Confronting Bitboy Crypto: What is BEN COIN?

We got to the top 300 in three days but Our goal is to become a top 20 project We're taking something that was launched With a meme coin with no utility and We're turning into something with Utility that's actually doing something For the good of crypto people want to Say like okay well yeah but like they Could consider Bitcoin insecurity they Considered cardano Security today it is Very polygon Solana but every coin is a Security according to the SEC a lot of Great situations in history kind of Started as accidents you know I don't Think George Washington set out to Become the president of the United States I do find myself a little bit Like the George Washington of crypto I Think Bill coming to Alex Jones of Crypto you know but no I think more like George Washington crypto like I'm I'm Leading everybody across the uh you know Potomac River like we're gonna go throw Some tea in the harbor like that's what I want and I don't know who's more Controversial me or George Washington These days I don't know Bencoin is the next big thing in Cryptocurrency bitboy has huge plans for Bencoin going forward bit boy says that This is the one altcoin that you don't Want to miss out on because he's leading It in this interview we find out exactly Why Ben likes bencoin so much and what

Plans he has for bencoin in the future Ben is bullish on bencoin are you like The video support the channel tell me What you think about bitboy's bencoin Below let's get into it Ben what is Bencoin or Ben token is it bencoin or Ben token yeah so well technically we Call it Bitcoin but this is what I talk About like the pretentiousness of our Space a little bit like you or I we Understand the difference between a coin And a token a token is built on an Ecosystem a coin runs the ecosystem like Gas gas fees paid by ethereum makes Ethereum a coin for instance but Everything built on ethereum is a token It's a little confusing when we bought Uh when when the Bitcoin collected you Know bought the uh you know the rights To bitcoin it was called Bitcoin so That's just what we stuck with but yeah It is a token it is the erc20 Um but you know Bitcoin is uh you know What we believe is going to be the the Future of crypto we're going to do Something that's very interesting that Hasn't been really done before we're Taking something that was launched with A meme coin with no utility And we're turning into something with Utility that's actually doing something For the good of crypto so ralphyle Talked a lot about Um Community coins like two years ago

And so the next Bull Run Community coins Are going to be the the top Niche and we Think Bitcoin is the first one that is Going to really wrap that up we call Bitcoin it's not a Dao it's or a Decentralized autonomous organization It's not a doubt because we do the Bitcoin Collective does make some Decisions on things that will be voted For in the future but like the votes Will be up to the community but the Whole thing is this is a community coin With a purpose and that purpose is Crypto adoption so the mission statement Of Bitcoin is uh you know cultivating Crypto adoption through a concentrated Or focused Community effort so it's Really taking together everybody within Bitcoin ever all the investors are the Holders and saying what Pro crypto Candidates do you want to back What what type of candidates or what Type of policy do we collectively want To see get pushed for instance the thing That I want pushed more than anything Is crypto influencer regulation we have No idea what we're supposed to be doing We have no idea can we do a sponsor Video can we talk about a coin can we Talk about prices what what can we do if If we own a coin and we do a video on it And the price goes way up like what is When can we sell it can we sell it after Three days like that's kind of what is

In the financial world can we sell it After 24 hours should we not sell it for One to two years like there can be an Argument made there I'm not saying any One of those things is advantageous what I'm saying is in a market where prices Go up and down very quickly That you should know what the rules are And there are no rules however why do I Care about that because I'm a crypto Influencer you know obviously Other people care about other things and So we don't want to front run Legislation and policy that we want to Push that nobody else cares about we Want to do whatever the community uh you Know wants the most Um you know same thing when when you Look at like our our you know we have These four pillars is what it boils down To like with our educational efforts Where people submit grants to be able to Get money to run educational courses and Seminars across the country like the Community will get a vote on which ones Of those Um you know they want to see uh after we Get a copy of catching up to crypto in Every library in America was our goal Like what book next do people want to See in every library in America like Things like that to get the community Involvement to really uh you know have a Say so

