Credit Card Company Tier List: Ranking BEST to WORST

Within the credit card space there are Some good companies there are some great Companies and there are some whack Terrible companies that I would not even Trust with a single penny so in this Video I'm going to be going through what I believe is the best to the worst Through my own credit card company a Tier list video by the way a lot of this Is going to be subjective and it's all Based on my own opinion so let me know If you guys agree down below after you Finish watching this video to kick this Video off we got Capital One all right So Capital One is a bit of an Interesting issuer because they have a Bunch of mixed reviews within the space But from my own personal opinion I would Say they've done a much better job over The past recent months with that I'm Gonna actually put them towards the a Tier or the excellent category so let's Talk first about why they might be bad And why they wouldn't even be considered For my s-tier category but why there Would be a potential of them moving up So first of all Capital One does Something a bit interesting that I don't See a lot of other issuers doing and They tend to deny people with excellent Credit it turns out if there's a hint That you're making money with credit Cards and cap one can't profit off of You they make it even harder for you to

Get approved on top of that it seems Like Capital One is also a bit more Stingy in giving out credit limit Increases now like I mentioned earlier Their algorithm is a bit weird where it Seems like if you have a lower credit Score and a low credit history you have A higher chance of getting approved than Someone who's been within the space for A long time so I would just consider Capital One to be a great early to mid Game product or much much later down the Road where you've exhausted all your Options and other credit cards now those Are a bit of the cons but why are they So good well Capital One has Strengthened their program significantly With cards such as the Capital One Venture X which I consider to be one of The most OP travel credit cards and even Things like the Capital One save or one Card if you guys watch any of my top Credit card videos you'll know that they Are constantly ranked top on my list and There is good reason for that I'm not Going to cover it otherwise this video Is going to be much longer than I want It to be but if you want to learn more About those make sure you watch some of My other credit card videos at the end Of finishing this now the next credit Card issuer that we have here on the List this is going to be City and Although I wouldn't really categorize

City to be within the a tier category I Would say they're pretty darn close to Fill this chart out I'm gonna claim them In the b-tier category they're not mid They're a bit better than mid they're Not excellent I would say they're pretty Good so for starters city is also known As Citibank because they have a wide Variety of other checking account Products and not just credit cards as a Bank they're pretty standard within Their service they have really good UI Within their mobile app and also their Website but it turns out customer Service is sometimes a hit or a Miss now There's no issues with city that is Reported by most people and they also do Have a fleet of pretty solid credit Cards so the ones that come to mind that Most of you guys should know about is The city double cash this is a simple Credit card you have a welcome bonus Attached to it most often there is an Incentive where you have like 12 month No APR sometimes it's 15 months but with This card you get two percent cash back On everything so people who are not Interested in points and miles but they Just want simple easy cash back the city Double cash card has been reigning King Within that category for a long time on Top of that you have the City premiere Card it's another viable card not Terrible at all and within the first

Year you definitely get positive value Within holding it on a more personal Note I do think the City premiere Actually has one of the coolest designs Out of all the credit cards that exist With this credit card issuer the reason I place them within this B tier category Is that they're great if you use them Right they help you build up your credit Score they make getting other future Loans and other bank products a bit more Easier and I would say though on the Opposite end of that if you happen to Miss payments you have credit card debt City might not be your friend at all Chances are though if you're watching This video you have your finances under Control you don't really have that much Credit card debt I would say city is Still a great issuer all right so the Next credit card company here we have on The list this is going to be Chase so as Most of you guys should already know Chase is very easy to use they are Simple they are cheap upfront compared To other issuers with higher Annual fees And I would say overall Chase has a bit More practical value they have an Ecosystem of great cards which make up Things like the trifecta the quad facta They have great personal credit cards And a lot of great business credit cards Right Astro their business cards are Dope it's a solid issue or you cannot go

