CRAZY Bitcoin Theory!! Did Satoshi Work For The NSA?

Bitcoin was created by the spies at the US National Security Agency this theory Is not new but it's backing the news and Gaining Traction in some crypto circles What happened does the theory have any Credibility what the hell are you Talking About my name is Jessica and in this Video we're going to dig into the Mystery that has shrouded crypto since 2008 who created Bitcoin first let's dive into a little Context the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto The pseudonymous author of the Bitcoin White paper is one of the most enjoying Mysteries in the cryptocurrency world Satoshi actively worked to build Bitcoin In mid 2011 then in April of that year Satoshi Emailed Mike Hearn one of the early Developers who was by then collaborating On building Bitcoin saying and I quote I've moved on two other things it I Bitcoin coin is in good hands it was the Ultimate mic drop after handing over the Source code repository and network alert Key to the developer Gavin Anderson who Then became the Project Lead Satoshi Vanished in the ensuing years several People have been identified as possible Satoshi two front runner candidates are Halny and Nix saabo both renowned Cryptographers Hal was one of the first Users to mine Bitcoin and received the

First ever a transaction from Satoshi However Hal denied being Satoshi before He sadly passed away in 2014 Nick on the Other hand actually developed a digital Currency called bit gold in the late 1990s before bitcoin's Inception the Striking parallels between the Principles of bit gold and Bitcoin have Led many to suspect that Sabo might be Satoshi however he's also denied the Link then there was that news wiek story In 2014 that quote unquote exposed a Japanese American man called Darian Pretends Satoshi Nakamoto aside from his Name and the fact that Darian had worked On classified defense projects the story Was baseless Darian denied the Connection but was still hounded at his Home by insatable media Outlets it Wasn't pretty on the plus side a Fundraiser started by crypto OG Andreas Antonopoulos to support Darian brought In a whopping 102 Bitcoin worth around $2.8 million today so not a bad haul There have also been those who have Claimed to be Satoshi Craig Wright an Australian computer scientist and Entrepreneur has made several public Claims assuring that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto and has even launched Legal actions against people who have Publicly doubted this claim my opinion Well I'm going to plead the fifth on This one however while some people have

Claimed to be Satoshi and others have Had such claims made on their behalf There is another line of thinking This goes that Satoshi wasn't an Individual but actually a group of People or a government entity and here's Where the NSA Theory comes in for those That are unfamiliar the NSA as per its Mission statement and I quote prevents And eradicates threats to the US National security systems how it does This is one of the reasons why the NSA Is one of the most controversial of all US Government institutions 10 years ago Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden or Lustrated one of the most shocking leaks Of classified information in history the Exposure unveiled the extent of the Nsa's mass surveillance programs both Domestically and internationally Snowden Revealed that the agency was secretly Collecting phone records emails and Internet activities of millions of Individuals through major companies like Google Facebook and apple without Warrants or public knowledge those Targeted included everyone from your Granny to American citizens and Politicians in US Allied countries the Revelations cause International uproar Accusations of aan likee spying and Debates over privacy and security it was Known as the prism Scandal prism being The NSA Coden name for the project

However Snowden also revealed another Project that is inextricably linked to Prism but got much less attention this Project was dubbed Bull Run in spy speak It shows how the NSA along with the UK Counterpart the government Communications Headquarters or gchq Candescent cooperated to undermine the Encryption algorithms and protocols that Protect internet communication this in Turn allowed the NSA to access encrypted Data we'll get back to project ballun in A little later in the story but for now Let me tell you a little anecdote about Gchq which is fueled speculation that Government agencies created bitcoin in 1977 three faculty faulty members at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Created a complex piece of math that Helped keep online information secure And private the algorithm known as RSA Is widely used for secure data Transmissions and is also a big part of How cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin keep Transactions safe it was called RSA After the surnames of the three Academics who created it rias Shamir and Adelman however while these three got The credit for RSA it was actually Invented years earlier by Clifford Cox a Well-known British mathematician and Codebreaker who was working at the UK Gcq then again maybe it's not such a bad Thing that the algorithm didn't get