That's awesome and I know that you're Always passionate about regulation and Adoption obviously before Ben coin But like why do you want the Responsibility of of leading a project With a token like this Well it was an accident Um and I think when you look at a lot of A lot of great situations in history They kind of started as accidents you Know I don't think George Washington set Out to become the president of the United States and he was the right play Right person right place right right Time and I think that's similar to What's going on certainly not well I do Find myself a little bit like the George Washington of crypto I think Bill coming To Alex Jones of crypto you know but I Think more like George Washington crypto Like I'm I'm leading everybody across The uh you know Potomac River like we're Gonna go throw some tea you know in the Harbor like that's what I want and so Um obviously in stature and greatness And you know um impact uh you know and I Don't know who's more controversial George Washington these days I don't Know uh you know back when I was younger They definitely would have said me but Um you know obviously there's some Controversy with him as well but I'm Just speaking in regards to his Leadership

Um you know I didn't set out to do this Right we did set out to raise money for Crypto regulation it didn't go very well Nobody wanted to put any money towards It right Then this guy sends me a message he's Like hey we're in this group together It's been downgrim on telegram like I've Got all of this uh you know I've got This coin I created I launched it like I Didn't even know there was a sale for it When he messaged me about it honestly And there's even a there's even a reply To a tweet where I said what sale there Was no sale it was like within 24 hours Of me getting involved and I didn't know That there was a sale I also didn't know The guy who founded it was dot what Wasn't docs until afterwards because I Wasn't thinking that this was going to Be some project I was going to talk About and everybody was going to Pile in And and you know this Um you know uh you know this Austin it's Like when you look at Aaron God you know why you know why I mess up The name don't put it y'all edit this Out is the y'all both have beards now That's true When y'all when when you did not have a Beard and he had a beard it was so easy I just I associate a beard with one We've been getting at our whole life so It's honestly no big deal but that's it

Doesn't he nor doesn't he normally do The interviews Uh it just depends who schedules them I Think I've done more tenacious Scheduling you know all right man yeah I Feel so bad because I did it's okay I know the difference yeah it's really Okay But anyway you were giving us the brief History on how you came to acquire and Lead bencoin so before you continue like The way I understand it is and you were Talking about this And I've heard you talk about it on Spaces is you're always kind of Interested in the back of your mind Getting like leading a token project Getting more involved but you know the SEC has a history of going after people Who start tokens people who have initial Token sales then you're saying you know Ben.eth wound up in your DMs he had Launched a token a meme coin at the time Bencoin and now since you had and you Wanted to part with it or was interested In selling it to you or whatever and Since you had nothing to do with that Initial token sale you thought of that As you're in and while bencoin was Originally just a meme coin Um you have different intentions with it Obviously you stayed at different Utilities and you know also you're Parting ways with ben.eath entirely he's

More of a d gen you're more interested In uh bigger picture type stuff I don't want to tell your story for you But that's why I mean you're kind of on On track most of that was correct Um you know certainly I've thought about We I mean we did do a fair airdrop uh Coin back a couple years ago bit uh bit Token which a lot of people know I've Heard of if you follow the channel for a Long time but the whole thing is it's Really sold out because the entire Utility of that was gonna be built Around sandbox which is still not live Right so that's really in the back Burner um you know we've never sold one Of those tokens I don't even know where Those tokens are to be honest with you Um but like the idea of doing a crypto Project is something that's always been Very interesting to me right I mean who Knows more about crypto than those of us That do this every single day and who Knows what more about what crypto needs Right and I hope people see that when we Came up with utility for this coin There's nothing else like it like There's nothing else like it when we've Looked at other coins you know Everything fits in a pretty little niche Like a community coin with a purpose we Haven't really seen that before Um especially nothing focused on crypto Adoption that's good for the whole Space