Wrong with it and JPMorgan Bank is still One of the biggest banks that exists Right now and I believe they're going to Continue to invest into their program so That we continue to see even better Benefits and offers as an example if you Guys know about the Chase Sapphire Reserve it's their higher Elite Tier Credit cards and they've actually used That credit card as an offering to lose Money off the bat they lost billions of Dollars but they do that to get people Within the chase ecosystem and Eventually move up the ladder within Some of their other Financial products I Personally really like that type of Business model especially when we Compare it to some of the other issuers That tend to make most of their money Off of the interest rates that people End up falling prey to so combine that With the fact that I've been using Chase For a while they've been consistently Great they've given me a lot of points And overall I will continue to be a Client with them they're s tier they are Ultimate I think they are still one of The best credit card companies to exist Moving down the ranks we have the Credit One bank and this is probably one of the Best banks to exist as well I would Actually replace Chase on this list just Kidding jokes all right this one's easy Guys Credit One Bank trash dumpster card

Not much to say about it uh they're just Terrible they will charge you a Cancellation fee if you ever want to Cancel a credit card I don't know how Many issuers actually do that other than Them their customers service really Sucks and they're oftentimes just meant For subprime credit card holders so if You get any Credit One bank card offer In the mail throw it away rip it up burn It you know I don't want to say as far As wiping your butt with it because it's Not even worth that now if you guys by Any chance ever wondered why Capital One And Credit One sound very similar There's a lot of theories that this was Intentional for people to mistake Credit One for Capital One and it's an actually A pretty interesting story so it turns Out Capital One started operating first Using that name and then Credit One was Originally first called National Bank of Marin and they started operating under The credit one name in 2006 after Relocating their branches so if you're Ever wondering why Capital One has not Yet sued Credit One it turns out that Credit one is the one that did the logo Design before Capital One before they Could trademark it so if Capital One Decided to sue them for their name it Seems like it could go full circle and Right now they're just on a little bit Of a peace treaty other than that I

Can't ever see Credit One moving up the Ranks for any reason even if I had made This video like five to ten years from Now not a great bank I would stay away From it with a thousand feet pole all Right the next credit card issuer that We have here on the list this one's Gonna be a bit of an interesting one Because Bank of America I would actually Consider them to be both an a tier and Also a c tier now this is simply off the Fact that they have a program called the Bank of America preferred rewards plan So basically depending on how much money You have with Bank of America you're Going to be getting an additional boost On the value of your points and the Discounts that you can get this also Means you can get a higher cash back Rate on some of their credit cards Making some of their cards even better Than what we've seen within the market So if you have less than a hundred Thousand dollars in the bank if you have Less than even twenty five thousand Dollars Bank of America is a very mid Credit card issuer but if you do have a Lot of money and you have it within Bank Of America you're going to be seeing a Lot of benefits coming back as an Example if you have over a hundred Thousand dollars with them you have the Platinum honors tier and then from here You could see the additional benefits

That you get such as 75 reward bonus you Get 20 interest rate booster on a Bank Of America Advantage savings account you Get you know six hundred dollars off Your mortgage no monthly maintenance Fees you get a little bit of a discount On an auto loan if you go with them but Say as an example you go towards the Goal tier you're not getting nearly the Same amount of benefits now to quantify A lot of these things as an example if You have the Bank of America Cash Rewards Card you'd be able to get 5.25 Cash back on a category of your choice Which could be gas online shopping Dining travel drug stores Home Improvement Furnishing and more on top Of that you can also get 3.5 cashback on Groceries which is insane and if you get The unlimited cash rewards the premium Rewards the premium rewards Elite you Could find yourself getting 2.625 Cashback on non-category spend and on The premium Rewards Card you'd also be Getting 3.5 cashback on dining and Travel and with a premium Elite Card You're getting 3.5 cashback on dining And travel but the points are worth About 1.25 per point when you book on The Bank of America travel portal Boosting the cashback rate of of dining Travel to even 4.4 percent look guys I Know that was like a lot of numbers so Just take my word for it if you got a

Lot of money if you're a baller this Makes for a really good issuer but you Know if you happen to be a regular Everyday Joe like most people I would Say this can come more towards the end Game status and it's not a priority I Would take because there are much better Credit card issuers that exist right now All right so the next My list is going to be Apple so apple is Not you know y'all know what apple is They come out with the iPhones they're Not a credit card issuer but they do Also have a credit card so I would Actually put Apple within the mid-tier Category and that's because the Apple Card isn't anything revolutionary it's Not great but their app is just so easy To use you get payment reminders you can See everything all at the click of a Button you can sync it up to your Apple Watch your Apple wallet and although you Can yes do that with many other cards it Just seems like apple has a much more Intuitive and easier and cleaner Platform than any other credit card Company I'm someone who tends to Value Ease of use and convenience so I wanted To throw them here on this list and not Just completely ignore them either now The next credit card issuer I have on This list is U.S bank and this might Actually come to you guys at a bit of a Surprise because it turns out a lot of

