Confronting Waka Flocka Flame – Celebrity Meme Coins

The vision of Flocka coin is disrupting Right the space has so much negativity In it the space had so much rug pulling In it and celebrities had a such a Name in and I'm like uhuh let me give a Blueprint of what a clean good celebrity Is supposed to do how they actually Supposed to be in the community how they Actually supposed to unify the community And how they are not supposed to pull The rug celebrities keep releasing meme Coins today I sit down with music rap Legend waca flock flame and I challenge Him what do Flocka holders get how do You profit with Flocka coin what is in Flocka coin for you will you be holding Flocka forever things get real in this Interview did Flocka coin have a fair Launch very real the only reason I ask Is I saw an onchain analyst Zack xbt put Out this post claiming that 40% of the Supply was sniped before it was Announced to the public you know Anything about that smash the like Button send this video to a friend we Appreciate Flocka for giving us his time Today now let me intro this thing Wakka Flocka Flame people know you best of Course from the club up and Doing it with no hands all the way back Since 2010 you're a successful Entrepreneur as well of course and now You're entering into the crypto Market In a in a huge way

Flock oh I'm doing well thank for fact Man uh we just dropped the crypto coin Shout out to the whole Squad we don't Fold we Hold definitely Flocka coin on salana Tell me about Flocka coin help me Understand the vision the vision of Flocker coin is uh disrupting right the Space has so much negativity in it the SP had so much Rogue pulling in it and Celebrities had such a name in it And I'm like uhuh before this Market Even pop off let me let me give a Blueprint of what a clean good celebrity Supposed to do how they actually Supposed to be in the community how they Actually supposed to unify the community And how how they are not supposed to Pull the rug oh excellent love That like so what do Flocka holders get Like why would somebody be part of the Flocka Community for one direct connection for Two music for three Opportunities and for four it's a big Question mark five question mark six Question mark seven they gotta keep Holding you'll never know I promise to God you bro I'm not juicing it's going To get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter And sweet with no diabetes really have Have they I know we're just days old at This point but have they is there Anything

Yet yeah as in in what sense like uh I Don't know just like the surprises that They get or like I don't even Know surprises what yeah just uh Anything I don't know I thought I saw Well one surprise I do have is block Squad Monopoly what is That is block Squad don't worry they About to find Out we coming creating a block point on Solano only made me get Block swad Monopoly it showed me how to protect the Artist it showed me how to it just Showed me how to protect us the creators Not just the artists and celebrities not The creators I I I I we when I say I is A Wei it's a it's a team of us I have Found a way to protect the Creators really and it's block Squad Monopoly is the first of many okay cool Cool and like you say that you want to Have a you know flock of coin wants to You know have a set a standard in the Space so like we're seeing like igaz Alia's mother coin uh Andrew Tate's Daddy coin uh there's been some other Celebrity coins how does like Flocka Stack up between all those uh I don't Think I stack up between them I think uh I'm right I'm right coming right behind Them right because you you you can't Replace what they already have done Because if I say I'm better or bigger or

This that and the third and that's me Disrespecting the space not just them Because without them it wouldn't have Been a Me so my mother did it how she did it Daddy did how they did now Flocka gonna Do it so I'm gonna show you how to do it With your name it's a difference I could Created a coin that wasn't my name Because hey f up my name still look But that's what it is we just showing From another point of view from a Celebrity that's it true and is this Your first 4A into crypto I I read that You disclosed on a recent Twitter space That you've been in crypto since 2001 is That Accurate No 21 was it 2 that makes more Sense we started satoi Vision Satoshi Vision was an open market basically like Open Seas and me and my co-founder Stally We just honestly we were scared to pull The trigger like we didn't have the team Our team we just didn't have the right Law the right accountants we just we Wanted to stay on the law and we wasn't So honestly it was like a a company Decision pull back still got all the Codes though okay do you have a team Still interesting so yeah do you Have do you have Partners in Flocka coin Like who are you working with in Flocka Coin who am I um I'm working with block

Squad Monopoly BL Squad Monopoly yes uh I'm and why is the block because we're In the blockchain uh we always will be a Squad one for all all for one you know Blood blood is sticking in water but mud Is sticking in Blood and we going to war In the mud and they prove it so that's Why block Squad and we monopolize the Game together that's why we say it's Block Squad Monopoly Did Flocka coin have a fair Launch Yes even though they got a lot of fake Coins that hack the market but Yes I I'll be uh Ungrateful right well the only reason I Ask is I saw an onchain analyst Zack xbt Put out this post claiming that 40% of The uh Supply was sniped before it was Announced to the public You know anything about that yes and it Was bubble Maps whoever them people are We found out the owner him he's in Paris France he was putting out this operation Tak down Flocka yes we sniped 40% uh 40 50% because I wanted to hold The value of the coin before somebody Rug pull and tank my coin maybe other I I learned another way that maybe Celebrities wasn't rug pulling it was People like that sniping because they Don't have knowledge of people that can Do that so yes we we caught heed of all The bot