What happens is he he sends me a message Says like hey you should check out this Coin we're in a group together I tweet It and when I tweet it I go to sleep and Wake up in the market cap 20x and and Like you know used to in the Bull Run Obviously when big YouTubers or big Influencers would talk about projects There would be a ton of eyes and Awareness on it and prices would start To move naturally right but like we Can't help it people buy or sell based On whatever we say but that hadn't been The case in a long time right because The Market's down right actually we Looked at my channel I don't know if you Know this meme Queen an all-time high on Google search Trends uh this month Bigger than chibendoza in the bull Running event Um but but the whole idea was Is that when this thing moves like that I I'm tied to it now like even if it was An accident I didn't mean or to have That kind of impact you know they were Writing stories about how I launched it And stuff just false crypto news and I Just didn't I just felt too much Obligation to the Bitcoin Community to Kind of untie myself from it and so at That point like you're right I did look At the legal liability and say like So far all that's been declared to Security and crypto period are literal

Ponzi schemes like bitconnect and Paradigm right and then also Um uh oh no Paragon it was Paragon I Think was the one that was the other Scam and then of course you have uh Things like the sale of Library credit Tokens even that on the secondary Market They're not considered Securities in my Opinion what's that EOS well EOS was not Declared to be a security or not to be a Security they were declared to once Again the sale to be in violation and When they pled they basically pled to a Fine and said that they're wrong for Doing it but it didn't declare EOS or The sale in actual security so like in Actual it was a 98 million final course On the four billion dollar Ico but but The whole thing is it's just the sales Like that's all we've seen that have Actually been declared and people want To say like okay well yeah but like they Could consider Bitcoin and security they Consider cardano a security today it is Very polygon Solana but every coin is a Security according to the SEC so Um you know certainly there's about 5 000 other people in line in front of us If that's the route that they want to go And I believe really applied to a Limitless test it will win bitcoin's not A security because number one the the Most fundamental thing is the supply the Supply is if 20 of the supply is owned

By one entity then they consider it Centralized we don't have 20 percent Supply I'm not even close to it um right Now I think we we sit on um we got seven And a half like Bitcoin individually Like like my side of Bitcoin not my Investor side we have like 12.5 percent And that's the five percent that we just Got back from bin.eath in our Negotiation to split Um so you know and that's going to go Towards the treasury so even that's Going to be split up so I think Ultimately I'm not worried about that at All I think that we are tied to this and We're going to try to make the best out Of it and we are going to try to make This a very very successful project Um I I definitely foresee billions in The market cap in the future you know I Can't talk about the individual price But I can tell you the the work that We're going to put in and the things That we have coming up we're having Conversations with major major Celebrities major artists about getting Involved Um you know we're working on the Politics side we're working on public Awareness side we're still working on Advisors Partners we've got some really Cool partners that are going to um you Know be able to give Ben bencoin holders Um like discounts special uh you know

Working with one that like you guys know If you if you have like uh you know you Fly first class with Delta you get to go To the Delta club right well and even With card they had one where You could you could go hang out I think It was a Delta Club one of those clubs At the airport in between flights and Stuff we're working on some stuff for Bitcoin holders where you'll be able to Go enjoy some of those uh you know Airline lounges and discounts on Airlines and travel and stuff like that That's a partner we're potentially Looking at working with so I think Overall we're looking for a lot like It's just adoption right we want Adoption and we also want rewards for Bitcoin holders and you know the whole Idea is is we have these four pillars Right public awareness crypto education Crypto news and then uh you know uh Public policy and Regulation and stuff Like that so these are our four pillars And all of our money our liquidity pool Is going into pumping uh you know those Four areas to be able to make it where More people know about crypto more People know what crypto is more people Understand it the right way we want Provocative ad campaigns are going to Challenge the challenge the common Thoughts about crypto Um and stuff like that so we're really

