Crypto Banter – My Top 10 Highest Conviction Altcoins June 2024!

What do you see here the RSI is at the Bottom it has just crossed which means That we are at the beginning of an Altcoin run a massive altcoin run is Just beginning for me I think that we're About to see a massive altseason and to Be honest I've actually doubled down Today we bring on altcoin Expert ran Nuner of Crypt banter I've doubled down I've literally doubled down on my Altcoin Bas and I want to show you why I'm so convinced here in this video he Shares his top 10 high conviction Altcoin picks my 10th position is Another AI token he is very confident About these 10 altcoins in this video One of my favorite bits of the cycle ran Is specifically sharing with us his high Conviction altcoin bets my number eight May actually surprise you and still some High conviction D gen plays all right Now we get super [ __ ] de so hold on Tight this video is not Financial advice Just info and opinion I was impressed with the research ran Brought today I've just chosen 10 or 12 Altcoins which are my favorite altcoins They're all very strong in narratives That I really believe in Smash the like Button comment one crypto you like that You have high conviction in stay tuned For the two bonus coins at the end let's Jump into this Rand nuner Crypt banter I Think one of the sharpest Minds not only

In the crypto space but the business Space ran do you think think that there Is still opportunity in crypto I mean The way I think about it is bitcoin's Above all-time highs the ETFs are Happening they having happened I think This would be one of the best times to Be into altcoins in crypto but do you Think what what's your perspective on That I think we are at the beginning of An incredible massive massive massive Altcoin season I'm going to show you Very simply why I'm so convinced right I've doubled down I've literally doubled Down on my altcoin BS and I want to show You why I'm so convinced so first of all What you got to understand is you got to Understand this line over here this line Over here is what you call a stochastic RSI it's a momentum indicator it's a Sentiment indicator now what you'll Realize about the stochastic RSI is that If you look at the E stochastic RSI when Everyone thought that the ETF was Completely dead the stochastic RSI was At the bottom and it just turned right Now when the stochastic RSI goes under 20 and turns that's usually a Buy Signal And you can see that every time that the Stochastic RSI goes below 20 and turns If you were just to buy every time that The stochastic RSI goes below 20 that's Pretty much all you need you can just Trade without looking at the price chart

You could just trade in the stochastic RSI the rules for stochastic RSI RS Follows above 80 you want to be selling Now look that it would have made you Sell somewhere around here below 20 when The two lines bottom and turn and cross Over each other the two moving averages That's when you want to be buying right So that's an ethereum and remember that We all thought the E ETF discussion was Dead and then the RSI crossed and then It was like [ __ ] we got this green Candle because the news usually follows The charts right now let's go on to Total three which is the altcoin Stochastic RSI and I'm looking at on the Weekly because I'm looking from an Investor point of view not from a Trader Point of view right what do you see here The RSI is at the bottom it has just Crossed right which means that we are at The beginning of an altcoin run now Let's just talk about what could spur This altcoin run two things happened a Week ago which could spur a massive Altcoin run I think we should talk about Both the first one is fit 21 or fit 121 The bill that was passed in the house Right now what that calls on is it calls For clarity of Regulation when it comes To altcoins and what it does is it Breaks the power between the SEC and the Cftc what it says is if a project or an Altcoin is decentralized enough it's

Under the Ambit of the cftc which we Know is where Bitcoin and potentially Ethereum are under and if it's not Centralized enough it goes under the SEC And it's deemed as a company that's the First stage in regulatory Clarity for Old coins in the United States tick Second thing is the eth ETF now look the Bitcoin ETF was exciting the eth ETF is More exciting for altcoins and I'll tell You why it's not just because eth is an Altcoin if you think about the Bitcoin Ecosystem Bitcoin just needs Bitcoin to Survive right like Bitcoin is a token With a network eth is a network for Multiple tokens with a token now think About this when Wall Street invest in Bitcoin all they care about is Bitcoin How many people are using Bitcoin to Store their wealth when they invest in Eth they are taking a bet that altcoins Are going to succeed because if projects On the eth network don't succeed then The eth ETF doesn't succeed and so we're Going to see a lot of money flowing into Eth but also into all the projects Around eth and all the networks similar To eth and so I think when you combine The two of those things Clarity on Altcoin regulation in the United States Plus the charts which is the the Crossover in the rsis for me I think That we're about to see a massive Altis And and to be honest they actually

