Crypto Awards 2024 – Official Ceremony – WINNERS REVEALED!

Ladies and gentlemen enthusiasts and Innovators Deens Maxis newbies and Crypto ogs whether you're joining us From Dubai or Dallas Hong Kong or Honolulu welcome to Quan market caps Crypto Awards 2024 over the past 10 days we presented Our nominees for eight different crypto Awards we've analyzed all our data Consulted with our expert committee and Encourage millions of you to vote we're Not giving out trophies tonight we're Going one better than the Oscars all our Awards will be Minted as nfts on the Blockchain a ledger of crypto success That will leave forever as well as Revealing the winners we have crypto Legend Ral pal waiting in the wings to Give us his expert insights for the year Ahead as well as rash luten CEO of qu Market Cup who will share his learnings From the past 12 months and what a 12 Months it's Been this was a year where battle scars Were one when your crypto's in red it's Hard to have Fun the FTX crash saw the markets Shaken trust Wavered confidence taken March saw US Banks and usdc real tightened Regulations the markets Ordeal after a year in the shadows the Sunlight broke through Grew ETFs were confirmed and confidence

Grew we all wait and wonder if markets Will Climb when the bare markets Crushed but it's bold Market [Music] Time now it's time for our first award To the artifici AOS the gaming Gates and The pixel profiteers it's Market Cap's Most Innovative nft and gaming project And the nominees are blur. a Decentralized nft Marketplace and Trading platform designed for pros paji Penguins a collection of 8,888 irresistably cute hanging nfts on The ethereum blockchain bandal a troll Blazing liquidity protocol for nfts Big Time a promising crypto gaming project On the ethereum blockchain immutable the Leading One-Stop shop platform for Building web 3 Games the winner of most Innovative nft Gaming project Is pudgy Penguins this next category celebrates The layer one Builders layer 2 scalers And the cross-chain Trailblazers here Are the nominees for Quan Market Cap's Most Innovative L1 L2 and and cross Chain Projects arbitrum a lar to scaling Solution for the ethereum blockchain Axela a scalable cross chain Communication Platform ZK sync the team behind zync

Era and zik stock a lar to scaling Solution for the ethereum blockchain the Lasta representing the transition from Monolithic blockchain to the new Generation of modular blockchain apples Is one of the newer generation l1s that Use the move programming Language and the winner of most Innovative L1 L2 cross chain project Is Celestia and now for some thead driven Insight into the past 12 months please Welcome Rush luten CEO of coin market Cap so in 2023 we made uh significant Progress in infrastructure enhancement And product experience Optimizations with a series of four ux Updates um the overall experience has Been brly improved so it it it's so much Easier for users to explore crypto Information on CMC we have built an Onchain infrastructure that now supports Over 70 blockchains and 300 plus uh Dexes enabling us to attract over 2 Million crypto assets the CMC Community Our social product has reached 10 Million active users and it's becoming The goto spot for crypto fans projects And qls to connect share and [Music] Learn first of all on the product front Our Focus remains on supporting emerging Narratives like ETFs reward assets Inscriptions order moves and more

Additionally we're expanding our nft Data coverage to include 15 more Blockchains broadening our scope in nft Space beyond product development we are Proud to announce the launch of CMC Labs It ends to accelerate the crypto Revolution by leveraging our ecosystem Our impact and our years of experience In this Feld as leading player in crypto space We wanted to do our part to help build a Stronger and more robust crypto Ecosystem you know doing research is the Most important thing do always do your Own research you need to spend a lot of Time understand the fundamentals Otherwise don't Invest right until you understand It Yes of course um so in the history There's so many tough moments for for Bitcoin but it's still right it's gets Stronger even stronger it doesn't get Killed if you're now in a war what will You bring with you you can't bring gold You can't bring your houses and not Money money doesn't worth anything then I think you know crypto is Unstoppable The crypto space is only as good as the People lead it the Pioneers pushing the Boundaries and championing the industry Here are the nominees for our crypto Leader of the Year metallic buttering Creator of ethereum the second largest

