Crypto Banter: “Bitcoin Has Never Done This Before in History” | BEST Solana Price Prediction

I think it's going to be one of the last Great bull cycles for people to make Really really really life-changing money Today I interview ran Neer I believe That we're very early in the crypto game And that the long-term winners haven't Yet been determined founder and host of One of the largest channels in crypto I Don't think people understand for the First time ever in history we are Removing any barrier for institutions as We talk Bitcoin to not only get into Bitcoin top altcoins that he's buying With the biggest growth potential Actually I sold half of my ethereum and Put into salana the other day how a Bigger crypto crash may be coming I Don't see why this time's going to be Different and best investing advice that He's learned and he's taking into 2024 That is one of the biggest tricks that I've learned watch the whole interview Ran will give his 2024 Solana price Expectation and let's start I think it's Going to be one of the last great bull Cycles for people to make really really Really life-changing money and I think That to be honest I think that the Entirety of crypto is actually an anom We've never had an asset class that has Been unregulated to an extent Global Right where retail has been able to get Adoption before institutional Traders And and have preferential adoption

Because it's almost like institutional Players couldn't get in so then the only Money that could come could come from The global retail market and then the Most important part of it is that we Introduced this thing called a token Which allowed you to capitalize on your Value very very very very quickly and Luckily for us the SEC wasn't fast Enough to catch up with us and allowed Us to make these abnormal returns but I Think just to give perspective to people Who are here I don't think there has Ever and probably I don't want to say Ever but certainly in our lifetime I Don't think there will ever be another Asset class that can make so many Millionaires and change so many people's Lives so quickly I don't think it has Ever happened I've been around for the Internet bubble I've been around for the For so the in 2000 I was a Trader in Those days uh I was around for the Mobile phone Revolution I was around for Social media Revolution I've been around For crypto I've been around for AI and I Can tell you what we have in crypto is So completely unique I mean I have a lot Of friends in AI they haven't been able To realize one cent out of their entire All the the the 10 years of work that They've done they haven't been able to Cash out on one cent that's what a Normal industry is like we're in crypto

And unless you've been in it you don't Understand how lucky we are to be here But we have this cycle only in my mind To make life-changing money and it's Kind of like if you don't make Life-changing money this cycle then You're going to kick yourself for the Rest of your life and you're going to Keep looking for the same opportunity to Arise and it's never going to arise and It's going to it's going to break your Heart and break your soul so just make Sure that whatever money you're going to Make try and make it this cycle I follow You on Twitter you're always putting out Such quality perspective and something You tweeted I think last week saying That does it concern you that Everybody's bullish everybody's made Money everybody's picked the right Things because crypto is pumping and Then Monday of this week um crypto Dipped so everybody is still bullish but What's your sort of take in the short Term is it are we over uh Hyped so I'm gonna try and find I'm Gonna try and find uh that that tweet Because I think it's uh it's pretty here It is it's it's this Tweet um I think it is on your screen I Don't know is that the twe exactly what Worries me is that everyone's euphoric Everyone's Rich everything's going up Everyone's posting screenshots of their

Gains everyone's right except Capo and No one's worried about this and that's Why I think we're due for a correction And when you take that and you take the Crazy levels of Leverage that we have on Altcoins and I'll just show you give an Example um here here it is that's the Leverage on altcoin level and I'll make It a bit bigger for those now what you Can see is that the last time that the Leverage got to the high that we were at Was in 2021 not even before Terra Luna And before FTX did we have this much Leverage in the market now leverage only Happens when people are feeling so Confident that the market will only go Up that they're willing to borrow money To get into the market and so we've had A leverage flash out but even after this Leverage flash out as you can see this Is the this little part at the end is The leverage flash out you can see that Even with the leverage flash out we're Still like there's too much confidence Too much leverage let me give you some Other warning signs so um this is a Warning sign for me people posting Pictures of themselves buying Ferraris For themselves for Merry Christmas like that to me is is a frothy Market um funding rates ridiculously Ridiculously high when I take all these Things and I put them together I say Look I know what happens when people get