Double Down very interesting so let's jump Right into it guys smash the like button Rand's going to give us his top 10 10 Altcoins and of course if you want to See an altcoin you like on the next list If you want ran to check out ran you Promis to read some of the comments and Maybe check out out some of these Altcoins sure for sure 100% I'm going to Check them I'm going to check out as Many as I can also yeah we're going to Break down some of my favorite altcoins Um I just I just need to warn you that Uh you may be disappointed because I'm Not the kind of guy who jumps from Altcoin to altcoin to altcoin I did that In the last cycle and the cycle before I Jumped from shiny object to shiny object To shiny object and you know what the Truth is I realized that all these alt Coins and all these narratives are like Like bees going from flower to flower Right and they go and they suck out the Honey and they jump to the next flower And they suck out the pollen and they Suck out the pollen from the next flower And if you try and jump from narrative To narrative you will get wrecked and so What I've done this cycle because I'm Smarter is I've just chosen 10 or 12 Altcoins which are my favorite altcoins They're all very strong in narratives That I really believe in and I'm just

Playing those 10 to 12 altcoins Obviously I'm open to suggestion I'm not An idiot I'm open to suggestion if if There's if something else if my thesis Changes but I'm not jumping from altcoin To altcoin narrative to narrative I Reckon that that's the quickest way to Get wrecked you know what I realized in Crypto it's like the story of the rabbit And the Tortoise right in the race the Rabbit the hair is the one that thinks He's making money because he jumps from Altcoin to altcoin Ico to Ico narrative To narrative and then there's the slow And steady and consistent who just who Knows what he's doing maybe on paper he Won't make as many returns but in the End of the cycle he'll end up keeping The returns and that's how I created my Altcoin thesis so with that in mind I'm Happy to hear you say that ran I mean This is what we want we want truly what You're thinking so please jump in if you Talk to me now and if you talk to me at The end of the cycle chances are 80% of These altcoins will be exactly the same Okay so I've made a list and I've made a Special list for you guys and I'll show You I'll show I'll actually show you the The list um the first this is um in Terms of my highest versus lowest Conviction right so this is actually in Order so it's not actually my top 10 Altcoins but it's actually in order so

My highest conviction bet of the cycle Is a token called arweave what is awe Arweave is a decentralized storage Protocol and now rwe has developed an Ecosystem which solves for the Blockchain trilemma so they created this Thing called a superc computer which can Now do parallel transactions which makes It very very very fast now the fully Diluted market cap of is $2.5 billion All their tokens are currently in Circulation or most their tokens are Currently in circulation I think all of Them are and so for me this doesn't fall Into this new narrative where the VCS Are pumping up tokens giving them low Token circulations with high fully Diluted valuations and then dumping Their tokens on retail so for me awe Ticks all the boxes rwe is my number one Bet for the cycle I think a$2 and a half Billion dollar markia but it's Definitely my number one bet my number Two bet in the cycle is salana now the Reason why it is is because if you think About salana salana is the fastest Blockchain it's the cheapest blockchain Well maybe not the fastest fastest Blockchain because there are blockchains That are fast but it's the fastest Blockchain that actually has real life Adoption and specifically meme coins Decentralized exchanges salana is Definitely the winning blockchain so for