Excited about it Very exciting and I understand what You're saying about George Washington There's a guy who didn't necessarily Exact for that precise responsibility But he's a man who leads he's a man who Take risks and it kind of fell into his Lap and now you know he's leading the Charge right yeah that's exactly right I Mean that is how I see it like I would have never done this on my own I accidentally got tied to a project And then start saying like Okay what is The best way for me to lead this Community and not fail them and then it Turned in this idea of wait we can Actually use this in order to you know Push crypto adoption further than it's Ever been before I mean just think just Think about having a CR you know like Like a copy of catching up to crypto in Every single Library every single public Library in America every single High School Middle School uh you know we're Working on a workbook for the book as Well we're also working on a manga Graphic novel I don't know how graphic It'll be but a mega graphic novel for For elementary and middle school kids to Kind of get their hands around what Crypto is about of course you know be Based around the superhero bad boy Everybody knows that Um it will not be me it will actually be

A cape crusader Um but uh yeah I mean just think about What that a lot I I've got a guy uh who He comes up to my office sometimes uh he Literally will buy 100 to 200 wholesale Books and he will take them all around Downtown Atlanta and he will hand them Out to people Um and he will go to you know uh some of The roughest areas there are and say Look this is your freedom this is how You get out it's through crypto Um and so they're now being able to have Access for free to a book like that all Across the country like that's big stuff And also like I want people to know like We're actually we're not doing this That's not to sell the book to make Profits actually all the profits we make From those wholesale book orders will do To put them in the libraries we're gonna Roll back into the project This is not about it's not about money The whole project is not about money for Me it's about pushing crypto adoption Because That brings more money for all of us Down the road when we finally get to Where we've been talking about going for You know five years or more now yeah so Let's talk about how exactly the Ben Token bencoin is tied to everything you Want to do because I don't fully Understand it I don't think people

Understand exactly you want to pass Legislation you want to get crypto Education out there different media Things different perks like the Delta Like how does that have to do with Ben Coin and like maybe specifically if you Know like will whether you know buying Holding staking these different things That will ultimately be positive for Supply and demand yeah well number one Um this is a very rare situation like We're taking we have the liquidity pool That's what we have so the profits for The more volume that it's traded the More profits we have coming in to be Able to do the things we want and we Have a budget set out that's like uh you Know 20 goes to public awareness 20 goes To crypto education 20 goes to policy And Regulation and then 20 goes to uh You know building a we don't call it an Unbiased crypto news platform but uh the Fairest crypto news platform that exists That that's what we're going to probably Call it no paper motions at all no paid Press releases it will not be funded by Projects it'll be funded internally Um and so you know we talk about that Later down the road uh once we go a Little further on that that's not until Like quarter three Um but what happens is there's liquidity Pool profits We Roll those into those Four areas

And so uh as far as the voting we've got To roll the voting will be rolling out Next quarter Um and so we're still trying to get our Hands exactly around on whether we want To do snapshot voting where you get a Snapshot to your address and you get a Certain amount of voting power based on How much you hold and how long you've Held it Um or we want to do it kind of like Staking we think we want to do we don't Think we want to go the staking route There can be third party there are Third-party Um platforms that we've considered using That will allow our users to stake Bitcoin but it wouldn't be through Bencoin so there would be a risk there For people uh we're not going to do that For the voting I don't think I don't Think we want to create our own staging Platform for that that was originally The plan but also we want to encourage People to trade it whether they're Buying or selling it that goes into the Trading volume which goes in liquidity Pool that allows us to to do what we do So obviously you know when the price Starts going up Um which you know I can't guarantee the Price will go up but assuming at some Point like Bull Run comes overall crypto Market cap goes up then you know less

