Credit Card Tier List: Ranking BEST to WORST

In this video I'm going to be breaking Down what I believe are the best two Worst credit cards for the year of 2023 Using this cool little tier system that I created over in canva not sponsored by Canva by the way but I have an affiliate Link down below so ladies and gents I Believe this video here is going to be Quite fun quite interesting and you're Going to be learning a lot of new things If you guys do appreciate these type of Videos the content and even just my five Years of experience going all into this Video here be sure to drop a like down Below and also this is all subjective Depending on your own spending habits And this is all my own personal opinion You can check out the links to any one Of these cards Down Below in the Description which also supports this Channel as well s tier is going to be The best possible card you can get and Then from there we have the dumpster Cards and we're gonna kick this video Off let's do the chase three on Flex Alright so this card here I would Definitely consider to be an a tier card It has no annual fee you get a decent Welcome bonus offer at the time of Filming this video you get 15 month no Interest and no balance transfer fees And on top of that the five percent Rotating categories and being able to Utilize the Ultimate Rewards portal once

You pair it up with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or even the Chase Sapphire Reserve makes it pretty op in my opinion The reason I wouldn't put it near the S Tiers because there's going to be a lot Of other cards that fill out the S2 Category okay that's why all right the AmEx Platinum Card this is another great Card although during the middle of the Pandemic when traveling was limited and Amex decided to make the move of Increasing that annual fee on this card I do believe right now especially within First year of card ownership this here Is still an excellent car you know I Might even put them more towards the S Tier just because if you do utilize the Lounges if you do utilize all their Benefits like the AmEx fine hotel Resorts or even just on a lucky day if You're able to book the right trip and As an example I did this too before I Stayed at the Ritz Carlton in La I use My AmEx Platinum through the fine hotel Resorts collection and they gave me Their expensive suite for multiple Nights which would have costed me two to Three thousand dollars a night I paid For a basic queen size room and from Right there I mean I got a lot of value Back the AmEx Platinum definitely comes In handy but if you're someone who Doesn't travel as much I mean I could See it completely becoming like a coupon

Dumpster card but you know for the most Part I guess that's why I would consider It to be in the a tier okay ladies and Gents on the topic of Amex cards the AmEx gold here this is another fantastic Card I would actually consider this to Be an S tier card I don't ever see Myself canceling this card the annual Fee is a bit High to 250 but right now With all the benefits that you get it You got 120 here you got 120 dollars There and on top of that you get a Hundred dollar experience credit to use During the Hotel Collection booking and You also get Forex back on dining and a US Supermarket and on top of that they Also have a pretty decent welcome bonus To offer too Amex gold s tier I don't Care what anyone says that is always Going to be one of my top cards all Right so the next card we have the AmEx Blue business cash card and I would Consider this to be it's a good card but For all the great card words that exist Right now it's a bit more in the mid Category now this is because this card Here is going to give you just 250 back In statement credits after you spend Three thousand dollars I feel like the Welcome bonus offer could be a bit more Competitive but for the fact that it has No annual fee this is a very solid Keeper card within your wallet it's not Gonna offer the best

[Music] It's what I would consider to be mid oh Ladies and gents we have here the built MasterCard okay this is one of those Underrated cards that came up this year If you rent I don't know what to say if You want to make free money right now The build card and use that to pay your Rent use those points to take whatever Trip you want boom I just made you guys Money right there this is an S tier card If it had an annual fee it would come Down to maybe like the good or the mid Tier but no annual fee pay for rent There's no other credit card that does That their uh marketing efforts their Customer service is all fantastic the Only gripe is that they use Wells Fargo So far Wells Fargo has not lost my money And the card's been working great I'm Gonna consider them to be actually a Very very good card for this year Alright ladies and John's next card we Have here on this list the Capital One Venture X Card this is actually Something I would consider to be on the Up and what I would consider to be Either in the a or the S tier as well We'll give it to the S tier just to have A little bit of diversity within you Know this column here but the adventure X if you guys have not yet watched my Full review talking about why this is Also one of the most underrated premium

Luxury travel credit cards you need to Check it out if you're unable to commit To an annual fee of the platinum card if You're unable to commit to something Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve which You know I don't blame you they're over 500 plus to hold any one of those cards The Capital One Venture X makes it super Easy for you to find return on value With it but not only that they're Consistent with the rewards and their Portal has been doing a great job and Capital One which has been more on the Subprime side within the past few years It looks like they're finally stepping It up and they're offering a pretty Decent amount of benefits and I think This here is one of the best credit Cards that you can get if you're yet Willing to commit to any one of the Elite cards okay Capital One Quicksilver This is not a terrible car if you have a Lot of credit card debt if you're Struggling with something you know I Would say it's mid but for the most part I would not see myself applying for this Unless you know something really bad's Happening it's not on my radar I feel Bad calling any car to trash dumpster Card so I'm gonna be a nice boy we're Gonna put it below average not the best Card no crazy benefits nothing to write Home about alright ladies and gents Capital One saver one card no annual fee

