Crypto Empire: The Rise of the Largest Cryptocurrency Loyalty Program in History

I'm really proud of that we've been able To get all this live in our first month Today in an exclusive interview I'm I'm Really proud that we said we were going To do this and we have it live and we Have all of our infrastructure I sit Down with a crypto founder that Potential ammo token holders can come See that we do deliver of one of the Fastest growing crypto rewards programs Loyalty programs in history and that They are a part of something very real That has a clear path to growing of Course I'm speaking about founder and CEO of amino rewards Andrew Shore we Start to discuss this idea of making it The complete loyalty program engaging The brand setting up that win-win win One of the easiest ways you can earn Crypto back just by shopping where we Differentiate is we have signed elevated Partnerships with a lot of these Companies we curate our partners and Find you better deals they're working With chain link We announced recently on Our Twitter that we are working with Chain link they're working with major NFL teams so at every 49ers game at Levi Stadium we put our QR code up to get Downloads and so much more I have 30 Plus teams in my inbox right now trying To partner with us and while today we do A walkr on how you can earn crypto back On every purchase we'll show you how so

If you want to buy this theun mini right Now thanks Amino for being a channel Partner and let's start yeah for sure Well I want to thank you again for Covering us pre-launch of our Tok and Just doing a great video featuring all The the utilities and highlights of of What we're doing here so for those who Miss that video or those who just need a Quick recap what amino rewards is is a Health and fitness focused Customer Loyalty program we are trying to Innovate on traditional customer loyalty Programs which have been around for 40 Plus years and used by many um of the Biggest companies in the world I mean Starbucks is a loyalty program many Other major retailers your credit card Your earning points points we um have a Lot of experience in this area one of my Co-founders has run loyalty programs for All the big banks in Canada and many Global Brands and we all agree that it's A really natural Improvement to use Blockchain Tech to improve on loyalty Programs not only do you get all the Just obvious benefits of using Blockchain like security and um self- Custody and um a a database that is Immutable and um all of those benefits But also it adds fungibility to the Program when you earn a point in your Credit card program all you can do with That point is redeem it for uh towards

Your credit card bill or if you earn one In your Starbucks program you can redeem It for coffees or whatever they're Offering you but if you use a token you Have unlimited options you can convert It to usdc or eth right away you can Build unlimited utilities for anything That's on the blockchain or you can just Store it like a normal points and the Blockchain can run in the background so So that's what we're doing and for the Folks at home I'm going to link that Original video down below it's Beginner's guide it's a great jumping Off point we're going to go a little More in depth today and I actually would At end like you to go over your team Because I think that's in a big way sort Of a secret sauce but could you just Like take me through the website or take Me through what the audience would see If they're going through Amino so here You have the the main website for amino Rewards and um this is just really a Landing page that has all the info on The program links to sign up download The app show some of our brand Partners Here but really what it's highlighting Is the three utilities that are live in The amino ecosystem you know it's a Little overwhelming to see multiple Utilities right away but they're all Integrated in a very seamless way Amino Move is the fitness mobile app which is

Basically where our community lives so They are walking running we are Integrating with other partners and it's A way to earn Amo rewards for being Healthy and that's kind of the Cornerstone to the Loyalty program then We have Amino shop and amino catalog Which are websites that you can launch From within the amino move app just Cleanly within your browser without even Leaving the app or you can just load the Websites it's one Amino account access To everything so um let me show you here Pulling up the amino Shop we feature some of the brands that Um we think that our user base would Like best and usually we have better Offers on these we also have daily codes So a lot of these are Amino specific Where you can get even better deals and You can also combine codes with the Cashback and Ammo really can can any can anybody get These or what gives you guys the Opportunity to get These and there's lots of loyalty Programs we're definitely not the first To do this I mean Loi rutin stormx There's a lot of other um competitors Where we different iate is we have Signed elevated Partnerships with a lot Of these companies and getting special Offers like I can show you here if you Know the brand um Alo yoga so we we