Trading will be fine because the tokens Will be valued more and they'll be you Know we can still use that um you know In the value gained to be able to roll Into those four initiatives Um but the way the utility of the coin Is really the governance of like let's Say with our policy and regulation so People let's say market cap goes back up To you know 50 60 million dollars the Trading volume is good we would be Making approximately anywhere from you Know 10 to 30 to 40 000 a day on the Liquidity pool let's say it's forty Thousand dollars ten thousand dollars Each now that's a good day okay so That's not what we're experiencing right Now by Insurance imagination but ten Thousand dollars a day Uh would be rolled into uh will be split Between let's say it was forty thousand Dollars ten thousand dollars each would Go into those four these are just rough Numbers there's a little bit more There's a five percent community of Fifteen percent contractual work but Let's just say hypothetically Ten thousand dollars each would go into Those four initiatives so after that Happens now we start actually making Those funds Work for us so the a great example is For backing Pro crypto candidates so What we would do is we would build that

Pool Probably between now and the next Election right we would probably say now Between now and at least next year when Candidates really start running on a Presidential level on a state level on a Senate level on a congress level other Areas when there are candidates that are Pro-crypto we're going to select out of Like maybe nominations from from the Community maybe 10 to 20 different Nominees we say these are the most Pro Crypto candidates that we want to back That have a chance to win we're not Throwing the money away and then what We're going to do is I think we're gonna Do snapshot so the community will get a Snapshot taken at a certain date and Certain time however much you held and However long you've held it will equal Voting power and then that voting power Will be able to go and vote for one of Those 20 candidates where you want to See the funds go to now let's say let's Just say for example Um you know Ron DeSantis let's say Ron DeSantis is super pro crypto 30 of our Audience wants the money to go to Rhonda Santis okay what that would mean is that When they go vote 30 percent of the pool goes to him it's Not a winner take all scenario so if There's one candidate that's a smaller Candidate that a lot of people like and

Seven percent of our community votes for That candidate seven percent of those Funds are going to go to that candidate So we're also gonna be doing other Things like you know backing uh you know Pro crypto organizations like Satoshi Action fund and stuff like that but Um you know most of what we do is going To be brought up to community vote our Logo is chosen by the community Um you know the community chose not to Do they didn't want us to do a version Two of the staking contract so there's a Lot of things involved that um you know The community has already chosen even Though it hasn't been it's been on Telegram hasn't been official by the Governance because that doesn't roll out Until next month or next quarter does That make sense yeah yeah so I Understand so the way all these things You want to do with the token the way It's actually tied to the Token is Through the revenue generated through The liquidity pool the community gets to Vote and how that money is used right Right And then I'm not saying this is Different from many projects I have to Deal with this but like say that you Ron DeSantis does get a big chunk of Ben Token is like it's not paid in Bitcoin Oh okay what's it it's going to be Converted over to Ethan converted over

Probably to stable coins or whatever we Have to move it actually Into Cash to Donate it then that's what we'll do okay So there's is there a risk of like these Donations this money going to a certain Thing being like sold on the open market And I'm not saying that's different from Any projects but I mean that's what Would happen Well if 50 of the liquid people profits Come back in Bitcoin and 50 come in Ethereum Um so these are things we still have not Worked out 100 yet that's why we haven't Rolled any any of this out officially Um these are things like At first I was Thinking like okay well this code here Let's go here it's real easy but then You're like okay now we're sitting on a Bunch of Bitcoin like do we want to Really start selling off the Ben coin uh From the liquidity pool profits we Already said we won't sell our own Supply until we hit at least a 500 Million market cap but the liquidity Pool profits they go into a different Fund Um so those are things will honestly Will probably let the community vote on That too uh we would also have the Option maybe to sell some of that OTC Maybe Um where it won't hurt the price and we Could we could trade that out

Um that is another option we could look At like you know we use uh Caleb and Brown for OTC stuff so it's a Conversation we can have with them as Well Um so the eth is no big deal like it Doesn't matter if you sell eth right Like we're not gonna be able to affect The market selling Eve Um so that's that is definitely a Challenge we are we're trying to look at And figure out so we're still we're Still the baby baby steps of this Project right now okay How important like I want to ask you how Important it is that the band token Increases in market cap Um because if you ask the Bitcoin people They'll say well if Bitcoin doesn't Increase in price then this security Model's broke and you ask to eat people If it doesn't increase in price that Means nobody's using it like how Important is that Ben Ben appreciates Going forward for this well I said we Can't sell any until it's a 500 million Dollar market cap so from an internal Perspective and once again it's not About money but I'm just saying that's That's well from our investor there's an Investor side of this too we have a Backer who is the investor Um for for most of the funds that funded This project