Gives you 10 back on ubere to get a free Uber membership as well for you to Utilize if you do buy a lot of takeout This right here it is one of the best no Annual fee cards to exist right now I'm Gonna give this an a tier I could also See it being an S tier Contender if you Are team cashback but for someone who Loves to utilize annual fee cards it's a Keeper card it's in my wallet it's Excellent all right this one's a bit of An interesting card we have the AmEx Centurion card now because the annual Fee is ridiculous because no one in the World right now could probably get one Unless you happen to be point zero zero Zero one percenter of the entire Population and possibly inside of the Illuminati or the Freemason or whatever I'm gonna say this right now it's a bit Of a below average card this here is Just for the flex value the concierge is Amazing and yes you do get other Benefits but for the first year annual Fee of I believe fifteen thousand Dollars that you pay it might not be Worth it even if you are able to get Approved or accepted or invited whatever The case is I would consider it to be Just one of those cards where it's a Great Flex it really is but in terms of Benefits which we're gonna focus on for The purpose of this video it's going to Be below average I would consider this

To be a negative Roi card because you Can always get the platinum card and Still find a lot of benefits instead of Having to pay that ridiculous annual fee All right next card here we have the Apple credit card look this is not a bad Card okay I don't know if I would Consider it to be mid it gets the job Done I see a lot of people who aren't Into the credit card game always using The Apple credit card I would consider It to be below average it's not a trash Dumpster card you get zero percent Interest financing on Apple products and If you love Apple like I do I could see It being very very beneficial for a lot Of people too all right City double cash Card look a lot of people who look at This card are initially going to put This as a trash dumpster card it ain't Okay it's two percent it's flat it's Easy to use you don't have to worry About it it's a sock drawer card no Annual fee it's what I'd consider to be Mid the only reason I consider it to be Below average is because it's with city They're not you know the best issue Within the space but you know I kind of Want to fill out my categories a little Bit here all right Amazon business Prime If you are a business owner this is a Card I've had for about since what 2018 I think it's been four or five years Since then it's a pretty solid card a

Lot of people sleep on it no huge Welcome bonus but if you do buy a lot of Stuff for your business on Amazon that Five percent is gonna add up quick all Right next card here on my list I'm Definitely gonna have to put world of Hyatt within that eight tier category For a 95 annual fee you are gonna get One hotel anniversary free night with This card the welcome bonus you get 60 000 points and unlike things like Hilton Where you know they'll charge you an arm And a leg and points for you to get a Free hotel room Hyatt is still very very Conservatively well balance with their Points and cash ratio I think it's Pretty easy to get Redemption of one Hyatt Hotel night and that's all you Have to do to find positive value on This card and I would consider this to Be excellent on top of that you do get a Little bit of status using this card but More than that as well guys this is one Of the few High products that you can Actually get within the whole Credit Card World so if you have any allegiance To hide this is just one of the cards That you can keep in your sock drawer Too all right the AmEx blue business Plus this is actually a pretty solid Business a credit card right here we're Gonna put this in the beat here it could Be a tier but for the purpose of this Video it's straightforward business

Credit card with Amex there's not too Many of those it does get the job done Fantastic card right here it's going to Go in our B slot alright the next card Here is the AmEx cash preferred nothing Too fancy with this card they did have a Facelift on it I think it was about two Years ago when they've done it I'm gonna Consider this to be within the mid Category this card here not terrible not Fantastic it has no annual fee you can Earn 250 back after spend two thousand Dollars in the form of a statement Credit so you're not getting points but What I do love about it is that they Have very flexible cash back category so Three percent cash back on grocery Stores three percent cash back on U.S Retail stores which is pretty Interesting you get three percent back On gas but the caveat on all of that Ladies and gents is the fact that you're Capped on up to six thousand dollars per Year in purchases so I mean I could see It being good if you use it just for Those things but all right guys I'm uh I'm gonna rank it up just a little bit Okay all right next card here on the List Chase Freedom unlimited most guys Should know what this card is all about You get 1.5 unlimited cash back on Everything you spend just like the Freedom Flex you can transfer your Points over into the chase portal as