Too euphoric in this market I've been Around for long enough to know what Happens when people get euphoric in the Market I want to just quickly just share My screen again I'll just show you this Is all data you can't argue with data Like you know you can maybe you can you Can Fox the data maybe once or twice and For a short period of time but you can't Do it forever this is the same leverage Chart that I showed you a few minutes Ago notice that it hits the top Green Line once over here once over here once Over here once over here and once over Here and in every single time that I hit That top Green Line you've had a Correction it happens every single time I don't see why this time's going to be Different so yeah maybe we can delay it Until the launch of the ETF and maybe a Little bit past that but you cannot Prolong And Delay the correction that is Almost inevitable so you can see here so Here is the here is the um here is the Previous Cycles corrections I think you Guys posted something similar very early This week and it shows you basically That Corrections are normal in a bull Market you can still get a 20x and have Six Corrections of 30% or more and That's pretty much pretty normal so That's where my heads space is that I Think we're about to go through the First correction or a correction I don't

Know if it's the first correction Depends when you take the beginning of a Cycle but I think we're definitely Getting a correction in this in in this Bull market that said when it comes it's Just an opportunity to buy all the Tokens that you thought that you wanted To buy and you missed out on that's it That's all it is that that's all this Correction is about into the Bitcoin Having uh what's your general Bitcoin Thesis do you think we'll have hit All-time highs by then do you think It'll be 12 months after This is a very um unique cycle so Everyone goes back to the Bitcoin Harving and we all always talk about the Bitcoin harving this is a unique cycle Because it's the first cycle in the World where we have three things Aligning one Haring Supply shock two Demand increase which can so it can Cause the biggest demand increase in the World and and I'll reference uh I'll Reference back to that in in a second And the last thing is that you're in the Beginning of a new Global liquidity Cycle where Global liquidity is starting To increase so we could be in for an Amazing amazing amazing super cycle Let's go back to the the demand driven Part of it which is the ETF so I don't Think people understand what a big uh What a big era we live in where for the

First time ever in history we are Removing any barrier for institutions to Not only get into Bitcoin but to be able To leverage against their Bitcoin Positions now that's what institutions Do a lot is they pledge their shares and Their equity and they borrow against it For other for other Investments and Stuff like that it's the first time in History that we've removed the barriers And allowed the institutions In and we've done this on the back of an Increasing price of of Bitcoin so it's Like the the the thing that caused the Price to increase was the institutions Coming in but because they caused the Price to increase we're in a position Now where every f manager is going to Look at Bitcoin and say this is the best Performing asset in the last year it's Done I don't know 150 I know whatever The number is this year 80% 90% this Year versus the NASDAQ versus the S&P Now up until now they had a defense Not you go play golf with your broker You say hey why didn't you put me in That Bitcoin thing you say look you know Our fund's not really allowed to invest In in Bitcoin we don't have a custodian It's too risky when there's an ETF and You go play f with that uh go play golf With that same uh Manager he can't say look I can't get in So what's his excuse for not getting you

In and so it's almost like the success Of Bitcoin actually breeds the success Of Bitcoin actually breeds the success Of Bitcoin now because you have a Limited amount of Bitcoin it's the only Asset that's actually really really Really truly mathematically finite that Creates a network effect by itself So there's no other industry in the World where the fundamentals are driven By the PE people buying the asset right In our industry the more people that buy The asset the stronger the fundamentals Become and that's what most people don't Understand in every other industry People buy the equity or the token or Whatever it is because the fundamentals Are getting strong in our industry the More we buy or the more people buy the Stronger the fundamentals actually get Because the network becomes stronger the Network effect becomes bigger and so the Asset actually becomes bigger and that's Something that the world has never seen Before and they're about to find out About it anytime around the 10th of December I think the 10th of January I Think how high do you see Bitcoin going Top of next Cycle I don't like making price Predictions um but I think over $200,000 so I don't I don't want to make Any price predictions but it's not Impossible to me that we can do a 3X on

The previous high like that just sounds Really silly that like seriously if We're in this industry and we just can't Do a 3X on the previous High then why Would in this industry like I just I Just don't get it also like if you think Of $200,000 a coin you're talking about A $4 trillion market cap that only makes It 25% of the market cap of gold that's Not like you know like that's that's Nothing with an ETF and everything else That's nothing so I hate making price Predictions I'm not going to make a Price prediction but I I would say that It's not impossible for us to get to $200,000 a coin and by the way for the Folks at home that's half the fun of Crypto people talk about this in their Living rooms every day so I appreciate You're The Trenches every day so I do Appreciate you playing ball besides Bitcoin um what do you have for the high Caps what do you have like the most Believe in second is it obviously Ethereum or VI more Solana guy or what Salana by far salana by far by far by Far by far salana actually I sold half Of my ethereum and put into salana the Other day um so there's a reason for it The reason is is is as Follows I believe that we're very early In the crypto game and that the Long-term winners haven't yet been Determined so I think like it's like a