So obviously they're in it for money on Some level right but we also have an Agreement that even at that Nobody can sell any of the tokens that's Involved in Bitcoin Collective Um uh more than half of one percent of The volume on any given day even after We reach a 500 million dollar market cap So internally you have to understand There is motivation to get this project Going in the right direction Um and to see the market cap go up However if the market cap let's say if We were able to get to around 100 Million and then it stayed sideways Forever and it never went up we were Never able to profit from the project Which is not the main focus at all Then about 100 million dollar market cap That's enough money coming in in the Liquidity pool for us to really do Damage on a lot of these fronts Um so that's kind of our first Target is Getting back up to that we were there For a day or two and then you know unit Swap censored us you know they took us Down Um then of course there was some some Issues with me working with ben.eath and That you know we separated again and so We think some of that's going to be able To to smooth over you know good luck Depend on everything that he's doing but Um the fact is

Is that we have a long ways to go with This project and we're very motivated to Get the market cap up I want this to be A top 20 project like that's my aim we Think top 50 is probably not going to be A problem top 20 I think we can do uh Pretty easily as well top 10 it's a Little bit harder especially when you Start talking about stable coins in There as well Um I mean now you're talking about like You know well you gotta be better in Solano okay well that's not that hard You'll be better than cardano okay That's gonna be a hard route Um so Um you know people also have to take Into consideration right now we're in a Bear Market uh I mean technically I Think we bought them technically I think Is a bull market but you know what I'm Saying like we're in a sideways Accumulation market right now at best Um and so once things get bullish again And we get crypto adoption going in the Right direction people are going to want More of that right now nobody cares About crypto adoption because Everybody's searching meme coins on Google Um so we think just by just by sheer Awareness that we're gonna be able to Really take this project uh pretty far On that alone

Um as The Bull Run comes back but yeah It's very important to us that the the Bitcoin holders are able to have power On the political and the education we Didn't even really talk about the Educational pill earlier so much more to That than what I said it you know we're Going to create a an accredited uh Blockchain group that is able to Accredit crypto education materials and Then that's going to open the door for Them to get into schools and colleges And universities like that's another Route that we're going to be going People are going to care about that in The bull market they don't care about it In the bear Market uh only the only Thing everybody cares about is how much My portfolio dropped so in order to Create the environment where we're going To be able to achieve all the goals we Want to achieve yeah the project has to Move forward like what crypto project is Moving forward and less people are Wanting to take part in it and you know We want more people taking part in the Ben ego system and you know we hope you Know that people are going to understand Them the mission of crypto adoption want To be involved and you know like I can't Guarantee people prices are going to go Up I can't ever guarantee that but our Goal is to become a top 20 project And when you say top 20 project do you

Understand when some people like look at That and be like get a load of this guy Top 20 project right now it's a few Pages down like I can understand like Second page coin market cap or whatever But top 20 project we got to the top 300 In three days So I don't I don't think it's that I Like if if we were to pull up right now If we were to pull up the the top uh you Know projects on uh coin market cap and You were to say like okay Sheba in you Sitting at number 16. okay I I think That's all I have to say right there is Sheba in you is sitting at 16 and what Positive you know kind of kind of what Positive thing is Sheba in you doing in The ecosystem it could say nothing right So I think that's the marker if we could Get up there and of course you and you Is a meme coin right we don't want to Associate ourselves with meme coins but If you were to say that's the barometer Of can you do better than Sheba like I Think it becomes a lot more achievable To people and then if you want to back That up further and you want to go into The top 50 and you say ethereum classic Is sitting at number 24 right uh you say That ton coin that like nobody even Really knows what it is uh is sitting at Number 30 I mean I'm sure you do I do as Well but most people don't even know What that is