Me salana is my number two bet my number Three bet is actually the ton blockchain Why 900 million people have telegram on Their mobile phones the crypto Deens Live with telegram on their mobile Phones to me I think the next stage is Actually about adoption and if the next Stage is about adoption then you need to Back the blockchain or the app that Could actually penetrate the most users And that's why for me ton which is the I Don't say official but the unofficial Official blockchain of the telegram Ecosystem highly backed by its founder Pav durov uh to me that's a massive Massive massive bit we use uh telegram All the time and then ton also did get The uh the settled with the SEC back in The day so they did get that Clarity but You're saying arweave ton and salana Your top three highest conviction plays Top three then I move on to Ai and my AI My big bet I think AI is going to be a Massive narrative why because I think as AI progresses in the traditional World Crypto companies are going to follow but The thing is that you need to be able to Take away the fluff and the crypto AI Applications that are garbage from the Ones that are actually going to really Succeed this is what I want to show you Where I've taken my AI bet so I've got Two AI bets one of them is at number Four my number four bet in terms of the

Highest conviction is near protocol why Incredibly fast blockchain fully diluted Valuation of8 billion the founder of Nia The two founders of Nia IIA who is the Founder was actually quoted in the open AI chat GPT white paper the co-founder Actually worked for open AI so these Guys are like the real deal they've made An announcement that they are creating An AI ecosystem onne which is a Blockchain which which is optimized for AI so for me that is my first AI Narrative bet and that's NE protocol the Next one is Rune so Rune is thought Chain thought chain is a cross chain Dex Or a cross chain Dex protocol it's been Around for multiple Cycles it's truly Decentralized and it has insane Tokenomics the more people use it the More Rune tokens have to be locked up And it's gaining in in adoption very Very fast so for me thought chain at a $2 billion valuation one of my favorite Bets of the cycle okay now I go to Another layer one blockchain and this Layer one blockchain is a layer one Blockchain that is really fast it's Written with a language called move now Move is a language that was invented by Facebook when they were going to launch Their DM project inside Facebook and Then when they tanked the project two Groups broke away one was Aptos and one Was suie I've spoken to both teams I

Think move is an amazing language I Think the blockchains are very very fast And I think that sui is actually a Better bet than Aptos and so for me I've Taken a bet on sui at A10 billion fully Diluted valuation that it may be one of The big Front Runners in the the layer One blockchain Discussion over you're going suie over Aptos suie over Aptos I've spoken to Both culturally I like the people at sui More I find that Aptos is too much like A corporate American Business and in Blockchain those corporate American Businesses don't win suie is much more Easy going people people of good culture And so for me I've taken suie over apas I've also been following their Development and to be honest love what The guys Su we are Doing all right then we get into a few More so the next one is I I guess pretty Obvious and that's ethereum I mean after The ETF discussions last week I think That eth is a bet that you have to take And so yes I've put eth at number six is It like it's kind of like Bitcoin in That it's not the sexiest play but it's Going to be here it's you know keep it In your portfolio keep it in your Portfolio I wouldn't have said that Before the ETF happenings of last week I Wouldn't have said that but I mean after That you have to have eth back in your

Portfolio you know everyone declared eth Dead and then eth arose the Phoenix Arose From the Ashes so for me eth goes Into your portfolio it's my number seven In terms of conviction my number eight May actually surprise you so my number Eight is a very very very high alpha Play or beta play on ethereum and that Is coinbase so y coinbase it's not Really a crypto token but it's a proxy On all crypto tokens and it's really the Biggest proxy for Success now you'll Remember when I was on your last show I Think coinbase was at about $40 and I Said then that coinbase was my ultimate Pick of the Season why because you don't Really care which crypto succeeds and Which crypto fail they'll all be traded On coinbase all the regulated ones will Be traded on coinbase also don't forget That coinbase is the main custodian For the ETFs so Bitcoin ETF gets Approved coinbase wins ethereum ETF gets Approved coinbase wins salana ETF gets Approved one day coinbase wins I just Think that that coinbase is the ultimate Proxy for everything that is happening In crypto and so to me you have to have Coinbase in your portfolio all right now We get supering de so hold on tight okay So we're gonna go super D I've actually Got 12 coins for you I've got 12 coins For you I mean when I Was preparing the The list so from there I go to Phantom