Well once you get the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve It's a good card okay not terrible Chase Sapphire preferred with that new welcome Bonus offer 80 000 points or if you go Into a branch and you get 90 000 points Of no annual fee that becomes a tier or S tier uh the great thing about this Card is you can also downgrade it if you Do not want to pay that 95 annual fee But if you can't commit to an elite Travel credit card this is not bad as Well so why not yeah let's throw it into The S tier I think it's pretty solid Okay I don't know if you guys remember This card this was the Uber Visa Barclays card it was actually one of the Best cashback cards back in 2000 what Was it 18 19 and then they completely Nerfed the benefits it's a trash Dumpster card there's nothing else you Need to know about it it doesn't even Look like this anymore but rest in peace It was a great card okay three cards Here we got a triple Dipper right here The Chase Ink business credit cards if You combine getting all of these points You're getting some serious cash back Look guys there's not enough room on my Spreadsheet chart so we're gonna just Size it down but I would consider these Cards here to be a tier cards okay They're gonna fit right here like a Little puzzle great cards only one of

Them has a 95 annual fee the rest of Them you can keep get that welcome bonus A lot of chase points right back in your Pocket and they actually had a pretty Sick promotional offer where they were Giving a higher welcome bonus offer if Any of you guys acted on those offers From watching the the videos on my Channel congrats because you guys got One heck of a better deal than I had Okay Capital One Platinum Card nothing To look at nothing to write home about And nothing to breathe even more about It's going into the dumpster card Category okay Bank of America red cash Rewards card this is the credit card That I feel like every college student Has for some reason I don't know why not Terrible not great it's mid if you have A lot of money with Bank of America then It starts going up into good or Excellent because they start giving you A bit more better perks okay here we Have three different Hilton cards Hilton Cards are actually pretty op in my Opinion because you can do something What I call the Hilton triple sixer Dipper upgrader I'm just making that up But basically with the Hilton cards you Can apply for all three there's no limit On how many you can get but you could Apply for all three versions so one of Them has no annual fee the other one has A 95 annual fee the other one has a 450

Annual fee if you guys want to learn a Cool little credit card strategy you can Get all three of these cards get the Welcome bonus downgrade them all into The no annual fee card and then upgrade Them all once again again and get the Welcome bonus over and over again and You can get a welcome bonus essentially Six total times the only downside with Hilton is that you got to spend a lot of Money but you also need to realize that Some of their properties cost a lot of Points so it's not too difficult getting A million points with Hilton but when You find out that one night in the Maldives costs a million points it's Like what's the whole point of it Anyways get it all right we're gonna Micro size these and we're gonna put Them in the S tier the Hilton cards are Fantastic it's a great end game strategy Tier card I know all three of these look The same too just know what they are all Right so the next card here is the City Premiere card a 95 annual fee at the Time of filming this video you got 75 000 bonus points after spending 4K in The first three months not a bad card I Don't really you know do too much with City I'm gonna consider it mid okay That's my personal preference I've heard A lot of great things and I personally Think this is actually one of the best Designs aside from American Express this

Does look really good so we're gonna put It in the mid category if we hear any New promotional offers maybe we can bump Them up to good as well but I don't Think that's a bad judgment character Okay next card here Chase Sapphire Reserve guys I'm gonna shrink this up And put it right here within the Excellent category this here is a solid Credit card especially if you happen to Travel but it often rarely makes any Sense for you to uh have the reserve Card and the platinum card and like say The Venture X usually unless you're you Know traveling a whole bunch and you're Really redeeming those benefits but the Reserve card such a great card okay High Annual fee travel rewards are really Good if you can't commit to platinum I Would then say go to the reserve if you Can't come into the reserve that's when You go to the Venture X Amazon Visa card Okay not terrible not great I would say It's mid you know you get some cash back Uh on your Amazon purchases consistently You don't get a huge welcome bonus offer It's mid Marriott Bon voy I believe this Is the business Edition or even if it's The personal Edition it's still not a Bad card very similar to the world of Hyatt I would consider it to be in the a Tier category or even in the B tier Category if you love Marriott you're Going to be placing the higher for me I

Love hide a bit more not a bad card Either way I would consider this to be In this category alright so ladies and Gents that is pretty much just a quick Rundown of at least you know I think It's like 30 or 40 cards that we went Over you can screenshot my own little Tier guide let me know what you guys Think Down Below in the comment section If you guys would change anything if you Would add anything if you disagree agree You know we live in a free country and What that means is you guys can share Your opinions too you guys found any Value be sure to drop a like Down Below On this video if you guys want to see More things just like this let me know As well be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description if you Guys want to check out any new credit Cards as well if you want to take a look At some of my favorite credit cards or Even join our personal Facebook group You can find all those resources Down Below on top of that I have a patreon Group just want to learn how to make More money through investing whether It's through stocks crypto you just want To better your financial life it's for 14.99 we have a lot of people in there Already and I would love for you guys to Join as well if you want to migrate over Into some of my other content or even Have an opportunity to join some of

These live stream calls where you speak To me chat to me one-on-one I would love For you guys to be a part of that Community too so everything linked Down Below in the description thank you all So much again for watching this video And until next time peace out


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