Cracking the Bitcoin Creator’s Code: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Unveiling the Top Suspects!

Who could be Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi
Nakamoto? Well, today We'll be discussing all the prominent
possibilities of who Satoshi could be. And also linked down
below will be all of the articles Going into further detail
on each of the following candidates. So if you want to learn more, Make sure to check out the link
at the top of the description below. So let's get started with the first
possible Satoshi on our list Being Zooko Wilcox O'Hearn. American Computer Scientist And cryptographer Zooko Wilcox
O'Hearn was born, Bryce Wilcox. After getting married, he and his wife
double barreled their last names And he began going as a Zooko in college. Let's talk about the evidence for Zooko
Wilcox O’Hearn being Satoshi. Well, number one,
he has the technical skills. Number two, he's a cypherpunk. And number three, there was a suspicious
T-shirt that he wore. And the next is, Wei Dai. Wei Dai is a computer scientist
whose expertise in cryptography Makes him one of the leading candidates,
Satoshi Nakamoto. Now, let's talk about the evidence for him
being Satoshi Nakamoto. Number one, he has the technical ability. And number two, he proposed a similar idea
on digital money back in 98. Number three, he was a cypherpunk. And number four,
he's a master at hiding his personal life. And the next one is Sergey Nazarov. Sergey
Nazarov is an investor and entrepreneur Who is best known for founding Chainlink,
the decentralized Oracle Network. Thanks to his early interest
in smart contracts, Nazarov features On almost every list of people
who could be Satoshi Nakamoto. Now let's talk about the evidence pointing
towards him being Satoshi Nakamoto. Well, number one,
he owns the smart contract domain. Number two,
his initials match up with Satoshi’s And number three,
he was involved in Bitcoin early on.

Next up, we have Paul Le Roux, the former
programmer and criminal cartel boss, Paul Le Roux, became a Satoshi suspect
in the spring of 2019. For the evidence of him being Satoshi. Well, number one, we have the timing. Le Roux was arrested less than a year
after Satoshi disappeared in 2011. And also his arrest
and subsequent incarceration Would explain why Satoshi hasn't contacted
anyone since then. Number two, interest in gambling software. Number three, his technical skills. Number four, E4M emerged in a similar way
to Bitcoin. And number five,
he planned to start a Bitcoin business. Next up, we have Nick Szabo. Nick Szabo is a computer scientist,
cryptographer and a cypherpunk Known for his pioneering work
on digital contracts and also currencies. Now let's talk about the evidence for him. Well, number one, worked on important
predecessors to Bitcoin. Number two, professional experience
and also technical ability. Number three, his belief
and also interests aligned with Satoshi. Number four, code one up. Message number five, writing Analysis. Number six
the INS initials message, number seven, Satoshi didn't cite Szabo's work. Eight Slip of the tongue. And number nine, Szabo's conspicuous
silence after Bitcoin's launch. Next up, we have Michael Clear. Michael Clear is an Irish computer science
graduate from Trinity College in Dublin. Now, for the evidence for him
being Satoshi. Well, number one, his technical skills
and also academic background. Number two, his time zone. And number three, Clear was involved
in banking during the 2008 banking crisis. Next, we have Martti Malmi. Martti Malmi is a Finnish computer
scientist and software developer Who helped Satoshi develop Bitcoin
during its first two years of operation. Now, the evidence for him being Satoshi,
well, number one,

He has the technical ability. And also number two, the timeline fits. And then we have Gavin Andresen. Gavin Andresen is an American software
developer best known For managing Bitcoin's network
after Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared. Now, let's talk about the evidence
for him. Well, number one, his career and
qualifications and also technical ability. And number two,
his beliefs align exactly with Satoshi's. Next, we have David Chaum. American cryptographer
David Chaum has significantly impacted The fields of digital security
and also privacy. So the evidence for him being Satoshi
number one, he has the right Technical skills
and also academic background. Number two, he was a cypherpunk. Number three, he invented cash,
which is the forerunner to Bitcoin. And number four,
he almost invented Bitcoin. Now, next up, we have Adam back. Adam Back is a respected
and experienced cryptographer Who was an early innovator
in the blockchain space. So when it comes to his evidence,
well, number one, his knowledge And also credentials. Number two, he was a cypherpunk. And number three,
he invented the hash cash function. Number four,
he was there when Bitcoin started. Next, we have David Kleiman. David Kleiman was a cybersecurity expert
and also forensic analyst Who worked in the field of computer
forensics and also digital investigations. Now, when it comes to his evidence,
well, number one, the emails From Craig Wright, number two,
the timeline matches. Number three, his sleep schedule
also matches with Satoshi's. And number four, Craig rates behavior. Next, we have Hal Finney. Often it was American computer scientists
and also software developer. Now, when it comes to his evidence,
well, number one, the timeline fits.

Number two, he has the technical chops. Number three,
he understood the importance of privacy. And number four, Finney’s
living in proximity to Dorian Nakamoto. And well, that brings us to Dorian Nakamoto, Dorian Prentice Satoshi
Nakamoto is a Japanese-American man Who was outed as the brains behind Bitcoin
by Newsweek in March of 2014. He lives and works in Temple City, California, just a few blocks
from where Hal Finney also lived. Now, when it comes to his evidence,
well, number one, his name. Number two, his writing style. Number three, his old school coding style. Number four,
his career and qualifications. Number five at the timeline matches. And at number six,
he seemingly admitted it. And lastly, we have Craig Wright. Craig Wright
is an Australian computer scientist. And let's talk about his evidence towards
it being Satoshi. Well, number one, the email exchange
between Wright and also Kleiman. And number two, the blog post. Number three, core Bitcoin developer
Gavin Andresen Was also convinced
that Craig Wright was Satoshi. Number five Craig Affiliation with the
gambling industry and also Bitcoin's code. And lastly, number five,
he claims to control 1.1 Million Bitcoin in tulip trading,
likely belonging to Satoshi. So who do you think Satoshi
Nakamoto really is? Let us know in the comments below
and also make sure you check out All of our articles going over
each of the prominent candidates In the description down below. Anyways guys, that's all for this video. We'll see you in the next one.


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