Um you know and you start going down and You start looking at these coins and you Start saying the board a yacht club coin Bitcoin like it's sitting at 40. Um sandbox that hasn't even opened yet It's sitting at 44. you really just Start seeing like L Ron is it 48 nothing Nothing against L Ron Um but bit Dow I guess that's the buy Bit token I think maybe or something Associated with it like it's sitting at 48. like you start seeing it's not as Unachievable as people think it is and We go back to the bull run and start Thinking about coins that were peaking Up in that top 50 Um you know I would say more of the Cream is risen to the top here in the in The bear Market if you go back we look At the history of coin market cap and You look let's say you know uh I don't Know did you pick a pick a date here Like July or you know August of 2021 if You look at those top 50 projects I Think you'll see a lot of coins that are Totally irrelevant right now and say oh It would have been easy to pass those I'm on my last couple questions I want To remind our audience make sure you Follow Ben below and check out all his Links below Um but as we're finishing up uh bit boy I guess well first of all Like doing something like this in crypto

No Easy Task you know there are bound to Be challenges going forward what are Some of these challenges you think that Or you're you know you think you might Hit going forward Well we've already kind of Hit the death Of the hype like the hype around Bitcoin Already died right like we've already Seen some issues between my community And and the community of the other Projects that we were kind of associated With loyal and inside X and all that Um you know our communities were really Kind of clashing against each other so That's kind of subsided we also just Faced a market collapse here I mean Collapse right like you know it's not Really class that's what people are Saying but the Panic of the general Crypto Market dropping that scared People a little bit Um so I think we're just just natural Things that we're gonna hit like you Know when we were figuring budgets for How much we were going to be able to Raise for these different initiatives we Figured our budget at 50 of the lowest Day that we had had right well right now We're running about 10 of that you know So Um you know or about 10 instead of 50 so Um you know like Basically instead of figuring it you Know uh you know X number of dollars

We're now at like a fifth of that for Budget so Once again trying to figure out how to Get it in the public eye eye a lot more Which are things that we're working on Get some advisors that have built Projects before we're gonna go through Any growth Pro you know growth learning Curves that any project has to go Through really so um you know figuring Out right team members we're still Picking team members so bringing Partners to picking advisors figuring Out good you know uh structures for Paying people Um and things like that because you Don't want to pay people in a token and And then you know down the road the Token 100x's and now everybody's got 100 Motivation to dump you got to keep all That stuff in Balance Um so Um you know that those are kind of some Of the challenges we think we're going To have to face and of course like good Thing this is in the bear Market you Know because I think a lot of people Look at a lot of the projects that were Launched by influencers in the last Market they were launched in the bull Market right and they all dumped Immediately every single one of them None of them had any lasting power none Of them had any staying power and it's

Really easy to look at that and say they Were all pump and dumps well you could Also look and say they all launched at The wrong time our budget was launched At the right time we'd have anything to Do with the launch we bought it at the Right time and we think that we have a Good year to build this in the bear Market to to build it towards what we Want it to be Yeah the the two biggest things I would Worry about from an outside point of View just looking in is one unnecessary Uh you know crypto regulation or Whatever unnecessary action against you Whether it's Justified or probably not Just because you are too many people the Face of crypto for all the good you do You are divisive as well let me ask you This let me ask you is there like have You ever talked about cardano Of course have you ever thought about Polygon You're just in the same spot that I'm in I I agree what I mean uh okay so that's I feel you there and then but also like You said this is fair market right now So starting in a bear going into a bowl I'd also be worried about the community Sentiment something you can't control Like in the next bear Market where Despite all the good people just have Awful feelings towards the project Because it you know goes in Ebbs and