So I'm like oh no they done bed our Account I just stealing people money so That's what made me say oh no we going Long haul so that's good to hear that's That went to you not some random person No and I haven't even cast out a Dime and so like what like what is in Flocket coin for you is there like how Do you profit with flocket Coin I profit with Flocka coin Because it's the people that made Flocka Has a coin that's why we profit not I Profit it's a we thing I didn't build The world we did so it it keeps me Connected with the people that help me Become Walker walk so if whatever I do In life they gonna profit from me and I'm G make sure that that long as you're A wallet holder for x amount of coins How many you will always Profit how many guess block Squad tell Us how many because that ain't my Profession right there right right got To look at the website or something you How to rock with block gotta got to got To hit the block yeah what they say man If you want to get money you got to do What hit the block that's right on the Block yeah yeah do you have any sort of Uh relationship with your community like Guys I'm not going to sell any Flocka Coin until we do this or any sort of Promised your community in that regard Uh pre market yeah we yeah it's in our

Telegram you gotta get up in in telegram What can't you tell Me uh our telegram link yeah I'll add it To you so you go hit it okay yeah we'll Add whatever you want up to like eight 8,000 people now that's awesome we're Going to add your telegram link we're Gonna add your Twitter and everything But all right well we'll look for it in The telegram and then I'm I'm happy You're here Flaka because like the the Cooler stuff you do and the bigger you Get you know that there's more Detractors and there's more people like Trying to like fudge your stuff so I've Seen some people in the crypto Community Say well Flocka Waka Flocka he's not a Crypto native he doesn't really Represent the culture he's more of a Drake to the crypto Community than a Kendrick how would you respond to this How could you even say I'm a Drake and a Kendrick first of all you can't even Compare those two those are rappers Right uh I've been in this space So for Anybody that says that have not been in This space I've been in this space Before Co and I fell with Co and stood In Co and I'm right here again I'm just Not aing bragger I'm not a guy that Brags right that's that's not good like The man that abuse the power shall be Trip it it should tell you if I'm still Here standing doing this something has

Been happening for a long time um And why would I even why why would I Even reply to organized law to me that Sounds like I said up what do I look Replying to people that just don't Make sense to me I that that that don't Make sense I feel you it's just because You're big and you know people have Comments but but you identify with the Crypto again they said I'm big not to Cut you off sorry they said I'm big so Thank you for letting me know making Noise because if I was small they Wouldn't even have these comments ex Again again again I know what come with The game it's like me eating Doritos and saying I won't get sick one Day or it's not the on the company But just to see the the chemicals and Whatever is in it that's like me saying If I eat bread every day I'm not gonna Have clog arteries it comes with the Game people go hate the hate because They want to make money they want to see Your tank so they can snip money People create hate to make money who Knows I don't give a that ain't me So just we were already though just know Totally totally what does success look Like for flock of coin say a year from Now or a year or two from Now Um I want success to come from the People I just from the flock of coin I

Want I want us to Succeed like to me people say you Successful I like no I'm succeeding so When I'm successful is when you probably See me stop working and the only way I'll stop working is people tell me to Stop working so if I move like that the Company move like that so It's that it's the people how the Could you lose with the people Impossible win together or lose together But you're together hello Hello I'm not gonna gamble I don't Gamble so the the the the community will Never be Gambled I'm not gonna make a passal Decision nobody could challenge my coin And make me high stake and do this and Ego trip I don't have there you Go one of my final questions is you know When people look back on your fora into Crypto years from now what do you want Your legacy to be as it relates to Crypto the same as I wanted in rap and I Got it in music W is one real Motherfu that's a real mother yes yeah Anything else to say as far as uh Anything I didn't ask you about Flocka Coin that You' like to tell our audience Uh oh oh oh baby will you will you be Holding Flocka for I'm I'm walking I can never Not forever forever literally you can Hold you can hold me to that wow that's

A big Pro I mean you're gonna sell a Little bit Probably it's feel like a little bit to Me because it's not it's not a lot to Keep it real it's a lot to F it because I gotta remember a lot right yeah waaka Flocka thank you so much for coming on Today thank you so much for educate Educating our audience about Flocka coin Um you know final thoughts for the Altcoin daily Audience final thoughts is no matter What they say no matter what they do This is Brick Squad Monopoly we Hold come get on the Block man love it Love it cool thank you so much man and Shout out Al aloin daily um you will see Me on Al coin daily way more often um I Feel comfortable on Al coin daily I feel Like Alco coin daily put out all Positive and all factual News I appreciate that listen to the Podcast you know producer tag no All right uh dude thank thank you so Much


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