Marathon and you know like if you're if You're watching a marathon on TV and you Get to the first 10 kilometers which is 25% of the way and you have a winner in The first 25% of the way I don't think That that's too late in the marathon or Too early in the I think that's too Early in the marathon to pick your Winner and I think that the winner can Easily be the one that's fitter stronger Has better legs Etc than the one that's Just led the race up until the first 10 Kilm now that's where I think we are in This race now I look at the fundamentals Of ethereum and I look at the Fundamentals of salana I use and the Reason why I said that is I use ethereum Every single day so what does ethereum Have it has a very good ecosystem it has A lot of tvl it has a lot of VC funding It has a lot of smart people building on It I can't take any of that away from Ethereum and and I'm a big ethereum um Bull but I then look at Salana ethere has a whole lot of layer Twos the layer twos don't talk to one Another so if I have a a Dap on optimism It doesn't talk to a Dap on arbitrum and Now there's ZK and then there's madic And it's like these apps don't talk to Each other all they do is they settle Onto this main chain called ethereum Which is slow expensive slow and Expensive then I use salana everything

Happens on the main chain there's no Limit in terms of the number of Transactions that you can put through Theoretically I mean it just it just Keeps scaling the transactions are very Very very cheap I don't have to bridge From the L1 to the L2 then out of the Back out of the L2 back to the L1 to go Back to another L2 all happens in the Same chain now I look at that And I look at the other one and then I I See that people that developers are Starting to think why should I develop On an L2 if I can just develop on salana And so for me I think it's like a Marathon where I think ethereum will Come like second or third in the Marathon maybe even fourth but I think That the win of the marathon hasn't been Detered yet and I'm putting a lot of Money on the fact that salana is Actually that winner but again as I say You got to keep looking at this through The lens of we're 25% in the race and I Don't remember any marathon in the world Where it's been a slam dunk at 25 at at At 10 kilometers into the race where you Can pick your winner so that's kind of Where my thinking is I'm very very very Overweight salana for the Solana Ecosystem do you have like two or three Projects or coins just on your radar That Um or are you just pure base chain I

Would say that at any one point in time 80% of my investment is in the base Chain and 20% is in the is in the side Projects the reason is what I found About side projects is that they're Always very hot for a very short period Of time so like for example last year on Avalanche you had like for example Platypus finance and you know platypus Finance is worth close to zero at the Time it was the hottest thing in the World and I just think that the projects Are really really really in V1 mode and I think that a lot of them will get Replaced by better Technologies better Projects and stuff like that and so my Theory is go to where the bees are where The bees are where all the investors are So we I don't know if you can hear that But we just follow the bees um and then Get out and get back into the main chain With your profits every single time and Never ever ever ever get attached to a To a ecosystem project we're too early In the race I mean You can you can maybe put some money Into the exchanges but again you make Money take your investment put your Investment back into salana that is one Of the biggest tricks that I've learned You can exit the risk without exiting The market so you can exit the the chain Projects without actually exiting the Whole runup of the bull so yes you'll

Make slightly less money but you'll hold On to long-term money and I just want to Remind everyone you certainly need no Reminder but you know the winner is is Not the person who makes the most money But the person who keeps the most money And I know a lot of people that are Going to make a lot of money they're Going to be payer millionaires they're Going to land up buying themselves Ferraris on paper not take the money out And then at the end of the bull market They're gonna they're going to land up Dying in debt I call it so you know for Me you can the easiest trick is to exit The risk without exiting the market and That is to exit the projects without Exiting the main chain and that for me Is the winner well that's is something I've talked about on my Channel a ton of Time I mention it in the interview I did On your channel I'll link that down Below by the way but the value is acur On these base chains so no matter what Aspect of defi or gaming or whatever Makes it we don't know huge risk the Value is occurring on these underlying Chains um as the space evolves ran you Have you have such a huge audience on Twitter on YouTube you're talking to the Newbies or the more intermediates and The experts the full spectrum every Single day what's a piece of advice um You have for crypto investors into 2024