The reason why I've chosen Phantom is Because Phantom is the Andre crer Blockchain they've reinvented the Blockchain with the new tech stack Called Sonic Sonic is a very very fast Blockchain which kind of becomes an eth Parallel chain or eth layer to and I Just think you can't take a bet against Andre crer at a$2 billion fully diluted Valuation so for me Phantom goes in my Number nine position my 10th position is Another AI token it's called based AI It's a I like based AI yeah it's an Improvement on ta ta bit tenzor is the Probably the prominent AI infrastructure Player and I've spoken to the developers At bit tza or at based Ai and I just Think that it's a lot better in terms of How it works and so for me at a much Lower market cap $166 million market cap For me it's like a no-brainer to go into This one so I've taken this one as my AI Bet and then look we're in a memec coin Super cycle and so you have to take a Bit on memec coins now look there's lots Of meme coins you could say that you Should go on to like the main meme coin On every chain in which case you'd go on Like BR on Bas and you would go on Resistance dog on Telegram and pepe on Eth and wolf on salana you could do that But here's how I see meme Coins for any crypto project to succeed You need to have three things you need

To have Technology casino and community and Let's call Community religion now Usually protocols launch EX example Stocket or example ethereum they launch And then they try and build community And applications which make it feel like A casino because that's the perfect Trifecta mem coins are the other come in From the other way around they have no Technology but they have amazing Community and amazing casino right so Mem coins have amazing community and Amazing casino but no memec coin in History has survived over two cycles Unless it has evolved into something More than meme coin and that kind of Makes sense because if you think about Meme coins and even just about memes a Meme is something that's about now like When was the last time you saw a meme That lasted multi- multi Generations you Know like maybe Chuck Norris is the only One where you can say like that's the Only meme that has really remained Relevant over a long period of time um The other day I saw a meme around Chuck Norris where he said I too was a man Trapped in a woman's body and then my Mother gave birth to me you know like That kind of like meme will always like Like survive you know what I mean So I've chosen two mem coins and both Meme coins are actually much more than

Mem coins the first mem coin is Toka now Why do I love Toka I want to actually Show you something I just want to show You how cool this is so Toka is a meme Which is made around taka Carlson okay And he is the crypto version of taka Carlson what if taka Carlson was a a Meme a crypto Deen and that is Tuka Carlson Tuka is very very very funny I'll show you some some like just one of His very very funny video take a minute Or so thanks for coming in Gary don't Mention it it's always a pleasure to see You Nancy can I offer you a little Drinkie drink uh no thank you it's only 8 am I do intermittent fasting well then In that case Gary please Feast your eyes On This I think that's what they call a Bombshell not to mention disgusting and Illegal Nancy I uh I mean ma'am this um I was this it's I was in college it was A long long time ago please don't do This can you imagine how distraught poor Elizabeth would be to see this not to Mention your wife I think I'm gonna puke Likewise Gary you know sometimes I Wonder where your loyalties lie to the Party or somewhere else respectfully Ma'am my loyalty is to the American Investor oh cut the [ __ ] your ridiculous Jihad against crypto is making us look Bad really bad it's costing us votes and Could well cost us the election with all

Due respect shut your hole Gary and Listen you're going to leave this room And go to the office and you're going to Approve the ethereum ETFs then you're Going to back the hell off with these Absurd Wells notices I don't want your Name anywhere near CNBC for the rest of The year do I make myself Clear it would be such a terrible shame For your glittering career to end it Disgrace you're free to Go Paul exit all positions and go Max Long on ethereum full leverage see you Later so he makes real DJ content Actually most of his content most the Content that tooker makes he's actually The interviewing lak Tucker Carlson yeah I was gonna say I didn't that was great Ai and that was enjoyable but I didn't See Tucker Tuker sleepy Jo let me find you let me Find you a really cool one so um Obviously Tu Tucker Carlson has a big Audience he's growing so like this meme Could have legs it could have legs and Also the reason why I like it a lot is Because they've partnered up with banter Because banter yeah we know how to build A media station and we know how to raise Sponsorships and stuff like that and They've partnered up with us to actually Start getting sponsorships now every Time they get sponsorships we burn a big Percentage of the tokens so we buy and