Cryptocurrency by market cap Ryan cus CEO of MSI who's become a leading Advocate for crypto in Washington DC Brian Armstrong CEO of coinbase America's biggest crypto exchange CZ the Founder and former CEO of binance and Possibly the hardest working man in Crypto Julia Le the first ever female CEO of Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission and the winner of crypto Leader of the year Is all of Them our committee simply couldn't pick A winner for this category as they've All done so much for crypto in different Ways this year so for this time only Everyone's a winner Our nominees for the next category have Defied belief oh you are such a boomer And challenged the traditional Financial World Paving the way for the Decentralized finance Revolution it's qu Market Cap's most Innovative defi Project and the nominees are Unis swap The world's biggest decentralized Exchange unibot developed by Diamond Protocol in 2023 unibot is an Innovative Crypto trading bot that uses the Telegram app ion lir a decentralized Ethereum race sing protocol maker Dow Creators of decentralized stable coin Die friend All Tech a poster child for The trending social F narrative this

Year and the winner of most Innovative D5 project Is unis Swap as many of you know the crypto Landscape can sometimes be a difficult One to navigate and in order to give you Some direction in this constantly Changing Financial world and to ensure You know your Bitcoin harving from your Dank sharding our experts have put their Heads together and compiled three top 10 Hot lists designed to put you ahead of The Curve if you're a crypto newbie here are 10 tools and platforms that will save You hours of research and get you up to Speed The newbi Hot List will help you Not only survive But Thrive as you begin your crypto Journey if you want to follow the smart Money and hear about the next big thing Then you might want to know where Leading Venture Capital are putting Their money make sure you're ahead of The pack with the Venture Capital hot List and finally the crypto Pros hot List is for the professionals who want To keep learning it's for the digital Traders Builders and innovators who want To go deep into the data and take their Game to the next level you can check out The full videos on our YouTube channel Or our website this next category Celebrates wellknown companies and

Brands that are fearlessly building Bridges to the web 3 World opening up New possibilities for millions of people And new valuable sources of business Growth here's a reminder of coin Market Cap's nominees for our bridge builder of The Year our first nominee Starbucks the Global coffee giant has transformed one Of the world's biggest and most valuable Loyalty programs into a futuristic web Free Experience PayPal the established Digital payment giant not only have they Integrated crypto buying and selling Into their platform they've also built And released their own fully back stable Coin Black Rock with over1 trillion of Assets under management Black Rock has Opened the traditional Financial Floodgates with three simple letters e TF our next nominee Nike has been making Strides in the web 3 space for years Bridging the Gap between fashion Sport And crypto with their digital nft Collectibles finally we have Reddit it's Not just cat memes it's a thriving Digital Town Square of the Beating Heart Of the crypto World and the winner of bridge builder Of the year Is Black Rock King up in crypto can feel like an Impossible task so next up we honor the

People who have become the heartbeat of The crypto Social Scene they dedicate Their time to educating informing and Entertaining the rest of us giving a Human face to what can be a very techy Industry ladies and gentlemen it's qu Market Cap's social influencer to watch And the nominees Are look on chain this influencer Superpower is dissecting blockchain Antics and transforming complex data Into simple and actionable insights Zach Xbt after falling victim to a rug pull Himself Zack xbts become the onchain Detective sniffing out scam projects Exposing rug pools and Shining a light On all areas of crypto Criminality cryptos are us a YouTuber With fast growing audience and influence Crypto R Us provides in-depth analysis News and seriously engaging content Wendy O host of our own daily crypto News and educational show welcome back To the O show everything crypto and nfts Every day finally we have edgy from The Dii Edge the x-based defi Market Maverick dives into the complexities of Decentralized Finance Protocols and the winner of social Influencer to watch Is Zach Xbt the year started off with a bang in The United States when the SEC approved 11 spot Bitcoin exchang traded funds or