Their credit card products are pretty Good as an example the U.S Bank altitude Reserve card is arguably the best single Card if you were to just have one card In your wallet now this is because this Is one of the few credit cards that Allows you to get three EXP back on Mobile wallet purchases and if you guys Know you can pretty much use Mobile Wallet purchases almost like eighty Percent of the places you go now on top Of that you get 5x on hotels and rental Cars through their altitude portal which Is not even terrible I've heard much Different portals having a much more Terrible experience so I would say in General U.S Bank actually has a ton of Different credit card products a lot of People Overlook them just because it's Not really mentioned too much on YouTube But they are very viable indeed now I'm Not going to go through each and every One of their credit card products but if You want me to break it down and go over What I think is the best let me know Down Below in the comments I would love To make like a US Bank Ultimate Guide Video I think that would perform pretty Well too for US Bank all you really need To know is that they're good when it Comes to rewards that can compete with Some of the best within the space they Have the ability for you to trade and Transfer your points for higher value

Within their portal at a very decent Rate and it's also been reported that They have some pretty solid customer Support the only major cons that I've Seen with U.S Bank is that they're kind Of like the opposite of Apple they're Not intuitive of you know they don't Have like the smoothest or cleanest System and sometimes it could be a pain In the butt trying to see what Categories what rewards what points you May have it seems like they're genuinely Offering a lot of useful different Categories and perks to the needs of Your everyday average Joe next on this List we have luxury card and if you all Don't know what luxury card is this is That uh what you would consider to be Like the fake black card that a lot of People get offers in within the mail if You don't know what that looks like it's This card here on your screen and guys This is it is not a great card at all This is what I would consider to be like The Credit One version of the luxury Cards it's just not even worth batting An eye at the the benefits are not great At all like you would lose your money From getting one of these cards even if You don't use it just based on the Annual fee So based on that it is uh Actually within the trash dumpster Category on my list last but not least Ladies and gents we have American

Express I would actually claim them to Be in the S tier category I would even Claim them to be a bit above Chase just In my own personal experience this is Because I I really value customer Service I really value High type of Luxury status and rewards and American Express is the top dog when it comes to That and guys know this is not sponsored By American Express not sponsored by Chase in any way I just got affiliate Links you guys can always check those Out but you know if the offers don't Make sense don't even use those links Use your friends links use your family Links or whatever it is but genuinely From my own personal experience the Cards that I use on a day-to-day basis Mainly consist of Amex and if that's not Accepted then I'll use Chase and a card That I've been using frequently is my Built MasterCard between American Express and Chase Chase is definitely a Lot more simpler without having to Sacrifice too much because with American Express you do need to put in work but Once you put in that work I definitely Think there's more outsized value you Can get I really love things like going To a new hotel getting treated with a Freaking letter and having all these Benefits like free breakfast free spa And then they upgrade my room to one of Their best rooms that I would have had

To pay an enormous amount of money more For but at the end of the day just Having an ease of Mind where if I have Like a fraudulent charge coming up on my Account I know for a fact American Express are going to be working very Quick and they're going to be supportive In me being able to get my money back so I know there are some banks and credit Card issuers that I might have left out If that happens to be the case let me Know Down Below in the comments what I Should have added and if you guys do Agree or disagree with my entire Structure of my ranking list by the way Guys if you want to learn more about Credit cards if you want to get started Within this entire space I have a ton of Resources and guides be sure to check That out but if you guys also want to Join a personal Community we have one of The best available on Facebook with About 33 to 34 000 members be sure to Check out the link Down Below in the Description this is a completely free Group but you do need to get invited and By using the link down below we'll send You an invitation to join with that Being said ladies and gents if you also Do want to pick up a bunch of free Stocks I believe it's like 20 30 free Stocks it's just getting crazy be sure To check out Weeble and MooMoo link Down Below in the description and pick up

Some free stocks thank you all so much Again for watching this video have an Amazing day and I'll see y'all soon Peace


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