Burn tokens so the more sponsorship we Get the more we buy and burn tokens now Just think about how powerful that is The more crypto you watch the more tuer Content you watch the more sponsors you Go and visit the more return the Sponsors get the more we buy and burn Tokens that seems like a revenue model It's a amazing Revenue model so that's Why I like tuer and then obviously the Last the last coin in the meme super Cycle which I love is Gumy what the hell is Gummy ran it's Just a Gummy well it's a weed gummy it's a meme Of a weed gummy um it is we launched it Just to teach our community how to Launch a meme coin and we thought that Was an important skill to have because In this day and age you got to know how To launch a meme it's like learn it's Like it's like learning how to launch an Nftd and um so we launched gumy gumy Then took on a life of its own it's much Much much much much bigger than than Anything that we could have imagined I Mean gamy is just you know just way way Way way way bigger than anything that we Could have imagined it made us realize How powerful the community is and to be Honest now where we are with gumy um is That it's become like it's got like over 50,000 holders it has one of the most Powerful communities in the world I'm

Trying to show you some crazy things This guy named his daughter after gumy Ran gami Bea that's How there are people that have made Tattoos we have the biggest tattoo Community in the world like people that Have actually put tattoos on their Backsides believe it or not so let me Just see if I can find you some examples Here I mean there is a tattoo someone's Tattoo on his back side uh and there's Hundreds of these there's another one With a tattoo on his arm so this is this Is the community putting up Billboards In Hong Kong and Korea and stuff like That so this has just taken on a life of Its own and I think it's one of the most Powerful communities in the world and Now we've launched a campaign on gumy Where you know we gum is a weed gummy Right okay so what happens if you take a Gummy you get high you get baked yeah so We said if you stake your gummy if you Stake your gummy you get baked so baked Is a new meme coin it's 's brother you Take a gummy you get baked uh so you Stake your gummy and you get baked and This is a new mem coin so what we've Done is we've harnessed the power of the Gummy Community because we think it's The most active crypto Community out There and we've said if anybody wants to Harness the power of this community let Them stake so let them stake and then

You can airdrop tokens and meme coins to Them because then you're incentivizing Probably we think one of the most Powerful communities in the world to Actually to join your protocol so think About like a chain think about suie Think about suie wanting to bring users Active users Only onto their blockchain They'll now go to the gummy Community Stake your gummy and get stoned on soie And that's I mean I probably gave Something away there which I shouldn't Have given away but I think you get the D The Drift you just get air drops and Air drops and air drops because people Want to tap into the community and That's why I picked gumy so they it's Two meme coins one of them is actually a Media Station a meme powered Media Station and the other one is a way to Tap into the most powerful community in The world and that's really why I chose Those guys so that's my top 12 for you Guys I made top 10 but then I thought You know it would be a Miss of me not to Include meme coins so I added the two Meme coins I've added one stock there Which I think is good that covers the Whole of crypto and I think that if you Stick with those 10 or 12 for the rest Of the cycle and you don't chop and Change every Wednesday and Thursday when A new narrative comes to mind you got a Very powerful portfolio I appreciate you

Just being real with us giving us the Alpha that was a good list comment below What what you think of Ran's list guys Subscribe to ran follow him on Twitter I'm going to leave links to that below Ran final words of wisdom on how to Tackle the cryptocurrency market for the Altcoin daily audience and of course Anything you want to Plug so you will see that in this cycle You will see that there are a lot of People who are going to be making a lot Of money from jumping to coin to coin And narrative to narrative my history in This industry tells me that d those People will feel rich during the cycle At the end of the cycle those people Will be left with nothing find your Tokens make sure that you can hold them With conviction for the whole cycle and Then invest in those tokens and you know Feel free to add one or two more Narratives but don't jump from narrative To narrative and I promise you that when You get to the end of the cycle if you Land up with the holding the quality you Win the game and all those people that Were jumping from non-quality to Non-quality because it was a short-term Thesis or a short-term narrative all Those guys get wrecked at the end of the Cycle this is a game of the toris and The hair and in this game you got to be The toris slow steady consistent versus

Jumping into every little shiny object That promises is going to give you Money thank you ran thanks for coming on Today cool guys thank you much love


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