Clifford Sur name anyway Clifford's Discovery was kept classified it only Came to light when documents were Declassified in 1977 the gchq story illustrates two Things firstly don't work for a spy Agency if you want credit for your work More importantly for the sake of this Story anyway spy agencies have expertise In cryptography and the resources to Fund groundbreaking Innovation put Differently the cghq story shows that It's not farfetched to believe that the NSA had a part to play in bitcoin's Creation let's unpack the theory a Little bit further ponents of the NSA Story point to the fact that the spy Agency created the sha256 hashing Algorithm if you're unfamiliar sha 256 Is a cryptographic hash function which Has since been adopted by digital Currencies like Bitcoin in the most Simplified terms sh 256 helps make sure Transactions are secure and genuine it Does so by turning transaction Information into a unique code to keep It safe if the information is messed With the code changes signaling that Something's wrong Not only was the NSA Behind sh 256 it was also behind a 1996 Paper titled how to make a mint the Cryptography of anonymous electronic Cash that's right the NSA has been Interested in digital cash since at

Least the mid 1990s the paper outlined fundamental Principles required to create Anonymous Digital cach systems it discussed Various cryptographic techniques and Protocols that could be employed to Develop a digital currency system where Identity of the users remained Anonymous Sounds familiar or how about tsuki okoto He is one of the cryptography academics Listed in the NSA paper proponents of The NSA created bitcoin Theory believe The fact that this name sounds very Similar to Satoshi Nakamoto is not a Coincidence but actually more of an Inside joke the range of theories around The NSA creating Bitcoin is pretty vast Some believe the NSA involvement in sha 2556 means the agency created a backd Door to the Bitcoin code and secretly Controlled Bitcoin remember project Bull Run since we know that NSA and the gchq Are involved in efforts to crack Encryption codes why wouldn't they Simply added a back door to sh 256 well This sounds plausible but if you dig a Little bit deeper you'll realize that It's unlikely First It's Not Unusual for Government agencies to develop Technology that is then used by others a Point I'll get back to later more than That sha256 is open source this means That anyone can scrutinize its code it Was created back in 2001 the fact that

No one has spotted a back door in the Years since almost certainly means there Isn't one now let's turn to a more Plausible Theory and the reason why the NSA story has been back in the crypto News recently Nick Carter a partner at Venture Capital firm Castle Island Ventures and a well-known bitcoiner Reminded people on X that he is still a Proponent of the NSA origin story if You're familiar Nick isn't some Conspirational hack he is a prominent Speaker impressive writer an analyst and Also a respected figure in the crypto Industry Nick calls it the Bitcoin lab League hypothesis he poses that it Wasn't a program that was approved by The NSA in other words the NSA didn't Write the Bitcoin white paper instead as He wrote on X last month and I quote I Think it was a shuddered internal R&D Project which one researcher thought was Too good to lay fellow on the shelf and Chose to secretly release in a following Post he clarifies his position saying And I quote this doesn't imply the US Government secretly controls all of the Satoshi coins by the way in my version Of this madeup idea the researcher did Without permission of the NSA and chose To leave the coins behind ASO to Preserve his animin it's certainly Possible another credible voice in the NSA develop Bitcoin Camp is former

Goldman Sachs executive Ral pal He Suggests Ed that Bitcoin could have been Created jointly by the NSA and the gchq As a means to experiment with potential Ways to get out of future financial Disasters R has also suggested that the Timing of the bitcoin's release during The financial crisis is not a Coincidence and he cited that the 1996 Paper has further evidence of this Theory coin Telegraph Magazine asked Jeff man a former NSA crypto analyist Whether the NSA had the resources to Create Bitcoin Jeff respon was and I Quote it's certainly a possibility it's Certainly feasible so far so Plausible we interrupt this program for An emergency crypto weather forecast get Ready for a whirlwind to savings we're Seeing some high pressure sign up boner Systems forming in the Northeast with Some exchanges offering up to $40,000 in the South will'll be seeing Some heavy discounts on Hardware wallets So watch out for those if you're going To be out and about and then in central Areas there's a high chance of tra P Andp discounts which should be settled In later on so be on the lookout for up To 60% off there Lush for the more Comprehensive forecast just visit deals or use the link down in The description these deals are red hot So make sure to take all the necessary

Precautions well that's all for today's Forecast now back to the scheduled Program now let's look at the counter Argument while Jeff man did say the NSA Origin story is feasible he also Believed it was unlikely according to Jeff this is principally because of the Atmosphere in the NSA following the Watergate scandal in 1972 where Individuals connected to then president Richard Nixon illegally installed Listing devices to EAS drop on Conversations at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters now as Jeff tells it in the Aftermath of Watergate the NSA and other Agencies were under immense pressure not To do anything that was even remotely Suggestive of spying on American Citizens without a warrant therefore he Feels like the development of digital Cash like Bitcoin for the means of Spying would have been too risky in this Regard as he says although an innovation Like Bitcoin could have theoretically Been used to spy on American enemies it Would have been and I quote hard to Prove or disprove perhaps who the Targets were or who were the potential Targets in the atmosphere of the time a Project like Bitcoin wouldn't have Gotten off the ground however that was Then Jeff left the NSA in 1996 5 years Later the 9/11 attacks changed the world