Covered this before but um so we have a Special offer here so I'll go to the Website uh soor let me just log into my Amino account so that it can do all the Tracking let me just go back to Aloe I go to the aloe website so this is Just um standard Affiliate but let me show you something Cool if I go Alam Amino Amino It's a full page dedicated to Amino and It talks about exclusive offer for Value Amino rewards members free 30-day trial 20% off your membership so this is Something you can't get anywhere else That's what loyalty is all about it's Why should I join Amino and spend my Time here and um use their links instead Of just signing up for L rutin and it's That we curate our partners and find you Better deals and um we're working with a Lot of these retailers like if I go to Nike for Example the standard offers 6% um that's Pretty comparable to other cashback Programs but if you see in the link it's Not through an affiliate Network like It's an actual Amo rewards link so we we We have a rep here who we can work with As we push more sales volume as we grow To negotiate better deals we already Have some special Nike codes I don't Know if you saw just on the homepage but Um there's other ways to so we have this 25% off like these are updated every

Single day I love it yeah so you see Here this is linked to my Amino move Account is one Amino rewards account Access to everything so it's in real Time I clicked download before I'm Clicking Nike and it all it all works This is live in the USA we plan to roll It out globally in the new year but you Can see that um it's all tracking Properly and people are using this and Receiving their ammo what has the growth Been like especially since you've Announced those recent Partnerships and You just you know went to full mainnet Or launched the Token um so I still look at this kind of As a beta because we've only launched it In the USA also we announced recently on Our Twitter that we are working with Chain link to build on their ccip Technology to do our B&B bridge right Now A th000 ammo is not worth much money I mean this is worth like a couple cents Of best I don't know the exact token Price at the the time of the video but Um it's not worth much it wouldn't make Sense to withdraw this on eth and pay Gas fee we just we don't make you pay Your own gas fee we deduct it from your Balance when you withdraw but um it it Wouldn't make sense also like this these Are just move rewards that's like we Have a very sustainable model which we Can get into and we talked about before

But most of the rewards we want to come From shopping since it's link to revenue And that's what keeps it sustainable so You could earn thousands hundreds of Thousands potentially even millions in Ammo from the shopping and then it could Make sense to withdraw on uh eth but you Still want that BMV option so um we are Waiting for that which should be in the Next week or so and then you'll actually Be able to withdraw and I think once we Do that this whole program becomes very Real right now it's still hypothetical Ammo because you can't actually withdraw Yet but we've seen really great growth In our token holder counts and also on The move app that's what I was wondering So those users are primed to convert to Shoppers and I just brought on two new Full-time members to the marketing team And their whole job is um working on the Funnel how to convert new holders and Twitter followers and move apps sign Apps to Shoppers and get them shopping With us which is the corner like that's Our Revenue generator so that's really What we need to get to to make this Successful long term I'm going to also Show you the catalog here so this is Where you go to actually redeem your Rewards me just refresh Here so we have some hot deals and that We get through our wholesale Partners as I said my co-founders like the king of

Loyalty he has all these relationships So if you want to buy this Theon mini Right now we have it for1 13250 let me let me just for Fun so I'm looking here $189 and that's Also on sale from $249 so our price is very good on that And this also includes Shipping you can also so right now it's Set up to pay with your credit card we Are going to have AML withdrawal Possible and this is is North America Only right now but we will also be Rolling this out worldwide so we have Our hot deals updated every week in our First week we did for Cyber Monday we Had like these Samsung flip 4 phones That we had out a can't miss 450 bucks Of phone including shipping and we sold All them out that we had it was it was Like 10 of them but it was still showing The traffic and the traction and that it All works you also have all these other Items just cool gadgets Health Fitness Focus some of our own Amino merch if you Want like an amino hat or Or you know gim bag I mean it's it's all Here so so this is great for Christmas Obviously great for gifts Father's Day Whatever throughout the year but again The reason you're able to do this and I'm asking the question is because of The team especially the one um I forget His name but the team you got what is it