Flows Yeah I mean that's definitely something To think about Um but I think I think the difference Between us and other projects is when We're actually able to show real Tangible results of things that we did We say look we backed this bill that Officially made crypto not a security in The state of Pennsylvania I'm just using That for an example right well that's Something tangible people can look back On and say okay you know what even Though I lost money because I didn't Sell the top and I didn't sell at the Right time and blah blah blah man look What I was a part of like that's what We're selling we're selling the Community we're not selling a coin we're Selling like what's good for crypto is What we're doing and you get to come be A part of that and so even though that's Why we want people to want to be in this For a long time and people that are Really sticking with this project are Ones that have been encrypted for a While and have that longer term mindset Um and so that's what we want so of Course you know we open ourselves up to That down the road but like look I mean You know Charles Hoskins has to deal With it you know vitalik has to deal With it we all have to deal with it you Know the ethereum Foundation like

Famously you know like dumping tons of Eats at the very very top like that's Not something we're gonna do like will We sell some as the price goes up past 500 million dollars a market cap yeah Some but we're never gonna dump it Because that's not what this project is About Um and and you know I think even part of The profits we'll take we'll be able to Roll in and maybe do more good stuff for Crypto as well Cool my final question for you bit boy And guys make sure you're following him Make sure you smash that like button but My final question is you know to give Our audience a better sense of what's to Come what's on the plan for the next Three to six months and then what's How's that different from the things That are happening a year or two out Yeah right now we're still trying to get In shape the the team the advisors Um you know trying to still get down Like we know what we want to do The how is a much different question Right the how is a lot harder than the What like anybody can come up with a Good idea Um you know we around here we always say Ideas are worthless people come to me And they'll be like hey I've got this Really good idea I'll sell it to you you Do it and then I'll just take 50 like

No no coming up with ideas is not the Easy part that's or it is the easy part The hard part is doing it Um you know so if you want to give us This idea and you want a one percent and We do it we take 99 like that might be a More fair trade Um and so we're always seeing stuff like That and so Um you know for us coming up with the How coming up with balancing here's The Balancing Act The Balancing Act is we Want long-term holders to believe in us Forever We or at least until look when crypto Adoption is achieved whatever that means We'll turn this into a Dao and move on Like Who knows that's probably gonna be 10 Years though right there's a while down The road I think but you know that's one Route that we have But when it comes to Um you know about The Balancing Act it's In between we kind of you know people The trading of this coin on the Secondary Market is what gives us the Power to be able to do what we're going To do But balancing out the holders the price Which we can't control and the trading That's the heart that's the balancing Act so that's really where we're having To put um you know bring in some experts

And talking to some people and figure it Out we'll have a brand new website up Pretty pretty soon a new website we'll Go into a lot more explanation of some Things that we're doing and have some Pretty cool uh you know features on There as well including the roadmap so In the next three to six months the next Three months it's still trying to figure Out the how in the next six six months It's implementing it Beyond six months it's expanding upon of Course we all of our eras are every year Is going to be an era right now we're in The Kenobi era because all been Kenobi I'm thinking next year is going to be The Affleck era we'll see what happens Only Ben's I get it yeah cool man thank You so much for coming on Um final thoughts about anything for the Altcoin daily audience Yeah you guys support us just go go Check out Bitcoin uh join Ben now I Believe is our Twitter handle we're uh You know we're gonna be doing Intermittent Twitter spaces there Talking about the community check out Our telegram Um you get the telegram uh link on our Uh you know on our Twitter page and of Course you guys can always follow me Bitboy underscore crypto I'll always be Talking about Bitcoin and um you know It's not it's a main focus for me it's

Not the main focus of my channel of Course the main focus my channel will Remain everything it's always been Looking at fundamental analysis similar To what you guys do and um you know uh We're gonna continue moving forward and We're just we're excited to see where This goes and we think our audiences too Awesome thanks Ben all right thanks


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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