Give you a few and they all come from Making a lot of money and losing a lot Of money I mean I was very public about The fact that I'm you I was a a multi Multi multi-millionaire at the last Cycle and I I made some some bad Mistakes and I ended up losing a lot of Money um I think the the the the biggest Advice that I can give you is what I've Just given you and that is the winner is The person who walks away with the money And not the person who makes the most Money in the bull market I've I know and I've made a lot of money and at one Point in the last bull market I was Valued hundred hundreds of millions of Dollars and at the end of it I walked Away with a fraction of that and the Reason is because I didn't know how to Take profits so take profits and if you Really can't take profits take profits Into the chain because the layer one Probably has the highest chance of Recovery I think that's the first thing I think uh the second thing is Um we are emotional people and I'm Specifically a very emotional person I Swore before this bull market that I Would be very very very focused on only The things and only invest in things That I truly believe in here we are in The beginning of the bull market and I'm Already making stupid bets into meme Coins with zero fundamentals because

That's just who I am and I'm an Emotional person but what I've done is I've actually put in something to help Me and what I've done is I've created a Deen irresponsible bucket it is 10% in My portfolio it is where I go when I'm Doing things that break the rules and I Think that for me that's been the Biggest Saving Grace because you know What if I succeed and it becomes a 10x Then going to be as big as my entire Portfolio if I fail I'm only blowing up 10% of my portfolio because of my stupid Emotional bets and you know the stupid Emotional bets could actually work but But don't blow up your whole portfolio Doing it so just put a little bit of a Backet aside and then the last thing is Um we're not getting this chance again Whatever you whatever dreams and hopes And and whatever else you you you had Because of your crypto career do it now There ain't going to be another cycle Like this and if there is it'll be a Bonus so if you thought about getting Into crypto full-time if you've thought About maybe going slightly more risky in Your portfolio then do it now at early Stages of the cycle um and possibly the Last cycle don't wait until the end of The cycle to do it because you'll get Wrecked and don't wait for the next Cycle because that next cycle ain't Going to come there's only one cycle

This is it ran I have two final Questions for you before I let you go And this next one is a little bit of a Moon question some Moon math maybe so I Want the audience to understand this Just for fun but if Bitcoin if Bitcoin Reaches that um Ultra 200,000 which is The bull case um where could that put Salana your second biggest bet um 20x From where it is today so I mean 10x Takes salana to where ethereum is so 20x Is is probably a at a minimum so salana Is now 70 call it $70 so 20x $70 it's $1,400 $ not impossible at all and Obviously then we'd go into bare Market The corrections would happen we'd level Out and then the you know the oh no no Bare Market no I mean there will be a Bare Market but you know at that point Like you in if salana does get to $1,400 It becomes the infrastructure for Something really really really amazing And then when we do get a correction I Don't think you're going to get a 90% Correction just like in Bitcoin and Ethereum you never got a 90% correction This time around right you got like a I Think in Bitcoin you went from 64 like a 70 or 6 I I don't remember the numbers But you can do the math so I think that As the technology becomes more and more Entrenched and less and less risky the The drawbacks become much much much Smaller and so I don't think we get a

90% correction we probably only get a 50 Or 60% Correction besides the large caps and Now I and you asked me some of these Questions on the uh the interview on Your channel but what are some lower cap Projects you know three allcoins they Don't have to be Solon ecosystem that Could go to zero tomorrow tomorrow but Are just you know on your radar so let's Not talk coins but let's actually talk Narratives so um I'm a big fan of of Gaming I think gaming is going to be the First mainstream adoption that that's a Big one now inside gaming there's so Many tokens I recently invested in beam I'm not telling anybody else to do it I Recently invested in in in IM mutable X I'm not telling anybody else to do it um I think that trading on decentralized Exchanges with high risk and Leverage is Is a big narrative so coins like GMX gns Rbit uh stuff like that those are coins That I I really really like um what else Is there like I think this whole deeper Narrative is quite big but I think it's Very much in its early stage but things Like R weave and filecoin and all these Infrastructure coin projects I think Will be very big and specifically Because the way that I see it is the World is now being driven by Ai and AI Is driven solely by computing power and The world just like we didn't have

Enough oil and electricity initially to Grow as much as the world wanted to grow In those revolutions I think we have the Same problem now with computing power in This revolution the only thing is that We all have spare computing power lying Around all the time and I think that Anyone that that that Taps into the Decentralized physical infrastructure Project so aash AOS filecoin R weave Even internet computer even ICP which is Like it's the most complicated project All of those kind of infrastructure Projects we may have no choice but to Tap into them because we're in this new AI Revolution everybody in the altcoin Daily audience I want encourage you link Down below go check out banter subscribe You put a great Alpha and thank you for Joining me today thank you buddy see you Soon


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