Forever the US Patriot Act which was Signed into law by President George Bush In 2001 vastly expanded the powers of The US Agencies including the NSA among Other things the Patriot Act granted Increased surveillance powers to law Enforcement agencies and intelligence Agencies allowing them to monitor Communications and gather intelligence To prevent terrorist activities however The prism Scandal that Snowden exposed Shows how the NSA went far beyond merely Spying on suspected terrorists in the Decade or so since Jeff left the NSA the Organization evolved technologically but Regressed morally the argument Jeff made About the NSA not spying on its own Citizens doesn't really hold water after 9/11 so what about the argument linking The NSA to sha 256 While it is true that the NSA created The algorithm this particular piece of Quote unquote evidence doesn't really Hold water as I mentioned earlier sha 256 is open- source and highly highly Unlikely to have a back door moreover It's not uncommon for government Agencies to create technology that's Used and adapted by others take Dara for Example Dara or the defense Advanced Research project agency is a research And development agency of the United States Department Department of Defense That invests in breakthrough

Technologies for National Security it Has a really long history of investing In Cutting Edge technologies that have Subsequently been used in the private Sector darp has been involved in Everything from the creation of the Internet to cloud computing the dark web Browser tour artificial intelligence Aspen movie map which is a predecessor To Google Maps and so much more Seriously DARPA is a fascinating Organization its impact on technology Has been pretty revolutionary anyway my Broader point is that seeing through the Lens there is nothing unusual about the NSA being behind sh 256 but what about The 1996 paper on digital cash surely That's a Smoking Gun well not really on One hand it does show the nsa's interest In digital money and yes there are some Content connections to the Bitcoin white Paper but this quote evidence is Circumstantial at best for one the Paper's public if the the NSA was Secretly developing digital cash it Would have kept it secret two there is No evidence that the authors of the 1996 Paper were in any way involved in the Creation of Bitcoin three the naming Similarity between tshi okamoto and Satoshi Nakamoto is a nice coincidence But it's totally out of sync with the NSA practice spy agencies are not in the Habit of leaving Clues fourth unlike

Bitcoin which is notable for its Decentralized structure the models in The paper are dependent on a supervising Entity in that key retrospect the paper Runs contrary to one of the pillars of Bitcoin and crypto more generally which Is decentralization and finally the Fifth piece of evidence is the fact that The 1996 paper includes a whole section Titled security which highlights Concerns for governments using digital Currencies these concerns which persist To this day are part of the reason some Governments want to crack down on crypto For instance the report notes that and I Quote the potential risks in electronic Commerce are magnified when anamin is Present adding the anamin can be used to Launder and counterfeit money as well as Evade taxes according to David Rosenthal A cryptocurrency skeptic he said the Idea that the NSA would develop a Decentralized trustless cryptocurrency As a monetary bioweapon that would Impair their own government functions is Implausible Okay so you might be thinking that those Counterarguments are convincing but not Overwhelmingly so they certainly present A strong counterargument to the notion That the NSA altered the Bitcoin white Paper and was involved in its early Development but it doesn't disprove the Notion put forward by Nick Carter it's

Certainly plausible that a rogue NSA Employee acting without the backing of The agency built on the findings of Academics and cryptographers to author The Bitcoin white paper however it's Also plausible that any number of Privacy focused individuals who have a Particular set of skills built on Previous research created the most Groundbreaking of Technologies maybe in A few years when government documents Become Declassified we'll have more Clues about who Satoshi Nakamoto really Is maybe the real author will reveal his Or her identity after their death or Maybe we'll never really know and so the Identity of crypto's Chief Architect Will remain a shrouded mystery for now At any Rate so what do you think do you find Next argument convincing if not who do You think was behind Bitcoin do you Think we will ever solve this mystery Does it even matter let me know your Thoughts in the comments if you learned Anything from this video then smash the Like button share it with a friend or an Enemy whomever you like really and don't Forget to subscribe also if you are Looking for the best crypto deals on the Market then the coin bu deals page is Where you should go it has exchange Bonuses of up to $40,000 as well as trading fee discounts

Of up to 60% and discounts on Hardware Wallets too so be sure to check that out I'll leave a link in the description as Well as a ton of useful resources if you Want to explore the topic further in Detail so that's all from me take care And see you next Time


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