee-jerk reaction is Say well Bitcoin goes here then that Means the altcoin has to go up a lot Right we do know that in 2017 Bitcoin Hit 20K and then in 2021 Bitcoin hit Like almost 70k whereas Litecoin Basically just did a double top you know Like and I mean like this is it's sort Of one of those inconvenient truths Right like if it like why didn't Litecoin go up a lot more than than what You know then then what Bitcoin did so Like I mean if Bitcoin goes to 100K then I would suspect Litecoin could put in New highs that doesn't mean that they

Have to be like 3x or 5x the prior highs right like it Could just be a marginal Improvement on It like it was last time or it could be A more substantial Improvement like it Was from back over here so if you take The move from 2013 Peak to this peak it Was a you know five or six hundred Percent move but this peak to this one Was only like a an 18 who so I mean I I Guess best case scenario Would be uh man you're gonna make this The title of the video aren't you Um you first off you know us too well But second off I won't I'll make the Title about the having in this space Because Um yeah um yeah so maybe like okay so I'll say like this if Bitcoin goes to 100K in five years then I suspect that You could see Litecoin in the 500 to a Thousand dollar range I think that would Be a a fair statement Um but if Bitcoin doesn't go to 100K Then You're you're likely nowhere near that For Litecoin and you you could be Um quite a bit lower and if Litecoin Does go to 500 within say five years I Still think you're probably gonna see This cool off period Um you know after the having right where That is sort of like the uh the window Into into placing your bets uh as to as

To what it will actually achieve in the Next cycle Ben I want to have you on in three to Four months we're going to revisit some Of these charts maybe we'll be at that Cooldown but thank you so much for Joining me where can my audience find You Yeah so just check out my YouTube Channel uh it's Benjamin Cowan and I'm Also on Twitter at into cryptoverse be Sure to click subscribe we drop a video Every single day keeping you informed About crypto


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