ETFs validating bitcoin's legitimacy in The mainstream Financial system but what Else might be in stored for the crypto Verse this year what better way to find Out than to speak to Ral pal CEO of real Vision a leading advisor commentator and Educator across both trii and Crypto As ever for me the biggest Market Catalyst is the business cycle as the Economy starts to grow but inflation Continues to fall and liquidity comes Back into the system that tends to be The driver of crypto add on top of that Institutional adoption plus retail Adoption driven by things like the ETF But just the general growth of the Underlying um um cryptocurrency markets I think over all that feature will give Us an everything everywhere all at once Market how I'm thinking through this Cycle is many of the previous Cycles saw One or two or three narratives over the Course of the bull market I think the Ground has been laid for this one to be The everything everywhere all at once Cycle so I think we will see gamery defy Real world assets institutional adoption ETFs Stable coins it's going to be one of Those crazy Cycles where you can't keep Hold of the narrative CU it's happening Everywhere all at Once many people come into the crypto

Market for different reasons whether It's for a philosophy about money and State or just for the gains that are Available from this new asset class the Point being is it is a new technology it Is still in relatively early stages it Is very Volatile and yes you can generate a lot Of returns in it but you have to Understand how to operate in the space How to be careful how not to do the Stupid thing because once you start Getting involved in something like this Fomo takes over you think oh my God I Can become the richest person in the World I can do this I can do that and You start doing irresponsible things so Try and keep your head and it is a Learning process so the most important Thing for anybody to do is Learn so I have learned having been on The internet too long not to give Predictions so I'm not going to give Predictions but I give you a Range so in one year we will be probably Somewhere close to double the all-time High that would be Normal in you know 3 years we're Probably somewhere in a bare Market Again so maybe we're back below here or Back here again or back back below the Previous all-time high maybe we're back At 50,000 and in 5 years we're probably At new all-time highs again from

Whatever level we'll be eventually Getting closer to that million doll Level which was the target I first Predicted when I got into Bitcoin in 2012 and compared it to the stock to Flow of gold and said it's worth a Million bucks I think it's headed that Way you know is Bitcoin going to be a 10 Trillion I Doll Market if you think of It in market cap terms that's where I Think it's headed thanks Ral pal let us Know in the comments whether you agree Or disagree with his predictions our Next category is for all the dog lovers Frog lovers and internet culture Connoisseurs it's Clan Mark caps meme Quin of the year and the nominees are Pepe an anthropomorphic frog that took The meme World by Storm Mady it Blends the world of Disruptive Finance arts and internet Culture mcoin launched by Ray Chan CEO Of meme page n gag this meta Cryptocurrency is the embodiment of what It means to be a mean Coin Bonk initially launched as a free Airdrop to the salana community on Christmas day in 2022 before gaining Massive popularity and cult status over The past year finally we have Audi Cleverly named to capitalize on the brc2 Trend so its price surge with many Mistaking it for the native ordinals Token the winner of mcoin of the year

Is Bunk finally our last award which is of Course crypto of the year now a rem Reminder Bitcoin is not on the list Because it will win every year and when Bitcoin wins we all Here are our nominees for coin market Caps crypto of the Year besides Bitcoin Xrp this crypto Champion took on the Full might of America's Financial Regulator in a three-year long legal Battle and Won salana for its sustained Community Support an impressive bounce Back chain link the decentralized Oracle OG chain link has surged in popularity By by writing the rwa trend which allows For the tokenization of physical real World assets and financial assets onto The blockchain next we have ethereum the Brain chard of the enigmatic vitalic Butterin the Shanghai upgrade marked the Near completion of ethereum's monumental Transition from proof of work to proof Of stake finally we have ton coin which Is closely linked to telegram which is The crypto Community social messaging App of choice And the winner of crypto of the year Is Salana that brings us to the end of coin Market caps crypto Awards 2024 let's go Live to the minting room where the

Winners are being immortalized as Nfts no no that's the printing room I Said minting room ah yes here we are the Winners burnt Forever on the ethereum Block chain thank you to the people and Projects that continue to develop and Build the crypto space and thank you Also to those of you who' have taken the Time to vote but most importantly as Always thank you to Satoshi whoever you Are for creating Bitcoin and making all This possible and of course wherever you Are on your crypto Journey coin market Cap is here for you as home of crypto We're on a mission to put the world's Best crypto data education news and Community in the palm of your hands Remember to download our app or visit Our website Quark to create an Account and start getting smart about All things crypto until next year [Music] Goodbye


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