Bruce Bruce uh he comes from that world So already understood the the world Before web 3 before crypto and now as You're implementing this into the next Stage he's bringing all the that like Fundamental knowledge yeah I mean I Think it would be pretty hard to pull All this together there's a lot in the Background of doing the shipping and Sourcing these and I mean you if you Want to be competitive you have to Update this stuff every day every week Like we need a consistent flow of new Hot deals I mean it's a huge job so it's And it's all about making it seamless But I I think I'm really proud of that We've been able to get all this live and Our first month I mean in crypto we're Used to a lot of delays false promises I'm I'm really proud that we said we Were going to do this and we have it Live and we have all of our Infrastructure that potential ammo token Holders can come see that we do deliver And that they are um a part of something Very real that has a clear path to Growing another thing you guys have is Like actual uh Partnerships like with The 49ers major NFL team what's the Status with that or you know next I will Show you here just a cool collab we did I'm just on the amino Twitter Here so we I don't know if you can hear This but we did uh so this is the amino

Move dance Cam so at every 49ers game at Levi Stadium we put our QR code up to get Downloads to the amino move app but I Threw up a pudgy Penguin on the dance Cam here and they shared it and um just A really cool thing like in our our Deals are huge to make a deal on this Level like with a top NFL team I mean Pretty pretty cool stuff but um we're Just finding ways to row it they Recently tweeted uh couple days ago so This is our 49 day challenge on the Amino move app so you can see it's you Enter the 49 day challenge totally free You have to do 10 10,000 steps 49 days In a row to be entered to win the grand Prize and there's prizes along the way But I mean I think it says something That on their official Twitter page They're tweeting this out they posted it On on their Instagram Facebook email Blast like it's it's a true partnership It's not like a one-time post or Something I mean we're definitely Working with them for multi- years can You give us any clues as to who's next Like a different team I know you're Going after multiple teams I think it's Really Important so to take a step back I mean NFL is the top dog I think most people From North America for sure know how Prestigious the NFL is they know how

Difficult it is to land a deal like that Especially as a crypto when people are Very hesitant from FTX and what we saw Happen the last couple years so going Right to the Top Dog automatically Passes our vetting I have 30 plus teams In my inbox right now trying to partner With us I got reached out to by the World Series champion Texas Rangers Today five other NFL teams even the LA Lakers who we mentioned so um all these Are on the table important to note these Are paid deals so they're win-win Because we're paying them um also it's We're in a really cool category because We're so versatile we can be Fitness we Can be loyalty we can be blockchain if They like if they're bullish on Blockchain or want to associate with That so we don't interfere with any of Their banking or Airline Partners so They all want our business and they Actually like what we're doing they've Seen the content with the 49ers it's Important not to put ourselves on the Hook for like five deals with all these Teams although it is tempting because Things might not always go according to Plan and you don't want to have like a $5 million bill every year for the Sports teams um we're really weighing Our options trying to be careful about What will give us the best impact to Excite the community bring in the best

User numbers kind of convert to Shoppers Is our end go we've also taken meetings Directly with some of the leag Lees like The UFC NASCAR so everything's on the Table I don't want to promise anything Now but I can tell you that it's it's Going to be big when we announce our Next one we're definitely not going to Go from like the 49ers to announcing Like a small Market NHL team next it's It's G to be something big so I guess I'll I'll leave it there and I sort of Covered this in my original video but Could you just like make it very clear Where other move to earn uh projects Back in the day failed you got are doing Things differently with the catalog how Did you learn from that and evolve from That yeah so it's it's no secret like um We I I started Amino as I moved to ear Project I saw step in I saw all the Clones and sweatcoin generate tremendous Hype people were you couldn't scroll Twitter without seeing everyone sharing How much money they were earning from These from walking and um the market Caps of these tokens went to tens of Billions on some some of them and Everyone was talking about it and um Luckily we kind of saw the model start To crash because selling nfts is not Sustainable forever it's also not Sustainable to offer huge rewards like If everyone's earning a couple hundred

Bucks a day walking I mean we at some Point where does that money come from Like it can last for a couple weeks Where you have so many token buyers You're generating so much volume that You get away with it but as soon as that Dies off a little bit it catches up with You so um I knew that we had to change I Didn't want to launch something or be a Part of a or have my name as the co of a Project that was going to fail um really Learned a lot over my few years in the Crypto industry and have made a lot of Mistakes helping um on other Dev teams And yeah just really wanted to do Something different so took a step back Brought Bruce in who was just an Investor before and um we started to Discuss this idea of making it the Complete loyalty program engaging the Brand setting up that win-win win where The holders can win Amino as a company Can win the brand can win and the Everyone's making money that can Actually be shared back with the holders So that it works and that's what we did Here that's where that's where shop Comes in so I think sweatcoin has a bit Of that shopping aspect and they're They're doing great I think where they Went wrong is they're not aligning the Token holders with the company well Enough so it's Like I feel like there's a disconnect

Between how well the company's doing and How well the token's doing step in Really just their model was selling the Nfts and building a big user base which Um I'm not a fan of but I'm just really Trying to look out for the holders and Align them properly find ways that they Can benefit from the Loyalty program and That's that's where we're at there's a Lot of whispering that you know this Could be the next unicorn potentially if Things go right you know billion dollar Valuation what is the next fiveyear Outlook in your opinion for me know five Years is is like 500 years when you have A blockchain company I'm really Approaching this is like a general Tech Business that's why we rais an equity Round for no tokens and in addition to Like the private token sale and I knew That it has to be company first for it To really work I think like we've got Step one was getting through the token Launch which we did uh I would say it Went extremely well which is a huge Milestone for the company there's a lot Of risk that can happen with a token Launch I mean who knows you make a Mistake in your contract and God forbid It pots or just the interest isn't there And people are upset I mean it's it can Be a huge um demotivator for the company If if any of those things happen so we Got through that that's great step two

Getting the utilities live showing we Really deliver um for me step three is Really rolling it out worldwide and Showing that Revenue generation I want This to be like kind of what crypto Hasn't seen that that much of I want to Release quarterly shareholders Updates open up our financials show Everything and where the company's at um Really have it more similar to what You'd be accustomed to on on the stock Market I think that that's really where Crypto is heading and that's where it Should be for these really solid utility Projects so for me it's all about the Revenue thing obviously it's great to Bring more users in do these Partnerships that are super hype and um Also benefit the company and we are Doing those but I think before we can Think of five years we need that's why I'm focusing um all of our hires on People who can help convert to Shoppers And really developing out the catalog in The shop because that's what's going to Drive our business forward that's what's Going to get us to raise the next big Equity round to go sign more sports Teams and just promote this like crazy It's all like they're going to want to See Revenue numbers so that's the focus I want to have you back on sometime in The next year or at least keep my Community updated on the progress of

Amino just final thoughts for the Altcoin daily Army on Amino in 2024 yeah I think we've definitely proven Ourselves that we're here we're very Serious about this we have the Connections to make this happen um I Feel like if you talk to anyone who's Followed the project they're very happy With the communication I mean not one Day has gone by where there hasn't been Tweets and um updates we've done tons of Interviews were like very serious about This and obviously like it's something We haven't seen much of before to be Working with the NFL at such an early Stage and some of the conversations We're having and we've had just some big Collabs already I mean flaky's behind us Baby Doge's behind us we did that little Collab with the pudgy penguins and Luca Nets is sharing it so we're definitely In the arena with all the big names we I I really believe we have what it takes And we're we're going to die before um Letting this fail like we're we're Really going to give it our all and yeah I think it's it's a great project to be A part of it's we're still I think we're Just under 6,000 holders and a lot of Exciting stuff coming up so um feel free To hop into our community chat ask any Questions I'm I can be found in there Pretty often and yeah we would love you To to kind of join the amino Army you

Can also get your feet wet by just Downloading our move app for free Earning some tokens and um seeing what It's all about hopefully by the time This video goes live we're very close to Having the the withdrawals live and I Think any negative feedback we've taken So far was is just around that because We did announce that we wanted to have The withdrawals live within two weeks of The token launch right now we just Passed one month however we did announce That uh we made the Strategic decision To delay the integration because we had The opportunity to work with chain link And you can go see that chain link did Tweet us and are supporting so um I Think most people would agree it was the Right move but yeah I mean thank you to The allcoin Daily team Thank you for for featuring us and Giving us chance to kind of show what We're all about I think it's it's going To be really exciting the next couple Years


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